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Prologue and Escape to Moonlight Falls


In the military there is a saying "Never volunteer for anything". It's there for good reason. Commander Toshio Nakamura learned that in Basic; heck, he'd known this all his life but somehow he'd forgotten the tenets of that particular line of grunt-line thinking. Nothing good could come of volunteering, it was said by those whose a**es were first in the line of fire. And it was superior officers who generally picked the volunteers first to send them into combat. And usually that ended up with the volunteers in a body bag.

But brilliantly, CDR Tosh Nakamura actually volunteered for a weird experiment that they told him nothing about other than the fact that it would heighten his senses and make him a "better combat aviator." In fact, the pudgy little rat-faced REMF lied to his very face about the whole experiment. It was "Drink this elixir and see if it works." The little National Defense Service medal wearing worm just smiled as he handed the elixir to him. As Tosh drank the elixir down, he'd felt a painful shifting in his body and an intense desire to howl at the moon. The HQ creeps had turned him into a werewolf. When he'd growled at the REMF asking him in barely understandable Simlish "What did you do to me?" the little rat-faced REMF just said, "We needed to understand if this elixir worked. We have uses for you and your partner here..." motioning to a prone form in a cage. We needed to find the smartest candidates and the toughest candidates for this experiment, she's the smartest, you're the toughest. And this will be the future of armed combat. Supernatural beings going against other supernatural beings. We've seen the future and this is what it entails. Sacrifice. You're our guinea pig..." the white-clad scientist said with a sinister smile, "You're the future or shall we say, her offspring will be..." All that was missing from this soliloquoy was a maniacal laugh.

It was easy to see that Tosh was not happy about the situation at all. In fact, two guards armed with loaded M-16s shoved him into the cage with the prone figure (which he later verified that her form was that of a female. The words, "Her offspring will..." came back to his mind. Did they mean to have him mate with her? He sat in the corner, panting hard from the pain of transformation back to his human form and he wondered what had become of his life.

The Escape

It was in the sixth hour of captivity that the other occupant of the cage stirred and raised her head. His heart leapt into his throat.

"Meg?" he whispered as he looked over at her.

She looked dazedly over at him, "What happened?" she said hoarsely. "I was working at the research station for weapons development, when I was kidnapped two weeks ago." she murmured softly. " that How are you here?" she sounded confused. "Why am I here?"

Tosh thought feverishly, She doesn't know why she's here and they must have experimented on her while she was unconscious. "Do you know anything as to what happened with you?"

Meg shrugged,"I know that they gave me an elixir of some sort and told me to drink it, but when I did, I...felt this overwhelming rage and animalistic insanity come over me. I turned on the researchers and that's when they tazered me and I presume they threw my unconscious body in here. If they threw you in with me, they must have experimented on you too."

"You disappeared from Harm's life." Tosh stated as calmly as he could. "We didn't know where you went." he looked at Meg wondering if she realized just how much pain, he and Harm had gone through.

"I didn't have a choice. The higher ups told me that it was my career or they'd find a way to silence me." she looked at him with eyes filled with tears. "I'm sorry...I had no choice." she repeated.

"Well," Tosh said, "We've got ourselves a pickle here. We've both been experimented on, this place isn't safe. I don't know what they have planned for us, but it isn't good."

Meg replied firmly, "We have to escape."

Meticulous planning was what it entailed, but they had to be very sly about the planning stage. They first had to lull their captors into a false sense of their subjects cooperating with them. then they had to find a way to snatch the keys off the guards and make their way out of the secure facility in which they were captive.

The opportunity came about a week later after their two week planning. A guard had left his keys in the room while making his rounds entailing him to have to return and retrieve them. When he returned he found that the female was unconscious with the male sitting in a corner curled up shaking. The guard took his keys and opened the cage to see what was the matter. That slip cost the guard dearly. Tosh jumped on him and choked him unconscious, while Meg got his keys, his gun and his radio. They slipped out of the room and down the hallway. They were lucky that there was a shift change going on, with the guards briefing the replacements and there was no one in the hallway. They'd managed to find a way out of the building without running into anyone, whether it was sheer dumb luck or what, they would never know. All they knew was that they had succeeded in gaining their freedom. Where they would run to, he didn't know, but Tosh had a gut feeling that the best way to find freedom was to run north. Surprisingly Meg's car was still in the parking lot and they used it to put as much distance as they could between them and the facility.

Moonlight Falls

Moonlight Falls was a quiet little community nestled in the Rocky Mountains which they found to be the nice secluded refuge that they were looking for. Everybody minded their own business and nobody poked their nose in where they weren't supposed to. Everybody liked their own privacy and that's the way they kept it. All in all, it was the perfect little place for Meg and Tosh to set down roots.
Screenshot-45.jpg Was this where they would finally find peace with what had happened to them both? They looked at each other as they stood outside of the gate of their newly purchased home that they had managed to get with the money that both Meg and Tosh had saved up with their pay over the years of not spending most of it.

In fact, Tosh had lived at the BOQ when he was assigned to the bases, and VOQs when he wasn't. He rarely spent any of his money so it was at least §3M that they had both accumulated put together.

Considering that they both had expanded lifespans now as a result of the experiments conducted on them and the fact that they were now essentially immortal unless they had something drastic happen to them such as grievous bodily injury, the only mates that they had were each other and they both realized that their lives had changed. Whether for the better only time would tell.
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    Settling In

    In the morning, Tosh and Meg wanted to come back out to the front of the lot and see their property, as it was in the daylight. After all, new homeowners tend to want to see what their property looks like and it isn't possible during the night-time to really get a good idea of what the place looks like.
    Screenshot-2.jpg "I really think we made a good acquisition with this one." Tosh commented to his partner.

