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  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 6,974 Member
    Caroline and Bert had been dating for years, Jared never liked the idea of their mom dating their high school principal but he seemed to make her happy so he suffered in silence. Caroline and Bert had gone away for two weeks on vacation to the beach, on a Saturday afternoon they finally returned, the kids were glad to see their mom again.


    Caroline told the boys she had some news...


    She proceeded to tell them the tale of Bert proposing marriage on the beach...




    Caroline gleefully accepted..


    Caroline was happy, more thoughly happy then she had been in her life since before Paulo's birth. It did hit her for a brief second that after she and Bert were married she would be the sister in law of her first love..Nick. Caroline decided to not think about that now, she was going to live for the happiness she felt at this very moment.


    The boys were happy to hear their mom's news, even Jared put on a happy face.


    Paulo secretly though it was funny that his new step father to be would also his uncle (Nick Alto is Paulo's father).


    *Jared AND Connor*

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    Misunderstood Part 37: (re-number!!)


    2 days before the teens aged up...

    Jamie had noticed Belle at school, he thought she was one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen, and now that his brother Dylan was hanging out with Belle's brother Simon Jamie had an excuse to tag along and get acquainted with Belle.


    Belle was pulling away from Connor, she liked him but her feelings were stronger for Jamie, like she was meant to be with him. They went on a few informal dates, just out to eat at the diner, not terribly serious..


    They mostly just talked about school, and Connor...but Belle felt her feelings were serious enough that she should probably break up with Connor, it would be kinder than stringing him along. She would break up with him soon she vowed, and told Jamie her plans. Jamie being a very sensitive boy felt bad that Connor would most likely be hurt but agreed it was better than staying with him when Belle's feeling had changed.


    Belle having made up her mind to break up with Connor felt a weight lift off her chest and was having no problem expressing her growing feeling for Jamie...she even felt bold enough to ask him for a dance...it was closest they had gotten in public...


    Maybe they should have put the brakes on an public displays until the breakup with Connor...who know who could be watching them...seeing what they didn't want to see.


    Jared watched for a few minutes, Belle and Jamie didn't see him, they were too wrapped up in their own world, good thing because Jared was mad...no one cheats on his baby brother!



    He didn't quite know what to do with what he saw, he played it over in his head and decided to keep it to himself for a bit..but he was infact very peeved. He had watched for only a few minutes but could see that Belle was deeply engrossed in Jamie in way more than a friendly way.


    The next day Jamie met Belle at the library...


    Jamie had no problem expressing his feelings to Belle...


    Connor and Jared had also decided to visit the library that afternoon, Connor was shocked at the eyeful of Belle hugging some fairy he got when he went to the second floor to get a Biology book he needed for a report he was writing.


    He was frozen in place dumbfounded...he couldn't move.


    Finally his brain re-engaged and he silently put his book back and slunk down the stairs...


    He bumped into Jared at the bottom of the stairs...Jared noticed Connor looked distressed.


    "Connor what's wrong?"

    "I really don't want to talk about it, can we just go home please..." Connor quietly begged.


    The two walked home in silence...Jared knew Connor would open up when he felt like talking, he knew better than to bug it out of him.



    The next day, the day everyone aged up...

    Connor tried to plaster a smile on his face and put what he saw with Belle and that other dude out of his mind..it was only a hug for goodness sakes, he had no proof it was anything else. He found himself ignoring her throughout the night, it confused Belle, had Connor saw her and Jamie together she wondered feeling suddenly guilty.


    She figured she better leave quickly to gather her thoughts, she couldn't break up with Connor on his Birthday, that would be truely heartless.


    "Belle wait!!" Connor called after her..he knew he shouldn't jum to conclusions and felt bad about ignoring Belle for most of the night, he scooped her up into a big bear hug..


    and an ever bigger kiss...


    Something felt off, he knew there and then Belle was most likely involved with library boy. he felt a sob welling up but shoved it back down, he couldn't deal with this tonight...

    "Can you come over tomorrow, we have some things to talk about.."

    "Yes, I'll come over, I agree we need to talk."



    *Jared AND Connor*

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    Decided to mess around with Sharon (Female Plant Sim from Uni) for the last few days. I had started a save with Sharon and Shea (Male Plant Sim from Uni) and had two forbidden fruit seeds planted (their babies) and my game plum out (this was a few years back) wanted to give it another shot... ;)

    Sharon...and her "mate" Darian.


