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    In the end there is Love Part 14:

    'Jasper shut the door...hurry!!!!!' was all Rowan could think, luckily Jasper shut the door very quietly and just as Rosie was fully in the room. Rowan felt like he was going to pass out, that was too close for comfort.


    As Rosie walked in Rowan's room, she noticed he was breathing heavy..."what's your problem?" she asked. Thinking fast Rowan answered, "Bad dream." she seemed to accept that explanation.


    "Rosie do you think I could have some different food, cookie and apples are making my stomach hurt."


    "You'll take what I give you Rowan, you're lucky I feed you at all."


    Rowan got brave and asked yet again..."Rosie what did I do to make you hate me so much...we are supposed to be friends!"

    Rosie calmed down and just said "You're not the same Rowan, it's like I loved you and we were best friends one day then all of a sudden, I didn't even know you, and I hated you for changed so much, I really can't explain it...I want my friend back" back Rosie sighed..

    Rowan wished he understood what she was talking about, though he did feel that somehow he did understand at least a little of what she was saying.

    "Can we be friends, please?" he asked shyly...


    "I'll think about it..." she answered as she walked out the door, closing it quietly behind her, Rowan heard the key locking the door behind Rosie. Rowan was hoping for a yes, he felt rejected once again.



    He then remembered Jasper was hiding in the bathroom. "You can come out Jasper, she's gone.."


    "Why do you look so sad Rowan?"


    "Just the same stuff over and over Jasper...she will always hate me, we were supposed to be friends forever, but she hates me for something I can't even remember!"

    " were supposed to be friends forever? How long have you known Rosie?"


    Rowan considered his question carefully, Rosie would surely crush him if he told anyone about being her IF he decided to keep this piece of information from Jasper, for the time being, and answered "since we were very small"

    "You told me before you’ve been up here for years, how many years?" Jasper asked..


    "Since Rosie turned ten"


    "That's two years....two years too long!"

    "Rowan can I ask you something?"


    "Sure Jasper...what is it?"


    "Where are your parents?"



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    In the end there is Love Part 15:

    12 years ago....

    Alice Green met her future boyfriend bad boy Trevor Black at a tiny eatery in a greasy spoon in the plum ant town of Sunset Valley, they fell instantly in "like" and decided to move in together a few weeks later as both were between jobs and a roommate would provide extra money for the house Alice was renting. Trevor promised to look for a job but was in not hurry it seemed. Alice rapidly found another job at the library, Trevor however spent most of his days playing video games and sluffing off...


    Trevor and Alice did get along pretty well, she was not his princess, and he was not her knight in shining armor but they did like each other enough to occasionally toss around the "L" word..


    mostly whispered by Trevor when it had been a few days since he had last "got a piece"...he knew the "L" word turned most chicks into putty in his hands...he counted on it and his bad boy looks, the chicks couldn't help themselves.


    Alice was just as easy as most of his past girlfriends, none of whom he would have ever moved in with, so he figured Alice meant something special...he guessed...whatever, as long as his needs are met he was fine, and Alice was pretty cute, he had a soft spot for blondes..



    The one thing Alice and Trevor had in common was drinking, both loved getting silly drunk, Alice stated drinking when she was 14 to drown out her parents endless fighting, she would go out with her friends after school and get totally plastered. She would go home, rush up to her room and sleep it off. Trevor started drinking after High School, no reason really he just discover a taste for it and liked the feeling of the rush of "I don't care" it gave him.



    So what do you get in a house with two borderline alcoholics with a money problem (since Trevor decided letting Alice support him was a fine way to live)...yes, you get fights...loads of fights.




    In between the drinking/fighting and making up they managed to get pregnant...Alice was thrilled, Trevor was most decidedly Not!

    "Trev, I have some great news..." Alice was so excited to share her news she was bursting!


    "What...did we win the lottery because we sure could use some booze money...and the bills are piling up too I noticed.."

    Alice ignored his comments and blurted..."We're pregnant!!"


    "Are you Kidding Alice!?! We don't have any money to have a bloody kid!!"


    he then added something that made Alice's heart sink..."Get rid of it!"


    "Trev, calm down, it won't be that's just a tiny little baby."


    "A tiny little baby that will grow and need a lot, we can't afford it...get rid of it!"


