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Packs Legacy Challenge

So, I've decided to make this challenge because I really only want to play challenges. This legacy challenge is based on each expansion/game pack.

Basic Rules:
1. Cheats can be used, but not excessively. For me need cheats are fine, but money cheats just make the game boring. Whatever you want though, it's you're game!
2. You may live wherever unless specified
3. Keep lifespan on normal
4. Every generation is supposed to complete both career and aspiration of the heir unless explicitly stated otherwise.
5. If you want to age up your kids, I suggest waiting until they have an A in school. For toddlers, level 3 in one skill.
6. You can do these in any order
7. You technically do not have to use all of the packs, but it would be hard to substitute the goals.
8. I personally think that it is more fun to start over (money wise) in the beginning of each generation
9. If you are posting, please tell me where to find it in a comment! You can tag me on here or on Tumblr @zyddyb


Gen 1 - University

You've pretty much always been the perfect student. Although you didn't get all A's, you never failed a class. You had this dream of graduating with a degree, really in anything, and then becoming a teacher. You end up going to university and finding this really cute person that you, well, didn't end up marrying. You flirted around for a bit, and never really found anyone in University. You were so focused on your work, you never really had time for anyone until you retired when you were an elder. You ended up adopting a kid after marrying the person you found.

Traits - Genius, Ambitious, Loner
Aspiration - Academic
Career - Engineer or Teacher
  • Go to university with little money
  • Graduate with a degree in either Psychology, Economics, Computer Science, or Physics
  • After uni master either career
  • In uni date at least 2 different people
  • Don't get married until an elder
  • Adopt a child as an elder
  • Retire right as you turn into an elder
  • Master Academic Aspiration

Gen 2 - Seasons

Being a gardener isn't what people would expect from you. You love the aspect of plants, as well as family, your career, and traditions. You hope for your family to love holidays and traditions as much as you do. You have the most traditional life, other than the gardener part. You live in a large family house, you love your high-school sweetheart, and you love your family!

Traits - Family-Oriented, Ambitious, Loves The Outdoors
Aspiration - Freelance Botanist
Career - Gardener
  • Master the gardening skill and optionally the flower arranging skill
  • Master the Freelance Botanist aspiration
  • Marry your high school sweetheart
  • Have a stereotypical family (1 boy & 1 girl)
  • Live in a big family house throughout life (you can cheat for this)
  • Put both kids in Scouts

Gen 3 - Pets

You were what people considered the 'perfect person' up until you went to college. Everyone thought that you would become a lawyer or a therapist, but you decided that you would become a veterinarian. You hired an employee who happened to tickle your fancy. After days of working with them and covertly flirting with them, you asked them out on a date, and then later married them.

Traits - [pick an animal] Lover, Genius, Ambitious
Aspiration - Friend of The Animals
Career - Vet
  • Master the vet skill & master the Friend of Animals aspiration
  • Master Dog Training skills
  • As a young adult buy a house in Brindleton Bay and an Animal Hospital when you have the money to.
  • Hire someone who you will eventually marry
  • Have more animals than you have children
  • Have your animals breed at least once

Gen 4 - City Living

Unlike your mother, you hated the 'beautiful seaside town' and were infatuated with the busy city lifestyle. You aspire to be like your favorite singer and have a huge online following. At first, you have a teeny apartment with a beautiful view and as you get promoted, so does your apartment! You don't have the best luck with finding 'the one' but when you find them, you really hit it off. You have some kids, and before the last one becomes a toddler, you move into the one house in the city.

Traits - Vegetarian, Unflirty, Ambitious
Aspiration - City Native
Career - Social Media
  • Master singing skill & City Native aspiration
  • Master Social Media Career
  • (optional) Be a 2 Star Celebrity
  • Move into a 'Needs TLC' apartment right as you turn young adult
  • Have 3 failed relationships before finding 'the one'
  • Have 3 children (not at the same time, you can cheat)
  • Right before the 3rd child turns into a toddler, move into the old salt house lot.

Gen 5 - Parenthood

The family was a big part of your life as a child. You lived in a nice large house, but you never had the childhood you wanted. Your mom was always working on her career, while you were at home taking care of your siblings. Your goal in life is to give your children a better childhood than yours by providing them with a great education and amazing opportunities.

