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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Braden and Greta's Wedding

    Getting back from university had propelled Brianna into a higher pay-bracket and she was now a middle-school teacher. It meant that she had a lot more responsibility and she also had to improve some skills, so well...before and after dinner she had her nose in a skill-book, improving her logic skills; presumably to keep mouthy kids from getting uppity. Corporal punishment in schools was not allowed and the switch was an ancient relic relegated to the dusty drawers of old or securely fastened to a plaque adorning the principal's office. Nowadays one had to negotiate good behavior. Maybe that's why we're getting smug, antisocial little twerps like VJ Alvi and other little plum like that. Maybe they're missing something...quite possibly a good swift boot to the rear with a steel-toe. Brianna was grateful for the stern, but loving and fair upbringing that she'd gotten from her mom and dad.
    Screenshot-58.jpg Meanwhile, there were some older residents of Riverview that could use some corporal correction like one Rhoda Bagley...who was the town kingpin who was the coordinator of all the un-aligned criminals that seemed to pervade, essentially the local crime-lord, who was probably in cahoots with the Emperor of Evil, but who knew. As it was, she was meddling with the Chikamoris which caused Susan to go over and let her know that she was on to the Bagley's doing.
    Screenshot-60.jpgScreenshot-61.jpg Elsa had to head off to work, just as Susan came home from giving Rhoda Bagley a right-cross to the side of the face. She stomped into the yard with a self-satisfied look on her face and a curt, "Good morning, that witch won't be bothering our family again." Haruo figured that it was much better to not know anything about what Susan was talking about and proceeded out the gate to go get the morning mail and pay the bills.
    Screenshot-63.jpgScreenshot-64.jpgScreenshot-65.jpg Once he was done those duties, he went into the kitchen to cook a nice meal. His family had to eat after all and well, a perfect dinner was always something nice to cook up. The Minus One Kelvin fridge and a top of the line stove were always good to insure that happened.
    Screenshot-66.jpgScreenshot-67.jpgScreenshot-68.jpgScreenshot-69.jpg When he went to the teppanyaki grill he was joined by his wife so that they could make two servings and set it out for everyone to eat. After all...two teppanyaki grills were better than one after all. Why not have it so that two sims could cook at once? And their family would be able to eat a lot faster when the meals were set out for them in advance.
    Screenshot-75.jpgScreenshot-76.jpgScreenshot-82.jpg Greta and Braden's wedding was scheduled for that afternoon and most of the preparations were being made for the invited guests. Of course they still had a buffet table set up so that they could all eat, however the invited guest could choose to eat teppanyaki too if they so wished. After all there was nothing so good as a home-cooked meal. It was probably a lot healthier than fast-food.
    Screenshot-85.jpg The snow started falling just before the ceremony...
    Screenshot-86.jpg ...and the ceremony, despite the fact that it was cold, took place outside, under the floral arch (at least the flowers were from the local hothouses and were able to be set up at least temporarily without them wilting from the cold). Of course, the two lovebirds stood under the arch and stared at each other with identically beatifically happy grins.
    Screenshot-88.jpgScreenshot-90.jpg The ceremony involved the saying of the vows and the exchanging of rings.
    Screenshot-92.jpgScreenshot-93.jpgScreenshot-95.jpg ...which culminated in a wonderful kiss for the both of them. Of course everyone cheered, which prompted them to do yet another one.
    Screenshot-95.jpgScreenshot-96.jpgScreenshot-97.jpgScreenshot-101.jpgScreenshot-103.jpg The reception was just as homey as the ceremony was. It wasn't a bit knockout wedding with a ton of people crowding a community venue but it was a wedding that had the people that Braden and Greta cared about; the people who were closest to them and that was all that mattered.
    Screenshot-106.jpgScreenshot-108.jpgScreenshot-109.jpgScreenshot-110.jpg ...and eventually everyone had to head home so that the Chikamoris could sleep; including the newlyweds.
    Screenshot-112.jpg ...and all was happy.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    A Path of Vengeance

    Morning saw Greta waking up to make breakfast (unlike most real life weddings; the Watcher sees no need to send them on a honeymoon just yet, but he will in the next little while) for the family.
    Screenshot-113.jpgScreenshot-116.jpg Haruo picked up the gemstones that Yasunobu had broken out of spacerocks (aliens are pretty much tuned to the point of non-existence in my game - they show up once in a blue moon) and well, Braden spent some time on the computer writing a new military book.
    Screenshot-117.jpgScreenshot-118.jpg In the midst of all this post-wedding hoopla, there was a frantic call from Alanna. When Haruo managed to calm his daughter down, he found out that Alanna had received a call from the Riverview PD saying that her husband had been found with serious physical trauma to the upper torso and head and was rushed to the emergency surgery room in Riverview hospital. Alanna had been at the hospital for hours waiting on the results of the surgery but try as they might the best surgeons in the hospital could not save him. And ultimately they were forced to call the time of death at 12:54AM Friday morning. Alanna was devastated and Haruo was livid. How dare those criminals who killed Kunio violate the sanctity of their home and family. Those sewer s*plum slime would learn just what would happen if anyone touched a member of their family; the hard way.
    Screenshot-19.jpg He first headed over to Skip Broke's place - the town bully. He was known for jumping people just to mooch money off of them by threat of force. Haruo didn't take no for an answer. "Where's the town thug... I know you associate with him. I want to know where he is NOW." When Skip made a move to try to stab him, Haruo snapped his neck, "When you criminals decided to jump my son-in-law, you made the biggest mistake of your life."
    Screenshot-121.jpgScreenshot-122.jpgScreenshot-123.jpg Haruo found his daughter not caring if she lived or perished. She was outside in the cold, face buried in her hands sobbing.
    Screenshot-124.jpgScreenshot-125.jpg When he tapped her on the shoulder, Alanna visibly flinched, "I'm going to end this..." Haruo said to her, and with that tone of voice, Alanna knew that he was in a lethal mood. This would ultimately end up with a showdown between her dad and the kingpin - right now, there was no way to get at the Emperor of Evil, but he would try to find him or her and remove her from power as well. Haruo's motivation was simple, touch my family and you will be removed, with due prejudice and the criminals in town had done just that.
    Screenshot-126.jpg "Dad...these people..." she stammered in fear for her father's life.
    Screenshot-127.jpg "They're not going to stop, sweetie, until they have the whole town under their thumb. I'm not going to allow that." Haruo said. "It's either them or us and I'm going to make sure that it's them that doesn't walk away from this."
    Screenshot-128.jpg Wordlessly, Alanna flung herself into her father's arms, the ones that had carried her so lovingly so many years ago when she was little. She could only trust that the Watcher would keep him safe. "Go back to our place. It's your home..." he whispered in her ear as they hugged each other tightly.

    "I love you, Dad...come home..."

    "I will...when I end these thugs." he said determined to not fail at his task.
    Screenshot-129.jpg Haruo found Clyde Relic where he thought he would, at the diner. Without a word, Haruo took one step forward and smashed his fist into Clyde Relic's face, driving his fist so hard into him that the force knocked Clyde to the ground. Growling, Haruo snarled, "You'd better tell me what you did to my son-in-law."
    Screenshot-130.jpg "I...I...I...didn't do anything..." Relic protested feebly.

    "I know you killed him...who gave you the orders..."
    Screenshot-131.jpg "Ain't gonna tell you nothin'!" Clyde said, now angered himself. Who did this guy think he was picking a fight with him? If he kept up this disrespect, Clyde was gonna have to do something- but before he could even think any further, this Asian dude had swept his feet and brought Clyde crashing to the ground and was now stepping on his chest. A sharp stab of pain let Clyde know that a rib had broken and was now puncturing his lung. It suddently grew hard to breathe.

    "Wanna try that again?" the asian man said, snarled actually, his voice a low menacing growl. "You killed my son-in-law, now I'm going to destroy you. You can either give your boss's name up or you can take it to your grave, I have other ways of getting it out of people."

    Clyde felt a bit of liquid warmth pool around his groin. Yeah, he'd peed his pants. There was no way of getting out of this alive.
    Screenshot-132.jpgScreenshot-133.jpg Haruo let Clyde get up to his feet and then grabbed him by the head and yanked down hard pretty much snapping his neck. A lifeless Clyde Relic fell to the ground.
    Screenshot-134.jpgScreenshot-136.jpgScreenshot-140.jpg "So long, Clyde...didn't really need to talk to you anyways...I already know who ordered the killing...and I'm going to finish her tonight." Haruo gave the ghost of Clyde Relic a grim look. "But you killed my son-in-law...so yeah...enjoy the afterlife." he said and walked off.
    Screenshot-141.jpg And dealing with the town kingpin was no great shakes either. At least leaving the criminals dead would send a message to anyone else who wanted to take a stab at their family would end up the same as those who tried before.
    Screenshot-145.jpg The Watcher ended up frying a paparazzi who'd got wind of the goings on and was standing out at the gate looking for more rag-selling material.
    Screenshot-146.jpg Alanna had gone directly to her parents home and had moved back in with the help of her brothers. Everyone who was a Chikamori or was directly related to one moved back in. When something happened to one member of the family, it was time to circle the wagons.
    Screenshot-147.jpg ...but even the closeness of her family wouldn't bring Kunio back...
    Screenshot-148.jpgScreenshot-149.jpgScreenshot-152.jpgScreenshot-154.jpgScreenshot-155.jpg ...and it felt as though a huge chunk of her heart had suddenly been ripped out of her - a hole that could never be filled.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Life Goes On (Jerad and Simone Learn Dad is Serious)

    How despite Kunio's demise, life went on, and as sad as that may seem; there were more sims in Riverview for whom Kunio's death didn't affect them at all. As sad as the sims were who made up the Chikamori family, they knew that their tasks of maintaining their family home didn't stop and well, they tried to do as best as they could. The cows had to be milked...and tipped (hey, how else were you going to get milkshake?) while other chores needed to be done.
    Screenshot-157.jpgScreenshot-158.jpgScreenshot-159.jpgScreenshot-160.jpg Other members of the family were having to deal with their own situations. Aidan and Mara had to deal with finding jobs and making sure that they started their married life on an even financial footing.
    Screenshot-161.jpgScreenshot-162.jpg There were some strange calls, however and that made Alanna rather nervous. It was a unlisted number and when she picked the phone up there was no answer when she said, "Hello..." and no matter how much she tried to get the other person to talk, there was no answer.
    Screenshot-163.jpgScreenshot-165.jpgScreenshot-166.jpg It made her wonder who was on the other end of the phone.

