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***REBOOTED*** - The Chikamori Selfacy - With 100% more ASIAN faces. :D

Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,434 Member
Chapter 1 - Life in Sunset Valley

'Life was good, in a manner of speaking.' Yasunobu thought, his expression neutral as he looked out at Oak Grove Street. It was a nice house that they had purchased. It was a side by side duplex, three floors, two bedrooms on each of the upper two floors meaning that each unit had four bedrooms apiece and those bedrooms were going to be filled easily. It was well worth the §108K they had paid for it, but unfortunately that meant that it was going to take a lot of work to pay for the taxes involved.
Screenshot.jpg When they had bought the house it had enticed the McIrish family to sell their home and move to the duplex. After all, Haruo and River had been playmates since the time that they could crawl and it was well known that where one was, the other was usually soon to follow and a duplex seemed like the perfect answer to both River and Haruo as they were soon to graduate. It gave each of the families their own little bit of privacy, yet River and Haruo could hang out and do their homework together - people after all were saying that River and Haruo were joined at the hip, colloquially speaking (to the ever increasing ire of Ethan Bunch and Parker Langerak who had their own designs on River McIrish). Both River and Haruo were teens with about five days till graduation and school was rapidly starting to bore them, yet they were both bound and determined to end up on the honor roll before graduation.
Screenshot-5.jpg Satoshi, good ol' Uncle Satoshi, was Yasunobu's younger brother and a world traveller and explorer that was planning on setting down his roots and what better place to do it than Sunset Valley. Having travelled to many corners of the globe, he was full of stories and River just loved listening to them as she hoped to travel herself. River had that restless spirit about her that she wanted nothing more than to explore the world, but running a close second was the love of her family and the want of someone to share her life with and to raise that family that she wanted.
Screenshot-7.jpg Mayumi, herself, could only be described as a "seething ball of hate". She didn't like anyone or anything and the most that could be said of her was: it was wise to not cross her. If anything could be said that described just how vitriolic Mayumi was, it was whispered around Sunset Valley that even Vita Alto, the town's defacto evil hag, was slightly afraid of what Mayumi Chikamori could do. Completely narcissistic, vengeful, self-serving and hateful were some of the more colourful nouns used to descripe Mayumi.
Screenshot-4.jpg If there was a living, breathing representative of the wonders of collagen and Botox injection, Fiona McIrish would be the leading candidate and Mayumi hated her very guts. When her tired worry lines were relaxed, erased and her lips were not pressed into the ever-present frown, she was really quite beautiful. River was at the stage where she was being rebellious and testing her own wings so it wasn't too hard to tell where those worry lines were coming from, however a recent trip to the spa and the resultant collagen treatment helped Fiona's looks immensely and that made Mayumi hate her even more.
Screenshot-2.jpg ...and then there was Haruo himself, subjected to verbal abuse from his mother - she was too smart to lay a finger on him (belittled, subjected to minimalization of any concerns that he had, name-calling, threatening, isolation if he didn't do what Mayumi wanted, waking him up at two in the morning to scream at him about something that only Mayumi was concerned about; never though, a finger laid on him), but he was ripe...oh so ripe for open rebellion. And it was just uncertain as to what form that rebellion would take place or whether it would involve more than just hateful looks directed towards his mother and her abuses but yet there were the cultural mores of being the obedient son and never talking back to his elder or treating her ill in return. He and his father both were the long-suffering types - suffer in silence.
Screenshot-6.jpg And in that maelstrom of chaos, lost in the shuffle, barely thought of and treated as mere after-thoughts by anyone other than Fiona, River and Haruo, were Molly and Sandi French. Molly was Fiona's friend and Sandi was Molly's daughter, a toddler who was just one day from aging up to school age. Molly worked at the local Hogan's Diner which was slightly better fare than McDonald's on the edibility scale. (considering Jared Frio's cooking skills - he seemed to spend more of his time improving OTHER skills). But they say, beggars can't be choosers, and frankly, as long as there wasn't a cloud of flies emanating from the restaurant anytime one opened the door, the fare, if it didn't kill you, at least was filling.

And with such introduction, our tale starts.
Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~


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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,434 Member
    The Chikamori Selfacy
    Seeing in a New Light

    Well, all that standing around at the start of the game while the narrator yapped his face off had made them hungry and thirsty - the heat will do that, y'know. But they all headed down to Hogan's Diner to have a meal - or more accurately: play gastronomical Russian Roulette - "Let's see, will you upchuck tonight or won't you? Come down to Hogan's Diner and find out." Well, essentially being the great parent that Molly was, she abandoned her daughter in the care of Mayumi. while they went down to fill their faces.
    Screenshot-8.jpg The only thing the narrator can say to that is:


    ~sigh~ She's going to be scarred for life. - yes, another picture so that you can very well grasp the FULL HORROR of this moment.

    Anyways back to the story:

    While the rest of the family stuffed their faces, Mayumi was enjoying the full-on psychological torture of an infant. It fed her soul and replenished her evil-ness and frankly she didn't give two hoots about whether or not Molly would have to spend thousands of simoleons on therapy bills for poor little oft-neglected Sandi - especially with puting her in the hands of *gasp - horror* Mayumi. That was an unspeakable crime.
    Jared Frio being the arrogant little 🐸🐸🐸🐸 that he was, decided to start something with Haruo - he might take disrespect from his mother, but lord help anyone who crossed Haruo outside of the home. Jared started it; Haruo ended it, it didn't matter that Jared was an adult. He got the full venom of Haruo's vitriol and five-knuckle sandwich. Nighty-night, Jared. Don't mind the canaries floating around your head - they'll go away eventually.
    Molly wanted to know how Haruo was doing in school, whether he had any aspirations to do something with his life. Haruo being rather absent minded didn't have a clue at the moment that Molly asked him. Of course being rather inclined to concentrate his studies on writing, he did aspire to be a well-respected author.
    But he certainly perked up when River started talking to him as well, enthusing about how wonderful it would be to graduate and travel the world. She also enthused about their new house and how wonderful it was that they were living so close together. (~evil narrator grin~ Oh...they don't know just how CLOSE they're GOING to get... MWA HA HA HA HA)
    And it was at that very moment that they saw each other in a VERY different light - of course it could have been the dimming light of early evening, but I think it was something else.
    They were enthralled with each other...seeing hearts. Oh how disgustingly romantic.
    thrilled_jafar.png Screenshot-14.jpg
    They were so engrossed in talking about each other. that they lost complete and utter track of time. They talked about the future and Haruo talked about River and her aspirations and River talked of Haruo and HIS aspirations -
    Of course, all the aspiration talk led to them forgetting about the clock and then realizing that they hadn't done their homework which led to Haruo's getting his butt-end chewed out, justifiably (as opposed to the other unjustifiable times that he had unjustifiably been chewed out) for not doing his homework.
    So it was two unhappy teenagers who ended up stuck doing homework so as not to get roasted by their teacher the next day.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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