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The Wysehearts: 50 Foals Challenge (THIS THREAD IS DEAD...NEW ONE MADE)



  • SamelaRitaSamelaRita Posts: 488 Member
    Hope you're beginning to feel a bit better - flu is awful and can seem to take ages to go away completely! Taking care of yourself is (a) sensible and (b) highly recommended. Being nice to yourself too...flu can leave you feeling quite depressed afterwards, and it's the virus, not your mind or mood!
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,320 Member
    Well it turns out my game glitched really badly and nearly all of my progress went POOF. Luckily I saved a majority of the family to my studio so I can just start off again. I'm stuck on whether to use a new mare or continue with Tamarinde...decisions decisions. This challenge is by no means dead it just got halted some what. I'm going to continue posting just making a new thread so consider this thread...DEAD. My screenshots went wacky and cant be seen anymore T^T.
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 576 Member
    I was the same i think some of the mods of additions that i added to my game killed my game but i also noticed with the amount of children myss had we over populated the town, and that glitches a game really bad too. I hope to see your story up and running again xo
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