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How To: Polls!

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Hello Simmers,

As polls are now enabled and I thought I would just give you folks a quick run down on how to make your own poll.
  • To start a poll hit the little drop-down arrow next to New Discussion and select New Poll
  • Select the question you want to ask. For example: "What is your favorite Sims 4 expansion?"
  • Add any additional description/images to the poll.
  • Only tick the box "Make this poll anonymous (user votes are not made public)." if you do not want people to see who voted for what. People can still see the poll results after voting or by clicking "View Results".
  • Add the options for answers - maximum 10 choices can be given. In this example: Get to Work, Get Together, City Living, Cats & Dogs.
  • Hit Save Poll to post your brand new poll!
    PS! Once you hit Save Poll you will not be able to edit the Poll options, but you can edit the title/question and the additional description

Polls will have an orange Poll tag next to the subject line/question to help them stand out.

That's about it folks - it is really nice and simple :)

PS! Please do keep in mind all the usual Forum Rules apply to polls as well!

Have fun and happy polling!
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