    And life went on without Kunio, though Alanna had times where she wondered if life was worthwhile with him gone.

    Her dad had to make food, so he made a lot of teppanyaki dishes to put in the fridge for leftovers.
    Screenshot-167.jpgScreenshot-168.jpg Aunt Cait and Alanna's mother were busy with teaching baby Kai to talk and walk.
    Screenshot-175.jpgScreenshot-176.jpgScreenshot-177.jpg ...and her older sister had her own things to deal with and her mother was busy from morning till night. Whatever Alanna had to deal with she had to deal with on her own.
    Screenshot-178.jpgScreenshot-179.jpg Things finally came to a head with Simone and Jerad and well, they had been cutting school, and other deliquent behaviors. This meant that both Aunt Cait and Uncle Masatoshi were stressed out beyond belief. And when Simone outright refused to do her schoolwork because she didn't think that it was necessary, Masatoshi finally reached his breaking point which meant that he picked up the phone and called the military school. Well...I guess that'll learn her.
    Screenshot-181.jpgScreenshot-182.jpgScreenshot-183.jpgScreenshot-184.jpgScreenshot-185.jpgScreenshot-186.jpg Masatoshi packed 'em both up to military school the next morning. Guess they finally found out that their dad was serious when he said, "Get your homework DONE!" Maybe this time they'll listen.
    Screenshot-201.jpgScreenshot-203.jpgScreenshot-204.jpg Aunt Caitlin taught Kai how to go to the potty and well, Alanna tried to pick up a new hobby - playing the violin.
    Screenshot-187.jpgScreenshot-188.jpgScreenshot-190.jpg Oh, joy...more torturing cats.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Haruo Tries to Tip a Cow

    If anything, Haruo is persistent. He wanted milkshake so he decided that he would insist that the cow provide the milkshake. Couldn't the devs have designed a milkshake machine? I mean, this is ruminant abuse. So which of the cow's four stomachs is going to be hurting the most? According to biology class, the rumen is the largest of the four stomachs, with the reticulum, omasum and the abomasum being smaller with the omasum being the smallest, the reticulum next smallest and the abomasum being only second in size to the rumen. And frankly none of them were too happy about being jostled.
    Screenshot-207.jpgScreenshot-208.jpg Of course, the first couple of times, Haruo bounced off the cow. Most cows weigh about 1500-plus pounds or more. Even a 167lb man couldn't tip a cow without potentially getting hurt.
    Screenshot-210.jpgScreenshot-211.jpg The second try had him measuring his length in the grass. Evidently Sims cows are very neat and do not produce very much manure and all of it ends up in a certain section of the dairy corrall. The third try had him bouncing off Daisy, who looked just as uninterested as she was when he first started trying to knock her over.
    Screenshot-213.jpgScreenshot-214.jpg And the location of the abomasum was right smack in the center of the rumen so everytime Haruo impacted her side, Daisy let out a really nasty toot, which nearly caused the chickens to pass out. Needless to say both Charleses were unimpressed.
    Screenshot-215.jpgScreenshot-216.jpgScreenshot-217.jpgScreenshot-218.jpgScreenshot-205.jpg When Haruo laid himself out again for the umpteenth time in a row. Daisy looked at him with a Do you really have to keep this up? You know you're just going to give yourself a concussion.
    Screenshot-211.jpg But like Daniel Pleasantview once said...
    IDrinkYourMilkshake.jpg "I will HAVE your Milkshake...Daisy..." Haruo stared off at the chicken-coops for a long moment.
    Screenshot-226.jpgScreenshot-227.jpgScreenshot-228.jpgScreenshot-229.jpg ...then charged Daisy...with a solid impact to the side and Daisy went over...twice. That thoroughly shook up Daisy and her milk...and well...
    Screenshot-226.jpgScreenshot-227.jpgScreenshot-228.jpgScreenshot-229.jpg Letting out a rather pained "Moo..." she slowly got back to her feet while Haruo planted a rather self-satisfied look on his face. Now she would give up her milkshake...and Haruo could have a rather pleasing drink.
    Screenshot-230.jpgScreenshot-231.jpg Now the Watcher wonders, how the living daylights did she manage to pass a cherry through her plum. That's really gotta be painful.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Taking Each Day One Day at a Time

    Briana was was definitely working her way up in the education field. After slogging her way through as a playground monitor and her degree getting her a leg up to Level 4 in education as a Elementary School Teacher. She was now a middle-school teacher, teaching the older child sims; the ones who would be going into high-school. She certainly was doing well in her field and earning more money, but was she really happy? It was hard to tell, she was second out the door every morning heading to her work and she did her best every single day, but there just seemed to be a bit of discontent; wondering if the daily 9-5 grind was everything that it was cracked up to be. She was an artist and her paintbrush lay languishing on her easel.
    Screenshot-232.jpgScreenshot-233.jpgScreenshot-234.jpg Haruo used the deep-fryer to create some fried burritos. At least all the washrooms were fully functional, because there could be a major run for the facilities later on. But burritos were so darned good. The Watcher is going to miss them in real life.
    Screenshot-235.jpg Alanna dealt with her loss by teaching Kai how to walk. It kept her mind off her husband's death and kept her from dwelling in her misery. It also allowed her to make certain that Caitlin didn't get overwhelmed by all the work that she had to do after she got back from work.
    Screenshot-236.jpgScreenshot-237.jpgScreenshot-238.jpg ...and the fact that Alanna took the time to teach Kai, enabled Kai to learn fast and soon he was scooting around the room tottering around and generally getting into things.
    Screenshot-242.jpgScreenshot-243.jpgScreenshot-245.jpgScreenshot-247.jpgScreenshot-248.jpg ...and eventually he could toddle to the washroom on his own and manage to make it so that Alanna's poor nasal passages wouldn't be assaulted.
    Screenshot-249.jpgScreenshot-250.jpgScreenshot-251.jpg It was certainly frigid temperatures and the days that it didn't snow were few and far between.
    Screenshot-252.jpg And all too soon Kai became a child...after learning all the things he had to learn as a toddler.
    Screenshot-253.jpgScreenshot-254.jpg Haruo and River usually found ways to keep their love alive...which of course was "fun-time" in the shower.
    Screenshot-256.jpgScreenshot-257.jpgScreenshot-259.jpgScreenshot-261.jpg What else...? Plenty of time for woohoo, after all and River and Haruo were blissfully happy. Happy Happy Joy Joy...joy joy happy happy. WOOHOO...wheeeee.
    Screenshot-264_censored.jpgScreenshot-265_censored.jpg Evidently some stunted slime with a telephoto lens had tried to pop pictures and then slandered River with them, so she had to head to the courthouse and pretty much legally beat the slimeball's financial security to a bloody, stinking pile.
    Screenshot-267.jpgScreenshot-270.jpgScreenshot-273.jpg ...and thus the days and nights went on; and Haruo measured his length again while trying to get more milkshake.
    Screenshot-274.jpgScreenshot-276.jpgScreenshot-277.jpg ...and that was how the Chikamoris coped: taking each day as it came - one day at a time.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Fixing the Mausoleum and Daily Chores

    Since the founder was getting tired of having the Chikamori family relocate non-Chikamori family members from the graveyard, he created a mausoleum that wasn't a mausoleum - no more getting singed from zombie bears and no more catacombs.
    Screenshot-278.jpgScreenshot-280.jpg It was a relatively small mausoleum with potential to expand later as needed.
    Screenshot-281.jpg No catacombs at all and Dougal decided that he was going to take some time and check it out. Well, considering how dead it was at the cemetery anything new sparks a bit of interest from the spectral relatives.
    Screenshot-214.jpgScreenshot-215.jpgScreenshot-216.jpgScreenshot-217.jpg Haruo had to deal with some business regarding an acquisition of a property at city hall, then he went and joined the rest of the family at the local Hogan's Diner.
    Screenshot-284.jpgScreenshot-287.jpgScreenshot-286.jpg Haruo wondered if Crocodile Dundee was the owner of Hogan's Diner. (Anybody old enough to catch that reference?)
    Screenshot-289.jpgScreenshot-290.jpgScreenshot-291.jpgScreenshot-292.jpg It must have been a busy night since they ended up having to stay outside for a while. And it was cold enough that it snowed later that night while they headed home.
    Screenshot-294.jpgScreenshot-296.jpgScreenshot-298.jpg Morning meant milking the cows and Kai headed off to military school to join his brother Jerad.
    Screenshot-299.jpgScreenshot-300.jpgScreenshot-302.jpgScreenshot-303.jpg ...and Haruo made lunch...of some sort.
    Screenshot-305.jpg ...and so things went at the Chikamori house.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Kunio's Return

    While Haruo was cooking, there was a commotion in the living-room and an outraged scream; "Who the heck are you and why are you impersonating my husband?!!!"
    Screenshot-305.jpgScreenshot-306.jpg "I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry..." the poor man grovelled at Alanna's feet. "I could not return until men dead. Police told me I no can return or my life in danger. Your life too. I only do what I must."