    "I think it has potential." Meg replied gazing at Tosh with a gleam in her blue eyes which left Tosh wondering just what it was that she was referring to.
    Screenshot-3.jpg "I've always loved the older homes." Meg stated as she looked up at the imposing structure. Four floors of incredible was her thought as she perused the sprawling house that took up the majority of the property and she could see little gemstones and minerals that seemed to be scattered across the property, luckily behind fencing so that no-one else could partake of the gemstones without being charged with trespassing. After all, she did have a law degree.

    "As a matter of fact, I think it's quite homey." Tosh replied to Meg who looked at him with a smile on her face as she seemed to study him, "Homey...not homely." he said self-deprecatingly.

    "You're not homely..." Meg smirked at him. "You're just rough and weathered..." The flirting led to an amorous hug from Meg which perked Tosh's spirits up. They had been running for a while fearing reprisals from potential trackers from the research center. After all they had been reading in the newspapers about two were's on the loose and that humans were now scared.

    Screenshot-4.jpg The smell of Meg's perfume enveloped Tosh's senses as her arms wrapped around his neck. "I'm so glad that you're with me..." he heard Meg whisper. "It just seemed like an absolute nightmare while I was captive in their clutches."
    Screenshot-5.jpg As he gazed into Meg's eyes, something told him that he needed to take that plunge and let her know how he felt about her. He grinned as he pulled out a bouquet of "Perfect Purple" flowers and Meg accepted them taking a deep inhale of the flower's scent. Tosh grinned as he saw her eyes widen in pleasure, then he confessed how attracted he was to Meg and gave her a shy kiss which she did not reject.
    Screenshot-6.jpgScreenshot-7.jpg That translated into a much deeper kiss as the both of them succumbed to their desires and assuaged their loneliness in the arms of the other.
    Screenshot-8.jpg "Meg...I think we've seen enough of the front exterior of the house, don't you think?" Tosh commented wryly as he gazed at her. "I think we should take a look at the inside."

    Meg grinned at him in return, "Well, you aren't going to find me objectin'." she stated,

    "After you, my love..." Tosh stated grandly.

    "Why thank you." Meg replied as she walked through the now open gate and headed for the door which seemed a bit simple for the opulence of this building.
    Screenshot-9.jpg The first sight that met their eyes when they opened the door was the grand pipe organ whose tone pipes spanned two storeys of the house. In fact, it appeared as though the pipe organ would end up shaking the entire house if played. Meg's jaw nearly hit the ground and Tosh's eyes were as wide as pie-plates. As a former piano/organ student during his teens, he'd always dreamed of playing a pipe organ, but had always thought that they were completely in the possession of churches and that he would have to go ask to play them. Never had he realized that there could be a privately owned pipe organ and that he was lucky enough to be a owner of one because it had been built into the house. He couldn't wait to play it, but of course there were so many other things to do still.
    Screenshot-10.jpg Meg, being a bookworm just absolutely adored the library. She wanted nothing more than to bury her face in a book and read until she was cross-eyed with ocular fatigue. And to have such an opulent library was the cream in the cat's milk bowl.
    Screenshot-11.jpg There were two floors of basement to explore with a massive car garage and an ice rink on the second basement floor with three air conditioners to keep the place chilly enough for the ice to freeze. Of course, the exercise equipment like the universal machines and the treadmills were down there on one side of the ice rink while the martial arts equipment was on the other side. And there were couches set up like hockey rink benches so that people could get comfortable watching the players skate.
    Screenshot-16.jpgScreenshot-17.jpg Meg and Tosh decided against fancy furniture as since they had become lycanthropes after being fed an elixir, they were wont to scratch furniture and spending money on expensive furniture and then getting the desire to scratch it was not the smartest choice in the world.
    Screenshot-19.jpg Tough, unphotogenic furniture it was, but it would stand up to the likes of werewolves scratching it.
    And Tosh got his wish to play the organ and yes, it rattled the windows.
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    Preparation (Doesn't Account for ET)

    It was becoming evident that because of their new-found supernatural powers, they needed to figure out what those powers were in order to be able to defend themselves against the Trackers that were certainly coming. Meg turned to alchemy and potions and Tosh started working on his physical fitness which if it wasn't high enough before, it would certainly be by the time that he was finished. Meg thought to herself that he was one good-looking specimen of a man and werewolf.
    Screenshot-25.jpg Screenshot-21.jpg Even though when he certainly stank to high heaven, especially with her heightened olfactory senses - even in human form it was still twice as keen as a human's sense of smell, whereas when she was in were-form, it was well over a hundred times greater than that of a human.

