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☆☆ QC Town Maps - Sims 4 ☆☆

Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 6,278 Member
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As correct names are required on the Quality Control build challenge entry forms I have slowly been working on a correct and fully informative maps for each of the towns so that correct names can be found. They also include lot sizes and also the names of any familys/sims that reside in them from the default new game.

I know there is others out there but found a few errors so I wanted to make sure correct names were always used on the competition entry forms.
Hope this is helpful to anyone else out there needing original lot names.

Map direct links:
Willow Creek Map
Oasis Springs Map
Windenburg Map
Magnolia Promenade Map
Forgotten Hollow Map
Newcrest Map
San Myshuno Map
Granite Falls Map
Brindleton Bay Map
Selvadorada Map
Del Sol Valley Map
Evergreen Harbour
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