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Help: Add or replace music/songs played on instruments

I've opened this query in this section as I believe it to be most appropriatre; apologies if this is not the case.

I'm trying to find out whether there's a way to add (or replace) the music and songs played by a sim on their instruments (piano, violin, guitar etc). What is there is very nice, but it would be awesome if I could add, for instance, some Chopin pieces for the sim playing the piano, or some Spanish classical on the guitar.

Would really appreciate any assistance on this point :)

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  • saishousaishou Posts: 276 Member
    I've been looking up and down for something that could do this as well. So far no signs of anyone planning to mod this or anything ;ω;
    Keep moving forward.

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  • aldavoraldavor Posts: 1,337 Member
    Thanks @saishou - I wouldn't mind attempting the mod myself if I knew what to look for in terms of XML scripting, or whereabouts in the base files to drill down to... if anyone knows where these music files are stored and referenced, I'd try to make a mod to add/replace stuff... another plea :D
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  • nickbigdnickbigd Posts: 3 New Member
    Does this exist? I've looked all over and seen lots of people asking over the years, but cannot find anyone who has done it. Thanks for any leads!
  • MaxieMixMaxieMix Posts: 194 Member
    make it beethoven

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