    Tosh cut gemstones that he'd found in the yard and sent ore to be smelted which brought in a tidy amount of change.
    Screenshot-24.jpg To a computer whiz, metaphysical alchemy was something completely different and wasn't entirely based on logic. Utilizing gem dust, herbs and other organic materials to make elixirs that would potentially cause a physical change in one's body or behavior was entirely out of left-field to Meg. But she knew that they couldn't physically defend on a level that was equal to those who had guns, tanks and other lethal objects to target on them. Whereas she, if she mastered alchemy could provide a defense against attacks that the humans would perpetrate on them, if the researchers could fix on their location. But learning alchemy was slow and frustrating, causing her to lose her temper more than once and triggering her to change form.
    Screenshot-26.jpgScreenshot-27.jpg They could not afford to be weak. So each worked on their physical conditioning and made themselves stronger, even more than what the physical transformation would give them as supernatural beings. Tosh was always of the opinion that if you weren't strong in mind and body, you would lose the fight, regardless of how much supernatural powers you had. If you relied solely on your occult powers ignoring your own physical and mental abilities, others would find a weakness and exploit it, so essentially Tosh didn't want any gaps in the armor. 100% raw physical strength whether in human or were form, sound in mind and occult powers and ready to do battle - that was Tosh's stance on the matter and Meg agreed with him. Despite the fact that they hadn't bonded to one another in a formal ceremony, she was already thinking of herself as his mate (taking after the wolf-pack designation of relationships) and she would stand beside him shoulder to shoulder against all comers who meant them ill.
    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-5.jpg And they sparred in were-form in order to test each other's strength. And Meg proved that she was no slouch in the physical combat arena.
    Screenshot-4.jpg Their monetary finances were equally important and Tosh made sure that the gemstones that he cut were turned into simoleons that went into their account.
    Screenshot.jpgScreenshot-12.jpg Of course, they didn't account for...
    Screenshot-15.jpgScreenshot-16.jpg lLxCoWM.jpg ...just...lovely. Meg got abducted and got taken for a thirty minute ride.
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    Life in Moonlight Falls; Gaining Wealth

    Paying the bills was an absolute necessity and the fact that the first bill was a whopping §15,700 nearly made poor Were-Tosh's eyes pop out. But it wasn't bad considering the size of the property and the house that they were living in. Besides...who got to live in a house with a pipe-organ. Tosh was sure that all the vampires were jealous. weres thought vampires were mysterious and brooding types, y'know...the sparkling Twilight kind, y'know, like the Cullens of movie infamy - the fame-seeking supernaturals. And frankly the vampires thought that werewolves were immature furry jocks going around smelling each other and getting socked in the head for it. What was fun about the supernatural life without the risk of brain concussion? Being all broody and mysterious with an air of danger was just for emos. Might as well buy a pack of "Splat - Pitch Black" and dye your hair and your eyebrows. And Tosh and Meg had compared fangs...and they were sure that they had bigger fangs than vampires anyways.
    Screenshot-18.jpgScreenshot-70.jpg Tosh put in his daily exercise on the weight machine. Besides, how better to look more intimidating than to pack on muscle. And he had to admit that he and Meg, in werewolf form, sported some pretty impressive under-bite with their lower fangs jutting out. "Take that you sparkly pouffy vampires. We got two sets of fangs: an upper and a lower. Why what wonderfully sharp teeth you have? The better to rip out your throat with, my dear."
    Screenshot-20.jpgScreenshot-21.jpg Moonlight Falls was impressive under any circumstances. The glowing green light of the moon lent an eery feel to the night, making it a perfectly spooky atmosphere for creatures of the night to cultivate and pursue their nocturnal activities. Eery howls from town weres also made the few humans that inhabited Moonlight Falls lock their doors, pee their pants and generally hide under their sheets. Evidently the going scuttlebutt around town supernaturals was that you could tell which homes were owned by humans, mainly by the bathroom smell that seemed to permeate the carpets.
    Screenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-24.jpg Tosh. generally as a rule, used the cover of night for his nocturnal hunting expeditions to find gemstones and alchemic ingredients, however there were times that necessity forced him to hunt under the sun. In that regards, he hunted but kept to remote locations, though on certain occasions he would have to follow the road.
    Screenshot-25.jpgScreenshot-26.jpg Meg went to the store to top up victuals in human form, but had the desire to eat raw meat which probably didn't go over too well with the town populace who had to witness her eat a roast completely raw. "Awwww, did wittle Meggie gross you out? Vampie? Be a man; grow a pair."
    Screenshot-29.jpg Restocking victuals also meant that they needed to get some cooking skills fast, so they spent the next morning enjoying, what else, cookbooks. Of course, that was after some seriously heavy petting, which Meg loved because it meant that they were bonding as a pair. And frankly, Tosh had been "eyes only for Meg" ever since they had fled the research facility. As weres they would have to form their own pack which would hold fast against humans and other were-packs.
    Screenshot-33.jpg Screenshot-44.jpgScreenshot-47.jpgScreenshot-48.jpg And that involved doing the research in alchemy and collecting gemstones to increase their wealth, because forming a pack would take some influence and the only influence that truly talked was how many simoleons you had in your bank account. Luckily, they seemed to have settled on a property that had a lot of gemstones popping up, which meant that Tosh hardly ever had to leave the property unless it was absolutely necessary. Tosh and Meg pretty much became hermits, seeking and wanting only each other's company. Tosh would only take members of his own friendship circle into his pack because he did not want to be stabbed in the back by some unscrupulous were.
    Screenshot-52.jpg ...and their fortune grew, allowing them to sport matching Margarite Vaguesters, with nothing differing except for their colour. Life was good.
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    Apparitions, Zombie Bears & Cerebral Concussions

