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Losaru's Sim Stories: Alphonse, the Eternal Guardian

This is a collection of posts originally found in "Happy Play" thread.
"For the lonely heart or the yearning family, a pet can bring immense joy and fulfillment, and vise versa. It is also one's first encounter sometimes with taking care of a life and, if I may be blunt, their first encounter with death."


"Some animals though, they don't get to feel the love or fulfill of an owner. That has been something I could never take sitting down."


"And what about those that no longer have owners? Ones that have either been abandoned or have even passed. Yes, they still need love and care too. So that's what I do..."


"For I know no other way to fulfill my immortal life. I am Alphonse, the Eternal Guardian for those animals that have no one else."


"Yes, if you cannot guess, I am a vampire, although depending on your perceptions, probably not a really good one. I still eat food, I still love the outdoors (even if the sun doesn't love me), and I have never bothered to become a master vampire. Why do so? To control others and strike fear in one's heart? I don't see the point. I never found much love for sims anyways. They can hide their emotions well and deceive, unlike a dog or even a cat. You can argue the latter, but I'd much prefer a furry feline over a sim any day."


"That isn't to say I work alone though. I still have my wife, Melody, even if she's looking a bit...transparent. She died years ago from inhaling too much laughing gas, poor thing. But as luck would have it and a plea with the Grim Reaper himself, he allowed her soul to come back to me. And with I having become a vampire in attempts to remain with her, we have been together for what seems like eons."


"Mmmph...I love you, my dear Alphonse."

"Aw...Melody, my sweet...You ready to go to the museum soon?"

"In a moment. Let me have my fun, first."


"Fun for a ghost, I guess, can include wanting to look like a duck."


"You would think by all the bowls and everything around the house that we have a multitude of animals in our family, but as I mentioned before, I am an Eternal Guardian. I do not have pets of my own, but rather I make sure those unwanted and lonely have a companion in me, which includes making sure they are fed."


"Alphonse, dear. Are you ready to go?"

"Very soon, love, yes."

"Don't forget the food bowls."

"I just collected them, woman. I'm not that foolish to forget them."

Next post, Alphonse and Melody go to Deadgrass Isle.


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    "The day may be of no matter to me, but still being a vampire, I do my work best at night. Of course, one of the batch of strays I tend to don't really come out in the day."


    "I have lived here in Brindleton Bay long before this became a museum. It was a Captain's house before, despite what someone might tell you. The old man never died at sea or anything, but gave up the place after he started going blind. Legend said he adopted a dog who's ghost still haunts the island. Heh. That's funny."


    "Now I may be old and my wife may be ethereal, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying...certain pleasures of the flesh..."

    "What do you think, love? There's not many around yet that would disturb us..."

    "Oh Alphonse you! Nearly pushing another century and yet still wanting to go on a romp. Very well. I'll see you up there."


    "I am known to other residents and visitors to Brindleton Bay. Even though I am not the biggest fan of sims, I still will give the occasional nod and acknowledgment.

    "Morning, Miss Bjergsen."

    "Good morning, Alphonse. Guess you're gone back to bed now, huh."

    "Something like that..."


    "Should be cozy enough, hm?"

    "Yes, dear Alphonse. I highly doubt there's any other vampire sleeping here so why wouldn't it be?"


    "Sleep? Of what is this idea I sleep? When I bring my wife with me, there are other things that occupy the mind other than sleep."


    "Whew! What a trip."

    "Did you injure your back again, dear?"

    "No, love. Even if I'm old, I still have some of that vampire strength to keep up with you."


    "After a good woohoo though, it is when I do get ready to sleep, my dear wife watching the place for any strays."

    "Have a good rest, dear. I will see you later."

    "I will, my dear Melody. Take care."


    My dear sweet Melody. She doesn't mind sims so much. Maybe because we used to be them long ago. And had I the means, I have always offered to bring her back, but she has said more than once she doesn't mind being a ghost. It can have it perks."


    "She told me that day she actually saw an odd sight: Captain Whitaker was out in the daytime. He was the old captain's eyes for years until he jumped into the water to save some nearby sailors off the coast, sadly drowning in the process. Like any sim would, the captain got another dog after, but Whitaker still comes around, looking for him at times."


    "Whitaker, babyboy! What are you doing out this time of the day?!"


    "I could hear the howls upstairs through the coffin lid. Captain always had a distinct howl on him: Long with a yipe on the end."


    "Oh I see. You want to play and got bored in the cemetery, huh? Alright. Let's play!"

    "I tell you. Dogs are too good for us. Just a couple of minutes of playtime and you can see the joy. So eager and simple to please. Tell me what child would be that happy with just a moment of play. No...I've seen it and I know. Sims are too complicated to please..."


    "There now. You're all tired out. Now go back and if you come out tonight, you might see Alphonse, hm? He might even have a treat too. Good boy."
    Next post, Alphonse does the night shift on Deadgrass Isle.
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    "When the night rises, most fall asleep."