    No freaking hearts...GRRRRR! :s (I NEED hearts!) okay so I decided she would reluctantly mate with him then. My fault, I forgot to check traits before I set them up, they finally gave in and started liking each other after a few hours.


    I got two seeds out of them right off..


    I had winter turned on so turned that off and cranked up summer so I could plant the seeds. in the mean time I built a greenhouse thinking I could plant the seeds in there, nope filled with snow, so I put in a wood stove...


    So while Sharon and Darian were at the library reading about gardening (she needed to be a level 7 to plant the seeds) their greenhouse burst into flames...I just shrugged and let it burn. their neighbors were going nuts however... :lol:


    It eventually burnt itself out.


    The witch and her brother were at the library too... Bo got long distance hearts for Sharon, that would have grossed me out (seeing as though he is my male SS version) so the brakes were put on that.. :flushed: .


    Then My Matty walked in....no hearts but big whoop, he would be daddy number two.


    It took a LOT of coaxing as Matt was not into Sharon in the least. Stupid males!! He's obviously thinking he's going to need to be pretty plastered to get with the green chick.


    Connor got hearts for her... :lol: (I missed the picture but he did get them).


    Come on you two LIKE each other dang it!! they were up to best friends and he accepted flower kisses but rejected all other attempts at heat of the moment kiss...5 separate tries (not in a row)!!



    He'd get all doe eyed and flirty...



    "Buzz off green girl!!" (rejected flowers that time)


    Accepted flower kiss:


    Finally a nice kiss...then we were off to the races..


    Saw these four just staying around the same place in the middle of the road all strays, normally I leave strays be but all 4 had fleas!! They were immediately added to the household..


    Poor puppies and kitty, coated with fleas!


    They all got baths and are flea free and spoiled members of the family. I decided to leave them as is looks wise.


    Darian loved them all being an animal lover..


    Matt was invited over to "fulfill his destiny" :wink:


    They got right down to business...






    2 of Matt's seeds and 2 of Darian's were planted and a few days later they were ready for harvesting.


    I had no idea that the person harvesting them is what they would look like @Mikezumi told me when were were discussing plant Sims after I had Sharon harvest all the kids. I would have had the dads do the harvesting of at least one of their seeds, the girls were both carbon copies of Sharon, but would have liked some variety as the boys were both duplicates too.


    Wound up with two girls from Matt and two boys from Darian...


    Aged them right up named them and gave them minor tweaks so they would look different, no idea why I did all this as I'm deleting the house next time I play.

    Alicia, Matt's daughter:


    Bree, Matt's daughter:


    Calvin, Darian's son:


    Dane, Darian's son:


    Cute little buggers!



    Bree and Alicia:


    All got IF's!! :smiley:



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    *Jared AND Connor*

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    WIP Misunderstood...

    Belle decided it was better to get this out on the table tonight, it may be Connor's Birthday but she needed to finish this. she dragged Connor back up to his room..no sense beating around the bush so she spit out..

    "I'm really sorry Connor but I have to break up with you, there's someone else..."


    Connor was a bit taken aback he hadn't expected such a sudden break.."It's that kid I saw you with in the library isn't it?"


    "Oh God, you saw us??" she started sniffling, feeling bad for hurting Connor so much.


    "I never meant to hurt you Connor, you're such a sweet guy..." she was sobbing now.


    "I'm really sorry Connor..."


    Connor's heart was breaking but he decided to take the high road and let Belle go, it made no sense to him to try and win her back when she really wanted to be with that other guy.

    Jared was passing by Connor's door and thought he heard crying so he listened to the door for a minute then barged in when he heard Belle...



    "Yes, Jared...What?"

    "I saw you with that other guy! You were dancing together in the Diner the other day..."


    "So NOT Cool Belle!! I hope Connor dumped your cheating butt..."


    Connor didn't expect the spur of the moment hug Jared pulled him into...but loved that his brother had his back.


    Belle was feeling a bit uncomfortable, her brothers were not huggers (being vampires) so she decided to take her leave without a goodbye....

    Connor just watched her go, 'Well that's that...' he mumbled to himself. he was feeling remarkably numb about the whole situation.


    *Jared AND Connor*

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