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    @chips46 Thanks! I'm glad you like it. I guess the doors do look a little strange there. XD Those corridor toilets were inspired by my sister's old apartment. I always thought it was very weird, but it seemed to just fit in that house. Sorry for the let down! No real mystery there.
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    That's very cool . I actually like the style :P
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    It's been a while since I had built anything on the Sims, but a small break in the amount of work I have and a couple days of being sick and not wanting to go out at all ended up being a time for me to get back to builds. XD Here is what I managed to make for QCMonthly's 30th challenge, which was originally to create a mall that would be in Myshuno Meadows. It can be used on that lot as a generic lot if you create some clubs, but in order to work as a store (or series thereof), you'd have to place it somewhere else, sadly. Here is the link if you want to download it: San Myshuno Mall tested

    This is the exterior. I kept some of the original landscaping of Myshuno Meadows, trying to make it seem as if the park was replaced by a big mall, but they at least tried to keep some of it. I also added a playground and a few decorative elements.


    Here are the floor plans, from top to bottom. Top view.

    The top floor includes the food court, bookstore and sports gear store, which has its own tiny gym. There are also two bathrooms.

    The ground floor includes many other stores (furniture, kitchen stuff, music instruments, games, clothes, things for pets) and a movie theater.

    Here is the movie theater, which includes a room for games and getting popcorn and two symmetrical screening rooms.

    Quick look at the corridors etc before we head into each store. I tried to include some promotional signage. There is a spot on the ground floor where people can leave and sell their art. The second picture is the stair landing upstairs.

    I wanted there to be clothing stores for all ages and genders. I was sad when I realized we are limited to ten mannequins on a lot, but I think I managed. So here are the main stores for men, women and children (that last one also sells a few small toys). There's also one kinda goth store that was heavily inspired by a store which fascinated me when I was a kid in my hometown. I think I only bought one necklace from there once, but I would always go look at the peculiar and pretty things in there.

    I wish I could include a proper pet shop with at least some fish in there, because I loved visiting those when I was a child. I could spend so long watching the fish and birds. Well, I've at least made a small shop for pet supplies.

    There's also one of those very chic looking furniture and decor stores. I tried to make it look very well-lit and high class.

    There's also a store that sells small appliances and kitchen tools, in part because that was my first job ever and I wanted to include something like it. It is somehow messier but less cluttered than the place I worked in, as I wanted to fill the spaces on the counters, which meant I had to put stuff like utensils between the appliances...

    We have plenty of objects for it and I do like going to the music store to get new scores and maybe play the piano for a few minutes on one of the better ones, so here it is. I feel like the walls are a little bland in this one, but I at least added the jazz themed pictures from base game behind the cash register.

    Finally, the ground floor has a gaming store, as I spent quite a bit of time in those browsing for new rpg sources, board games to try with friends and family or playing card games with my boyfriend and his friends. There are pretty much always people playing games in there, so I left a big area for kids to play voidcritters and everyone to play cards (or don't wake the llama, I guess).

    Upstairs, right in front of the stairs, is possibly the most important shop to me: the bookstore. I gave it glass doors rather than the usual arch so that it could be a quieter place. I tried to make it look cluttered and comfy at once.

    There's also a shop that sells sports gear and camping gear. It also has a tiny gym, access to a balcony with a spa and dance floor (zumba, anyone?) and showers, because that is going to be needed at some point if there's a gym.

    Finally, there's the food court. I'm not sure how it will work when it comes to people manning the stands. When I play-tested, I had to pay for them as if they were caterers... I'm still pretty happy with the way it looks. There's plenty of room to sit, areas for people to clean up plates and throw out garbage, various types of food available, lots of color. There are also tables outside, on the balcony, with a nice trellis full of greenery overhead.
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    I will repost here what I wrote in the challenge thread, because this is your showcase thread
    San Myshuno Mall tested is a very great venue for sims to enjoy visiting! :) It is such a very detailed build! Each area of the Mall, both indoors and outside looks very nice! The exterior design and layout of the build looks very nice. The upper balcony patios are very nice for sims to take their food from the food court and dine outdoors at the tables, or have fun dancing on the dance floors or enjoy relaxing in the hot tub. Kids will have fun playing in the playground.. Very nice design and furnishing of each of the stores! The design of the movie theatre area looks great!
    The build would have involved a lot of time and work! The resulting Mall build is a very special place to visit, with many great feature areas and stores! :)
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    Teehee. Thanks for stopping by and bumping up the thread, @rosemow
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    I really haven't updated this thread in forever! It seems I forgot to add the builds I made for challenges and such on my own thread. :P Well, I'll make a few updates now.

