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Taking Build Requests

Bubbz3388Bubbz3388 Posts: 1,417 Member
Hiya. I am in the mood to do some build requests.

Fill out this form first.

Game: Sims 3 or 4
Expansions/Stuff/Game Packs I can use: For TS4 you can choose all expansions, aside from Cats and Dogs, all game packs, and for stuff packs Kids Room, Backyard, Cool Kitchen, and Toddler stuff. For TS3 you can choose from World Adventures, Ambitions, Seasons, Pets, Supernatural, Late Night, Generations, Island Paradise. For stuff packs for TS3, you can choose High End Loft stuff.
Style you want:
Any specific floorplan: Can be optional
Bedrooms and bathrooms:
Lot dimensions:
World you want to place it in:
Info on the Sims that want the house
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