    Night fell on Moonlight Falls and Meg rolled a wish to be able to visit the graveyard. Usually that was a no-go place, since weres didn't like ghosts. Heck, canines never like ghosts. Why do you think they bark at non-existent (or what humans perceive as non-existent) entities in closets. Should make you think twice about going into a room or near a closet that your dog is staring at intently, doesn't it? Well Meg convinced her "lovey-dovey" to accompany her to the graveyard down the street, which wasn't an inviting place at all. Especially in this kind of moonlight. It gave all sort of creeps to Tosh.
    Screenshot-53.jpg Meg's rolled wishes were like a "to-do" list. And she seemed rather excited to be able to cross one item "wishes to see a ghost" off her list. But outside was cold; cold enough to see her breath. And if the old wive's tales of the temperature suddenly dropping in the presence of a ghost it was going to be hard to tell whether it was an ambient temperature drop or the result of a paranormal visitation.
    Screenshot-54.jpg Of course, Tosh was having misgivings about the whole thing and said as much during the drive over to the graveyard.
    Screenshot-55_dialogue.jpg When they got to the graveyard, Tosh, preferring to brave the zombie bears rather than seeing an apparition decided that he was going to brave the catacombs rather than stick around to see a gh-gh-ghost! In the iconic words of a cartoon dog: "Ruhroh...Rhaggy...rit's rime to rake rike a ranana...and sprit..." bawk bawk bawk...
    ScaredChickenblurred.jpg Screenshot-56.jpg Meg, being the braver half, stayed topside and took her lumps when she saw a ghost and growled at him.
    Screenshot-57.jpgScreenshot-58.jpg Tosh spent a lot more time that he'd anticipated in the catacombs and emerged with a few useful items, while Meg had a deep and meaningful conversation with the ghost, but as soon as Tosh emerged from the catacombs, she bid the spirit adieu and they returned home.
    Screenshot-59.jpgScreenshot-60.jpgScreenshot-61.jpg It was a rather scorched and shaken Tosh replete with the horrified moodlet and a look of "you won't believe what I saw down there..." look on his face that emerged from the catacombs. And he chattered about his exploits down in the terrifying depths of the moss-encrusted, swampish catacombs non-stop until they reached home. Meg was too amused at his fried dog appearance to silence him with the "You could have stayed up there with me and met Victor." Victor Chesterton, after a rocky start, was actually very personable to talk to. However, getting beaten about the cranium with a rolled up newspaper, no matter how incorporeal the apparition with the newspaper is, the newspaper is still a "earthly object" and still carries a wallop with it. Meg wondered, since she was a science major: Do ghosts meet air resistance when they are moving around or do they float around in their own dimensional state thereby defying the laws of physics. Hmmm, questions...maybe that's why the newspaper hurt so much. No air resistance slowing down the arm and what minimal air resistance affected the corporeal newspaper wasn't enough to make it hurt any less." Perhaps she should go see the doctor. She could very well have a concussion.
    Screenshot-63.jpgScreenshot-64.jpg Tosh was a little scorched from the zombie bears and was told by Meg to go take a shower because her nose was wrinkling from the scent of burned fur. "You stink, Shower...Now..."
    Screenshot-67-censored.jpg Well, the shower was rather tiring, but hey, he got out of it clean as a whistle as did Meg and he didn't smell like singed mutt any longer. Hurray for showers.
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    Gardening, Book Writing and Ghost Chili Peppers

    When they got up the next morning about the "witching hour" Tosh asked Meg if she wanted to hunt as a pack. Meg agreed wholeheartedly. She'd wanted to do things together with her mate, but originally they'd hunted individually so as to cover more space, but being able to hunt as a pack was much more romantic (with just the two of them) however once the pack reached more than two members, it would be less so.
    Screenshot-70.jpg And they hunted from the early hours of the morning and knocked off at about 6AM whereupon Meg went and concocted elixirs.
    Screenshot-72.jpgScreenshot-74.jpg Tosh went out to pay the bills and gather the mail. The tax had substantially gone down since the initial heart-attack cost of §15700 and came in only at about §5390. Still pretty sizeable to most people, but to Tosh it was a drop in the bucket. The mail consisted of Meg's books that she'd written and the precious metals that he'd sent in to get smelted. He would get rid of the iron bars at the Apothecary and see if anyone else had brought in precious metals that he could potentially buy to add to their fortune. But it was also out front by the mailbox that his transformation back to human came upon him
    Screenshot-75.jpgScreenshot-77.jpg Meg was finding her pace as an author and was spending a lot of time on the computer writing, which as a computer whiz brought her quite a bit of happiness and the words flowed from her fingertips to the page on the computer's word processor.
    Screenshot-78.jpg They had a small dairy for milk and a henhouse for eggs and Tosh did enjoy mucking about in the garden. That probably came of being a were as they were wont to dig everywhere and what better to supply their own food and other organic needs as a greenhouse. Tosh also looked into planting their own elixir ingredients which would be a great way of not having to venture out in their lycan form. Every time they stepped off the property as werewolves was one more time that they could potentially be discovered by the Trackers. And that was a possibility, even here in Moonlight Falls. There were humans here as well and some of them had no scruples whatsoever about handing information about supernaturals over to the Trackers.
    Screenshot-79.jpgScreenshot-80.jpg Screenshot-81.jpg As the sun lowered on the horizon and the sky turned red with the colors of sunset, Meg, still in her lycan form, worked her wonders on the written page, writing her tome. Meg did enjoy her lycan form in some ways. The werewolves were uninhibited by more human mores and operated on a emotional gratification system. If a werewolf wanted to do something, it was going to do it and be dam*ed with the consequences. And it felt like that sort of quality flowed into her books as well when she was in her wolf form.
    Screenshot-81.jpg Tosh continued to work on perfecting his garden in the greenhouse as darkness fell. And it seemed as though the garden was achieving his objective with the addition of more plants to tend. This would certainly make it much easier.
    Screenshot-82.jpgScreenshot-83.jpg When he was done mucking around in the garden, he came in and started on dinner.
    Screenshot-84.jpgScreenshot-85.jpg And that dinner was vegetarian chili, with vegetables fresh directly from Tosh's garden. A feeling of satisfaction crept over him. It was a good day's work.
    Screenshot-87.jpg And the results were so delicious.
    Screenshot-88.jpgScreenshot-89.jpgScreenshot-90.jpg BUT HOLY BHUT JOLOKIA and Vishnu's lotus, that thing was BLEEPING HOT!!!
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    Teaching a Hacker a Lesson and One Received in Return

