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Pets expansion --My dog has been taken away -- Help me get her back

:'( As the title reads, in the pets expansion Sims 3, my sim's dog called Chloe (breed Chow Chow) got taken away, due to 'neglect' I'm so mad.


Little Chloe being a goofball


My sim was SO tired that she was ganna pass out! So I needed to put her to bed. Yes, the attention on Chloe's needs were in the red, but I thought 'right I will get the sim to sleep for 5 minutes then bath the dog & play with her etc'. I did this and whilst I was bathing Chloe a lady was suddenly in the house taking Chloe away!

I'm so sad.

It still shows Chloe as being my sim's BFF.
Is there anyway I can get Chloe back?

P.S Chloe is no longer listed on the pet adoption site. I tried to adopt her straight after she was taken away, but it wouldn't let me. I then waited to 2 days after losing her, but then she wasn't on the adoption site anymore.

Where has she gone? Any cheats I can use to get Chloe back!?

SO annoying!



  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,950 Member
    edited October 2017
    Not a cheat, but there might be a mod to help you out. When something like this happens my advice is to not save the game. Or save as - when you don't want to lose progress - and number the save. That way you can go back into the previous save with the dog still there, save it to the bin and place it into your household again using edit town. She's a cutie indeed!

    ETA: I mean the library bin btw, that way she won’t have lost her progress.
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  • igazorigazor Posts: 18,560 Member
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    The game likely wouldn't have let you adopt her back anyway. Whether the pet social worker's actions were justified or triggered too soon might be a good question, but I'm afraid this is part of gameplay. It's the same with children and younger whose needs aren't being met, although we do get a lot of warnings if something like this is going to happen and usually in plenty of time to step in and fix things. No early warnings were given here besides the red bars?

    The only way I can think of myself, with or without mods, to get her back and not disturb the storyline is to revert to an earlier save from before this happened and re-play things a different way. You would need to have such an earlier save still available for use, though.
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  • Katie123Katie123 Posts: 925 Member
    no early warning signs at all that's why i was so annoyed!

    Yes, i think that's what I will do - just play an earlier save of the same family
    thanks for you help @JoAnne65 & @igazor

  • GaiaWainwrongGaiaWainwrong Posts: 36 Member
    I'd use MC and bring her back from LocalMiniSim
  • ChristianSimFanChristianSimFan Posts: 546 Member
    I'm sorry this happened to you. :(
  • Katie123Katie123 Posts: 925 Member
    @ChristianSimFan it's all sorted now i just went to an earlier save haha

  • ChristianSimFanChristianSimFan Posts: 546 Member
    I am glad :)
  • LivipunkLivipunk Posts: 2 New Member
    How did you get her back?
  • EA_RtasEA_Rtas Posts: 2,808 EA Moderator
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