    "YOU left me to think that you were dead?!!!" Alanna raged at her husband. "I thought I BURIED YOU! I thought you were GONE!"
    Screenshot-307.jpgScreenshot-308.jpgScreenshot-309.jpg "You left me to figure this out all by myself. How was I going to keep going with you gone?!"
    Screenshot-310.jpg "You left me a hollow shell of myself!!! HOW COULD YOU!!!?"
    Screenshot-311.jpg "I'm sorry..." was all that Kunio could say...as he looked down at his feet, wondering if his short marriage was over.
    Screenshot-312.jpg But he let his heart do the talking and grasped her by her arms and pulled her to him in a tight embrace, letting her know just how much he had missed her.
    Screenshot-313.jpg With slowly dawning realization, "It was you that was calling..." Alanna whispered. "...those silences...you couldn't say anything...or they would know..."
    Screenshot-314.jpg "Kunio, you ever...ever do this to me again...and I'll kill you myself."
    Screenshot-315.jpg Kunio couldn't say anything but just chose to pull her again into his arms and kiss her desperately like a drowning man clinging to life itself.
    Screenshot-316.jpg Screenshot-6.jpgScreenshot-9.jpgScreenshot-10.jpg ...and nothing more needed to be said.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Life Gets Back to Normal

    To say that Alanna was ecstatic was a major understatement. But things got back to their normal pace after the surprise of Kunio's return from the dead. The police had wanted to have their town cleaned up were appreciative of Haruo's rampage of revenge...and decided that they would look the other way; not pressing charges. So things had gone back to normal and everyone had dinner.
    Screenshot-13.jpgScreenshot-14.jpgScreenshot-15.jpg Life certainly went back to normal in Riverview and night fell bringing another new sprinkling of snow to the ground and the rooftops of the buildings.
    Screenshot-16.jpgScreenshot-17.jpgScreenshot-18.jpgScreenshot-19.jpg But of course things happen. And one of those things was the washer deciding to do a great imitation of an overflowing foam dispenser.
    Screenshot-28.jpg ...right when poor River was trying to do laundry.
    Screenshot-29.jpg Not the most fun situation in the world. Shigeo was busy working on a book and Haruo was spending his time sawing the violin. Thank goodness for the rest of the sims' ears that Haruo played much better now. And since Haruo had taken care of the foam geysering washer, it went over much better with River. Normally the violin hurt her ears.
    Screenshot-31.jpgScreenshot-32.jpgScreenshot-33.jpgScreenshot-34.jpg Alanna on the other hand was a Lev 10 piano player (taking after her father).
    Screenshot-37.jpgScreenshot-40.jpgScreenshot-41.jpg Aidan had to head down to the bookstore to get some skill books to help his career as a scientist at the Science Center. ~sniff~ The kids...they're growing up...and becoming functioning adults.
    Screenshot-47.jpgScreenshot-51.jpgScreenshot-53.jpgScreenshot-55.jpg When he was done he headed back to the house, passing some ne'er do wells who seemed to be doing nothing other than standing there.
    Screenshot-58.jpgScreenshot-61.jpgScreenshot-62.jpg Aidan's wife, Mara decided to cook some teppanyaki to increase her cooking skill, and Haruo fended off yet another unwanted suitor (fer cryin' out loud, he's married).
    Screenshot-65.jpgScreenshot-67.jpg Alanna played some more piano and Kunio joined her on the guitar.
    Screenshot-70.jpgScreenshot-71.jpgScreenshot-72.jpg And yet again, night fell on Riverview. What a wonderful snowy evening...and of course there were alien snowmen in the yard.
    Screenshot-73.jpgScreenshot-74.jpgScreenshot-75.jpg ...and things were dead...
    Screenshot-76.jpg ...at the graveyard. Yeah, I know...that joke is growing oldy and moldy.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Braden's and Greta's Honeymoon (Part I)

    Greta and Braden slept well, that night. After all the brouhaha going on, they were about to embark on a two country honeymoon. Thank goodness for that.
    Screenshot-77.jpg When they got up, Braden called the travel agency to book their flight.
    Screenshot-78.jpg Champs Les Sims was a wonderful first destination for a honeymoon and somehow they were able to bring along the limo. That has got to be painful, lugging a limousine around in your pocket.
    Screenshot-79.jpgScreenshot-80.jpg Their first stop was the bookstore to load up on books. Braden asked the bookseller if there were any good skill books in there - there was. The second stop was to pick up a tent.
    Screenshot-81.jpgScreenshot-83.jpg They decided to sojourn in a tent on a very familiar island - probably quite familiar to their mother and father.
    Screenshot-84.jpgScreenshot-87.jpgScreenshot-86.jpg And like every honeymooning couple, they had to take time to enjoy themselves in their tent.
    Screenshot-88.jpgScreenshot-91.jpg After they were finished canoodling, they decided to fish.
    Screenshot-92.jpgScreenshot-93.jpg Of course when it started to rain, they decided that heading back to the hostel was the best choice.
    Screenshot-94.jpgScreenshot-95.jpgScreenshot-96.jpg Getting interrupted in the middle of being in flagrante delicto was probably not the most romantic thing in the world. And the Watcher had to step in and flambe the lecher's rearend.
    Screenshot-101.jpgScreenshot-102.jpg Of course the singed paparazzi had to head for the shower and well...the Watcher got him there.
    Screenshot-103.jpgScreenshot-104.jpgScreenshot-105.jpg You see kids, this is why Mommy and Daddy tell you to not stick anything in an electrical outlet. You end up like this guy.
    Screenshot-106.jpg Let's just say that Grim didn't enjoy having to visit Champs Les Sims. "Work just takes all the fun out of the whole deal."
    Screenshot-107.jpgScreenshot-108.jpg Being newlyweds on their honeymoon, Greta and Braden decided that they would woohoo in the shower after that.
    Screenshot-109.jpg And they headed for the cafe after that in order to recharge for other things.
    Screenshot-110.jpgScreenshot-111.jpg Then they headed back to the island for some other things.
    Screenshot-113.jpgScreenshot-119.jpg Of course the night in Champs Les Sims was gorgeous.
    Screenshot-120.jpgScreenshot-122.jpgScreenshot-123.jpg Morning saw the couple swim back to the mainland from the island which was a rather cold swim but one that woke them up really quickly. Of course that was after Greta did some fossil digging.
    Screenshot-125.jpgScreenshot-126.jpgScreenshot-127.jpg ...and hopefully Braden didn't shrivel to the point where he wouldn't be able to enjoy the rest of his honeymoon with Greta. ~evil smirk~
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Au Revoir, Champs Les Sims

    Breakfast was at the French cafe and it was a delicious meal after the morning exercise of swimming back from the Island in the middle of the river.
    Screenshot-128.jpgScreenshot-130.jpgScreenshot-131.jpg Their next location to go to was the tower from which they could see practically everything in Champs Les Sims. When they walked up to the top of the tower, the view was panoramic in all directions. And of course, Braden had to kiss his beloved Greta at the top of the tower.
    Screenshot-132.jpgScreenshot-133.jpgScreenshot-134.jpg The museum was also a stop that had to be made; after all, what better stuff to do in France then admire French architecture and their world museums. And of course yet another shared kiss in the view of some statues.
    Screenshot-135.jpgScreenshot-136.jpgScreenshot-137.jpg Of course, when one is in Champs Les Sims, one has to visit the Cimetière de Champs Les Sims and what more romantic thing to do than to explore the catacombs. I'm sure I could think of other things much more romantic than tromping through mud and slime covered rocks amidst a bunch of dead bodies, but well...sims are sims.
    Screenshot-138.jpgScreenshot-139.jpg While Braden and Greta were down slipping around in the pitch dark amidst spooky sounds, two sims were up above flirting and giving each other flowers. How romantic, of all places to declare one's love for each other. Around the final resting places of a bunch of dead sims. Sort of gives a new meaning to the section of the vow that goes. "Till death do us part..." - some sort of metaphorical meaning by telling your love that you love them in the midst of a graveyard?
    Screenshot-140.jpgScreenshot-141.jpg Well, it seemed as though Greta and Braden were enjoying themselves down there with the cadavers and the zombie bears because each one of them were down there for an inexplicably long time.
    Screenshot-142.jpgScreenshot-143.jpgScreenshot-144.jpg ...and the two of them came out singed. I wonder how much car detailing costs in France. Gotta send the Limo into Bigfoot Car Detailing - that's gonna cost a bunch of francs to get the smell of zombie bears out of the upholstery. Hope the spelunking was worth it.
    Screenshot-145.jpgScreenshot-146.jpg Being hungry again, they had to stop in at the cafe.
    Screenshot-147.jpg Of course, they found themselves back on the island in the middle of a French estate and enjoying themselves camping, no paparazzi around them to make life miserable and enjoyed a pleasant night to themselves in the tent. In the morning they opted to head for their next destination.
    Screenshot-148.jpgScreenshot-153.jpgScreenshot-154.jpgScreenshot-155.jpg ...someplace slightly more arid...hopefully they won't get bitten by a horned viper, that'll put a quick end to Braden's being the heir.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Welcome to Al Simhara and ma'is salāma.