    Tosh did look at some alchemy research and Meg did a little hacking just for fun to see what she could find about the Tracker's movements. And Tosh played a little piano, but was interrupted by Meg when she saw an alarm triggered by Rick Durwood who was hacking into their account. Luckily for Tosh, were's were supernatural beings and able to teleport into whereever they wanted. So Tosh paid Rick Durwood a nice little visit, nearly scaring the pants off him.
    Screenshot-91.jpgScreenshot-92.jpgScreenshot-93.jpg Rick Durwood's evening was rather pleasant trying to make some extra money and he thought that he'd hit the motherlode by hacking into the Nakamura's bank account. He could get as much of it as he could, he thought as he stared into the computer screen.
    Screenshot-94.jpg A chilling growl in his ear caused him to nearly deposit biological matter in his pants. Looking over his blood ran cold as a pair of glowing green eyes and brilliantly white fangs stared back at him.

    "W-wh-what are you doing here?" Durwood asked as he stared at the not impressed werewolf that was standing there in practically nothing but a pair of black underwear.

    "I could say the same for you...considering that you're hacking into my bank account." snarled the were practically eyeball to eyeball with Rick Durwood who wasn't sure that he was going to get out of the situation alive.

    "I can explain..." stammered Durwood.

    "I don't care about your excuses, human..." the were growled, "You tried to steal my money, you need to pay...for your crimes..." ...and leapt on Durwood.
    Screenshot-95.jpgScreenshot-97.jpg "OWWWW!!! You bit me..." Durwood screamed shaking his arm as two rivulets of blood ran down from the puncture woods of the were's fangs.

    "You realize that if you hack a were's account again, you will be marked for termination. That's what we do to weres who violate the sanctity of the pack." the were said.

    "What do you mean, marked for termination? I'm not one of you..." Durwood protested, his blood running cold in his veins.

    " will be... in two days time...and you will abide by the Code of the Pack." the were smiled, his fangs set in a sinister smirk. "Or you will die."

    Later on that morning, Tosh went to the Apothecary's shop to pick up a few things and decided on a whim to go and see if he could get some honey to go along with his waffles and pancakes; after all, honey was absolutely delicious. Let's just say that it didn't go over well with the bees.
    Screenshot-123.jpg Screenshot-99.jpgScreenshot-101.jpg Tosh was sure these little fiends were Africanized honey bees, because he never felt like he'd been stung this many times before.
    Screenshot-103.jpgScreenshot-107.jpg Evidently, this was what it was like to get swarmed...and oh-oh...they were practically nailing him anywhere there was bare skin or fur-covered skin. And holy geez, did it ever hurt.
    Screenshot-112.jpgScreenshot-113.jpg "OH GEEZ, NO!!! NOT UP THE PANTS!!!"
    Screenshot-109.jpg "OH NO...NOT THE FACE EITHER...AIYEEE!!!!"
    Screenshot-114.jpgScreenshot-116.jpg Creator: I think he does a good low sweeping kick; maybe this would be a great way to teach the Sims how to learn Tai Chi.
    Screenshot-117.jpgScreenshot-118.jpgScreenshot-120.jpgScreenshot-121.jpg "OUCH...OWW...OH PAIN...YEOW!!!! OK OK...I'll stop... QUIT STINGING ME!!! OWWWW!!!" Tosh hopped around hoping that the bees would quit attacking him, but it took a while for the bees to calm down.
    Screenshot-124.jpg And what added insult to injury was the fact that the vampire proprietor of the Apothecary Shop seemed to have a smirk on her face seeing the numerous welts of bee stings all over the exposed skin of Tosh. No wonder how come weres didn't like vampires much at all. Self-serving, smug, bloodsuckers.

    Creator: And see, kids...this is why you don't tick off bees...

    Tosh: "Oh do shut up..."
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    Will You Still Love Me For The Rest of My Life?

    After Tosh got stung and ridiculed, he wasn't a very happy were at all. He decided to meet Meg, who had gone to the Apothecary's and then was hanging out at the school trying to up her logic level with the chess table there. And they had a chess game which of course, he got his rear-end whipped at: Never play chess with a computer whiz, unless you want the chess table mopped with your furry hide.
    Screenshot-126.jpg Tosh suggested dinner at an upscale restaurant. Meg agreed wholeheartedly and the two of them headed over for dinner. And considering how fast the Margarite Vaguester was, it was no surprise that it seemed as though it took no time (needless to say the Creator is certain that several speed limits were broken that day).
    Screenshot-129.jpg The restaurant catered to quite high-end clients and Meg was dressed to the nines in a low-cut back red thigh-high split evening dress which most definitely turned heads and Tosh dressed (in human form) in a tuxedo. Dinner was delicious in the end and the two of them came out quite satisfied with the repast.
    Screenshot-130.jpgScreenshot-133.jpg Meg quietly spoke, "Thank you for the date, it was quite the enjoyable experience. The food was delicious and I'm quite full..."
    Screenshot-134.jpg Tosh replied, "I'm glad you enjoyed it. I thought the food was quite delicious, we should go here again some time." and as his eyes played across her figure, he said softly, "Did I ever mention how gorgeous you look in that dress?"