    "I can't get rid of it...I Won't get rid of it!!" Alice yelled..

    "Scr'ew you then...." he yelled right back and hopped on his bike and took off.


    Alice started getting very upset...and when she got upset she always did the same thing...called up Trevor's best friend Artie..

    "He's being an a*ss again, please come over..." she gave him the shorthand of what this fight was about, Artie was stunned but said he would be right over..


    Alice smiled, she knew Artie would be right over, he could never resist her.


    The tears then started flowing...she was a mess, her life was a mess.


    While Alice was waiting for Artie she knew Trevor would be back in less than 15 minutes, she counted on it. Trevor could get fuming mad at her but could never stay mad for longer than 15 minutes tops. Trevor never apologised though unless Artie was in the room, Artie was basically the glue that kept them in disfunctional bliss.


    Trevor sat down next to Alice silently but heard the doorbell ring a few seconds later..."You could go get that ya know.." he thumbed towards the door.


    Artie started right in as Alice knew he would..."The he*ll dude!?! What are you doing telling Alice to get rid of the baby for??"


    "Artie, how the hec*k are we going to afford a baby?? Is magic money just going to rain down from the heavens?"


    "Why don't you hmmm I don't know...Get A Job...dumba*ss!!"


    "FINE!" was all he said, then walked over to Alice mumbled, "sorry...I'll start looking for a job tomorrow."


    Trevor scooped up Alice in a heated kiss...Artie was used to this behavior, Trevor was a creature of habit, he knew the fighting would start up again soon enough. He really only put up with being the mediator because of his friendship with Trevor.

    Among other reasons...


    Part 2 will be up soon....
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    whoops my bad sorry.
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    @Charlottesmom Wow! Trevor is a plum for sure! poor Alice, all excited for the baby and he has to go raining on her happiness.I'm glad she has Artie around, but the poor girl doesn't deserve that! I think I'd break down crying to.

    @Springfairy556 , :D Hey!! This is my secret hiding place....this update wasn't even done yet... ;)
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    Oops, sorry. :/ Thought this was your thread my bad.
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    In the end there is Love Part 15 part 2:

    Trevor and Artie as per their habits decided on a few drinks at the bar, they went almost every night. Alice declined, she wasn't feeling to hot and wanted to lay down.

    "I'll catch up with you in a few bro...gotta hit the head" Trevor yelled as he headed to the bathroom.

    "Can I talk to you for a second?" Artie asked as he lead her over to the side of the house so no one would see what he was about to do...he was taking a huge chance but he had been in love with Alice ever since he first met her when Trevor introduced the two. He only had minutes so had to spit is out...


    "Alice I know you love Trevor...."

    "Like..." she corrected....

    "Like...wait what?" he looked confused..

    "I'm not sure I love Trevor....I'm pretty sure I love someone else", she said as she gently held Artie's hands...

    "Oh....." was all he could say, this was going way better than he had ever dared to hope.


    "Alice...I've always loved you...."


    "I love you too Artie, so much.." she breathed as she pulled him in for a kiss..


    Someone else had witness their declarations of love and felt like he was going to be sick.



    Trevor decided shoving this new development down deep was the way to handle it, he tried to supress his growing rage towards Artie, secretly wishing he would drive off a cliff or something.

    He handled it best when he was blind stinking drunk...



    The next night Alice went into labor...scared and totally by herself.


    It was so painful she couldn't even go to the living room to grab her phone and call Trevor..who had already headed to the bar.


    Little Rosalie (Rosie) Winnifred Green was born at 11:45 that Friday night.



    "A girl....couldn't even give me a son...worthless!" was the way Trevor decided to welcome his daughter into the world.


    "Nice one Trevor...say Hi to your daughter, Rosie..."


    After two weeks of bills bills bills....



    Alice decided to take matters in her own hands and get her bum of a boyfriend a job...


    Newborns are very expensive as Trevor predicted. Alice will need to go back to work in a few weeks, her friend Darci will be babysitting but she won't work for free.

    "What are you reading?" Trevor quizzed..

    "The newspaper genius....I'm finding you a job."

    "I can find my own job thank you very much.." Trevor scowled.

    "Well then here....feel free..."


    "Find one fast we need money for Darci when she starts babysitting Rosie."

    "Why don't I stay home with her and save us the money..."


