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Can we do another one?


  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,663 Member
    @Simfreaks The trouble is that they are adding stuff a little at a time and you have to have bought the whole lot to have a decent selection of eg: windows and doors. There are several new windows in the Jungle Adventures pack from what I have seen on the latest stream. It's going to take a long, long time to get decent building tools and items this way.

    As someone who likes building best I found the Store from Sims3 useful in the way in which you could buy the building items separately. I bought all of them then.
  • ButteredBiscuitButteredBiscuit Posts: 11 New Member
    here's an idea for a pack: Old Skool pack (I purposefully spelled *school* that way) it should be a pack that as more activities for the sims such as rollerblades/heelies, skateboards, arcades, pool, air hockey, ect and have hairstyles that were popular back in 60's through the 80's as well as clothes and have some new aspirations. another idea would be to add addictions to the game, for example, a sims addicted to coffee so it adds a tense moodlet until they get coffee, now a addon like that needs to be completely optional to were you can turn it on or off in the options menu. but, hey that's just an idea
  • ButteredBiscuitButteredBiscuit Posts: 11 New Member
    another idea that ea might want to take advantage of is, the current trend, what is coming out like hotcakes right now? what am I getting at? SUPER HEROES OF COURSE!! that's right super heroes for your sims, you can even create your own hero... with restrictions, but interesting, no?
  • KolikokolitkaKolikokolitka Posts: 173 Member
    another idea that ea might want to take advantage of is, the current trend, what is coming out like hotcakes right now? what am I getting at? SUPER HEROES OF COURSE!! that's right super heroes for your sims, you can even create your own hero... with restrictions, but interesting, no?
    That sounds good but I don't know if this is even possible :D.
    I would love if we got like a edwardian/old-timey theme with a new world when there is no electricity (instead of computer - typewriter or something else, newspapers could come back), no cars (horse carriages instead), no phones (telegraph instead of phone) etc. "Old-timey" clothes for NPCs. And if you travel to another world (the worlds we have) it would get the Sim buff (about other Sims clothes, about phones etc.)
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  • PetreakPetreak Posts: 24 Member
    That edwardian/old-timey theme sounds cool. I would like to see something like that, but make it time travel related. Where your Sim invents a time machine and the neighborhood they are in changes to that after they arrive back in the past. Could be interesting for sure! They could also make an Amish community neighborhood. That would be like that pretty much. LOL!
  • TheHarbinger_51TheHarbinger_51 Posts: 1,702 Member
    edited February 2018
    I would love another vote! But not for a stuff pack. I want a EP vote o:)

    Also, please no, niche-y stuff , like some of the ideas above. We are still missing basic stuff like swingsets. I would like more packs that addresses everyday stuff that we dont have. Such as hobbies . Ballet, Soccer, Knitting, were things we had come in sims 2.

    Right now, going swimming is so boring. Once sims are in the water, they dont have much interactions to play with each other. There aren't any pool floats . Zzzzzzzzzzzz! How dull. All our sims can do in the water now is swim laps and I think splash one another? (not sure). Where are the "beach" balls, to toss around? Wheres the fun and funky slides that twirl you into the water? :) Wheres the different swimming styles? Like backstroke? Right now swimming is a snooze fest :D