    Ah, yes, Al Simhara, a little hamlet in comparison to Egypt's jewel of the Nile, Cairo, but still the stopping off point for explorers who wish to visit the pyramids and the Sphinx. And well, Greta and Braden were dropped off in that little hamlet near the base-camp.
    Screenshot-156.jpg Greta and Braden were just here in Al Simhara to enjoy the ambience of the area and not to do any extremely intense tomb-exploration so they spent the majority of their time here enjoying the market and the catacombs.
    Screenshot-157.jpgScreenshot-158.jpgScreenshot-159.jpgScreenshot-161.jpgScreenshot-163.jpg Screenshot-164.jpgScreenshot-165.jpg Of course they took some time at the market to get a bite to eat.
    Screenshot-166.jpgScreenshot-167.jpgScreenshot-168.jpg ...and then as it was getting late, they headed back to their tent and decided to spend the evening enjoying a good nights sleep so as they could get an early morning start on exploring what Al Simhara had to offer. And an early morning it was. In fact it was even before the sun rose.
    Screenshot-169.jpgScreenshot-170.jpg When the sun rose finally, it found Greta already brushing off dust from an artifact in the middle of the desert.
    Screenshot-171.jpgScreenshot-173.jpg Then it was back to base-camp for a little fun and food.
    Screenshot-174.jpgScreenshot-176.jpgScreenshot-179.jpgScreenshot-180.jpg The Al Simhara portion of their trip ended the trip and they headed back home to Riverview. After all, their visa level wasn't high enough to really spend any more than three days in each place and what sort of vacation is that?
    Screenshot-195.jpgScreenshot-196.jpgScreenshot-197.jpg Guess they'll have to work on their visa levels in the coming trips...provided that Braden doesn't get deployed to Afghanistan.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Meteors and Life

    MaryKay Shallow, now being the town thug, was in the process of mugging a poor town sim when the Watcher decided that was not appropriate behavior.
    Screenshot-198.jpgScreenshot-199.jpg "Drats...missed."
    Screenshot-200.jpgScreenshot-201.jpgScreenshot-202.jpgScreenshot-203.jpgScreenshot-204.jpg "Oopsies..." The Watcher apologizes for any indiscriminate incinerations, annihilations, or wanton torchings; no extensions, refunds or substitutions.
    Screenshot-206.jpgScreenshot-207.jpgScreenshot-208.jpg The Watcher sent Shigeo out in his undies to go pick up space-rocks.

    Shigeo: "It's cccc-cold!"

    Sorry about your nuts there, Shigeo, but hopefully the return on the rocks will be of some solace. You can defrost on the way home.
    Screenshot-210.jpgScreenshot-212.jpg Meanwhile at the Chikamori cemetery, Dougal decided to go inspect the new mausoleum (meant to keep out all other deceased, other than Chikamori family)
    Screenshot-215.jpgScreenshot-216.jpgScreenshot-217.jpg Looks very nice in fact...the Carters display tables are there for urns.

    The view from the cemetery with the morning sunrise.
    Screenshot-218.jpgScreenshot-219.jpgScreenshot-220.jpg ...and of course Brianna had things to do in the morning.
    Screenshot-223.jpgScreenshot-224.jpg Brianna's Mom also had things to do at the stylist's shop and that was to sell another one of her paintings so that they could meet the bills - since the "no bills" LTR isn't very realistic - yeah, I know, I pick and choose how I want to play it... I tend to leave that LTR alone. They still got bills, they still have the potential to go bankrupt if they lounge around too long. River met up with a couple of commissioned painting clients in order to get some simoleons banked.
    Screenshot-226.jpgScreenshot-227.jpgScreenshot-229.jpgScreenshot-231.jpgScreenshot-232.jpgScreenshot-228.jpg Another one of her clients was hanging around by the river bank. Who knows why, probably admiring the river...and the morning sunshine and the other client was her son, Allan who along with Fumiko bought a large painting from his mother.
    Screenshot-235.jpgScreenshot-237.jpgScreenshot-239.jpgScreenshot-240.jpg Haruo played the grand piano and then when he was hungry enough got himself a bite to eat...and of course...went to sleep with his arms around his beloved wife.
    Screenshot-242.jpgScreenshot-244.jpgScreenshot-246.jpg ...so went the Chikamori's day.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Meteors on a Sunday

    Sunday morning was early for Brianna, who decided that she needed to spend some time at the easel. After all, what better way to remove the stresses of teaching but to spend some time working at something creative...and Brianna was artistic; she loved the feel of the brush in her hand and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful.

    Plus on top of that, she knew that unless there was a painter in every single generation of this family, they wouldn't be able to keep the size of home that they had with the bills reaching §46K every single time that a bill showed up. They were paying §92K a week to live in this house...and they only received about §63K from their real estate investments, so something had to make up the shortfall.
    Screenshot-247.jpgScreenshot-248.jpg The town kingpin who replaced the late and unlamented one was engaged in yet another nasty pile of ruckus when the Watcher decided to teach her a lesson, not that she'd remember it, but the Watcher just wanted to toss some rocks.
    Screenshot-250.jpg Yep...that turned the place where the kingpin was trying to extort funds out of into a shooting gallery.
    Screenshot-252.jpgScreenshot-253.jpgScreenshot-254.jpg "Stop trying to extort other sims!!!" I'm not sure if the kingpin understood what the Watcher was getting at because she was too busy trying to keep from being incinerated.
    Screenshot-255.jpgScreenshot-256.jpgScreenshot-257.jpgScreenshot-258.jpg "Nothing like a little electrocution to get the point across"...
    Screenshot-259.jpgScreenshot-260.jpgScreenshot-262.jpg The Watcher sent Shigeo again over to go collect up all the space-rocks that were scattered all over the lot. It would have been fun to see the house explode. But oh, well, can't have everything. Once he was sufficiently frozen enough, he got sent home.
    Screenshot-263.jpgScreenshot-264.jpg Braden and Greta did spend a lot of time smooching. After all, even though they were home, they were still feeling the effects of the honeymoon.
    Screenshot-266.jpgScreenshot-267.jpg ...and of course, their mom and dad were feeling rather frisky too.
    Screenshot-269.jpgScreenshot-270.jpgScreenshot-271.jpgScreenshot-272.jpgScreenshot-273.jpgScreenshot-274.jpg ...and all too soon it was time for dinner...
    Screenshot-275.jpgScreenshot-277.jpgScreenshot-278.jpgScreenshot-280.jpg ...and sleep.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    The Move to the New House

    By this time, the new house was created and the Chikamoris were all able to move in finally. Of course an alien snowman was there to greet them all as they walked across the bridge to the new home. (I had to swap out the stairs with elevators because the stairs kept giving routing problems)
    Screenshot.jpg The first place that caught the Chikamoris' attention was the kitchen. Their boarder Shigeo Kanzaki and River Chikamori, Haruo's wife fixated on the kitchen, It was wide with two teppanyaki grills making up the island. On top of that, there were two of practically every appliance, making it so that two sims could cook at a time.
    Screenshot-2.jpg There was a little alcove office just off the kitchen where River found the computer next.
    Screenshot-3.jpg Brianna was outside on the island admiring the tiki-torches. Hopefully she came in before she froze to death.
    Screenshot-4.jpg There was a bar with a dance floor that Braden found quickly enough.
    Screenshot-5.jpgScreenshot-6.jpgScreenshot-7.jpg The dining room had two eight-seat tables whether they needed it or not. After all, when one has dinner parties, it's always good to have enough seating and if or when the family needs to move in at a moment's notice.
    Screenshot-8.jpgScreenshot-9.jpg The main living area was relatively spartan, but it had some decor.
    Screenshot-10.jpgScreenshot-11.jpgScreenshot-12.jpgScreenshot-13.jpgScreenshot-14.jpg The side of the house that Mum and Dad (River and Haruo) lived in was open to the elements...with the pond area fenced off for safety reasons. Thus Haruo was able to fish (when the weather warmed up from either the balcony or the fenced in area in their own little kitchen)
    Screenshot-15.jpg The island had its own cabana where they could cook up hotdogs and other BBQ stuff on the grill.
    Screenshot-16.jpg Downstairs had a hockey rink (which was wonderful) because no Canadian should be without a hockey rink.
    Screenshot-18.jpg ...and they finally had a subterranean garage...which would allow the Chikamoris to have cars enough for all of them.
    Screenshot-19.jpgScreenshot-20.jpg So what did they do first?
    Screenshot-22.jpgScreenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-24.jpg Use the teppanyaki grill and skate on the frozen pond...what else?
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Meteors and Certain Annoying Sims

    Certain sims annoyed the Watcher, that he decided to cascade spacerocks onto their little digital craniums.

    "Oh...no...oh dear Watcher...NO!"

