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Share Your Pet Names!


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    DegrassiGenDegrassiGen Posts: 2,168 Member
    fullspiral wrote: »
    Eeny, Meenie, Miny (cats)

    and Moe the dog.

    Hahaha! I love that. I just hope they don't catch a tiger by it's toe
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    12JEREMIA12JEREMIA Posts: 3,143 Member
    fullspiral wrote: »
    Eeny, Meenie, Miny (cats)

    and Moe the dog.
    Eeny, Meenie, Miny, I ain't going! XD Just kidding! XD
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    BabySquareBabySquare Posts: 7,869 Member
    Though I'm a cat person, IF I were to end up making a canine/dog type of pet -

    Chu ("chew")
    Chewie (Chewbacca's nickname - yes, I like Star Wars & Star Trek. So there. :tongue: )

    BTW, through scientific studies (DNA testing) the Texas/Northern Mexico version of the Chupacabra was proven to be... a hairless coyote! :/ Go figure.

    (I just LOVE his eyes!)

    Striking as the eyes are I feel sorry for that dog (and all taxidermy for that matter.)

    I always liked the name Milly, ever since a Westie called Milly got into our garden a few years back and was so happy it was jumping up and down on the lawn (I ran outside and started jumping up and down with it. It was fun)
    Since then I've been trying to get a Westie called Milly into my sims plan. Hopefully I'll work it out soon.
    Gallery ID: babysquare
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    CheekybitsCheekybits Posts: 1,030 Member
    Here are some names I came up.

    Curly Fry

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    March306March306 Posts: 1,012 Member
    I don’t know what my in game pets will be named but I’ll tell you what my real life lets are named.

    Bear- Fat black cat he either was stolen or passed away he went missing.

    Dora- Bear’s sister. Black cat with white spot on belly and very fat. When she runs her fat belly swings side to side. My favorite most loved cat she is very cuddly.

    Summer- It’s what the shelter named her. She’s a mixed black lab but bigger than the average female blsck lab. We adopted her from an animal shelter. She’s great, listens really well, doesn’t do many bad things. She’s my husband’s best friend they’ll cuddle and stuff.

    Sopapilla- Adopted from my husband’s ex wife. She’s always finding animals and getting them new homes. Sopapilla was named by my husband’s ex. She is a mixed black lab but smaller than the average female black lab. She is not very good and destroys and chews anything she can get. I’m not happy with this dog but she does great with my two year old daughter.

    Lee Lee- I got her as a young adult living with my parents. When I moved out she stayed with them. She is now deceased. I loved that dog but she had issues with new people and did not socialize well. She was extremely sweet to my parents and me just not to anyone else. She was white with brown spots short and chubby. Little short legs but very bulky. I don’t even know what breed she’d be. A person from my work gave her to me as a puppy. I named her

    Sweetie- I named her and she was my first inside dog as a teenager. We got her from a shelter. She is now deceased but she was really close to my mom. My mom said she was ugly when we first got her but turned out to be her favorite dog. She was some sort of rat terrier mix. White with black spots.

    Pee Wee- A dog my parents adopted from my grandfather. A little yappy thing that was brown and very small. Looked like a chihuahua mix. My grandfather named him.

    Pablo- Cat named by my husband’s ex. Orange and white tabby.

    Poptart- Ginger kitty. Named by my husband’s ex.
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    comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 9,585 Member
    tin tin
    more for sim kids and more drama please
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    IceAxe18IceAxe18 Posts: 78 Member
    Sassy - Border Collie Mixed Lab - She is my current dog
    Max - Siberian Husky - Dog
    Casper - Rottweiler Mix Hound - He passed away in the year 2012
    Jasper - ? - Cat
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    GTX 1080 8 GB
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    CiarassimsCiarassims Posts: 3,547 Member
    I'm tempted to make a gorgeous looking fluffy cat and name her snowy as her fur will be white like the snow and a goofy silly cat named Berty for some reason :D:joy: I don't actually know what my pets will be called when I make them all though as I'm always changing my mind lol.
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    comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 9,585 Member
    Commodore fluffy boots
    more for sim kids and more drama please
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    DannydanboDannydanbo Posts: 18,057 Member
    A new gay couple will move into BB across the street from Brent and Brant. They will own three Labs named after their favorite movie stars. Brent and Brant may not like there being another gay couple in BB.