    "Would you be comfortable doing that, I know you hate it when she cries and I've only seen you pick her up twice since she was born!"


    "I can take care of my own da'mn daughter Alice!!"


    "Stop swearing!! I'm so sick of your mouth, you can't get through one sentence without swearing!"


    "Don't treat me like a child Alice!"


    "Stop acting like one!!"


    "I need a drink..."


    "Great you big id'iot you woke her up!"


    "Well Trevor go get want to stay home with her you have to learn how to take care of her.."

    "See Alice, this isn't so hard....simple even, she shut right up."


    Trevor went over to the couch to watch TV with Rosie while Alice went out to do some grocery shopping, she made sure he knew where the bottles and diapers were.

    "Babies are so boring.." he muttered to himself.


    After he fed Rosie she spit up all over his shirt, disgusted Trevor plopped her back in her crib, took a shower and changed clothes...


    Trevor then proceeded to get was turning into an almost daily experience.



    He fell asleep on the couch after a couple hours..


    Meanwhile....Artie met Alice in the driveway as she was unloading groceries..

    "I want you to leave Trevor and be with me..." Artie practically begged.


    "Have you forgotten about your wife and 5 kids Artie? I'd love to be with you and I do love you but you can't leave your family, I know that now, family is the most important thing.."


    "My wife and kids didn't stop you from kissing me and telling me you loved me before..."


    "That was before, I need to give this family thing a try for Rosie, she needs a proper family...besides you're not doing any better than me and Trevor money wise and you have 5 kids to feed! This is killing me Artie but we can't keep this up.."


    "So what are you saying Alice?"

    "I'm saying we need to put the brakes on needs to end."


    Artie was heartbroken but deep down he knew this was for the best. He su'cked it up and gave Alice a final hug, they could be friends but nothing more.


    This is getting super long, chopping it up again....

    Part 3 will be up shortly...
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    Oops, sorry. :/ Thought this was your thread my bad.

    @Springfairy556 , Just kidding with can get a preview of my new chapters while I work on them if you want...i post here while working on things I may not finish in one day. :smiley:
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    Good idea having a spare thread! May have to do that myself.
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    In the end there is Love Part 15 part 3: (sorry for a three parter, it was getting really long!)

    Alice came home to a snoring drooling boyfriend and a screaming daughter...


    'Yeah...this will work out...'she thought sarcastically to herself.

    "Poor hungry sweetie..." Alice sang quietly to her daughter...


    "Night night sweet heart, see you in the morning, I love you forever" Alice kissed her daughter and set her to sleep in her crib for the night.


    Alice heard someone in the kitchen..."A, I'm making supper before I head out.."


    "Thanks Trev, I'm going to take a quick nap..." she knew Trevor was headed to the bar and would most likely be out for hours, she would grab a quick nap then she had a video she had been planning on watching, a nice quiet night in was just what the doctor ordered.



    Alice woke up a few hours later, popped a hot dog back in the microwave to heat it up and enjoyed her meal...


    until she felt the hot dog get lodged in her throat, she tried to breathe but found the piece lodged even furthere in her throat...she was gasping and panicking...she felt herself getting dizzy...


    her vision was getting darker....her head was spinning...eveything was buzzing..


    she tried to get up and find her phone to call 911...she passed out on the floor, he last thought was of Rosie...


    Trevor got home a few minutes later, he panicked....he tried to revive her but it was too late. Alice died that night, her daughter was less than a month old.



    Trevor called Artie and told him what happened, Artie rushed over..


    Trevor took this very moment to confront Artie about the kiss he had witnessed...Artie couldn't deny he let Trevor scream..he understood the pain, Artie was in pain too. Both were in so much pain screaming felt like the best course of action.



    Artie left shortly thereafter with Trevor screaming he never wanted to see him again.


    Rosie woke up when all the screaming was going on...



    Two and a half years later...Trevor was NOT a good father, he ignored Rosie, he drank, he slept around, and brought women home with him, he drank and drank some more. He did side carpentry work to afford rent and booze and a cheap baby sitter.



    Trevor slept a lot...


    He ignored, laundry...the house was filthy, he talked to no one...Artie did try to text him once in a while, and stopped in a few times a week to make sure Trevor was okay, even though he and Trevor didn't talk anymore.


