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Can we do another one?



  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 1,269 Member
    > @Petreak1 said:
    > I don't have the Vampires pack, so I didn't know about that. People are too "sensitive" today. Sheesh! It's just a game! LOL! Oh well, maybe somebody can make a mod for it. If I knew how to write mods, I would do it.

    I like the Vampires but it really needs more. I can't do scripting either. I would have loved to have Vampire hunters officially in the game rather than something I can add in for a back story. Since I can't do scripting I can't create a script for it unless there is a hunter mod out there to make the Vampires lives interesting in game.
    Playtesting - not just tabletop games and card games any more. Really that should have been playtested in Beta and not [img]just with accounting and marketing but actual players.[/img]
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