    First, this is a family home I built... possibly a year ago? Here is a look at the outside.



    The living room has been decorated in muted tones to give it a calm atmosphere despite the movement that will occur, as it is in an open area between the entrance, dining room, ground floor bathroom, laundry room and door to the backyard.


    There's plenty of room in the kitchen/dining room to have people over.


    The upstairs is a quiet space reserved to the parents.




    While the basement is mostly a space for the preteen to have fun with her friends. She's very much a social butterfly.





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    edited June 2020
    Very lovely family home! :) Very nice exterior design, pretty flower boxes along back patio wall roofing, very nice outdoors dining and laundry patio! Very nice interior furnishings, layout! Very nice sofa and armchair tv watching and reading area in the living room. The open plan kitchen and dining room is very nice. The round wooden dining table is homely and nice, Very lovely design and furnishing of the bedroom areas. It is nice there is a upper level massage room, and the basement bedroom and tv watching area for preteen is very nice. Very nice computer study desk nooks in the bedrooms.
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    Ok, let's keep updating with my older builds so I can catch up before I post my current WIP. This build is a house I made for Takissis' first shell challenge, last month. I built it imaging a very fancy, health-focused couple and their child. I also limited myself to just a few packs : Spa Day and a bunch of stuff packs, basically. I've been doing this for my last few builds to try and force myself out of my comfort zone, so I'd notice items (and combinations) that I don't use often.

    This is the outside. I played around with some water features as I tried to figure out what to do about the two apparent entrance doors on the shell.


    Some floor plans before we go into details, starting with the ground floor, then the second floor.



    Here's a quick look at the backyard too.


    I tried to work mainly with muted colors, but adding an accent color in each room.



    Upstairs is a little more colorful, even though I kept most walls and floors white.





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    Your new home is a lovely modern family home! :) Very nice exterior design, large glass windows bringing in sunshine. and the interior furnishings and layout are very nice! Very nice pool, outdoors dining and gardening patio areas. The color scheme of the interior rooms and the wood flooring are calming. Very nice windows dining area for Sims to enjoy eating meals in the sunlight. The green flowers and the green color of the dining chairs look very nice together and is pretty. Skelly teddy in the kids room is cute! It is great there is gym room for Sims to enjoy using the equipment to keep fit.
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    Ok, this is the last bit of catching up I have to do. Here is a house I built for a Blueprint Build challenge. I tried making a house for a group of university students who want to form an e-sports team, so there are two shared bedrooms with dividers and enough computers for everyone.

    This is the entrance


    Let's go around the "backyard" before we go in. I say "backyard" because the lot I built this on has streets and paths almost all around it. I tried to include a few fun things to do outside, focusing on physical activity so they could move a little when they are not studying on using their computers.



    The floor-plan. There is a bedroom on each end, plus two bathrooms and an open-area kitchen + dining room + living room


    Open-living area. The kitchen is set up so you can hire a caterer once in a while, as I used the Dine Out appliances.




    And here is one picture of each bedroom.


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    I will repost here what I wrote on the Challenge thread.
    Collegiate Gaming is a very lovely home for university students! :) Very nice wood and brick exterior texture and pretty flowerbox window. The lantern lights tree is pretty and very nice ping ping and punching bag areas. Lovely interior furnishings! Very nice tv and movies watching area in the living room. Sims will enjoy listening to music and reading the books on the table whilst sitting there. Very nice kitchen! It is a great touch that the chefs kitchen item is there for a caterer to use. Very lovely bedrooms! Very nice study desk areas in the rooms. The patterned curtains in one of the bedrooms are pretty! It looks very nice the way that the bookcase separates off the beds.
    It is a very nice students home :)
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    Thanks, @rosemow It is very nice of you to make sure that every build posted on this forum gets some nice comments. It must take you quite a bit of time. It's appreciated. :)
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    I've just posted my most recent build on Takissis' shell challenge thread for this month. Here are all the pictures I took.