    Rose was kept in her crib most of the time, she was learning that crying didn't help, she had to wait for meager meals, she grew to know hunger...she had a constant diaper rash because Trevor never taught her how to use the potty seat. He also barely ever talked to her, so he speech was very limited.


    She sure knew how to scream, he father hated her for that high pitched was not crying it was screaming, it was the only way she knew how to communicate with her father.


    "I hate you you little brat!!" he screamed back at her.



    All the screaming was driving him crazy, he needed a drink and he needed it now, he took Rosie out of her crib and plopped her on the floor.


    He picked through the dirty clothes and put a dirty t shirt on the child, gave her a bottle and changed her diaper.


    Rosie played quietly with her only friend in the world...Edward..."Edwaa"


    "Edwaaaaaaa ed waaaaaaa" she sang to him, Rosie loved him more than anything in her life....her miserable life.

    Trevor had been drinking for hours...he was about to pass out, he felt so dizzy...


    "Oh hurts...!!" Trevor was in serious pain...


    It seems God wasn't listening to him at that very moment because he felt his heart clench, pain ripping through his chest...


    He passed out from the sheer pain..and never woke up.


    Trevor died of a massive heart attack...right in front of his daughter.


    Rosie was alone in that house for two days, no mother no father, no one...only Edward.



    she was hungry and managed to find a plate of pancakes on the floor, that her dad knocked to the floor in his pain.


    Artie was walking past and heard Rosie screaming, it was a common noise but this scream sounded despirate...he knocked and found no answer..


    He figured Trevor was passed out drunk...he listened more Rosie was not calming. He kicked in the door.

    The house stunk and he found a headstone, he knew then and there that Trevor was gone. He hugged Rosie like she had never been hugged before, she hated it and squirmed, she was not used to being touched...


    and started screaming.


    Artie would have loved to keep Rosie with his family but since his wife was preganant with baby number 6 it was impossible. He knew just could help this poor child...his friend Julia. He rushed over to her house with Rosie protesting the whole trip.....



    .................................................. :(
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    Chopping this whole storyline out of Misunderstood....

    Misunderstood Part 31:

    Flashback: One year before Richie met Claire

    Richie Striker was from a poor family, not dirt poor but with only a single mom as a parent not rich enough to go to college which was the one thing Richie dreamed of doing every day of his 25 years. He took his athletic career very seriously but getting a few credits under his bealt would help with an upcoming promotion. Richie had saved every spare penny since he was 16 and now had $10,000 simoleons saved up, enough for one year at the closest University.

    He told his younger brother Rafael about his plan and Rafael surprised Richie by telling him he decided to join him (the new motorcycle he had his eye on would have to wait). This announcement didn't surprise Richie, Rafael had always been very impulsive..

    So off to one year of University they went...


    Chelsea White was a student returning for her second year at University, she always felt like the odd duck out being a bit older than the 18 and 19 year olds who represented most of the freshman student body. She was 25 but didn't look her age as her mom always reminded her when she got down about going to Uni with a "bunch of kids".


    Richie had had the "keep your grubs off the teenagers" talk with his brother the night before, Rafael was a bit of a player, just trying to see how many "babes he could bag" a phrase he used frequently around his all too virginal older brother.

    True to from Rafael was already flirting with a redhead not 5 steps in the front door!


    Richie took a look at Rafael's source of amusement and saw that she was rather nice looking. But turned away as he knew Rafael would have her bedded down before the end of the night, the ladies just seemed to throw themselves at him. Richie almost hoped the redhed would reject him, he felt she was something special, she had an air about her.

    She crossed him in the hallway without a glance and went up to her room.


    Richie went up to his and Rafael's assigned room and got to unpacking, he fell asleep on the bed shortly thereafter..


    Richie and Rafael decided to go to the welcome party going on in the student building to meet some of their fellow students. Richie spotted the redhead, and decided to try to gather his courage to talk to her, Richie was painfully shy around girls, an issues he really wanted to tackle.


    He was walking over to the redhead and Rafael leaped right in front of him and started talking to her. Richie let out a huge sigh and figured he would never get a word in edgewise, Rafael really knew how to talk!


    Richie stood there silently listening to Rafael's captivating story of how he was going to get a new motorcycle and tour around Twinbrook in a year.


    The redhead look like she was enjoying the first..then she started to look bored. This struck Richie, no girl ever though Rafael was boring!