    "Sorry, time to play pig in the middle again..." See, even a Watcher has to be polite if he's Canadian...and apologize before hand.
    Screenshot-26.jpgScreenshot-27.jpgScreenshot-28.jpg Yes, the Watcher was bored. And of course...one has to make sure that MaryKay Shallow is behaving herself. Oh, she's not? BWA HA HA HA...time for target practice.
    Screenshot-78.jpgScreenshot-80.jpgScreenshot-84.jpg ...ouch...
    Screenshot-86.jpg Yes, there were problems with the stairs...sims deciding that they would go up when they were commanded to go down. And major routing problems. So the Watcher decided that punishment was necessary.
    Screenshot-88.jpgScreenshot-89.jpg After all...if one wouldn't take the elevator when provided...to go from one section of the house to another...then recalcitrance would just tick off the Watcher.
    Screenshot-90.jpgScreenshot-91.jpgScreenshot-92.jpgScreenshot-93.jpg You see, Haruo, your overwatching deity is a hard and unforgiving Watcher. Understand?
    Screenshot-94.jpgScreenshot-95.jpgScreenshot-96.jpgScreenshot-97.jpg Yup, I think that may have gotten through to him.

    Since there is very little space the Chikamoris put the cow in the basement alongside the chickens.
    Screenshot-98.jpg Greta and Brianna had some food, after they returned home from work.
    Screenshot-99.jpg Man, this is really going to depreciate Haruo's and River's real estate investment. I mean really, Watcher, do you have to drop meteors on the stadium?
    Screenshot-100.jpgScreenshot-101.jpgScreenshot-102.jpgScreenshot-104.jpgScreenshot-105.jpgScreenshot-108.jpgScreenshot-109.jpg "Yup"
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Work, Play and Nuisance Calls

    Shigeo tends to get home very late from teaching toddlers athletics. I'm not sure as to why toddlers learn athletics considering their balance is still rather off. Nothing like wrangling a bunch of tottering two and three year olds that barely have a concept of how to stay on their feet. I guess that's why Shigeo ends up coming home looking like he needed a drink or three.
    Screenshot-110.jpg Looks like a sim ticked off the Watcher again. Why they keep doing it, the Watcher has absolutely no idea.
    Screenshot-112.jpg Haruo and River were definitely feeling that "loving feeling" instead of "losing it..."
    Screenshot-113.jpgScreenshot-114.jpgScreenshot-115.jpgScreenshot-116.jpg ...and well the shower got a bit on the steamy side. Extremely steamy. Well, they saved water and got themselves clean.
    Screenshot-118.jpg Of course, River wasn't finished with her beloved hubby, though...not by a long shot. And well...Haruo certainly was willing.
    Screenshot-16.jpg Of course the next morning, River ended up receiving yet another unwanted phone call.
    Screenshot-19.jpg "...really...Connor? Do you ever get tired of calling? Because I'm getting really tired of finding creative ways to flatten your ego." River practically rolled her eyes.
    Screenshot-20.jpg "Sweetheart, you should let me go flatten him. I could use a trip to Sunset Valley..." Haruo looked at his wife...

    "Naw, honey, if you flattened him, I wouldn't be able to finish the book I'm writing. I'm at about six hundred thirty two ways to verbally deflate Connor. I'm about three hundred and sixty eight short of a full thousand ways."
    Screenshot-21.jpg And of course with Haruo's luck, he got a nuisance call while he and River were cleaning up the table.
    Screenshot-22.jpg "No...I have no use for long distance, sir, I have all my family here in Riverview. You could try my step-mom. She still has family in Sunset Valley.
    Screenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-24.jpg ...and so River and Haruo painted.
    Screenshot-29.jpg Meanwhile the family had all moved out into houses along rich-man's row in Riverview. Basically, the Chikamoris owned the entire ridge overlooking the river.
    Screenshot-34.jpgScreenshot-35.jpg It also meant that no-one else could buy into that area, at least until the Chikamori family moved to some other locale. Haruo and River's kids came home from work. Braden (their son) and his wife, Greta and Haruo and River's daughter, Brianna and all of them were hungry, so they partook of leftovers of which there were plenty in the fridge.
    Screenshot-42.jpgScreenshot-45.jpgScreenshot-46.jpg After yelling at enlisted all day, Braden was happy to come home and see his beloved wife.
    Screenshot-47.jpgScreenshot-49.jpg ...and like Braden's mom and dad, they too ended up in the shower.
    Screenshot-56_censored.jpg Woohoo...eh?
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Winter and Divine Punishment

    Is it any surprise that the Watcher thinks that winter is the best time of year? There's just something about the way that the snow piles up to the side of the roads and on top of things. The way that the snow dusts the branches of the trees and the way that it glistens in the sunlight. The quiet that descends on the town, muffling loud noises as the snow falls from the sky. Winter is magical.
    Screenshot-62.jpgScreenshot-63.jpg However magical the winter was, the Chikamoris didn't have a whole lot of time to play in it with Shigeo having to work and Haruo having to help River with laundry.
    Screenshot-67.jpgScreenshot-68.jpg Greta asked Brianna how her day went since Brianna was looking rather tired and stressed. Teaching high-school students who were generally motivated was easier than teaching those who were not motivated to succeed. And well, Brianna wanted her students to succeed and that involved changing approaches to teaching each individual student under her care. It was incredibly stressful and well, Brianna was wondering if teaching was actually the profession that she wanted to continue in. Brianna liked having a contemporary that she could confide in with her brother's wife. It certainly helped having such a family member whom she could bounce ideas off and with Greta in politics. Greta on the other hand was propelling herself up the political ladder becoming a city council member.

    "Just relax and go with the flow..." Greta said, "The kids who will learn will learn; it's the ones that are in need of help that you should focus on and the ones who absolutely refuse to learn, won't be helped no matter how much effort you put into them. A part of the onus has to be on them and you'll burn yourself out if you try to be all things to all people.
    Screenshot-73.jpgScreenshot-74.jpgScreenshot-75.jpg River knew that laundry had to be done, but it was certainly apparent that it was a task that had to be done than enjoyed.
    Screenshot-86.jpgScreenshot-87.jpg Meanwhile over at the recreation facility... (the Watcher was bored...)
    Screenshot-88.jpgScreenshot-89.jpgScreenshot-90.jpgScreenshot-91.jpg The town robin got her just desserts and got singed by a nasty lightning bolt, courtesy of the Watcher. And Haruo who was against such criminal acts by the town robin, laughed in her face.
    Screenshot-94.jpgScreenshot-95.jpg Of course, she got zapped a second time. Redistributing wealth should be left up to the government of Canada and most who earned their finances are against money for nothing. Of course, the Watcher doesn't mind giving his Chosen Few a bit of a leg up once in a while. Isn't hypocrisy fun?
    Screenshot-104.jpgScreenshot-107.jpg Man...that's gotta hurt.
    Screenshot-111.jpgScreenshot-114.jpgScreenshot-116.jpgScreenshot-118.jpgScreenshot-119.jpgScreenshot-123.jpgScreenshot-125.jpg Blessed be the name of the Watcher;
    Blessed shall His Works be;
    May He smite those who do wickedness
    May He give solace and comfort to those in need.
    Blessed in all Things; Comfort in all Things; Amen,

    Yeah... havoc and mayhem Be Thy Name. Yippy Yay!!!.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Liars and Inferno

    It just so happened that River heard about a nasty rumour about her going around town...so she decided to put a stop to it...and that meant heading down to the city hall/law courts and suing the pants/skirt off the guy/girl who started that rumour; it was either that or the Watcher would happily set that liar, liar pants-on-fire. After all, the Chikamoris couldn't have any old bad rumour going around town.
    Screenshot-126.jpgScreenshot-128.jpgScreenshot-129.jpgScreenshot-130.jpgScreenshot-131.jpg ...besides, that would just be uncouth to allow the townspeople to think that what this low-life had said was actually true about them. That was why the Chikamoris fought tooth and nail in court whenever such scandals about them arose. And what was even worse was that the lowlifes had absolutely no imagination what-so-ever about whatever scandal they wanted to cook up. It was either rooting around in the garbage, cheating on a spouse or picking a fight with a sim. The problem with those three is that they were refuted all the time, however they were still using those same three tactics and that made River even more mad. After all, River was too dignified to root around in garbage cans, cheating on a spouse was absolutely out-of-the question since she loved her husband dearly, AND...well, the only time that she would pick a fight with a sim is when that said-sim had said something nasty about her family, like in this case and she wouldn't be letting her fists do the talking on this one though as a martial arts Lev 10 black belt the sim in question who started this rumour would be wise to not start a physical altercation with her.
    Screenshot-132.jpg Success was most suredly assured as she won in court handily defeating the loudmouth and receiving monetary recompense. In fact she should have gotten a couple million simoleons for that but she would accept what the judge handed out. Then she headed out and sold another painting to top off the amount so that they could pay the massive tax bill on the house that they owned. Yes, it appeared that they were certainly subsidizing the pockets of the Riverview aldermen. And considering what little they got back in return for the taxes that they paid out, it certainly seemed like a rum deal.
    Screenshot-133.jpg They went out that night to celebrate the legal win and well, Brianna saw that Mahmoud Yavari had moved to Riverview. They had a brief chat, having been at the same university. Mahmoud noticed the lines in Haruo and River's faces as they were roughly of the same age and had been schoolmates as young adults. Time flies, he thought as he looked pensively at the two parents of this young woman and ironically thought. Geez, am I really not as young as I used to be....
    Screenshot-139.jpgScreenshot-140.jpgScreenshot-141.jpgScreenshot-142.jpg ...after they got home, the Chikamoris all went to sleep;
    Screenshot%2B%25281%2529.jpg ...it seemed quiet, except at the family graveyard, where Momma Fiona seemed to be hanging around.
    Screenshot%2B%25282%2529.jpg ...checking out the mausoleum...
    Screenshot%2B%25283%2529.jpg Brianna got up early to work on a book, because she'd been hankering to write something for quite some time now.
    Screenshot%2B%25285%2529.jpg ...and all seemed quiet until the wail of a fire-truck came down the quiet street doing a u-turn in front of their house and stopping at the house occupied by Kunio and Alanna. Gosh darn-it Kunio...what the hell are you doing?
    Screenshot%2B%25286%2529.jpg Crackling sounds and muffled screaming greeted Haruo as he raced across the street. Evidently his daughter had gotten out, but that idjit husband of hers was still in the house. He raced into the home seeking to get his son-in-law out. When he got in there, he was blocked by a wall of flame separating Kunio from the desk which was ablaze.
    Screenshot%2B%25287%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%25288%2529.jpg "Move it, sir...so I can do my job..." the irritated fireman brusquely barked at Kunio as he pushed himself in between the distraught Kunio Yamada and his father-in-law and blasted the blazing inferno with a torrent of water from the firehose.
    Screenshot%2B%25289%2529.jpg "What the hell happened?" Haruo snapped, rather irritated at being up this early...with interrupted sleep.

