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Broken Mods: Cats and Dogs/Nov. 2017

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Happy Patch Day.!

This topic is for collecting reports on mod and CC status after the November 2017 patch and with the Cats and Dogs EP. Please keep discussion to reports - there's lots of other places for general discussion of mods and updates. Please DO NOT report 18+ mods here! It's not allowed on the forums.

NOTE on CC: Most of the problems being reported are from CC, not mods. Please scroll down to check the CC issues! That's a few post down. Maxis is not responsible for patching to fix CC. Head over to Sims 4 Studio: you can fix it yourself. If you've not used Sims 4 Studio before, scroll down on this page - there's a how-to in the CC post.

Reminder: Back up your saves before you try testing mods on your own. And please don't assume that only what's listed here is broken, fine, or updated. Check where you got your mods, if at all possible.

Before you play, back up your saves.
DO NOT go into build/buy from the world map until after you play a household. Relationships will be wiped.(Fixed by a game update)
DO NOT delete Sims. This is probably cause of a major game error.
DO NOT travel with Vampires. This can delete Vampire perks.

If you have an always-uncomfortable pet after a Vet visit, here's how to remove the moodlet:

Reminder: We aren't allowed to discuss R-rated/18+ mods on the forums. Please don't do that?

Broken Mods (below)
Mods Reported Fine by Modder (below)
Updated Mods
Broken and Updated CC
Mods to Fix Game Issues

Broken (No Longer Compatible) Mods - For CC, see
  • CAS Details Enabler by scumbumbo
  • Classic Menu (TwistedMexi)
  • DB Tea for kids
  • Double Sliding Doors by brujah236
  • Enable Advanced Debug/Cheat Interactions - EP-Incompatible: interferes at the Vet
  • Expanded Physique Range (Heavy, Lean, Fit, Bony) by EVOL_EVOLVED
  • Full House Mod – Increase your Household Size! by TwistedMexi
  • Functional Toddler Pool by necrodog
  • Garage Doors by brujah236
  • Increased limit for hiring! by arkeus17
  • Janitors on Community Lots by weerbesu - EP-Incompatible. Apparently you can get dogs as janitors. So if you like that, go for it??Never mind! Just make sure you're up to date.
  • Less Checking Up on Toddlers Mod by nekomimi
  • Less "Make A Mess" by jackboog21
  • Less ‘Musical Chairs’, No Group Chat by Shimrod101 (updated by spazmunki)
  • Long Sims 3 Inspired Life spans (Candyd)
  • Less Smiling (Shimrod101)
  • Longer interaction queue by JustAnotherSimsFan
  • Max Interactions / Larger Interaction Queue (HollyRidge) - when installed, can't go up any staircases
  • Molding Clay Builds Creativity (scumbumbo/Menaceman44)
  • More Clubs Per Sim (Neia) - rebroken by the first emergency patch?
  • More Realistic Restaurants
  • No auto club gathering for active sims
  • No Autonomous Check Toddler by coolspear
  • No EA lashes in game
  • No Inappropriate Family and Friends by Snaggle Fluster
  • SFNoInappropriateToilets
  • No More ingredients needed mods by calatina_45
  • Neighborhoods Vampire Free (All)Ver.2.0 (Tanja)
  • No Romantic Rejection (novalpangestik)
  • Persistent TestingCheats – Cheats Always Enabled! by TwistedMexi
  • Reset Bathing Outfit by Lynire
  • Sliding Doors by brujah236
  • Stand Still In CaS by Shimrod101
  • TS4 New Aging Mod: Some Hundreds
  • Vampire Toggle by TwistedMexi
by JustAnotherSimsFan/SimsAsylum:
  • Aliens have human voices
  • Faster computer chat social gain
  • Gender filters for clubs
  • Growfruit tree glow removed
  • Longer interaction queue
  • No autonomous dance to stereo and wall speaker
  • No autonomous push ups, sit ups and stretching
  • Toddlers with level one movement can climb stairs
and generally:
  • Custom Traits - Start looking for these under Updated!
  • Homework Mods
  • Lifespan mods
  • faster book writing mods
  • No Autonomous Dollhouse Smashing Mods (see updates for at least one)
  • No Autonomous Drink from Sink Mods
  • No Autonomous Grab Drink from Fridge Mods
  • No Autonomous Mourning Mods
  • No Autonomous Sit-up/Push-up Mods
  • No Autonomous Wash Hands Mods
  • Possibly any of LittleMsSam's mods that aren't on the Updated list below

Reported Fine by Modders
  • Anyone can Swipe Mod (itasan2)
  • Baby Shower Mod (Brittpinkie)
  • Bad Grades are Okay (Simstopics)
  • Custom Club Activities (Rex)
  • Employees Stay 24 Hours (Simstopics)
  • Faster Eating (and drinking) by DrChillgood
  • Free/Half Priced Restaurant Perks (Simstopics)
  • Free/Half Priced Retail Perks (Simstopics)
  • Gender Preference Set (azoresman)
  • Get a random number by Neia
  • Ghosts Can Have Babies! by PolarBearSims
  • Inventory Cleaner (SimtasticWorld)
  • Longer Parties & More Guests (weerbesu)
  • No Cool Down Time for Alien Brain Power by Manderz0630
  • No Culling (Neia)
  • No Happy Environment Moodlets by roBurky
  • No More Same Sims Everywhere by Neia
  • No Skilling for Inactive Sims by Neia
  • Pee Walkstyle Changed to Jog Standalone (Simstopics)
  • Prom Mod (Brittpinkie)
  • Relax Butlers Mod (itasan2)
  • Visitors Not Spawning in Front of Venues (weerbesu) - run version
  • working alarm clock (scumbumbo) - thank you, @ScarletQueenKat ! You're way more ahead than me :)
by JustAnotherSimsFan/Sims Asylum:
  • More household starting funds
  • No angry and embarrassed alien discovery
  • No goals needed for school
  • No monster under the bed

Reported Fine for Patch but NOT for Cats & Dogs
  • Reduced Random Townies Generation (AKLSimmer)

No Longer Needed[/b]
  • Teen Homework Fix (ukbucket)
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