    Chelsea excused herself and wandered off...all the while thinking 'dumb as a brick' about Rafael, the other guy that was with him was cute though she thought to herself.


    Richie challenged his brother to a rousing game of ping pong, Rafael gladly accepted.


    Chelsea watched them from the top of the stairs...wondering who the cute guy was, she would find out.


    On the way to the dorm Chelsea ran into Derek, he was one of her only friends from last year, they had frequently called each other over the summer.

    "Hey Chels, how are you doing?"

    "Pretty good Derek how was you summer.."

    "Knock it off Chels, you know what I are you doing?"


    "Good days and bad days.." she answered quietly.

    Derek looked like he was going to cry and excused himself...


    Chelsea sighed and walked into the dorm, she noticed a flyer for a party being held that night and decided to go what could it hurt. She put on her best party dress and headed out. she spotted the cute guy and decided to be brave, she really wanted to meet him.


    She sat right down next to him but stayed silent, waiting for him to make the first move..


    They both looked at each other at the same time, Chelsea giggled under her breath.


    The ice was broken and the conversation flowed, his name was Richie he was 25 and into athletics..


    They were really getting to know each other and enjoying each others company...


    Until Rafael decided to plop his butt right between them!


    He started right in talking to Chelsea again, Richie clamped up, he really did let his brother run over him when it came to girls.


    Chelsea got bored of his chattering about his motorcycle was that the only thing this guy ever talked about she wondered to herself..


    She excused herself and went downstairs she hoped Richie would follw her.


    Richie needed to man up and tell his brother that he really wanted to get to know Chelsea and to back off.

    "Rafael I really like Chelsea and would appreciate it if you would back off..."


    "Fine big brother, my first day of college day gift to you is name by the way, bet she's a nym*pho!"


    "Please just don't..." Richie pleaded.

    "Fine, I'll be go get her!" Rafael gave his big brother a reassuring hug.


    Richie bravely went down the stairs to chat with Chelsea his heart thudding in his chest, he was such a baby being so nervous at the prospect of talking to a pretty girl.



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    Misunderstood Part 33:

    Flashback: Freshman year of Uni:

    Truth be told Derek and Chelsea were much more than good friends..much more.

    They met the first day of school, being in the same dorm they couldn't exactly avoid each other..


    Chelsea thought she had found a nice quiet corner by the TV to do some reading but Derek who had spotted her around the dorm was smitten, she was a very nice looking girl and he really wanted to talk to her. Derek hated to inturrupt so he just sat and tried to not be too creepy.


    Chelsea could feel eyes on her so she finally put her book down and said rather loudly "What!"


    Derek chuckled and noticed a smile from Chelsea meaning she wasn't mad at him..she was actually the first to start chatting, Derek looked harmless, she actually though he was extremely handsome sort of bad boy but good bad boy looking.


    They were getting along very well...Chelsea knew he was going to be a great friend and found herself very comfortable around him.


    She actually felt so comfortable she scooted over to the couch he was sitting on and asked if he wanted to go look at the campus with her tomorrow.


    Derek gladly accepted and so began endless hours they would spend together joined at the hip.


    They spent hours at the pool having a blast and mellowing out after classes..


    Chelsea was working on her diving...she wasn't half bad.



    Swimming is tiring!


    Months went by, they were almost at the end of the school year and would soon be heading home for the summer...Derek had recently started thinking of Chelsea as a bit more than a friend, it stated suddenly after one very vivid dream he had. Derek had never though of Chelsea in a romantic fashion until that dream, now he couldn't get it out of his brain...the idea of Chelsea as a girlfriend.


    "Chels wanna go to a party with me tonight?"


    "Sure Derek, that actually sounds like a great idea, I've been stressing over finals and a night of having fun and getting snockered might help a lot!"


    Chelsea was all about getting a bit tipsy and forgetting about finals if even for a few hours.



    Derek matched her drink for drink, soon both were giggling like school girls over anything and everything..and they just kept drinking.




    Derek crashed on the couch feeling tired all of a sudden..


    he was just about to lay down when Chelsea sat down next to him..leaning right up next to him. 'this is new' Derek thought to himself, Chelsea wasn't known for being a cuddler so the move took Derek by surprise....a very nice surprise.


    "Are you okay Chels.." Derek asked...