    "I wait until everyone leaves before I wake up."


    "One always stays behind though to wish me a good night."


    "A kiss for well wishes and a whisper for a good night before she leaves to go sleep at home."


    "As I teleported outside, the animals were already awake and running about."


    "Living or dead, dogs and cats still get hungry. I always bring around 6 or more bowls."


    "You should always approach animals calmly and with respect. Even ghost animals. Let them sniff you and remain calm, so not to startle them."


    "Taking care of them doesn't just mean feeding and brushing. It also means comforting them and giving these animals love that they may be missing."

    "It's okay, big boy. You're okay now. Did you want to play later? We can play later, okay? You're such a good boy."


    "Yeah. There you go! That's a good boy!"


    "I love a dog's companionship, but cats are adorable and I am always excited when I find one...even if one might smell from a skunk spray."


    "Cats need to hunt. They are hunters. While a dog is also, dogs are pack animals and work together. Cats are generally solitary, prowlers. So they need play to help with such instincts."

    "C'mon! Come get the feathers!"


    "I always make sure to visit the graveyard itself. Sometimes there are pets that don't want to leave their resting places."


    "Sometimes it can be quiet though."


    "As I have said before, these long passed pets don't have anyone and while it might seem foolish to some that I would dedicate my time to caring for them, don't forget that I am immortal. Time is nothing to me. Unless I am struck by thirst, or the sun has weakened my form, I am able to go about without weary. And the love I get from them, I am quite pleased to be their guardian."


    "Hm? What is it, girl? Oh the sun is up huh. Aw..."


    "I'll be back. Don't worry..."


    "I'll always be back."
    Next post, Melody tends to the strays of the daytime around the house
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    "My time with the ghosts of Deadgrass Isle may finish once the sun rises, but tending to animals never stops for Melody and myself."


    "I returned home, finding my dear Melody sleeping on the old dusty couch. I didn't want to wake her so I just picked up a book to read until she awoke on her own."


    "Rough night, dear?"

    "No, no. Same as usual. Just feeling drained from the sunlight but I wanted to wait til you woke up."

    "Oh aren't you sweet. How are the ghosts of Deadgrass?"

    "Good, good. Will admit it can be a drain at times, but someone has to be with them.

    "Well...what if you took a break, Alphonse? They'll still be there unless they move on to the afterlife."


    "Melody, love. I've said before: They need me. Whom do they have to take care of them? And why haven't you moved on yet then?"

    "Well...because I like it here and I'm with you."

    "Yes so they like here too and I want to be sure they get all the happiness they had in life as they are now in death."


    "I'm the only vampire in the world that even has a mind to take notice of them and if that's the case, then I am the best one to take care of them. Their owners are long gone or moved on, Melody. They only have us."

    "I guess. It's just that you put so much time into giving to the animals here in the bay, love,'ve never really taken time to yourself."

    "I'll take time if I need to, but as an immortal, time is nothing to me."


    "We have had such conversations before: Melody always concerned that maybe I am too focused in caring for the strays and ghost pets of this world. And I always explain to her that I don't worry about time. Why do we need to? And as such, I will continue my dedication to those pets."

    "So you see now, love, what I mean?"

    "Yes, maybe. I guess you could be doing worse out there."


    She gave me a kiss then before I went off to bed.


    As I was just slipping into sleep, I could hear her letting out a belly laugh. She must have been having a laugh attack. I can think of worse fates in death.


    She told me later about the strays around the house that day.

    "Oh! Hello! You're new aren't you."


    "Oh what pretty eyes you have, dearie. Who would have passed up on you as a pet?"


    "Melody keeps a tub outside so we can give strays a bath. I'd let them in the house, but Melody says the wet-dog smell would keep in the wood."


    "How's that feel? All good?"


    "I never minded the splash of water. Melody not so much. Maybe why also to keep the tub outside."

    "Oh! Ack!"


    "I know we sometimes have our disagreements, but my dear Melody still tends to the basic needs of the strays while I sleep, mainly with food. A ghost pet can live without food. Living strays, not so much."


    "She is my angel, if I may use such a corny term. A lover of all living things and I sometimes wonder why she still loves this old vampire. I guess the world is strange like that."


    "Goodness, kitty. You ate that fast! You must have been starving!"


    "Cats are climbers and need places to climb and rest. I built that cat tree myself so they could all hang out on..."


    "Although sometimes, you get that one cat that doesn't want to share."


    "We also keep a toybox with toys for the strays. Even if we may not have time to play with them, at least it's there so they can entertain themselves."


    "Melody never lets a pet feel left out."

    "Why hello there! You're a new one aren't you?"


    "Aw! You're just a big ol' puppy! Yes you are! Aw!"