    Also, I would like more venues for my sims to go out and DO things. Like rollerskating. That was fun in sims 3. A rollerskating venue would be nice. And an amusement park.
  • KolikokolitkaKolikokolitka Posts: 173 Member
    I prefer packs where you don't have to do anything, click on anything etc. to "play" that pack. I love packs that add something to whole world but it is not required from you to "Click and do that" to actualy use the pack. That's why I loved packs like Seasons (weather is changing all the time and you see packs "influence" without participation), Pets (animals around the house, even though you don't have any in your household), World Ambitions (tourists in your town, different nationalities - that is what I also like in City Living).
    The other thing I like (want from) about packs is more content - CAS/Buy/Build.
    But with Sims 4 packs it's hard. They do not add bunch of stuff like previous Sims games.
    I don't get Laundy pack. You have to actualy wash Sims clothes. Awesome. You will do it like 5 times and then it's boring. What I like about that pack is the new furniture we got. Like... in Sims 3 we got laundry with Ambitions, pack that is not even aimed at laundry or anything even close to that. It was just another feature that they add because people may like it. Ambions costs like 20 dollars and Laundry day around 10 dollars. And Laundry day does NOT add 50 % of what Ambitions did. More like 5 %.
    So please, no more packs that add like one or two "actions" that will be boring after few times. Please more packs that add something permanent so it is there all the time.
    More careers, more aspirations, more traits, more CAS stuff, more furniture, more buid stuff, imroving things (like getting rid of foundations and keeping a round fence, maybe? or not to delete whole room floor but only pieces I want?)
    From everyday things I would appreciate to add knitting or whatever. But do not make a whole pack around it (with that old-timey pack they can add knitting and
    With Sims 2 and 3 they add SO MANY stuff with each pack. Objects, CAS stuff, activities, improved gameplay etc. And now we get a pack with ONE thing? Instead of vacation pack - actual vacation like before (3 different places) we get 2 "traveling" packs that are BOTH about traveling into woods??? And in one pack you can camp and in other you can explore??? This should be in ONE pack and with much more content.
    So no, please, do not make another super expensive pack about one activity.
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  • ButteredBiscuitButteredBiscuit Posts: 11 New Member
    @Kolikokolitka and old Edwardian pack would be very neat, especially if they add fencing, now that i'd pay 10$ for. and @kaywilliams I agree that actual hobbies would be nice, it would add more to the stories that we tell in our game.
  • TheHarbinger_51TheHarbinger_51 Posts: 1,702 Member
    I actually think that we get a ton of new build/buy mode objects with expansions and sometimes game packs too. Parenthood and Cats and dogs especially and also city living, although the decor is not so much my style with city living :)
  • PetreakPetreak Posts: 24 Member
    I SO miss cars and the ability to raise and lower terrain. I hope they bring that stuff back some day, if not for the Sims 4, maybe in the Sims 5. Plus having a bigger world to explore without so many loading screens would be nice too. I miss seasons as well. That was one of my favorite expansion packs for The Sims 2.

    Fencing would be cool! I know they probably wouldn't add it to the game, but I would like to see an old west type expansion, with the stuff to make Saloon's and all the old west type buildings.

    I would like to see the retro arcade machines return. If I had known about the voting, I would have voted for that. I grew up in the '80's, so arcade machines were part of my life on a regular basis.
  • KolikokolitkaKolikokolitka Posts: 173 Member
    edited February 2018
    @kaywilliams Did you play Sims 2 and 3? I like the ideas you are talking about. Really. But I don't think it's a good idea to get a pack just about these things. With packs for Sims 2 and 3 we got TONS and I really mean TONS of stuff. So much stuff that if you had more packs the game suggested you to turn off some packs and turn on only few of them. And the packs did not add like three new activities and five new objects like now. The amount of content we get now in EP was in Stuff packs for Sims 3.
    Just look what we got in Ambitions EP for Sims 3:
    New town, SimBot, better roof modification, tons of CAS clothes and hairstyles, new skills (sculpting, inventing, tattooing), 5 professions (architectural designer, firefighter, ghost hunter, investigator, stylist), addons to careers already in the game (education, medicine, self-employment), more lifetime wishes (aspirations - home desing hotshot, descendant of da Vinci, fashion phenomenon, firefighter super hero, paranormal profiteer, pervasive private eye, monster maker), more lifetime rewards (fireproof home, career cash booster, artisan career, professional simolean booster, efficient inventor, entrepreneurial mindset, suave seller, my best friend), earthquake, child labor (bake sales), new objects (firetruck, fire extinguisher, tattoo chair, trampoline... (and so many clutter etc. that is not even in any article because there is too much of it), junkyard and collecting scraps, more traits (savvy sculptor, eccentric, dramatic, eco-friendly, perceptive, born salesman), you can buy a community lot, laundry system, new death (meteor), new vehicle (motorcycle), new lot, new songs...
    That is just ONE EP. The price was around 30 dollars i think.

    And now similar EP for Sims 4 (Get to Work):
    New objects (chemical analyter, chemistry lab, invention constructor, mannequins, photo studio, x-ray machine - mostly objects also in Ambitions but are not "bragged" about since it's obvious you need stuff like that for a new job), 3 professions (scientist, doctor, detective), Aliens, you can run a business, new lot (not world, Sixam), birth in hospital, illness, new skill (baking), new venue (retails), new radio station, alien TV channel, new collection (geodes)
    That's it. For 40 dollars.