    Chelsea answered by looking right into his eyes and leaning forward, Derek took this as a good sign and closed the gap..his mind suddenly no longer in a drunken fuzz, he was suddenly very very sober.


    Derek had had plenty of girlfriends in his 19 years but this kiss with his best friend was the best he had ever felt, his whole heart was into it, he poured out every emotion he felt for Chelsea into that kiss.


    His entire body was buzzing with an electric like charge, every nerve ending was on fire. When their lips finally parted all he could think was 'God that was good!' Chelsea noticed Derek had the goofiest smile on his face when they parted.


    They walked hand in hand upstairs as it was getting late, they didn't even make it out the door before Chelsea grabbed Derek and caught his lips once again..


    "I love this Derek" she admitted...

    "I love it too feels right."


    Back at their dorm they made it up to Chelsea's room..neither could restrain their feeling for one more minute...


    Neither had a double bed so the shower had to do..



    The next morning they had late classes so they were going to head over to the library to study..


    Chelsea got a phone call...from her mother, she was hysterical barely able to talk..


    "Mom, just calm down and tell me what happened..."


    "Chelsea, there's been a fire...your dad was up at the cabin for a fishing weekend and was making himself breakfast, the firefighters said the stove caught fire and burnt down the kitchen and your dad was trapped, he couldn't get out Chelsea"



    "The whole house was in flames within a few minutes, the neighbor had called 911 but it was too late..."


    ...her mom sniffled and took a deep breath..."he died in the fire, Chelsea, your sweet beautiful father died...!"


    Chelsea dropped the phone...


    and lost it...Derek had no idea what was going on..


    "Chels, what happened?" he asked very concerned..


    Derek pulled her into a tight comforting hug..."Tell me what's wrong Chels..."

    "My dad is dead..." she whispered between sobs...


    "Oh God Chels...oh my God..." was all he could say he was shocked speechless...he look into Chelsea's tear streaked face and almost started crying himself..


    "Please come home with me for his funeral..."

    "Yes, anything for you Chels..."


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    emorrill wrote: »
    Hey B! :kissing_heart:

    Was this the secret thread you were telling me about? :smirk:


    @emorrill , Well it *was.*...LOL!! ;) Everyone is finding it.

    **I’m thinking I may want to do a short story with Chelsea and Derek, I really liked them together. :heart:
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    In the end there is Love Part 16:

    Artie arrived at Julia's house a few minutes later, he explained what happened to Rosie's parents and begged her to give the poor child a happy life.


    Julia promised she would try to give Rosie the best life possible, Julia came from an abusive situation so she could understand how Rosie needed a positive environment. She would need to go through all sorts of hoops to actually get to keep Rosie but she would do her best. From the first moment Julia held her she knew she would do anything for this poor little girl.


    Artie could see Rosie was in good hands and he had to get back to his wife and kids so he bid Julia a goodbye and promised to check in with her frequently.


    Rosie was filthy, she looked as though she hadn't been bathed in at least a week, she had a killer diaper rash too.


    Julia got her cleaned up and in some nice fresh jammies and put to bed in the crib she was lucky enough to find in the second hand store in town.


    Rosie had a comfortable nights sleep for the first time in a long time, she didn't cry at all it didn't hurt that Edward was there to help her feel safe.


    Rosie quickly learned to say momma but said very few other words except Edwaa...she was very delayed in most of her milestones, she was closing in on three rapidly and wasn't even close to potty trained. Julia understood that she was delayed from coming from a very disfunctional household. She accepted her daughter without complaint and worked hard to make her feel loved and accepted.


    Weeks went by, Julia and Rosie slowly got used to each other, Rosie still had a bucketload of issues but Julia was trying to ease the child into a calm, stable way of life.


    Julia's friend and boss from work had recently adopted a little boy named Jasper, due to a bunch of playdates their parents set up the kids became good friends, Ja-per was Rosie's third word.


    Connor and Julia became even better friends through their kids playdates...


    Connor had always had a thing for Julia, he kept his feeling locked up tight though.


    The kids played with their IFs....


    and even traded them for a bit,


    Rosie liked Rowan (Jasper's IF), but nowhere near as much as she adored her Edward...