    "Then there is Bandit, as my wife calls him. Like I said, I have very little time for sims, especially when they abandon their pets. He began hanging around the house a few weeks ago and from the looks of the bandana, he was someone's pet. I searched around and from what I heard, someone dumped him off behind the yacht club. He always has a smell problem but it's nothing a bath a week wouldn't fix. Why there some sims out there so heartless I'll never know!"


    "Here for your bath, Bandit? Phew! I can tell. C'mon! We'll get you all cleaned up."


    "It isn't like he would be hard to take care of, Bandit wouldn't. A bath a week, how hard is that? It's like I said: Dogs are easy to please, sims are not. And if no one else will love him, we'll step up."


    "I eventually woke up, stretching as the sun set."


    "Phew! What is that smell?"

    "Oh you're up, love. That's probably Bandit. I just finished giving him a bath."


    "Seems your day was busy."

    "Oh very much so, love. We have a couple new strays come by. One was this dark haired poodle. Oh you should have seen its face light up when I spoke to it."


    "Now if you excuse me, dear Alphonse, I must go to bed. Can you see to these animals until they go off for the night?"

    "Of course, dear. You go rest."


    "Melody, Melody. My wife and light. What would I do if you were no longer by my side?"
    Next post, Alphonse goes back to Deadgrass Isle and finds a whole new 'stray' to tend to
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    And now, back to Alphonse.


    "I sometimes wonder if your typical sim could do such a job as I do. I know, I know. There are shelters, but I mean about the ghosts here on Deadgrass. We live in a world where they exist, and yet no one seems to care for them.


    "Seems like a quiet night tonight. Don't think we need too many bowls out."


    I had to go meet up with one of the elder poodles, who was overjoyed to be seeing me.


    "Heh. Missed me, huh?"


    "Hm? What's wrong? You need to go? Well don't let me stop you. It's alright."


    "It is considered an honor if a dog waits for your command, even when relieving themselves."


    "Although with older ones...their aim is a bit off..."


    "At least it wasn't my good pair of pyjamas."


    "When my thirst gets low, I try to be polite. That night, I had to leave Deadgrass Isle for a moment to find at least someone I could feed on. I eventually came across a young man and his dog."

    "You okay, sir?"

    "Honestly not. You mind if I take a drink from you."

    "Ermmm....I have a husband..."

    "I meant plasma...I'm a vampire..."


    "Oh wait! You're that Alphonse fellow. My husband and I recently moved here and heard about your work. Really happy someone is around to take care of ghost pets you know. Our cat is buried on the island too. Have you seen her? I..."

    "Look, I would love to chat about all things animals, but I am dying of thirst. If you don't shut it, I'm going to have to make you."

    "Oh I'm sure you'll be fine. Vampires can survive without plasma, right? Anyways, our poor kitty. Maybe she actually moved on and..."


    "Sometimes I wonder why I even give sims the choice."


    "Especially when they are chatterboxes like this one."


    "Oh I hope your husband didn't just see me then."


    "I'm sure you'll be fine."


    "Ah, back on Deadgrass. If I could have lived there I would have."


    This night though, I found something very much alive. A young girl, probably no more than 3 or so, crying over the food I had left out. Her hair was a mess and she definitely looked a bit unkept."


    "Now I don't have much time with Sims, but even I know I couldn't just leave her like this. I approached carefully."

    "Hello there. It's okay. I don't bite. Not you I mean."


    "There we go. Let's get you warmed a bit here, okay? Out in this fall air with barely anything on. Yeesh!"


    "She must have been feeling better because she got into my shirt pockets, tossing around the dry shampoo and dog-safe chocolate drink powder that I kept in case I ran into Bandit again."

    "Heh. Quite the lil troublemaker."


    "Now came the hard decision: Do I leave her here or take her with me?"

    "Okay, child. I can get you into the museum and you can sleep on the couch until morning...Why are you giving me that face? I already take care of several strays, I don't need you added to that number...No...I know how puppy eyes work, so stop that...No...No...Knock it off I...Oh fine.


    "I caved. Maybe it was a soft spot for the vulnerable and something told me that she was a 'sim' stray."

    "Fine. You can come with me, but first thing in the morning, my wife is finding you a new place to live, got it?"


    "Yes, yes. We go now. What have I gotten myself into...."

    Next post, Alphonse brings home the 'human' stray.
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    Man it's been so long. Luckily, vampires don't


    "As I had said, I guess I caved. I brought the child back to our place. If anything I figured that we could get her fed and cleaned up."

    "Oh! Now who is this?"

    "I found her on Deadgrass Isle."

    "Did you find her parents?"

    "Melody, my love, if I had done that, I wouldn't have brought her here. From the looks of it, I believe she is an orphan."


    "I left the child with Melody while I went to see what we had to feed her."

    "You are a little bit thin, poor thing."


    "I soon called them in."

    "I have some fish and chips. That counts as protein and vegetables, right?"


