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Dogs crash my game!

Okay, so I am very happy to finally have cats and dogs in the game, but unfortunately I haven't been able to play with dogs yet, since my game keeps crashing.
I have, and use, a lot of CC. My initial thought was that some mod or some CC was the reason for my game crashing everytime I went to create a dog. The weirdest thing is that I can create cats without any sort of problem, but as soon as I open Dogs, my game crashes. So, I disabled all mods and CC and was FINALLY able to enter create a dog without the game crashing.

Now, I have spent all afternoon trying to filter through my CC. I have uninstalled every single script mod and CC and slowly started putting like 5 CC articles a time back into the game, and as fast as ANY CC is active, dogs proceed to crash. I don't know what to do! Playing The Sims without CC is not an option for me as I adore every single item that I have collected throughout my time playing Sims.

As my computer is able to handle cats and dogs, I do not think that there is any software problems. What should I do? Do I just have to wait until the next patch and hope for EA to fix this issue or do I do something else?
Please help! :)

//Frustrated simmer who just wants to create a dog and play with Sims with cute clothes


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