    "I don't know, I don't know..." stammered Kunio as Haruo shook his head angrily and grabbed another fire extinguisher to help the fireman put out the flames.
    Screenshot%2B%25289%2529.jpg As the flames died down, Haruo stepped back to let the firefighter extinguish the blaze on his own and turned to Kunio regarding him with a jaded eye.
    Screenshot%2B%252810%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252811%2529.jpg "I entrusted the safety of my daughter to you..." Haruo said ominously. "First you get yourself targeted by the mob, then there's a fire in your home. What am I supposed to think?"

    "I...I..." Kunio stammered.
    Screenshot%2B%252811%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252812%2529.jpg "Look Kunio, you're a husband and if you expect to keep my daughter, you need to be more mature than you are. Because right now, you're not looking pretty good at the moment." Kunio knew that Haruo was seriously brassed off and looking at the burned out husk that was the desk, he knew that he had carked up.
    Screenshot%2B%252813%2529.jpg "...now I need to let my daughter know that you're alright..." Haruo stated as he turned to the door, then turned back ominously, "for the moment".
    Screenshot%2B%252814%2529.jpg After that hoopla in the morning, Haruo went home to play his violin to relax his jarred nerves.
    Screenshot%2B%252817%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252818%2529.jpg At least his violin playing was at a level where he wouldn't jar his nerves even more. Maybe some Bach would help soothe him.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Haruo Plays in the Snow; Greta gets Charbroiled

    The morning dawned, cloudy but the snow had stopped falling at least for the short-term and Haruo headed over to the city hall to get some things dealt with that he had been putting off for a long time. After all, when things pile up, they certainly are even more of a headache to deal with instead of dealing with them one at a time as they come up. But sometimes real life gets in the way of good intentions and well, those things got piled to the side because he didn't have time to deal with them. Well, what else was new? Life tends to throw a curveball every so often. Iqbal Alvi seemed to be hanging around on vacation and Haruo after dealing with the stuff that needed to be dealt with decided to pull out his violin and play.
    Screenshot%2B%252820%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252821%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252823%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252824%2529.jpg Screenshot%2B%252826%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252828%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252829%2529.jpg The Watcher doesn't know what causes sims to turn around and walk around in snow and cold conditions without wearing winter clothes, but Haruo and River have a propensity to do that all the time. It's a wonder that they don't catch pneumonia or something. But after all that, Haruo decided to put away his violin and pull out the electric keyboard.
    Screenshot%2B%252834%2529.jpg After he got freezing cold, he got into his Lamborghini Aventador and headed home. Ah, the nice thing about being stinkin' rich is that he was able to buy himself a nice super-car and park it in his garage. Having these rich toys probably was one of the reasons why people liked to make up stories about them and slander them around the town. Jealousy knew no bounds...
    Screenshot%2B%252835%2529.jpg He realized that he didn't have meat for dinner...so he headed off to the store to buy some more. He took the Magarite Vaguester out this time, as it had winter tires. He'd have to get some winter tires for the Aventador; but besides, it was meant to be a summer car; really. It wasn't meant for snow. Tossing down §1499.00 for 100 steaks was no biggie for Haruo and he proceeded to make the sims there absolutely envious as they had to take all this meat out to the car. He would plant some meat so that they could grow their own. The less they had to go out the better; it was nice to be self-sufficient.
    Screenshot%2B%252843%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252845%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252846%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252848%2529.jpg Evidently Mahmoud Yavari didn't really do much other than to hang around the town and look up other people. And reading the paper, he had come to the realization that Haruo and River were celebrities in town - the talk of the town; half of the town were envious of them, The other half looked at them in awe...as to how far they had come since they first moved here. They were notable celebrities and their children were celebrities in their own right. But they kept to themselves, didn't cause any undue harm to anyone and well, preferred their privacy. As far as city council was concerned, the Chikamoris were their meal ticket and they were the most highly taxed family in Riverview.
    Screenshot%2B%252849%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252850%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252851%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252852%2529.jpg When Haruo got home, he decided that he'd read a skill book, but realized he had to go milk the cow and collect the eggs. Evidently the elevator doors had it in for him.
    Screenshot%2B%252853%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252854%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252855%2529.jpg River went out to collect the mail.
    Screenshot%2B%252858%2529.jpg And Greta set herself on fire working with the toolbench, inventing. OUCH! Luckily she managed to put herself out, though the Watcher found the waving arms and screaming while running to the shower, was endlessly hilarious. Evidently the Watcher has a sadistic streak.
    Screenshot%2B%252865%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252867%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252868%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252873%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252874%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252875%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252876%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252877%2529.jpg That evening at dinner, it was a quiet affair with Haruo, his son Braden and daughter-in-law, Greta at the dinner table. Evidently the others had already eaten.
    Screenshot%2B%252879%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252880%2529.jpg ...and some lovelorn sim from Riverview called wanting to know if Haruo wanted to go on a date. Frankly Haruo was not interested in the slightest, he had the love of his life with River. She was always by his side in life and no-one could replace her in the slightest.
    Screenshot%2B%252882%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252884%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252885%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252886%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252888%2529.jpg ...and he always made sure that she knew that she was always in his heart.
    Screenshot%2B%252896%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%252897%2529.jpg ...and it was roughly about that time that a new boarder showed up at the Chikamori residence. Tatsuyoshi was a young man about the age that Haruo was when he first married River and he was a handsome guy. He promptly made himself at home and decided to talk to Brianna. Of course the fact that she had just come from breaking spacerocks with the board breaker and was dressed in martial arts garb really got his blood pumping. She was a hottie and he was hooked, line and sinker and he wanted to get to know her much better.
    Screenshot%2B%2528105%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528108%2529.jpg Brianna had mastered her Sim Fu and was the equal in martial arts prowess of her father and mother and woe betide anyone who tried to pick a fight with her because she would bend them into the shape of a pretzel then call the cops on them.
    Screenshot%2B%2528112%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528113%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528114%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528115%2529.jpg It appeared though that Brianna was interested in the young male sim from Japan and mother raised an eyebrow as she walked in on the two of them.
    Screenshot%2B%2528116%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528117%2529.jpg After that, it was bed...resting up the soul...and the body
    Screenshot%2B%2528118%2529.jpg ...and to hearken the morrow.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    The Move to Legacy Island

    It was with deepening sadness that they realized that the amount of finances that it took to remain in Riverview was untenable in the long-term and it happened to be that Haruo and River realized that their dream of living out their lives in Riverview was not to be. So they called their family together and had a conference to ensure that they would move: all of them, to a new locale that would offer them a reasonable tax rate and not one that was so high that they would not be able to maintain the status quo of the life that they lead. And it was a matter of necessity that they had to make a move away from everything they knew. It wasn't going to be easy but nothing ever was.

    First they would have to figure out where they were moving to, then they would have to figure out how to exhume all the remains of their ancestors and and move them lock stock and barrel to the new location that they would be living in and find a spot where they would be able to re-bury them; it was preferred that the remains were close by, but they wouldn't have the land space to do it on the lot that they were purchasing because they would be building an exact replica of the house that they had built in Riverview in the new place where they were moving to. It also meant severing business deals which came at a cost. Business ownership had to be handed over to a potential new owner and the legal costs of that could potentially be astronomical with the property transfer taxes and other miscellanea legalities of transferring title.