    Do you see it? Don't get me wrong - I do LOVE Sims 4. I love graphics, I love some new approach to gameplay etc., I love how it's very "light" looking (Sims 3 looked so weirdly not-smoothly). But I am a bit disappoited with Sims 4 packs. They do not add much. But I do belive they will add the things we want so much - like colorwheel or cars, just like it was with toddlers.
    That is why I think would be better if they focus more on "global" EP's and added these new activities as a nice bonus.
    Man, how would I loved remastred Sims 3 with Sims 4 graphics and lightness (it runs really nice on my old laptop).
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  • TheHarbinger_51TheHarbinger_51 Posts: 1,702 Member
    Well, for one , sims 2 had an entire expansion pack dedicated to hobbies :D Do you remember the "free time" EP? It was the one from sims 2. And I feel that we need another one because there isnt much for our sims to do , to me.

    Also, I would like the swimming pool issue to be addressed as a part of a large game pack. Because that is an area that could be greatly enhanced @Kolikokolitka I played all of the sims games, but I do think that we get plenty of new stuff and features.
  • KolikokolitkaKolikokolitka Posts: 173 Member
    @kaywilliams If they would make an EP with many hobbies like Free time, that would be amazing. But I am afraid they would make like one-hobby-pack (based that instead of actual eco living we got only washing mashine). This is what I fear. Like if we got to vote again and we vote "hobbies" I am afraid we would get something like "better gardening stuff pack" with only few items and more harvestables.

    I totaly agree with you about that pool stuff because now I don't even get the point why we have pools if we have no actual interactions there.
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  • GrijzePilionGrijzePilion Posts: 588 Member
    We could it again but only if MY suggestion wins :D
    Look out for BRIDGEPORT'88!
    (oh, and follow me on my Tumblr)
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  • bluelightingbluelighting Posts: 653 Member
    i would of preferred something with pool tables, drums, bands, singers with bands.
  • PetreakPetreak Posts: 24 Member
    I would love to have band stuff. That would be cool to go with a musician career. Having to tour and meet fans and play gigs. How cool would that be?
  • simfreakssimfreaks Posts: 36 Member

    An Egyptian pack would be cool. Our Sims 1 set was very popular. One can get really creative too.


  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 1,432 Member
    I would love a pack that would allow us the options to change hair colour how we want it like ex. different colours like true white, highlights ombres and streaks, make rounded rooms have more levels and sub-levels to our homes. as well as other stuff too.
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  • KolikokolitkaKolikokolitka Posts: 173 Member
    @drakharis Yes, we would all love a colorwheel. And I still believe we will get it... one day (since we get a colorwheel for pets).

    @simfreaks That looks cool. I liked Egypt in Sims 3 the most
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  • TheLibrarySimTheLibrarySim Posts: 959 Member
    edited March 2018
    I would love to do another Community Picks Pack. Even though I wasn't a member of Team Dirty Laundry, I still appreciated the chance to take part in its creation. And I enjoyed Graham's "pulling back the curtain" on the creative process.
    Plus, we chose some pretty cool stuff!
  • kismetkismet Posts: 61 Member
    I would definitely take part in voting for the next community pack. We definitely need those seasons back though.
  • kismetkismet Posts: 61 Member
    I'd also like the various ways of death or misfortune back in the game. I miss the robbers and getting electrocute. Now the game just feels way too safe or something - or is it just me?
  • PetreakPetreak Posts: 24 Member
    Oh yeah, I miss the robbers too. What would be cool though, if you could play as the robber and slip into others sims houses at night and try to rob them. Would go great with the criminal career. Also, maybe play as the police and try to do stake outs to catch the robbers too. Could be fun.
  • paradiseplanetparadiseplanet Posts: 4,368 Member
    If vampire break-ins were nerfed bc of "sensitive" players, then I bet you burglars will never be happening either.
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  • PetreakPetreak Posts: 24 Member
    I don't have the Vampires pack, so I didn't know about that. People are too "sensitive" today. Sheesh! It's just a game! LOL! Oh well, maybe somebody can make a mod for it. If I knew how to write mods, I would do it.
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