    This time, I decided to build a big family home for people who love pets. It is available on the gallery if you look for my name or follow this link.

    Let's start with a look at the exterior, going from the front yard, to the porch, around the side and to the backyard and pool.







    Now, the floor plans. The ground floor includes the living room, a large kitchen/dining room, a half bathroom and a tiny office. The entrance is also quite big, with room to sit by the fireplace and have hot cocoa or play games with the kids.


    The upper floor is for bedrooms (main and 2 children's rooms) and a full bathroom.


    This is the view from the entrance door.


    Looking to the right, you can see the fireplace and the living room.



    With a dollhouse and puppet theater, a spot has been reserved a little further for children's games, so they can go play, but still be close when the adults are gathered in the living room or dining room.


    The kitchen is a little more modern. I imagine it may have been renovated more recently.


    And they still kept the old dining room furniture.


    This is the half bathroom.


    And the office. There's also a threadmill in there for when you just need to get up and move, but you can't really see it here.


    Upstairs landing. There's a desk corner with a computer so the kids can use it while the parents can still keep an eye on what's going on.



    Taking pictures of bathrooms is always difficult. What's the trick? I go through walls every time I try.


    One bedroom is for a fairly young girl with a creative mind.



    The other is for a preteen who is trying to play it cool, while still keeping some of his old things (and his own hamster). He loves robots and video games.




    Finally, this is the master bedroom. I tried to make it look quiet and peaceful despite the inevitable bustle that comes with two kids and a big dog.



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    Well-Behaved is a lovely family home for households that have kids and pets! :) Very nice makeover of the shell! The brick exterior texture is very nice and great outdoors areas! The pets training area, kids play area and outdoors dining and bbq area are all very nice! The blossoms are pretty! The pet mail box is great! Very nice fencing used. The layout and furnishing of the interior is very nice. Very nice fireplace sitting area to enjoy watching tv and listening to sterile music. The fish tank circular table there is a nice touch. Kids will have fun playing with the dollhouse and the puppet theatre. Very lovely combined kitchen and dining room. The wooden dining chairs and table are homely and nice. Very nice bedrooms! The furnishing of them to suit the type of sim whose bedroom it is, looks very nice. Very nice wood wall of the Kids rooms and lovely master bedtoom wall paneling. The bedroom wall decor is very nice.
    It is a very nice home for a family :)
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    Thanks, @rosemow !
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    Here is another build I just finished landscaping for AlJay's Blueprint Builds challenge of making a trailer-house. I'll be copying some information here from the challenge thread and my imgur gallery. ^_^'

    As I built this, I imagined a quirky sim, possibly a witch, lives here alone, sometimes inviting guests and keeping beds for them to stay the night because she lives far from the city. I decided to leave most of the lot quite overgrown. The outside siding of the trailer has also only been half renovated, and the foundation is trellis that hides the wheels, like some people use when they set up trailers for the long term. I wanted the inside to look like that had been extensively renovated to fit her peculiar tastes, while still keeping the general structure sound.

    The whole build has been playtested. The bunk beds in the living room are purely decorative, but everything else should work. It must be placed using the moveobjects on cheat. Here is the gallery link.

    Here is what you can see from the street.


    There is a small sitting nook overlooking the street in front. I've made most of this lot quite overgrown.


    Let's walk toward the trailer. There is a wood-working bench here.


    Here is a closer look at the facade. I tried to imitate the a trailer's brand logo using some stickers. The person here also hangs flowers to dry. There's space to do some gardening, and the barbecue could be used for an outdoor meal or for some herbalism.


    There's also a seating area for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors without being so exposed to the looks of passerbys.


    And behind the trailer is a little spot for painting.


    Before we head inside, let's take a look at the floor-plan.


    This is the kitchen. The very square door is the one that leads outside. The other one leads to the main bedroom.


    I tried to imitate how a lot of RVs and trailers have extra beds just about everywhere, so there is a murphy bed right at the entrance, for guests.


    Here is the dining area. This and the last two pictures are all in the same room.