    "Why thank you..." Meg said, canting her head slightly in a demure pose. "I appreciate that."

    "I mean it...Meg." He said, moving in closer, "I know that we were drawn together by circumstances beyond our control, but I really do care for you." he admitted hoping that she wasn't going to dash his hopes.
    Screenshot-136.jpg Meg certainly didn't object to being drawn into his arms as she brought her arms around him in response to his physical closeness.
    Screenshot-139.jpgScreenshot-143.jpgScreenshot-146.jpg Her whole body in his arms and her hungry kisses were everything Tosh had ever dreamed about. They reluctantly separated and Meg gazed into Tosh's eyes, curling her lips and whispering "I waited for you to tell me that..." in a husky voice that sent Tosh's blood on fire.
    Screenshot-144.jpg Tosh, being a former fighter pilot, decided what the hell...I'm goin' for it. and surprised Meg by getting down on one knee. "I know that we were both shoved into a situation that we were unprepared for..." She nodded, her hand over her mouth, "I'm not the most eloquent guy or were around..." he stated. "In fact, I'm not even sure how to express myself in this kind of situation..." he continued. "But will you make me the happiest guy on this planet...and marry me?" he looked up with puppy dog eyes.

    Meg took all of half a second to say yes and it was all that he could have ever asked for.
    Screenshot-148.jpgScreenshot-149.jpgScreenshot-150.jpgScreenshot-151.jpg Because before he could even breath, Meg was in his arms, love expressive in her eyes and he felt complete. It was perfect...
    Screenshot-153.jpgScreenshot-156.jpg ...except for one wet-blanket who walked past them muttering, "Get a room!" Tosh and Meg ignored her.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,434 Member
    Inappropriate Sniffing

    Making Preparations

    Knowing that there was someone now who depended on his being able to protect her; not that she wasn't able to protect herself, but the fact that one's mate was the only way that one passed on the genetic line to one's offspring. Meg now became his the whole meaning of his existence; and he would protect her with his life. So he studied everything that he could in order to get a leg up on the Trackers and he knew they were coming.

    The Trackers couldn't afford to let up on the hunt for the two escaped weres, not while the government was pressuring them to find them and eliminate them. Humans were, by nature, suspicious of anyone different than them - they'd caused wars over minute differences between them, but a whole different species of being than them who were sentient and had a wish to pursue life goals and objectives; oh, no, to a human that wasn't possible or tolerated. Weres and all supernaturals had to hide in enclaves to protect themselves or they would be slaughtered. There was no other choice.
    Screenshot-166.jpg Honing up his skills on alchemy was a start. There were potions and elixirs that could be utilized as weapons. And the potential for them needing to be used as such was necessary, should the Trackers show up in Moonlight Falls. Tosh had killed before over the skies of Iraq when Iraqis had sent up MiG 29s. At least one of the MiG pilots he'd downed had not popped a chute before inpacting on the desert floor below. So could he kill again if the Trackers decided to come calling? With Meg's life on the line, you'd be right if you thought he could. With all that was running through his mind, he read up on everything that he possibly could, and worked out his frustrations on the board breaker, breaking something
    Screenshot-167.jpgScreenshot-176.jpgScreenshot-177.jpg Meg did her share of trying to get her skills up in alchemy and frankly she had more time to master Alchemy than Tosh did as Tosh was trying to round out his acumen in other skills as well. It meant that Tosh would have to pick and choose where to spread the time that he had in training.
    Screenshot-174.jpg Both found that athletic training was essential. If they found themselves in a situation where they were outnumbered, they would have to make a run for it. And what was the use of running if they couldn't run long enough to make the escape. They wouldn't be of much use to the other if they couldn't run 50 meters without gasping like a beached whale.
    Screenshot-193.jpgScreenshot-194.jpgScreenshot-197.jpg But of course, in all that, Meg and Tosh made the time to spend with one another. Even with all the stresses bearing down on them, they had to. It was important for their relationship to do so. And Tosh made some vegetarian chili so that they could enjoy dinner together (Don't ask me why a werewolf is eating vegetarian chili; the Creator has no clue - maybe he's one of those New werewolves...something like in those Twilight movies maybe...) But anyways...he didn't realize just how hot the ghost chilies were and well...
    Screenshot-205.jpgScreenshot-212.jpgScreenshot-214.jpgScreenshot-215.jpg ...that was a three-alarm fire in his throat.
    Screenshot-217.jpg Meg being from Texas was a little more enured to the heat of those ghost chilis and took it in stride.

    Meg tried her hand at concocting some elixirs and did a pretty good job at it.
    Screenshot-221.jpgScreenshot-226.jpg Fall had definitely come to Moonlight Falls and Tosh and Meg were slowly hitting their stride with prepping themselves.
    Screenshot-232.jpg And it was good that they were doing so, because they would need every bit of skill that they could have.
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    edited October 2017
    Inappropriate Sniffing

    Nothing Says "Were-Love" Like A Good Ol' Knockdown Drag-Out Fight.