Traits - Family-Oriented, Ambitious, Genius
Aspiration - Super Parent
Career - Business (Investor)
  • Have multiple children
  • Master Business career (Investor) and Super Parent aspiration
  • Master parenting skill
  • Marry high school sweetheart
  • Stay in childhood home for your entire life

Gen 6 - Get Together

You never knew your parents because you were adopted. So, when you were old enough to move out, you go out into the world and try to find them. You end up finding out that they lived in Whindenberg. When you moved there you went to the local hospital and asked if they were holding your biological parents. They told you that they had both died a couple of days ago from a curable disease. This inspired you to become a doctor. After becoming a doctor some of your co-workers told you about this club system, so you reluctantly joined. You ended up loving it and everyone in the club system loved you.

Traits - Insider, Outgoing, Perfectionist
Aspiration - Leader of The Pack
Career - Doctor
  • Master dancing, and dj skills
  • Master doctor career, and Leader of The Pack aspiration
  • Move to Whindenburg when you turn to a young adult like your parents
  • Have a one night stand and have a child from that
  • Either never get married or get married as an elder

Gen 7 - Dine Out

Growing up your mom was always busy, so you always cooked and baked. You grew fond of this hobby, so you decided to take it up as a career. You started working as a cook at a fancy restaurant, but you found that it didn't fit your needs. So you decided to open up your own.

Traits - Foodie, Perfectionist, Snob
Aspiration - Master Chef
Career - Culinary, Own a restaurant
  • Master cooking and baking skills
  • Complete Master Chef aspiration
  • Reach level 6 of the culinary career then quit
  • Have a 5 star restaurant

Gen 8 - Get to Work

Your mother never paid attention to you. She was either at the spa or working for money to go to the spa. So, to pass the time you did your homework, took photos, and watched crime shows. Those crime shows took you on to be a detective. In your spare time, you were a professional photographer.

Traits - Genius, Loner, Non-Committal
Aspiration - Renaissance Sim
Career - Detective
  • Master Photography skill
  • Master Detective Career and complete Renaissance Sim aspiration
  • Have a one night stand. Never get married

Gen 9 - Island Living

Sitting inside for photoshoots as a kid was very stressful. All those hours sitting for photos just made you want to relax. After having a cousin send you a postcard from the tropical land of Sulani, you fell in love with it. You saved up enough money as a teen to get a house! You become such good friends with the citizens that you're practically family to them. Except for one special someone who you're madly in love with. They appreciated a large family as it's a big part of their culture. You were able to find the joy of living because you, well, lived on the ocean. After finding that a part of the island was polluted, you were determined to fix it.

Traits - Goofball, Child of The Islands, Loves Outdoors
Aspiration - Beach Life
Career - Retail Employee, then Conservationist
  • Master Retail Employee and Conservationist careers
  • Master Beach Life aspiration
  • Master Athletic and Logic skill
  • Get to know all the townies in houses (you can place more if you'd like)
  • Marry a townie
  • Have at least 3 children
  • Become a mermaid (optional)


Gen - Eco Lifestyle

Description WIP

Traits - Loves Outdoors, Green Fiend, Vegetarian
Aspiration - Eco Innovator
Career - Civil Designer
  • Master Civil Designer career
  • Master Eco Innovator aspiration
  • Master Gardening and Fabrication skill
  • Convert and marry an industrialist
  • Try for a baby in a dumpster

Gen - Snowy Escape

Description WIP

Traits - Loves Outdoors, Adventurous, Outgoing
Aspiration - Mt. Komorebi Sightseer
Career - Salaryperson
  • Master Salaryperson career
  • Master Mt. Komorebi Sightseer aspiration
  • Master Ski or Snowboard skill
  • Marry a Komorebi local
  • Adopt a child

Gen - Cottage Living

Description WIP

Traits - Loves Outdoors, Animal Enthusiast, Family-Oriented
Aspiration - Country Caretaker
Career - Make money running errands and/or gardening
  • Master Country Caretaker aspiration
  • Master gardening and charisma skill
  • Befriend 3 ownable animals
  • Have at least 3 kids

Gen - Spa Day

Being the daughter of a famous chef is way too stressful. So, as a teenager, you decided to go to the spa and chill. Every major event happened at a spa. The making of your child, your wedding, every single birthday in your family after children.