    If there was one thing that Haruo and River hated; it was moving with all its various irritations and all. Packing up everything was just a headache and a half and they certainly weren't too happy with the idea of having to pack up everything and move, but for financial reasons they had to. If they were to give their descendants a chance, they would certainly have to do so to someplace where the taxes were less onerous.
    Screenshot%2B%2528123%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528134%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528135%2529.jpg With all the things that had to be done, Haruo and River saw the season change from winter to spring and they had ended up in the urban/rural municipality of Legacy Island. Legacy Island was a lovely little island just off the Pacific Coast of British Columbia...in fact it was in the Juan de Fuca strait...within sight of Victoria, BC. It had a climate where you had four seasons and unlike the mainland which rarely saw snow, there was potential for the weather to dump at least a foot and a half on the island.
    Screenshot-7.jpgScreenshot-8.jpgScreenshot-10.jpg The place was beautiful, where they were living, but it certainly took some getting used to. Confusion appeared to be the order of the day. The architects had built their house to Riverview specs, but they had to replace everything in the basement. Well, it would be a work in progress..., so Haruo thought.
    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-5.jpgScreenshot-6.jpg The fence had to be altered in order to make certain that they weren't confused as to how to get somewhere.
    Screenshot-13.jpg ...and they had purchased the lot across the way to be the family graveyard. It was far enough out of the way for the rest of the community that no-one else would think of using it as their graveyard and with the application of a homebuilt mausoleum, nobody else would use it. And to mark it as the family graveyard, they placed a gold encrusted Buddha signifying the religion of their ancestors.
    Screenshot-12.jpg Surprisingly the great Goddess had planted palm trees on the beaches and had made the world according to her great plans and well it was beautiful.
    Screenshot-20.jpgScreenshot-21.jpgScreenshot-22.jpg Most of the first day was getting used to the new location that they were in.
    Screenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-27.jpgScreenshot-29.jpg With their flight in, Yasunobu had noticed a martial arts dojo in the place and he wanted to try it out. so he jogged all the way there.
    Screenshot-30.jpgScreenshot-31.jpgScreenshot-33.jpgScreenshot-35.jpgScreenshot-36.jpg ...and evidently he was still in good shape for an elder as he managed to get there and still have himself a good martial arts workout in privacy as there was no-one there using the martial arts equipment.
    Screenshot-37.jpgScreenshot-39.jpgScreenshot-40.jpg Afterwards, Yasunobu headed over to the diner to grab a bite to eat.
    Screenshot-41.jpgScreenshot-42.jpgScreenshot-43.jpg Haruo feeling adventurous decided to try martial arts moves along with cooking on the teppanyaki grill. Yeah...that probably went about as well as could be expected.
    Screenshot-44.jpgScreenshot-45.jpgScreenshot-46.jpgScreenshot-47.jpg Haruo got up during the middle of the night and went out to fish for deathfish in the lake.
    Screenshot-48.jpgScreenshot-49.jpg ...and thus ended their first day in Legacy Island.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Life Starts in Legacy Island

    With the mornings being hectic, the Chikamoris were usually up at the crack of dawn, that usually made making breakfast at home a lot easier than going out to eat at Hogan's Diner. Braden was usually up first. He knew that being on-time at the city hall which also housed the military base, would make a good impression on his unit commander. As the lowest man on the totem pole in terms of officer rank (as an Acting Sublieutenant), he'd be assessed harshly for any transgressions which could bode ill on his future as a naval officer.
    Screenshot-50.jpg His wife, Greta, was usually up next as she had to head out to the same city hall...in order to check in as a member of the Legacy Island city council. Braden was gratified to see his wife progress in her political aspirations.
    Screenshot-51.jpg ...and Haruo got up to make some key lime pie (something that because of high blood pressure medications, the Watcher can't have - key limes evidently conflict with HBP meds in lowering blood pressure. Maybe the Watcher should zap him for that! Impertinence!)
    Screenshot-52.jpg The municipality had voted on a new recreation area by the grocery store and well, it now boasted a roller skating rink, an ice-rink (kept cold by underground refridgeration units which froze the ice solid even with summer temperatures) and a snowboard halfpipe...which was kept cold by the same thing.
    Screenshot-53.jpg Haruo took his Lambo out for a spin and pretty much made all the residents' (of Legacy Island jaws) drop. Yeah...the annual income average of most of the residents of Legacy Island was somewhere around §85,000-§105,000, nowhere near what one would consider rich though many would consider it prosperous.
    Screenshot-56.jpgScreenshot-57.jpg The Chikamoris put in a family graveyard which was quite a bit more expansive than the one that was in town; boasting a custom mausoleum and a fountain...and the golden Buddha.
    Screenshot-59.jpgScreenshot-61.jpg Yasunobu decided to cook up hotdogs for dinner and did so at the cabana grill on the island that they had in the middle of the lake. Ah fancy stuff...
    Screenshot-63.jpgScreenshot-64.jpgScreenshot-65.jpg It brought River and Brianna out to eat with others following later.
    Screenshot-66.jpg River wanted to know if Brianna was thinking about Tatsuyoshi...but Brianna being coy deflected the question. She just wasn't sure yet if she thought of Tatsuyoshi in that particular way yet.
    Screenshot-70.jpg "So...do we have to plan a wedding anytime soon?" River teased her daughter.

    "I think you're safe, Mom..." Bri grinned as she got up from the picnic table. "I got to go develop a lesson plan for tomorrow..."
    Screenshot-72.jpg ...and the darned paparazzi were out in force wanting to glean information on the new residents of Legacy Island. Friggin' turkey vultures!!! At least turkey vultures had some class. Turkey vultures would at least wait until the subject died before they started picking the carcass clean.
    Screenshot-73.jpg Haruo made a serving of egg-rolls and enjoyed them.
    Screenshot-90.jpg The next morning saw the sun creep above the horizon.
    Screenshot-91.jpgScreenshot-93.jpg ...and the sun's rays crept over the grass, slowly warming the dew-covered ground.
    Screenshot-95.jpgScreenshot-96.jpgScreenshot-97.jpgScreenshot-98.jpg It may have been macabre to put a graveyard by the house...and in most Asian cultures, it's considered bad luck, but well, the Chikamoris wanted their relatives lying in repose to be close to them. After all, they were family; it was the spirits of those that they didn't know that they didn't want close to them.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Brianna's Date

    While Haruo was breaking space-rocks, Tatsuyoshi was spending time in the local watering-hole. It just so happened that after a rather tiring day of teaching recalcitrant kids, Brianna decided that she was going to get herself a drink to calm her frazzled nerves.
    Screenshot-100.jpgScreenshot-101.jpgScreenshot-103.jpgScreenshot-104.jpg Brianna's mood brightened seeing Tatsuyoshi there, but she headed past him to the dart board. She decided to challenge him to a darts game.
    Screenshot-105.jpgScreenshot-106.jpgScreenshot-107.jpg Of course, he had no objection to playing a game of darts with her. He was more than up to the challenge.
    Screenshot-108.jpgScreenshot-110.jpgScreenshot-111.jpgScreenshot-114.jpgScreenshot-116.jpg It was a close game, but of course...Brianna won.
    Screenshot-117.jpgScreenshot-119.jpg Darned Paparazzi, they never fail to show up. Brianna ended up getting accosted by a paparazzi who started barraging her with questions about the guy she was with, but she ignored the woman.
    Screenshot-120.jpg ...then she got up abruptly and walked over to Tatsuyoshi...and said, "Let's get on the dance floor so that witch can't bother us...". Tatsuyoshi nodded and they turned the stereo on to dance. At least while they were dancing they wouldn't be pestered.
    Screenshot-123.jpgScreenshot-125.jpgScreenshot-126.jpgScreenshot-127.jpgScreenshot-128.jpg It appeared as though Greta came over to grab a quick drink and a snack. Evidently she'd had a rough day in council meetings and she needed a little liquid pick-me-up. Seeing Tatsuyoshi and Brianna dancing, Greta smiled and headed out the door She really needs a guy in her life. Greta thought, And Tats seems like a nice enough guy.
    Screenshot-129.jpgScreenshot-132.jpg Braden had come home from work...and well...he was hungry but he waited until his step-grandmother got her food from the fridge before he got his own.
    Screenshot-135.jpgScreenshot-136.jpg River didn't worry that her daughter wasn't home yet. After all, she'd been texted a message that Bri had met up with Tatsuyoshi at the bar and would be going out to get something to eat at Hogan's Diner; her daughter was also a level 10 black belt in Sim Fu. And after all, Tatsuyoshi had a healthy fear of Bri's dad who was also a Levle 10. Not to mention, River herself was at Level 10.
    Screenshot-138.jpgScreenshot-139.jpg After dinner, Brianna and Tatsuyoshi chatted outside the diner about certain inconsequential things. But sooner or later things turned around to personal stuff and eventually one thing led to another...
    Screenshot-140.jpgScreenshot-143.jpgScreenshot-144.jpgScreenshot-145.jpg ...a little flirting...
    Screenshot-147.jpgScreenshot-148.jpg a little smooching...
    Screenshot-155.jpgScreenshot-157.jpgScreenshot-159.jpgScreenshot-160.jpg ...a little flower gifting...
    Screenshot-162.jpg ...a little necking... (thank goodness Haruo wasn't there to see it...he would have probably wrapped Tatsuyoshi backwards around the lamp-pole...for doing such a thing to his baby-girl).
    Screenshot-169.jpgScreenshot-172.jpgScreenshot-174.jpg He had something of an inkling that something wasn't right but he wasn't sure...
    Screenshot-176.jpg ...and after all if something was really wrong...his wife would let him know about it, wouldn't she?
    Screenshot-177.jpgScreenshot-178.jpg "Hi...honey..." River said.

    "Mmmphmmm..." Haruo had a mouth full of eggroll so he wasn't able to say much.

    "Isn't it romantic?"