    Next day saw Meg and Tosh eating more vegetarian chili which pretty much caused Meg to spit flame. In fact, she did such a good impression of a flame-thrower, she nearly set the counter on fire.
    Screenshot-11.jpgScreenshot-13.jpg Meg did realize that she needed to train in martial arts as well as athletics, so she headed over to the training dummy and started martial arts exercises.
    Screenshot-20.jpgScreenshot-27.jpg Seeing her "husband-to-be" at green-belt provided quite a bit of incentive and watching Tosh break boards was quite arousing to Meg.
    Screenshot-19.jpgScreenshot-33.jpg Part of martial arts training was sparring and that was because nothing taught a martial arts student more than fighting another person. In a real life situation, the opponent wasn't going to stand still and let one land punches and kicks. Sparring was the only form of practice that simulated an actual opponent and even then if it was "scored" it wasn't really that good of a simulation. The only form of fighting that worked was an actual "no holds barred" sparring match - full contact, but considering that Tosh was ranked three belts higher (white, yellow, orange then green) than her. Tosh had waited until she had managed to get her yellow belt equivalency, then walked up to her, gave her a kiss and then asked her if she would like to spar with him.
    Screenshot-34.jpg Meg agreed and they squared off; bowing first as a formality and a token of respect to the other fighter.
    Screenshot-35.jpg And Meg opened up her offence with a roundhouse kick that Tosh barely ducked under.
    Screenshot-36.jpg "Wow...that was close..." Tosh said as Meg blocked his counterpunch...but he spun and tried to kick at her head which she ducked under.
    Screenshot-37.jpgScreenshot-38.jpgScreenshot-39.jpg Since Tosh was the higher ranked belt in Sim Fu, Meg was doing a lot of defence while Tosh tended to attack more. But Meg knew that Tosh was trying to make sure that she was able to put up a good defence because that was pretty much what would happen if they were set upon by Trackers.
    Screenshot-41.jpgScreenshot-42.jpgScreenshot-62.jpg ...though Meg did get a few good solid attacks in...
    Screenshot-105.jpgScreenshot-120.jpgScreenshot-127.jpgScreenshot-137.jpgScreenshot-143.jpg Tosh was definitely not cutting Meg any slack whatsoever during the sparring match.
    Screenshot-148.jpgScreenshot-150.jpgScreenshot-162.jpgScreenshot-181.jpgScreenshot-198.jpg And of course...they both sparred transformed as well, which pretty much was just a rolling ball of violence.
    Screenshot-204.jpgScreenshot-205.jpgScreenshot-208.jpgScreenshot-210.jpgScreenshot-217.jpgScreenshot-219.jpg ...and evidently that match was enough to tire the both of them out and they headed off to bed.
    Screenshot-221.jpgScreenshot-222.jpgScreenshot-223.jpg ...more than likely dreaming werewolf dreams about hunting and stuff like that.
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    Inappropriate Sniffing

    Defensive Re-evaluation

    For weres sleep was a time to replenish their energy stores and for Tosh and Meg it was no different and energy levels needed to be full to accomplish their tasks for the day which were plentiful. If energy levels weren't optimal, they would lose concentration and that was not a good situation to be in, especially when they were to keep all their senses on high alert.
    Screenshot.jpg Meg concentrated on her martial arts and researching Alchemy every spare moment that she had.
    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-3.jpg ...and she wrote books to bring in income, which also helped the family coffers quite a bit as everytime she completed a published book, she earned a higher royalty
    Screenshot-6.jpg Part of Tosh's job was to develop a rapport with the vampire behind the till at the that they could get a better return on the items that they consigned. One could consign elixirs and gemstones as well as certain items of alchemy ingredients. Tosh was hoarding his higher value gemstones so that he could cut them at the highest cut. Of course the vampire had a bit of a snobbish trait: they all did and Tosh could sense that and thus it was rather difficult to develop a rapport with the woman, but he persisted in the hopes that it would be of financial value...if not for much else.
    Screenshot-7.jpg Tosh then went to the grocery store to get some groceries. After all, if one didn't have groceries, one couldn't cook any victuals. It would be kind of hard since one couldn't really conjure up a meal to eat.
    Screenshot-9.jpg After which upon returning, he went ahead, cooked dinner and then did some alchemy studying. He had come to the realization that the house that they were in had some fundamental flaws in its defences and that the house that they had lived in was not really designed for weres to mount an active defense of their property. With two sets of steps, you had to have twice as many weres defending the front entrance as the back entrance. Their room downstairs was pitiful and it certainly was not designed with home defence in mind. And in that regards, Tosh felt that the house needed to be redesigned from the ground up and built over. Meg hadn't really studied the intricacies of tactical defence and as such just nodded when Tosh brought up that point. It would take a lot of money to redesign the place and refurnish it, but in the end, the defensive flaws of the house would be taken care of and remedied. And it would start the next day...
    Screenshot-10.jpgScreenshot-11.jpg And Meg enjoyed her chili con carne that Tosh had whipped up...except for the five-alarm fire that erupted in her mouth which made her do a flame-thrower impression for the second time in two days.
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    Inappropriate Sniffing