    From the looks of her face, she knew better.


    "As Melody napped and the child ate, I told her about my work."

    "And then I make sure older sims don't hurt them. See? Rwar!"

    "The child didn't seem afraid at all when I hissed. If anything she seemed more invested in our conversation."


    "I had to chuckle when I saw her."

    "Heh. You are a rather funny child. Most toddlers would be afraid of vampires like me."


    "The young child soon went to sleep just as Melody woke up."

    "You know, love. We should probably get her a proper bed and some toys if she's going to stay here."


    "St...Stay? I don't expect her to be staying here...I'm going to find her a new home as soon as I can. We have food. We have places for her to sleep..."

    "Yes, but it would be nice if she actually had a nice bed at least."



    "Alphonse...She's not a puppy or a kitten."

    "I know that...But we....well..."

    "Look, I'm getting her a bed and toys, no matter what you say. Even if she may not stay with us long, we might as well give her the comforts of a good home."


    "I sighed. When Melody makes up her mind, it's hard to change it."

    "Very well. I think there's a store nearby."

    "Oh don't worry about that. I know where to go. You just get back to tending to the animals."

    Next post, Melody buys some items for their toddler "Stray".
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    "As I said, my dear Melody can sometimes be stubborn when she makes up her mind. So even though I was sure the child would be fine with the current situation, my dear wife went out to the nearest nursery store to buy a bed...amongst other things."


    "I had seen the store once or twice. A good place for those with small children I guess...or those with temporary children."


    "Good day. You wouldn't happen to have toddler beds would you?"

    "Over there ma'am."

    "Hey Christie. I thought ghosts couldn't have toddlers."

    "We don't ask, Marggy. We just sell the merchandise."


    "Or play Blicbloc, according to my wife."

    "Greg! Get back to work!"

    "Doing what? I make flyers!"


    "Something that I guess didn't cross either of our minds was that this child wasn't potty-trained...and a bit too short to use the toilet."


    "Melody later would explain to me that she got caught up in the moment, buying everything she thought a toddler would need."


    "Well it's a car shape, but I'm sure she won't mind."


    "Oh! Look at these toys! She'll love them!"


    "It'll be wonderful to have a toddler around the house. A young sim to bring new life into our little home."
    Next post, Melody and Alphonse argue about the 'stray,' Melody giving Alphonse an ultimatum.
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    "What compelled me to take in this child again?"


    "Melody soon returned from the store, our little house now filled with toys and toddler furniture."


    "Not wanting to appear as a complete cold-hearted vampire to my ethereal wife, I decided to give the tot a well deserved bath."

    "Are you hungry again? Why are you chewing on your rubber duckie?"


    "Ack! You're the one that's supposed to get a bath, child. Not me."


    "There we go. Now how about we fix that hair and get you dressed in some new clothes."


    "After her bath and brushing her hair for what felt like 10 minutes, I let her back out of the bathroom to go play."


    "I heard Melody laughing outside of the bathroom."

    "Oh Star. You're such a lil charmer."


    "Melody, love. You can't name the child," I explained to my wife.

    "And why not?"

    "Because by naming her, she'll think we're her parents, which we aren't, and it will be a lot harder to find her a proper home."


    "Melody placed her hands on her hips, head high as she spoke stubbornly.

    "Well maybe I have decided to keep her. What's wrong with us being Star's parents?"

    "Because we're supernatural beings, love, and she is just a toddler. She's a lot more challenging to take care of than the dogs and cats we tend to."

    "If that is the case, then, Alphonse, maybe it is about time we find them homes."


    "I had to sit down, almost flabbergasted."

    "What are suggesting, love?"

    "This is the deal, Alphonse, love: If you want us to find Star a new home, you will find homes for at least four of those stray animals we take care of. Once they have homes, I'll find Star a new home."

    "You can't be serious, love."

    "I am completely serious. Until some of those strays have homes, Star stays here. Now if you excuse me, it's naptime."


    "I tried to get Melody to talk more about her ultimatum with me, but as said, she can sometimes be stubborn.


    "And even with my limited experience with sim toddlers, I know you do not disturb naptime."

    "Sweet dreams, little Star.
    Next post, Alphonse begins his "quest" to start rehoming strays.
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    "Now do not take my words as if I do not appreciate the presence of...well...Star...but as I said, we're supernatural beings that tend to animals and she is just a normal toddler. She deserves a family that can take care of her better. Thus, whether I thought it was ridiculous or not, I had to take up my wife's 'quest'."


    "The first dog I decided to find a home for was Snuggs, since she had been hanging around the house that morning. After walking around, we arrived in Willow Creek where I met a gentleman named Bob Pancakes."

    "So you're a vampire? Why are you out in the daytime then?"

    "You wouldn't believe me if I told you, but my wife wants me to rehome some of the strays I take care of."


    "And this is one of them I take it?"