    Black Labrador = Jett (James Dean from Giant)
    Yellow Labrador = Rowdy (Clint Eastwood from Rawhide)
    Chocolate Labrador = Brick (Paul Newman from Cat On A Hot Tin Roof)
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    InvisibleaesInvisibleaes Posts: 1,526 Member
    I plan to A make a list of names from here and B use the randomize button lol I love that button so much!!
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    CoteDAzurCoteDAzur Posts: 610 Member
    <-- Louis over here in my icon is overdue some cats in his apartment to catch the mice, can't wait!
    I've got a sailors tongue, swear words are my jam, but getting swear words converted to plum is even more enjoyable.. One of those cats is gonna be Plum, (or Plumb just for the sake of Sims).. Not sure on cat number two yet, but I've still got some days to brainstorm!

    Yup, Louis is having 2 cats. Plumb being the first, she's gonna but a bit of a chunky cat I think, so she looks extra cute lounging around the house. Not sure on her breed yet, and I plan for her to be older and wiser than cat number 2 so they won't be moving in at the same time. Genie, I'm thinking a little black cat (don't think Plumb will be catching any mice so it's all her job), again, the breed will wait until release, another lady-cat of course!

    Then I 'gotta get around to spreading the pet love around all the worlds. Can't neglect the other households now can I, at least not all of them!
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    FurSimsOfficialFurSimsOfficial Posts: 2,362 Member
    edited November 2017
    Hm Not sure what names i will use.. I also gotta see which dog i am going to adopt. Probably i will take a big, long curly haired dog to play and run around with the 3 kids i have. It needs a goofy, slobby name.
    here some names of pets i had/have



    Leia for my dog
    Sergo for rescued dog
    Pasha for my cat who passed away a year ago
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    KateyKatey Posts: 1 New Member
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    Ravager619Ravager619 Posts: 3,738 Member
    <---- Dex-Starr from DC Comics. I named him Dexter, his name before he became a Red Lantern.
    "That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero." - Stan Lee
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    gothprincess4evergothprincess4ever Posts: 2,130 Member
    Some dogs with which I've recently been playing: Milo, Jude, Antler, Carlo, Fiona, Ella, Nala, Star, Luna, Sara.
    And some cats: Missy, Bella, Ento, Louis, Mira.
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    mustenimusteni Posts: 5,415 Member
    This far I have an adopted cat named Jerry and dogs I gave finnish names: Keksi (means cookie), Kakku (cake) and Tuuri (luck).
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    WoolenhatWoolenhat Posts: 255 Member
    edited December 2017
    Loki,Waffles,Rover and Neeko :smiley:
    Edit:looking thr9ugh this thread I am seeing a LOT of cool it wrong for me to name new sims some of these? :#:#:D
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    mintycupcakemintycupcake Posts: 13,212 Member
    edited December 2017
    Naming pets that are born can be tricky, since it doesn't say if it's a boy or a girl. I had puppies named Zipper, Cheese, Popcorn, and... I forget the other :# (I was trying to make my Sim a dog breeder as her livelihood, but she got depressed every time she sold he puppies, so I've abandoned that save). I don't change adopted pets names (I don't in real life either), and I've only made a handful of pets. I've made dogs named Freckles, Music, Cloud, Chestnut, Bear, and Clover. And two cats named Ash and Miga.

    ETA: @Woolenhat Waffles! That was the other puppy's name! I had a puppy named Waffles, same as you. :)
    🌻I'm not a cat.🌻
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    theyellowshoetheyellowshoe Posts: 288 Member

    I now have the pets in my game. I made Ben (hubby's service dog) for my hubby's sim, made a Siamese for myself named Ming after a cat my mom had when I was little. Since I'm allergic to cats in real life I wanted a cat for my simself. Also Ben is a blond German Shepherd with a pale colored nose & golden eyes, he is a beauty.

    Yes I'm a Brony!
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    Orchid13Orchid13 Posts: 8,823 Member
    Naevia - brown lab
    Panda - pug
    Tito - Chihuahua
    Dallas - Australian Shepherd
    Peggy - Shih tzu
    Rex - Golden Retriever
    Daisy - Cat

    Hmmm ... I have so many ... I just forgot lol
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    Destin2016Destin2016 Posts: 568 Member
    Pudge-after my favorite baseball player & the world’s greatest catcher
    Barney-after Barney Fife
    Chewie-after Chewbacca
    You like me because I'm a scoundrel. There aren't enough scoundrels in your life.
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    paradiseplanetparadiseplanet Posts: 4,421 Member
    I made a Savannah cat for the Delgatos when their first cat died, and I named her Queen Sheba. :)
    Origin ID: paradiseplanet27
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    TravisBlackfoxTravisBlackfox Posts: 553 Member
    I have Sombra the black fox, Checkers the tuxedo kitten, Pickles the tri colored kitten, Willow the cat, and Ramses the Basenji.
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