    The New House

    When Tosh was finished redesigning the house, he had it built. And it was even more "monstrous" than the other one. It was huge.
    Screenshot-11.jpgScreenshot-12.jpg The first basement floor had a large gymnasium which allowed them to work out with weights as well as martial arts equipment as well as a large clear space for them to spar, clearly marked out.
    The second and third basement floors were a nice change area and a pool for them to swim, preferably in human form because weres just smelled like dog and well, wet dogs just stunk.
    Screenshot-19.jpgScreenshot-20.jpgScreenshot-21.jpg And well...since Tosh just absolutely adored the Rangers and hockey in general, he had to have an ice rink downstairs on the very bottom floor of the home.
    Screenshot-14.jpg ...along with a garage for the zamboni...
    Screenshot-15.jpgScreenshot-16.jpgScreenshot-18.jpgScreenshot-28.jpgScreenshot-29.jpgScreenshot-30.jpg The rink was nice and set up with benches where people could actually watch people skate or play hockey if they wished.
    Screenshot-22.jpgScreenshot-24.jpgScreenshot-25.jpgScreenshot-26.jpg Half the third floor became a blast-shelter/sanctuary if the house came under attack from the Trackers. Tosh wasn't sure what they would use to bombard the house, but he was certain that it wasn't going to be good. And they certainly wouldn't be alone when they had to defend the house.
    And they certainly could take prisoners if necessary.
    Screenshot-27.jpg Tosh had designed this place to be a fortress for Meg and he as well as a few select weres and witches - he didn't trust vampires at all; mainly because every single vampire that he had met were out for themselves and he wasn't about to become the dinner for some plasma-siphoning vamp who fancied themselves Robert Pattinson. He and Meg looked at his handiwork...and it was good.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    @Nikkei_Simmer: I really enjoyed your story and I laughed so much. Your characters are so entertaining and I love how you speak as the creator. I quite enjoy how it is a mix between normal days and days where they are preparing for the Trackers and hating on sparkling vampires lol. I also take pleasure in the sweet romantic aspect between Meg and Tosh, they are together but its not a classic love story.

    I honestly read this all in one sitting because I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. I also appreciate that there are so many pictures so that I can follow the story so well with my imagination.

    I seriously can't wait to see the next update, you definitely earned a reader... Bookmarked till next time, keep up the good work and keep simming :)
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,434 Member
    Sorry, folks, It's been a while. Sometimes my muse wanders off...and I have to corral it. Been working on my Legacy to this story's detriment.

    Hopefully, this chapter will make up for the absence.

    JAG - Inappropriate Sniffing

    Training and Thoughts

    It was good for Tosh and Meg to be able to move back into their home again. It had taken a bit of time for the final architectural drawings to be translated into a form in which they could actually see sitting on the property. They had a 64x64 lot and they had to make sure that it was defensible. They wanted to make certain that the views from the property were able to note any sort of attack by the Trackers. Their skill-level in certain skills needed to be mastered and quickly. But sometimes, Tosh just wanted to relax...being at a high-stress level wasn't good for the body and playing the piano helped with that.
    Screenshot-38.jpg Meg pursued her study of alchemy. There were attacks available that modern defenses couldn't stop and it would give the Trackers pause if they were attacked magically. Luckily she had the innate talent for it and would be able to pursue the gaining of knowledge of alchemy in the first place.
    Screenshot-39.jpgScreenshot-40.jpg Eventually, after a while, Tosh came to join her in that study...
    Screenshot-41.jpg ...and for the times where magic wouldn't suffice; Tosh trained Meg in the martial arts. After all, why not use as much as was possible to defend their position. After having been in the military so many years, Haruo was certainly knowledgeable in the shoring up of defenses and War College had helped to learn how to defend a location from attackers. But sometimes, military tactics, guns and magic wouldn't help...sometimes you miscalculated and that provided the enemy a chance to get beyond your static defenses. Then you had to fight for your life and in that regards the martial arts were the last-ditch defense and as such when it meant one's life, one had to be an expert at it. Tosh just hoped that the Trackers were so confused by their flight path that they were having trouble following it. It was a faint hope, but one that he clung to. Hopefully he had the time to help Meg master the martial arts.
    Screenshot-44.jpgScreenshot-46.jpgScreenshot-64.jpgScreenshot-99.jpgScreenshot-126.jpgScreenshot-130.jpgScreenshot-139.jpgScreenshot-190.jpgScreenshot-198.jpgScreenshot-199.jpgScreenshot-203.jpg Sparring was an important part of training the muscle memory and instincts and as such, Tosh brooked no quarter and gave none. The workout was intense and at the end of it the result was apparent as Meg levelled up from an orange belt to a green-belt. Tosh realized that she meant a lot to him so he did what he had to to make sure that she could defend herself against an attacker if it came down to it. The knowledge gained would ensure that it saved her life, even if he fell.
    Screenshot-204.jpg She understood too, because she clung to him; her eyes locking with his, trying to convey as much love as she could muster, making him understand that their fates were intertwined with each other. In wolf-pack terminology, she considered herself his mate...and their lives, no matter how long or short, would be tied to each other. If he died, she didn't want to live.
    Screenshot-206.jpgScreenshot-208.jpgScreenshot-209.jpgScreenshot-212.jpgScreenshot-215.jpg Chores took up the rest of the day and it was a tired pair of weres that hit the rack (or queen-sized bed) that night. For Meg, curling up next to the one that she loved, was comforting, smelling the scent of him in her werewolf enhanced sense of smell. He was her mate...and that was all that needed to be said.
    Screenshot-220.jpgScreenshot-221.jpgScreenshot-222.jpgScreenshot-223.jpgScreenshot-224.jpg Fall...had come to Moonlight Falls and they hoped that it was not a harbinger of doom.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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