    "Yes, this is Snuggs. She's a good girl. Wouldn't hurt a flea unless it was biting her. You umm...wouldn't be interested in taking her in, would you?"


    "He oddly began venting to me."

    "Eliza has always been at me with 'We need a cat, Bob. Cats are cute, Bob. A cat would probably make me love you, Bob.' I'd like to show her up though. If Snuggy there needs a home, I'll take her, just to show Eliza she's not the boss of me."

    Snuggs then leapt into my arms. The circumstances seemed odd, but she seemed pleased.

    "Aw, Snuggs. I guess you really would be happy here, huh."


    "Snuggs rested once more as I spoke with Mr. Pancakes."

    "Now do you have room for her? Water? Food? You'll play with her, right?"


    "Take it easy, old guy. I'll be sure to pick up all that stuff and a new bed for her this afternoon. Anything that sticks it to the wife."

    "I could assume that his wife would just have to deal with the new member of the family."


    "I then left, seeing that Snuggs was up and panting, extremely pleased with her new owner."

    "Okay like sticks?"


    "And he did exactly as he said. After running into Mr. Pancakes later on, he showed me pictures of the modifications he had done to under his stairs."


    "Snuggy, as he called her, had her own little room for sleeping in, even with a nightlight."


    "And there was even a toy box outside which, Bob assured me, would be full of more toys next paycheck."


    "After that excursion, I went straight to bed, as Melody tended to Star."


    "Star, sweetie, that not how we go 'Potty'!"



    "Oh your first word! Yes, dear. Potty. That's where you go to use the bathroom."


    "See? This is a potty."





    "No, that's a sink. That's where we wash your hands. Here I'll help you."


    "Who's that?! That's you in the mirror!"


    "Yes! I'm there too. If Alphonse was holding you though, he wouldn't have a reflection."


    "Heh. That would actually be true. I wouldn't. Little Star would look like she was floating then. Hah...I just hope Melody doesn't get too attached."
    Next post, Alphonse finds a small loophole in Melody's "quest".
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    "After a couple of days with no luck homing some strays, I went back to Deadgrass Isle to tend to the strays there...and then get an idea."


    After doing some rounds, I came across Captain Whittaker, sitting by himself by a bush.

    "Captain, you didn't try eating this thing, did you?"


    "As he stood though, I could smell something worse than Bandit.

    "Phew! Captain is that you smelling like that?"


    "All of a sudden, the ghostly dog had a...well...very bad time."

    "In the name of prunes, Captain, what did eat?"


    "I sighed as I looked down at the poor creature."

    "Oh dear. Melody might figuratively kill me for this but I can't just leave you like this."


    "I took out a leash."

    "I guess for now, boy, you'll have to be my dog. Let's get you cleaned up and properly fed."


    "As if he actually understood me, Captain Whittaker's mood perked up. Of course, mine went down a bit, knowing that Melody might have a few words for me bringing a pet to the house after everything I had said about Star."


    From outside, I could hear Melody playing "Peekaspook" with Star.




    "Heehehee! Boo! Booo!"

    "Hahah...You're such a doll. Where is Alphonse I wonder?"


    "I was outside, wash Whittaker."

    "There you go, boy. I bet that feels much better. After this, there are some bowls in front of the house with food you can eat."


    "Even for a ghostly dog, they can certainly make a mess of water after a bath."



    "Like I had thought, Captain Whittaker was starving, wolfing down his food as if it were to be his last."


    "I then went into the house to tell Melody about what I had done."

    "Oh there you are, love. I was wondering where you had gone to."

    "Well that's kind of what I have to talk to you about..."


    "Just as I was trying to tell her about our new pet, Captain walked into the house."


    "Oh! Hello Captain Whittaker. What brings you here?"

    "I hissed, as I had told the dog to stay outside."

    "Captain! I told you to wait. I didn't tell her yet!"

    "Tell me what?"


    "I frowned as I sighed."

    "I...I adopted Whittaker. He was smelly and sick and I couldn't leave him like that. I know, I know, it sounds hypocritical of me..."

    "How so?"

    "Well I mean...I told you we couldn't keep Star and here I am now taking in a stray dog as an actual pet."

    My dear wife laughed.

    "Oh Alphonse, love. It's fine. In fact it may even count to our little agreement."

    "Really, love?"

    "Yes. It's one thing to tend to strays, but it's another to have one of them as part of the actual family. If you think Captain would be better with us, he can stay."


    "Captain howled with delight, Melody smiling as well."

    "So long as you are a good boy and be good to Star, you can stay."

    "I'll admit, I was very happy as well."


    "After being accepted into our household, Captain then proceeded to stare and bark at the microwave. Then again, when he passed, they probably weren't a thing. Still, what a strange thing to obsess over."


