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Need a little help...

Okay, my cat got bit by a squirrel. There is no vet in the world my family is living in, so I took a trip with my Sim and her cat to the clinic. Problem is though, now I'm stuck. I can't get out of the clinic to get back home. :neutral:


  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 26,188 Member
    edited November 2017
    Try posting this in Bugs and Gameplay Issues forum. Never seen this issue myself.

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  • AndiratymeAndiratyme Posts: 683 Member
    Did you try the reset sim cheat?
  • kitty29041985kitty29041985 Posts: 745 Member
    Is there a button "travel" in his phone?
  • Wyx2830Wyx2830 Posts: 77 Member
    I hope that Sims 4 can update a starter like three generations to manage the installation and uninstall of the expansion pack/Game pack and stuff. It'sEasy to choose the content you want to play!It's not too big to disk space
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