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Murkland Zombie Challenge

BrennachanBrennachan Posts: 1,883 Member
The Zombie Challenge

If your sim dies at the Puffer Dome in Murkland, s/he will become a zombie. The Zombie Challenge is as follows:

Makeover your sim into a zombie in CAS using cheatstestingcheats on and cas.fulleditmode (make your sim have a zombie look and walk style and make your sim sterile)

Complete these zombie tasks:

• Move your sim into the FEMA Camp and only play your sim

• Complete Two Aspirations: Chief of Mischief and Public Enemy

• Become good friends with all the zombies

• Use only mean, angry, rile up, rude or mischievous interactions with sims who are not zombies or mutants (please note that you do not have to use these kinds of interactions when you are selling your wares)

• Eat roasted beetle at least once a day and rummage through the garbage for food at least once a day

• Keep the shelves at the FEMA camp stocked with bugs (you must always have at least 8 bugs at the camp at any one time)

• Grow fireleaf and make fireleaf extract (perfect plants are available to you, but if you would like to make this challenge harder, start with finding normal fireleaf and morel mushrooms in Granite Falls)

• Zombie Bake Sale (Make excellent cheesy eyeballs and sell 10 around town. Make excellent zombie cake and sell 10 around town. Sell 10 excellent Fireleaf Extracts around town. Collect 10 insects from Granite falls and sell them.)

• You must sabotage your showers, toilets and sinks and only use the bush for bladder needs (you CANNOT make/use deodorizing cream and you CANNOT go to the hot springs). You may bathe in any murky waters in Murkland/Nukecrest on Tuesdays and Fridays except for the waters at the Oasis of Portals and the hot springs. You may also use the Trusty Rustic on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Mutant Raccoon Hideout, but only if you are friends with all the raccoons.

• Zombies are not allowed at the Oasis of Portals or the Hot Springs because their infection might spread to the sanctuary but they can go to any other lot and to Granite Falls and Nukecrest (and they can get a one day visa to visit the other worlds as long as they sell at least one item while they are there).

• Sabotage 10 items (including the FEMA Camp’s own bathrooms)

• Sprinkle fireleaf extract on 20 items around town in at least 5 different locations (some fireleaf extract has already been made and you can use it for selling and sprinkling BUT if you want a harder challenge, then make all 30 extracts from scratch)

The challenge is finished once you have completed all the tasks and the two aspirations. Your sim may now move back to their original family if you want to finish Challenge 2. Your sim may turn back to a “normal” sim now by drinking one essence of sim, however, the sim will still be sterile. In order to complete Challenge 2, your family will have to adopt or have an alien abduction (if children need to be added to finish the challenge).


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