    "I cannot say much though. We're the ones with a household consisting of a ghost, a vampire, a toddler, and now a ghost dog. That's strange in and of itself."
    Next post, Alphonse finds a home for Bandit with some newcomers to Brindleton Bay. Some very...interesting characters.
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    "I always thought I was the odd one in the world. A vampire that tends to animals? Rarely drinks plasma? Married to a long past woman in her afterworldly form? But I guess, as one put it, the world is strange."


    "It was maybe a few weeks after we had taken in Captain Whittaker, myself and Melody cleaning up as Star played with the dog, although in her case it was more being fascinated by how a ghost 'do-ti' as she called it, could sit and lay down without falling through the ground."

    "Do-ti? Doti! Doti!!"


    "Ahah! Doti! Doti! Heeheehee!!"

    "Captain had taking a liking to the youngster, making me feel a bit bad that I wanted her to find a better home."


    "Alright, Star. It's time for your nap."


    "Naptime, yes. C'mon."


    "While Melody took Star to bed, I went out to talk to Bandit."

    "So what do you think, boy? Want to try this family? I heard they have other pets you can be friends with and the lady there has two kids she said need to learn more about taking care of special cases like you. Well?"


    "Bandit quickly changed into his service jacket. I don't know what service he used to provide, given that he can be a rather troublesome at times, and loud, but he always wanted to wear it any time I took him out for a walk around the lot."


    "Then, to my delight, the big boy jumped into my arms."

    "Ahahaha! You really are excited, huh. C'mon then. Let's go meet this new family."


    "Now as I had said, this family was rather...strange...even for me. The teens of the household were outside to meet us, one of them with actual cat ears and wearing some odd tattoos. I had only met their mother once, but I definitely had to ask about their odd family."


    "Their pets were even odd too, sporting coats that I had never seen before."

    "C'mon Chevron! Dance with me, boy!"


    "I finally introduced myself, just as their cat started to chase its tail by my feet."

    "Hello, I'm Alphonse and this is Bandit...Oh! And who's this?"


    The cat-earred girl waved.

    "Oh! That's Crayola. He's still a bit hyper since I created him. I'm Kitti. Mom's inside if you wanna talk to her."

    "I would very much so. She said she might be interested in taking Bandit here."


    "From the sounds of things though, Bandit wasn't all that interested in the blue-haired girl."

    "Whoa! Umm...Nice doggy. I don't wanna hurt you...I just want to say hi..."



    "Bandit, boy! Don't be like that! Come here and let's meet their mother."


    "I called out to the lady of the household."

    "Hello? Miss Coocoo? Are you there?"

    "Yeah! One sec! I was just talking to Mr. Oven!"

    I vaguely remember her striking up a conversation with my mailbox when I first met her. Either she can see things I can't or she's...umm...a bit different in another way."


    "Finally, she appeared, the two of us sitting on the front porch."

    "Like I said, he can be a bit of a troublemaker, and he'll need a bath at least twice a week, but he can be a nice dog if treated right."


    "Haha! Believe me, a dog needing some extra attention is nothing to the stuff I've dealt with before we moved here. If anything it'll be more experience for Kitti's programming. She can create some fascinating pets but she still has a bit to go when it comes to caring for them."


    "Are you saying your daughter's a robot?"

    "Oh plum no! We're what people call "AI." Kitti arrived with the CaP update to the program."

    "I think I'm rather confused, ma'am. Program?"

    "Well...Yeah it is confusing. You could call us "magical beings" if that makes more sense."

    "Ah...So then those ears on your daughter's head....are real?"


    "Sorta yeah. They're more like amplifiers. I guess when she was created, since she can create pets and everything, the program thought it would be fitting if she had them."

    "Again with this...program thing...Still sounds odd to me."

    "Yeah yeah. I'd say don't worry about it. We're only here for a little while anyways, at least until there are some final touches are made to the World 3.0 and Kitti learns to control her abilities better She can create pets but she can sometimes mix up voices on her creations. Yesterday we had a persian chattering like a raccoon."

    "Hahah. That would be quite a sight. Well I do hope you can handle Bandit."

    "Don't worry about Bandit. Just another fluffy buddy to love. You get back to your quest as it were."


    "As I left I heard her daughter...Cassio I think her name is, call the animals in for food."

    "Chevron! Crayola! Bandit! Dinnertime!


    "They seem to be an odd bunch, but I think Bandit will be fine with Miss Coocoo and her daughters. 'AI' though. What a strange race of creatures...."
    Next time, the last animal and Alphonse decides if Star should leave or stay.
  • LosaruTaiyoLosaruTaiyo Posts: 10,456 Member
    "A few days after getting Bandit a home with the odd family, I soon returned home."


    "I consider it an honour when Mayor Whiskers visits, but sometimes he overstays the welcome."

    "Go on now, Mayor Whiskers. I need to clean the bathroom."


    "Go on..."


    "Captain was outside, playing with a ball."


    "So, how did everything go?"