    Here is the main bedroom. I imagined the stained-glass was handcrafted by the resident and added when they had to renovate the outer walls on two sides of the trailer.


    The window facing the street is covered with drapes.


    As usual, bathroom pictures are hard. XD


    Finally, the living room. Despite the purely decorative bunk beds, sims can sit and watch tv here. I used shelves and floor lamps to make something that sort of looks like a ladder. I'm not entirely sure of the effect. It looked better from the top as I was building it.


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    A Witch’s Trailer is a very nice trailer home! :) Very nice exterior design and the overgrown landscaping looks great! Very nice sitting nook under the tree. Sims will enjoy doing woodworking on the outdoors crafting table and painting on the easel. The hanging herbs are pretty on the exterior. Sims will enjoy cooking on the bbq and eating meals outdoors in the air. Very nice enclosed fenced sitting area!The heater lamp will keep Sims warm whilst sitting there. Very nice furnishing of the interior! The brown and black color scheme is very nice. Very nice U shaped sofa sitting area. The pattered counters in the kitchen are very nice.Very pretty floral wallpaper in the bedroom, and the stained glass windows are lovely! :)
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    Lovely builds! Your recent family home with pets is just gorgeous
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    Thanks @Jen411371__ I'm glad you like it. :)
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    It's been quite a while since I last built anything worthwhile (as in decorated, not just my Random Legacy Challenge home). Here is the small home (as per Tiny Living rules) I built for the Blueprint Builds challenge 11. I hope you enjoy it!



    Let's look top-down just so you all can figure out where things are placed in relation to each other.




    And now, some details.

    There is a bike on the porch, leaning against the railing. I tested it and sims can still take it.




    Open-plan living room and kitchen.




    This is the bathroom. I hate trying to take pitcures of those tiny rooms. XD


    Now heading upstairs to the bedroom.




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    Small Student Home is a lovely home for students! :) Very nice exterior textures, windows used, great fencing, very nice outdoors keg and karaoke area! Sims will enjoy painting on the easel in the outdoors air. The large waterfountain and plants corner, and the pretty flowers on home edges are lovely! Sims will enjoy playing chess on the front porch. Very lovely furnishing of the interior! Very nice curtained windows corner sofa seating in the living room to enjoy watching tv. The kitchen and bathroom patterned wall tiling is very nice. Very nice bedroom design! The computer study desk nook is great! Very nice wall art, and the curtained corner wall windows are very nice!
    It is a very nice students home :)
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    This new house is actually just a renovation I've done for the RMHMarshall challenge here on the forums. It was fun learning more about what made the craftsman home architecture and xeriscaping. I know a lot of people think of desert plants and very dry climates when they speak of xeriscaping, but I went for a selection of plants that would better fit xeriscaping in my own region.

    This post will be quite long already, so I'll put a link to the full slideshow on imgur and leave the main pictures here : Imgur link

    Let's start with the floor-plan

    Some pictures of the outside. The landscaping took quite a while and almost half of my budget! Sadly, my save is now in autumn and it started raining as I was playtesting and taking pictures. That set of blue paintings on the wall is by AlJay2000. :)



    The common areas are mostly open-living.



    While there is an opening between them, to walk from the kitchen to the family-room, one has to go through the main corridor, decorated with pictures provided by nali272, which had to be kept as part of the challenge (there were more pictures, which I spread around the house).





    I removed the doors and walls from the closets to expand the children's bedrooms a little.


    Here is the master bedroom.


    On-suite master bathroom

    And finally, there is a playroom in the shed in the backyard.
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    Very lovely makeover of the home! :) The landscaping with the flowers, plants, trees is lovely! Very nice playroom for kids in the shed! The interior furnishings, natural colours, wood texture of the furniture and flooring is very nice! Very nice fireplace sitting and reading area. It is nice that you have used the circular dining table and the wood ceiling lights in the dining area are very nice. The design of the bedrooms and restful wall colour is lovely! The flowers in the corner nook of the master bedroom are pretty! Very nice bedroom curtains.
    It is a lovely natural furnished and landscaped family home :)
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    Thank you @rosemow As always, your comments on the thread are very appreciated. It's good to know that some people do take a look at the thread.
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