    Haruo barely looked up from his plate of food, there wasn't much that he could comment on that non-sequitur coming out of left field.

    "Bri's got a boyfriend..." River exclaimed happily. Haruo nearly choked on his next bite of fried chow mein.

    I'm gonna kill him.was Haruo's only thought.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    How to Scare a Suitor.

    Luckily Haruo was able to be appeased by River or Tatsuyoshi's life could have very well been in peril. As it was the next morning, Yasunobu decided to make a lovely racket by playing the drums. And well...after breakfast, River decided to make sure that Haruo's mind was on other things.
    Screenshot-182.jpgScreenshot-184.jpgScreenshot-186.jpg Let's just say that she had her ways and means of doing that...keeping her husband's attention on her.
    Screenshot-187_censored.jpg By that time, he'd already pretty much forgotten about what he was ticked off about. So he went ahead and made some dinner. Whatever it had been that had annoyed him hadn't probably been all that much of a problem. If it had been, he probably would have remembered it. Either that or he was getting old and forgetful...just like the Watcher.
    Screenshot-189.jpgScreenshot-190.jpgScreenshot-191.jpg It appeared as though Tatsuyoshi and Brianna were having quite the animated conversation while eating deep-fried cheese sticks. Evidently they were as enamored of the conversation as they were with the food that they were eating. Haruo had a slight fleeting reminder of what it was that he was annoyed about yesterday but that fleeting thought didn't even stick around. Between the time he had stuck the food in the oven, watched it...and pulled it out...that thought had vanished like it hadn't been there in the first place. Lucky for Tatsuyoshi, though.
    Screenshot-192.jpgScreenshot-194.jpgScreenshot-195.jpgScreenshot-196.jpg As Brianna and Tatsuyoshi took care of the dishes, they flirted with each other.
    Screenshot-199.jpgScreenshot-200.jpgScreenshot-202.jpg Then suddenly, Tatsuyoshi...got down on one knee...pulled out a felt covered box and opened it to show Brianna. Bri gasped in surprise, nodding yes...to his silent query...and he extended the box so that she could see the ring more clearly. Dam, they're fast...
    Screenshot-204.jpgScreenshot-205.jpgScreenshot-206.jpgScreenshot-207.jpg ...and so the two were betrothed. Haruo was upstairs before the two had even came into the kitchen so...he didn't even know about it.
    Screenshot-208.jpgScreenshot-209.jpgScreenshot-210.jpgScreenshot-211.jpgScreenshot-212.jpgScreenshot-213.jpg Bri and Tatsuyoshi couldn't keep their hands off each other.
    Screenshot-214.jpgScreenshot-216.jpgScreenshot-217.jpg Luckily though...Braden put the fear of the Watcher into Tatsuyoshi by clearing his throat right behind Brianna.
    Screenshot-218.jpg "Hurt my sis...and I'll set you up as my qualifying range target. Understand?" Braden growled ominously as the blood drained out of Tatsuyoshi's face as he nodded his understanding of the situation. Her brother was just as scary.
    Screenshot-221.jpg "...and I'll enjoy EVERY single second of it... too." Braden gave him a crazy psychopathic grin (all feigned; but Tatsuyoshi didn't know that).

    "Stop it!" Brianna growled back at him. "You're scaring him."

    "Just being the big brother, sis...and making sure he toes the line. You don't want Dad to have a talk with him, do you?"

    "Oh...hell no..."
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Shigeo and Tatsuyoshi

    After the hoopla of the engagement; things settled back down to normal. Greta, looking out the window at the gloomy weather (it was raining); Haruo looking through classifieds (presumably not to get Tatsuyoshi taken out discreetly, though the thought was extremely tempting); and River painting.
    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-4.jpg Shigeo was jealous; he knew that he had lost out on winning Brianna's hand, but he was spoiling for a fight. So he readied his hand by going downstairs and getting his martial arts up to green belt toughening up his hand with the board-breaker.
    Screenshot-5.jpg Somehow the computer got busted in Yasunobu and Susan's room. Oh well, Susan could fix things since she had mastered handiness.
    Screenshot-7.jpg Rain seemed to be par for the British Columbia weather...ah, Legacy Island...land of rain...
    Screenshot-10.jpgScreenshot-11.jpgScreenshot-12.jpg ...and things came to a head very shortly when poor Tatsuyoshi was standing, minding his own business, waiting for the elevator...when Shigeo snuck up on him and scared the pants off him.
    Screenshot-20.jpgScreenshot-21.jpgScreenshot-22.jpgScreenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-24.jpg "You reject!" Tatsuyoshi exclaimed furiously, "If I had seen you coming up, I'd have knocked you flat on your rear-end."

    Shigeo yawned dismissively. "Yeah, sure, you and what army? You probably couldn't punch your way out of a paper bag."

    Screenshot-27.jpgScreenshot-29.jpgScreenshot-30.jpg The disagreement got rather heated...with a lot of name-calling on both ends. It was surprising that neither of them decided to go for it and drop the gloves initiating fisticuffs.
    Screenshot-32.jpgScreenshot-34.jpgScreenshot-36.jpgScreenshot-39.jpgScreenshot-41.jpgScreenshot-43.jpg In fact the name-calling got so loud that Brianna came over to investigate what was going on.
    Screenshot-44.jpg Her lips pursed in a tight frown when she saw that it was Shigeo and Tatsuyoshi squared off jawing at each other. "I don't believe this." she said irritatedly. "Why are you going after Tatsuyoshi for?"
    Screenshot-44.jpgScreenshot-45.jpgScreenshot-46.jpg "If you start harassing my fiance, you and I are going to have a sparring match and believe me, I'm not going to go easy on you." Brianna snarled at Shigeo.
    Screenshot-47.jpgScreenshot-48.jpg Shigeo recoiled like a wounded animal, whether it was the threat of violence inflicted on him by Brianna, or the word "fiance" that wounded him, it wasn't certain, but he backpedaled.
    Screenshot-49.jpg "You two can either grow up and behave like adults, or I'll knock both your heads together." Brianna threatened the both of them. They didn't like it but they knew that Brianna could kick both of their rears and then some.
    Screenshot-51.jpgScreenshot-53.jpgScreenshot-54.jpg After all, she didn't wear the garb of a Sim Fu Level 10 master for nothing.
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    The Chikamori Selfacy

    Generation Two

    Fishing, Farming and Other Stuff

    Haruo decided that he was going to fish for death-fish that night after midnight. And it just so happened that Mayumi decided to crawl out of her grave for a "haunt"...the witch. She was a handful; both evil and mean-spirited, so she was a spiteful piece of work. Luckily though the Watcher was alert...and before she could escape her confines...well...pictures are worth a thousand words.
    Screenshot-56.jpgScreenshot-57.jpgScreenshot-59.jpgScreenshot-60.jpgScreenshot-61.jpg Gotta say, lightning is still a shocking experience, even for a ghost.

    So Haruo was able to fish for deathfish, plum by haunts from his evil mother - who pretty much was shocked back into the netherworld.
    Screenshot-62.jpgScreenshot-63.jpg In the morning, Haruo realized that he no longer had any perfect steaks and would have to buy normal ones to plant. He also bought a large number of burger patties too. Why not plant them as well. Then he could harvest ever increasingly better quality of steaks and burger patties until he got perfect plants again. After all, he needed to deal with the garden and make sure that they were always in stock of perfect vegetables and meats. Evidently the city had created a recreation park in the plaza right next to the grocery store.
    Screenshot-64.jpgScreenshot-65.jpgScreenshot-66.jpg He then went to the potion shop and consigned a few gemstones, spire-cuts tended to land a whole lot of money, so he focused on that cut. But one could only do it with a certain cutter and luckily he had one.
    Screenshot-70.jpg When Haruo got home, he decided that he was going to make chicken teppanyaki and set about to doing just that.
    Screenshot-77.jpgScreenshot-78.jpg The family partook of Haruo's cooking and they were content.
    Screenshot-82.jpgScreenshot-83.jpg Both the founder's wedding photo and the heir's wedding photo was placed on the wall.
    Screenshot-86.jpg Haruo certainly wasn't sure about the efficacy of the sprinklers in an inside garden because the crops seemed to always wilt. So he had to pretty much water everything by hand and then revive those plants that were dead. It was a royal pain in the posterior, but he needed those cheese, eggs, steaks and burger patties.
    Screenshot-87.jpgScreenshot-88.jpgScreenshot-89.jpg Greta and Braden enjoyed the new slide in the indoor pool that they had on the second floor basement. Ah, the luxuries of life. In fact, they also had a waterfall that they could duck under and get thoroughly soaked.
    Screenshot-90.jpgScreenshot-91.jpgScreenshot-92.jpg Haruo decided that since the time travel portal was dangerous, he took it and quarantined it, so that no sims in town could go through the time portal and change the past. Fencing it up was a wise decision.
    Screenshot-95.jpg After all, if something changed in the future it could certainly affect the past. Creating a temporal paradox would certainly cause upheaval in present day. A causal loop happens when a future event is the cause of a past event, which in turn is the cause of the future event. In fact another potential paradox was the consistency paradox which meant that any change in the past could affect the future; and even more so a retrocausality could mean that anything that a sim could do in the future could potentially affect the past. Pretty heady stuff to say the least however, better to be safe than sorry and thus Haruo decided that Back to the Future was not going to happen, at least not in HIS lifetime.
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