    "He seems to like them, aside from this one girl with blue hair. I take it Star is doing okay?"

    ""Oh she's doing well. She's been a really good girl all day!"


    "In fact, I actually found a couple of families that might be interested in taking her."


    I admit it: I was actually getting attached to the young child so the news stuck me a bit harder than I imagined.


    "Oh Alphonse, love! I didn't know you'd be sad about this."

    "I wasn't expecting it either, love. I just...does it have to be so soon?"

    "Well I still need to talk to them, but thinking about what you said...she would be better off, love. We can raise her, sure, but soon she will grow older, want her own room, need her own computer, have to go to school... We just don't have the resources."


    "I know, I know. I guess I've just...gotten used to having around."


    "Oh love. And to think you were telling me not to even name her. Still though, she needs a more stable life than ours. If anything we can teach her how to be kind and loving before she goes."

    "That is true. Where is she anyways?"

    "Outside I believe. She was running around with Captain."


    "I went outside to bring Star back in to go to bed, where I found her making a mess."


    "Star, sweetheart. Where did you even get all this?"


    "Oh my. Come in now. It's time for bed. At least you didn't make a mess in the house."


    "Up! Up!!"

    I had to pause for a moment because she rarely asked me to carry her."

    "You...want up?"

    "Uppy! Up!"


    "I smiled as I lifted her."

    "Let's get you to bed now, hm?"



    "So yes. I admit it: I will miss having Star around."


    "But even I know, we can only give her so much. We may be immortal, but we don't make much, and with the life I have already chosen, we won't be able to give her everything she'll need."


    "But until the day she has to go, we can give her what we can now, including love."

    "Good night, Star."


    Next post, the last pet gets a home.
  • LosaruTaiyoLosaruTaiyo Posts: 10,456 Member
    "I will say that I love dogs, but felines need homes too."


    "The next morning, I could hear mewing of a young cat named Mochi."


    "Mayor Whiskers also came for a visit."


    "As was another young cat."


    "Mayor Whiskers wasn't particularly thrilled with Captain."


    "Hello there Mochi. How are you today?"


    "You may wonder why I don't rehome Mayor Whiskers. Well...he's the mayor of our town. No, really! He can be vocal when he needs to be."


    "And knows when he needs to take a break."


    "While the mayor slept by one side of the house, I was bonding with Mochi."

    "What do you think, Mochi? Do you think you'd like a home?"



    "I couldn't help it. If you could hear his little "mow!" you'd want to pick him up too."


    "I brought Mochi to San Myshuno, as I knew there was a family that might want a pet to complete their upcoming growing family."


    "Hello Miss Bheeda."


    "Oh Hello Alphonse. Please. Call me Jesminder."

    "Alright then, Jesminder. I brought the cat I was talking about."


    "After she sat down after making her meal, I showed her Mochi."

    "Oh he's adorable."

    "I know. He's a cutie. You don't sound all that enthusiastic though."

    "No, no. I am happy. I just haven't been well since this morning."

    "Oh I'm sorry to hear. Maybe you should get that checked. I see you have everything for Mochi though so I do hope you take care of him."

    "Oh we will. We will."


    "Pleased with everything, I left. Before I left, I saw Miss Bheeda had chosen to get some chips."


    "While Mochi ate what she had cooked. Oh dear."


    "I did find out later why she was uncomfortable."


    "Apparently she was in labour with already born with a smelly diaper."


    "How is a kid born already pooped?"

    "I'm sure he's not the only one like that, love."


    "I can see why maybe Melody didn't ask them to take care of Star: They already have a full house."
    Next post, Star meets her new family.
  • LosaruTaiyoLosaruTaiyo Posts: 10,456 Member
    "Choices tend to be hard, especially when it comes to the life of another. But if it means them living a better life, then maybe it was the best choice after all."


    "A few days after rehoming Mochi, we were getting ready to take Star to her new home. Of course though, that didn't matter to Captain who decided to go play in the garbage."

    "Ack! Captain!"


    "Oh dear. What are we going to do with you? Let's get you cleaned up."


    "After washing Captain, I also cleaned out the food bowls outside."


    "Melody asked me to play with Captain while she gave Star a bath."


    "Let's get behind your ears."



    "Oh! Captain you're distracting her. I'm not finished yet."


    "Doti! Doti!"

    "Oh dear! Star!!"


    "There we go. All washed up!"


    "Yes, yes you can go see Captain."


    "Is she ready to go?"

    "I told her she could say good-bye to Captain before we left."

    "Do you think she understands what's going to happen, love?"

    "I think so. She's a smart girl along with being a sweetheart."


    "Ahaha! Doti! Down Doti! Hehehee!"

    "Come on, Star. It's time to go."

    "Heehee! Bibi Doti!"


    "We then left, not actually going very far. I soon recognized the house as it was the same one I had visited to get a 'meal' one night."