Traits - Self Assured, Foodie, Creative
Aspiration - Painter Extraordinaire
Career - Painter (Master of Real)
  • Master wellness skill
  • Try for A Baby in the spa
  • Go to the spa every weekend
  • Get married at the spa
  • Master Painter Career and complete Painter Extraordinaire aspiration

Gen - Vampires

You always had a fascination with supernatural beings, specifically vampires. You heard from your neighbor that Forgotten Hallow was infested with vampires. So, like any supernatural fanatic, you moved there. You ended up meeting a bunch of vampires, one that you fell in love with. When turning into a vampire, you had an obsession with the power that you got and wanted to be the best.

Traits - Self-Assured, Genius, Bookworm
Aspiration - Master Vampire
Career - Secret Agent (Diamond Agent)
  • Master vampire lore skill
  • Master Secret Agent Career and complete Master Vampire aspiration
  • Move to Forgotten Hallow right when you turn to a young adult
  • Fall in love with a vampire
  • Turn into a vampire
  • Adopt a child

Gen - Jungle Adventure

You've always loved the outdoors. You heard that one of your ancestors was Selvadoradian, so you decided to go check out their culture. You fell in love with it and decided to explore their woods. You found a temple and before exploring it you went back and raised your archaeology. Soon enough you became the best archaeologist in all of Selvadorado.

Traits - Loves The Outdoors, Genius, Hot-Headed
Aspiration - Jungle Explorer
Career - Make Money Off Of Artifacts
  • Master the archaeology & Selvadoradian Culture Skill
  • Master Jungle Explorer Aspiration
  • Unlock all Jungle Areas
  • Marry a Selvadoradian
  • Have all major life events in Selvadorado (get married, try for baby, etc.)

Gen - Get Famous

Going outside was never your forte. You did love going to school because you were always the center of attention. Right when you finished your first play, as the lead role, of course, you knew you were destined for fame. You started posting on Instagram, showing off your secluded life in the woods. By the time you were an adult, you lived up in The Pinnacles.

Traits - Outgoing, Self-Absorbed, Squeamish
Aspiration - World-Famous Celebrity/Master Actor (I would suggest doing both, starting with Master Actor)
Career - Actor
  • Master Acting Skill and Media Production Skill
  • Join drama in school
  • When you are a teen, start posting on Simstagram and Simstube
  • Before you turn into an adult, live in The Pinnacles
  • Die a 5 star celebrity
  • Have a family with a co-stare

Gen - Outdoor Retreat

You were taking camping once as a teen, and it was the best day of your adolescence! This inspired you to go out on a silent retreat for a couple of days after her early demise. After hearing someone's voice for the first time in a while, you realized the real world is too chaotic for you, so you sulked into a hermit state. While searching the woods, you found an old hermit lady who was on the brink of death and promised to give you here house if you took care of her. Very shortly after you went to live with her, she died. While living in her house you read her books on herbalist and gardening and mastered the skill. Right before you become an elder you went out to continue your legacy and that's it. You ended up meeting a lovely man who decided to have a child with you, and then go and leave to his family. You both fell in love and he left his family to live with you and your child.

Traits - Loner, Loves The Outdoors, Gloomy
Aspiration - Outdoor Enthusiast
Career - Make Money From Plants
  • Master Herbalist and Gardening skills
  • Complete Outdoor Enthusiast
  • Go camping as a child with your mother
  • Go camping when your mother dies and don't interact with anyone
  • Talk to somebody right after that and go to find the hermit in the woods
  • Live with the hermit in the woods until she dies and then lives there
  • Right before you turn an elder have a baby with a camper
  • Elope with that camper

Gen - Strangerville

You don't trust too many people, not even your family. When hearing that a mysterious family member of yours disappeared in Strangerville, you decided to check it out. The citizens of the town were acting, to say the least... strange. Hoping to not get infected, you try to solve the problem.

Traits - Paranoid, Jealous, Erratic
Aspiration - Strangerville Mystery
Career - Military
  • Master Logic and Athletic skill
  • Complete Strangerville Mystery
  • Master Military Career (Covert Operator)
  • Adopt a child
  • Never have a romantic relationship
  • Have one super close friend

Gen - Realm of Magic

After learning about the Glimmerbrook trials, you decided to go check it out. Turns out that the spellcasters were real, and they thought you would be a good one too. Deciding they were right, you broke off all of your connections to the past world and join them.

Traits - Creative, Vegetarian, Loner
Aspiration - Spellcraft and Sorcery
Career - Freelance Artist
  • Master Alchemy skill
  • Master the school of Untamed Magic
  • Have a raven as a familiar
  • Don't continue with a witch bloodline
  • Be good friends with all the sages
  • You don't have to master the career
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