the sims 4 cats and dogs won't properly download on origin

i just purchased the sims 4 cats and dogs on my computer (macbook pro, fully updated, fits the system requirements for the game). however, it won't properly download. it keeps giving me the option to download, but when i click it it says complete, but it's not. i've contacted EA and they haven't been able to fix the problem, so i'm hoping someone here can.

the troubleshooting i've tried but hasn't worked:
-completely resetting origin
-restarting computer
-repairing sims 4 in origin
-clearing cache
-updating my game/computer
-repairing disk permissions
-turning on safe download in origin

since it won't properly download, my entire game is compromised. when i enter the game, i do have cats and dogs. i have the world and everything. however, once i enter a household i can't play with them. the bottom menu is missing and i cannot exit.
can anybody please help me? i don't want to waste my money, and i don't want to not be able to play my game at all.
origin ID: wavvys


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