    "You sure they're the best fit to take care of Star?"

    "Definitely, love. They have no children of their own and they have a little dog that Star can play with and take care of. And they're also young and eager. They told me they already ordered everything to convert their computer room into a room for her when it gets here. She'll be fine."


    "After knocking, we soon entered the house, Melody calling out."

    "Brent? Brant? We're here!"

    "I remained quiet, looking around until I got distracted by their dog."


    "Phew! You need a bath! And some food!"


    "What can I say? I love my animals!"


    "No, I was not stealing their dog."


    "She got a nice, proper bath."


    "One of the members of the household came into the bathroom after I had finished washing their dog."

    "Oh Rosie! Look at you! You're all clean and pretty!"


    "I gave a rough chuckle when I met the man."

    "Sorry for the intrusion, but I can't help myself when I see an animal in need."

    "Oh it's no trouble. I thank you very much. We can consider it as you repaying me for biting my neck."

    "Ah yes. He was the one I drank from."


    "My wife was meeting with the man's husband."

    "And this is the room we plan on converting. We got a bed, bear, everything ordered for tomorrow."

    "Oh I'm sure she'll be delighted."

    "I hope so. Brent was bouncing all over the place when he heard that you were looking for a home for this little one."



    "Yes dear. He's going to be you daddy. One of them."

    "Heehee! Dati!"

    "Plum you're so cute!"


    "You do want her for more than just her cuteness, correct?

    "I said as I came into the room. I knew they probably did, but call me cautious."

    "Of course! Brent and I can't have kids on our own obviously and were a bit nervous to adopt from the Agency. We want to give little Star a good home, which I was talking to your wife about. This will be her room, once everything comes in tomorrow. I hope that's alright with you. We understand it must be hard letting go of someone so young that's lived with you for a long time."


    "I sat down, soon smiling."

    "Yes. To be honest though, as much as I have become attached to her, she needs a home with her own room and bigger than a small shack in the woods."

    "Well...I'm sure she wouldn't mind you two visiting."

    "Oh I'm sure we will."

    "My wife then spoke with Star."

    "You understand that this is where you live now, right?"


    "Yes, yes. He's your daddy, like I said. We'll visit when we can though, ok?"


    Next post, the conclusion.
  • LosaruTaiyoLosaruTaiyo Posts: 10,456 Member
    "Time goes on. Looking back, as much as I was getting used to having a child around the place, I don't regret our decision."


    "Brent and Brant did indeed convert their computer room. As you can see, it's much more than what we could have done for Star."


    "They would also give us updates on her as well."

    "Her name is Rosie. Can you say 'Rosie'?"


    "No, no. That's a pasta. Ro-si. C'mon!"


    "Ro-s. Ro-si!"

    "That's right! Rosie!"

    "Ro-si! Rosie! Rosie!!"


    "That's my girl! How about 'Uppies?'

    "Uppi! Up!"


    "We soon ready to go to the park."

    "One sec. Our little Star finally learned how to say Rosie's name and we're celebrating."

    "Rosie! Rosie!! Ahahaha!!"


    "We still have Captain and yes, he still has a tendency to get into the garbage. Good thing we have everything outside. Not fun washing him though."


    "And we still tend to any strays in need."


    "What's different now though is that I've actually been rehoming quite a few."


    "She's a great dog! Loves to lounge on the couch but still go on long walks. You'll love her!"

    "Whoa! Whoa! Easy, old guy. No need to give a sales pitch. I'm happy to have her."


    "Ah. Sorry about that. I tend to get excited when one of our local strays finds a home."


    "And I still take care of the pets of Deadgrass Isle. While I'm sure some would like forever homes, some prefer the island as such."


    "You just wanted someone to play with, huh?"


    "Calm down. That's a good kitty. Easy..."


    "Aw. Sweet dreams little one."


    "With an immortal life, time is pretty much ignored. So much so that sometimes we don't realize how much has passed. Before I knew it, little Star wasn't so little anymore."

    "Alphonse, Star is here."

    "Just in time too it seems. Hi Aunt Melody."


    "Well I'll be...seems like only yesterday you were a toddler. I think Melody still has that potty around. Clean of course."

    "Well yeah, Uncle Alphonse. That's already weird enough."


    "Bark! Bark!"

    "Oh! Now who's this?"

    "This is Rosie's daughter I was telling you about. Her name is Biscuit."


    "Aw! Hello Biscuit! You're a good puppy, aren't you?"


    "Yeah. And a big glutton like her Mom was. She can down a small bowl in a couple minutes. We're trying the tennis ball trick so she doesn't eat so fast, but she just takes out the ball to play with it."

    "Ohho. Silly one, aren't you."


    "Don't forget to stop by my place sometime, Uncle Alphonse. I just got a house in Newcrest. You gotta meet my boyfriend."

    "I'm sure I will and I can't wait to meet them."

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