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    A new update! :smiley:

    I must say Julia is a great person to have taken in Rosie as a toddler and with all her past abuse. <3
    It made me sad to read about Rosie's killer diaper rash. :cry: Such neglect I just can't imagine and it really tugs at my heartstrings.

    I know this isn't the usual place you want comments on the story, but I had to say something. ;)

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    @emorrill , Hi Em! :smiley:

    Anything you find here current story wise will be unfinished unless I already posted in your big thread and/or in the stories section. ^^^ That update is only half done at the moment... i just need a place to work on things and hash out ideas. You can peek but the offical update may be a little or a lot different. ;)
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    Misunderstood Part 36 (remember to re-number!)

    Jared breathed a sigh of relief to find out that he and Jamie were not half siblings, he couldn't find it in himself to stay away from Jamie but was mildly grossed out to be so attracted to his half sister. All was right with the world now and he could kiss Jamie without any nagging guilt in the back of his mind.


    Secretly Jamie had liked the thought of doing something naughty with her half brother, she was discovering she had a bit of a bad girls streak within her.

    "I can't wait for my Birthday..I'm going to give you a great Birthday gift..." Jamie teased..


    "But it's your Birthday, shouldn't I be giving you a gift?"


    "You'll love what I have planned..." she slyly grinned at him...Jared slowly caught on, a smile spreading on his lips as understand flooded his brain.



    The Birthday party was the next night, Jamie, Connor, Belle and Thornton were all aging up and decided to have a big group party to celebrate.

    Paulo invited Pearl who had been seeing since the night of their aging up, Jared wasn't thrilled about her being invited but the two had pretty much ignored each other since their break up, so everything was civil.

    Paulo and Jared bonded over drinks earlier in the day...


    Pearl seemed to make Paulo happy so Jared kept his yap shut and let his older brother have his happiness. Paulo had never said anything bad about Jared dating Jamie so he could return the favor.


    Jamie was one of the first guests to arrive, she was a bit early and Jared was still in the shower, Connor never really liked her but tried to make small talk until Jared came downstairs..


    He asked Jamie what she was planning for after High School. Jamie was more than happy to talk about how she had been accepted into medical school and would be leaving in a few months.


    Jamie was curious as to what Connor would be doing after graduation...


    He told her he had always wanted to be a writer and was looking into a job in Journalism, he hoped to get a job nearby as he loved the area and wanted to stay close by.


    Belle, Connor's girlfriend arrived shortly thereafter...


    By then Jared had come downstairs and the party was getting going...


    The other guests arrived and Thornton was the first to age up..



    There's the handsome devil!



    Don't judge me Paulo, I had nothing to do with the seating...(not sure he approves of Jamie sitting with Thornton).


    Connor's turn!



    "I'm Batman!!" LOL!!… *sorry* :D


    Belle was next...


    Wonder what she wished for...


    Vampire Birthdays are interesting...bats fly around them (I missed the picture)..


    Connor looks a bit freaked to see his newly aged up girlfriend..


    "Getting so sick of CAKE!!"



    "NO more cake please!!" Paulo screamed...

    Jared put in his no more cake vote by almost throwing up...

    Jamie looked like she could deal with one more slice.


    Jamie was the last to age up...

    "Ready for another slice Connor??" Jamie giggled...

    "Nooooooo!!!" was his response..


    Jared is notorious for pointing and laughing during Birthdays but he clapped and behaved himself for Jamie's aging up. (Xander did the pointing and laughing).





    Jared approves! :heart:


    More cake...


    Connor and Jared ate together..


    Jamie and Thornton...


    Jared invited Jamie up to his room as all the other guests were leaving, he was eager to see if his guess about what Jamie was going to do tonight was correct.


    on the way they fed Jared's fish..




    Thornton thought he was over Jamie but seeing her with Jared was making his blood boil with jealousy...


    They had a nice brief discussion about the future, Jared was happy Jamie was happy about going away to school but he knew he would miss her deeply. They still had three months until she left, they decided to make every moment count.





    "Happy Birthday to me!" Jamie giggled..Jared silently agreed that was the best Birthday gift ever...he had a hard time keeping the grin off his face.



    Connor was suddenly very shy around Belle...



    Connor was paying more attention to Ginger than to Belle.


    Belle couldn't understand what was going on..


    She told Connor she was tired and got up to leave...Connor replied with a curt "See ya.."


    Ginger was polite and waved goodbye to Belle... :wink:



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    I hope you don't mind that I see what you put in your "Place Keeper." ;)

    If not, I can bow out. :kissing_heart:
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    Misunderstood Dec..3

    Top secret stuff! Em, don't look!!!

    Connor eating a jelly bean from the jelly bean bush after the aging up party..


    Jamie wandered over and joined him..Connor tried to catch her head on fire though..


    "Connor!! Help me!!" she screamed helplessly...


    "That was really scary...." she cowered..


    "Here, I'll fix you up..." with that he grabbed Jamie and pulled her into a passionalte kiss, Jamie's heart pounded...'it never feels this good when Jared kisses me' was the only thought going through her mind..


    "That was freaking awesome!" Connor breathed..poor boy could barely catch his breath and his heart was pounding out of his chest...that was the single best kiss of his entire life, Belle never kissed him like that, with that much passion before.


    "Connor what are you doing kissing the stuffing out of Jamie like's not cool at ALL!" she screamed..


    Belle knew just how to get Connor back...hit on Jared!


    Jared was putty in her hands...such an easy boy to capture in her web...



    Jared liked the kiss he had to admit but Belle was no Jamie...Jamie was the love of his life, he only wanted her..he decided to fight Connor for her, he knew he could kick Connor's scrawny a*ss and win back his lady..

    Connor and Jamie had other plans though...


    Oh MY!!! :smirk:


    While Connor and Jamie were busy in the bathroom Paulo got into the jellybean bush and not only turned himself blue but also set the house on fire!


    Jamie was caught in the bathroom!!



    Jared could hear her screams but couldn't get to the door to rescue her!


    Finally one of the firefighters forced his way in and tried to rescue Jamie...


    It looks like Jamie will be safe....the firefighter tried to put her out.


    Unfortunately it was too late...Jamie perished.


    Jared was totally distraught, he forced his way out of the bathroom and let out a heart breaking wail..."WHY Why did this have to happen to the only girl I've ever loved?!?" he yelled out, his heart cracking in two.


    Paulo and Connor were pretty broken up too..


    Paulo tried to gain some comfort from Connor...a bit too much in Connor's opinion...


    "Just don't touch me right now've always been too handsy for my taste"...


    So he tried to grab Belle...who was having none of it, she was broken up with grief over Jamie's demise..


    Connor comforted Jared, he never had a problem with hugging his older brother...just with his oldest brother.


    "I don't feel so good..." Belle complained...


    she passed out dead a matter of seconds later..




    Paulo didn't take Belle's death very well..he had after all been messing around with her for months behind Connor's back..Belle was planning on turning Paulo into a vampire that very night so they could run away to Riverview and lead the vampires that lived there into a huge revolt...taking over the flimsy humans and ruling the city as it was meant to be.



    Caroline was so overjoyed those son swiping females were gone from her life, she planted a big one on Grimmy's cold dead "lips"...


    Bert however wasn't terribly thrilled with Caroline sticking her tongue down Grimmy's throat...and told her so!


    "I'm sorry Bert, I'm leaving you for Grimmy, I adore him, he is sooooo my type, It's love at first sight..."


    Meanwhile in the living room...


    Jared woke up with a gasp...


    "I just had the creepiest dream Connor..."


    "What was it about?"


    "Well, Jamie dumped me for you, Paulo was blue and caught the house on fire, Jamie died in the bathroom after you had se*x with her, and mom wanted to marry Grim... Oh and Belle kissed me...but I rejected her, then she died."

    Connor gave Jared a stare...."Jamie loved me, Awesome!!!"


    "Dude, Seriously that's ALL you got out of that dream?? and Jamie would never want your skinny a*ss!!"


    NOW...If any of you peekers actually think any of this actually happens you would be 100% mistaken, I had fun making all this up for @emorrill who is a big peekier mc peekerton! Hope you enjoyed it Em...

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    :joy: :joy: :joy:

    I was seconds into reading it when I started thinking, "No way!!" :p

    That was thoroughly entertaining though :lol: and was a laugh I desperately needed!

    Thanks lady. :kissing_heart:

    (I especially liked the Spoiler and Jared's smirk. :smirk: :p )

    I guess I should stay away from this thread so I don't see any Spoilers before you actually post the stories......
    I like to be surprised. :)
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