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The Wysehearts: 50 Foals Challenge (THIS THREAD IS DEAD...NEW ONE MADE)

ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
Greetings. I’d like to welcome you back to my Wyseheart 50 Foals/F.E.G.G. Challenge. I attempted a challenge with this family a few years back but my save got corrupted now I'm ready to try again.

I will be honest, this is my umpteenth attempt at one of these over the last several years. Many times, real life gets in the way and I lose my motivation to play. But other times my game simply cannot handle the save any longer and I’m forced to abandon it. This will NOT be the case however, I desperately want to finish one of these challenges so I can cross it off my Sims 3 Bucket list (along with my 50 Puppies challenge and countless others). I will be using not only in game stallions, but the few stallions I’ve downloaded off the Exchange and a select few created by me. For those I’ve downloaded, credit will be given. I will provide links to the profiles where the stallions can be found and mention their creators in my challenge. I hope you all enjoy my challenge and the horses produced therein. Anyways enough of my ramblings, here is my Generation 1 Founder and her horse!
Generation 0 Founder: Terrwynn Wyseheart
Lifetime Wish: Surrounded by Family (raise 5 children from babies to Teens)
Career: Author/Horsewoman
Hobbies: Author, Painter, Gardener
Hair Color: Medium-Brown with red highlights
Eye Color: Powder Blue-green

Uni Degrees: 0

Children: 11
2 sets of Triplets both hers.
Set 1 All Boys Zell, Romeo, Lyman
Set 2 2 Girls 1 Boy Mirajane, Lisanna, Elfman
Charla (Half Alien)
Triplet Girls (are her nieces) Blanche, Francine, Soleil

Spouse: 1
Nicholas 'Nick' Wyseheart-Knack
Age: Elder


Pet: Mittens (adopted in game)
Breed: Cat
Age: Elder
Color: White with black spots, 4 black feet and a black muzzle mask
This section will be updated as necessary

Horse and Foal Information

Name: Tamarinde (created by me)
Breed: Paint
Color: Bright Bay Overo

Foals # 1 and # 2 (mare desired to have twins; I used MC to grant her wish)

Foal # 1 Zipper *Unable to upload at this time, will try again later*
Gender: Colt

Foal # 2 Lavender
Gender: Filly
Sire: EC Jumper

Foal # 3 Bruno
Sire: EC Bolt
Gender: Stallion

Foal # 4 Wardley
Sire: EC Champ
Gender: Stallion

Foal # 5 Pochacco
Sire: EC Cyan
Gender: Stallion

Foal # 6 Mystogan
Sire: Lucky (was given a coat makeover after purchase)
Gender: Stallion

Foal # 7
Sire: Neptune

Foal # 8
Sire: Flame

Foal # 9

Foal # 10
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  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    edited October 2017
    Prologue and Chapter 0.1:

    This is Terrwynn Wyseheart. She is a bright girl and just moved from the hustle and bustle of Bridgeport. The only companion she has with her is her mare, Tamarinde. Terrwynn rescued Tamarinde from an owner who wanted to send her to slaughter. The two have been inseparable ever since. She came nearly fully trained and very obedient it’s a wonder she is as well-mannered as she is considering her background.

    Terrwynn and her mare moved to a quaint and distant town called Twinbrook. The city was very old and seemed like a respectable place for a beginning horse breeder to start out. She purchased a cozy little one-bedroom home that was settled on the back end of a large open lot. It was very nice on the inside and to Terrwynn's the yard in back was next to the ocean. She quickly set about buying everything her horse would need. By the time she was done her savings were almost completely depleted.

    Chapter 0.1

    She settled in quickly she knew she'd like it here. She then set about reestablishing trust with her mare, petting, talking and feeding so that Tamarinde would know this is home.

    She decided to start their journey together by taking Tamarinde to the EC to meet her first mate.
    She bred her to the lovely stallion Jumper!
    Then Tamarinde decided she wanted 2 foals instead of one. We’ll see if that comes true.

    While Tamarinde made her way home, Terrwynn decided to buy the next stallions early so she’d have a chance to start on their training.

    She first bought the lovely spotted stallion, Lucky who was supposed to be a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Vanner (he received a small makeover after purchase).

    Then as he was on his way home, she bought the second horse, a lovely dark red stallion named Neptune. She noticed he had an aggressive streak and hoped it wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

    Terrwynn looked forward to what these stallions would bring her. Stay tuned for Chapter 0.2

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  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
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    Chapter 0.2

    Terrwynn loved her horses but after eating her meals alone for the 3rd night in a row, decided she was getting lonely. She also had a wish to get married and start a family.

    So, against her better judgement, she signed herself up on the online dating site to see what kind of bachelors there were in town.

    She also adopted an elderly cat named Mittens whom she’d seen in the paper for several days.
    Mittens fit in well! He loved playing with his toys, and made friends with all the horses easily. Couldn’t tell him he was old…he was just a distinguished gentle-cat. He’s going to make an excellent ranch-cat.
    Terrwynn was determined to make sure his life as a spoiled one and was grateful for his companionship. She started making him Gourmet pet food and made sure he had a full bowl all the time. He loved his new home!

    Terrwynn started each day caring for her horses. Filling water troughs, spreading hay, brushing and cleaning. She made sure her horses had everything they could want! Even if she longed for companionship herself.

    All her horses got along great. She didn’t know why she was worried about Neptune. He got along well with the others despite a few disagreements. Once fully trained, he’d make a great pet!

    Her day finally came to an end. She was happy but tired. After dinner, Terrwynn cleaned up, took a shower, brushed her teeth and climbed into bed exhausted after her first very long day.

    Chapter 0.3 on the way ^_^ also we'll be expecting our first foals!!

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  • Animal_SimmerAnimal_Simmer Posts: 79 Member
    This is just awesome! Everybody is such a better writer than myself. *sigh* I will definitely follow this so I can be updated.
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 581 Member
    Great introduction and story so far can't wait to see how it unfolds and the foals to come :)
    Bookmarked your page so i can follow your story :)
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    Thank you so much! I'm kinda playing and writing at the same time. I'm glad you both like it! @Animal_Simmer I love your writing style. I am looking forward to your next installment!
  • Fiveme2Fiveme2 Posts: 963 Member
    edited October 2017
    Hiya Eli!! ( been awhile laptop broke T.T got married and moved cant get sims until next year with taxes plus no internet besides phone )
    Love your story like always!!! Can use any of my horses!!
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    Heya Fiveme2 how you been?! Thank you for reading my challenge. I've been bored with not being able to finish my 50 Pups challenge (darned file corrupted. Still have Akamus and Angella, just taking a break from them for while) so I decided to revisit one of my older families and see if I can finish a challege with them. Thank you for your offer, I'll definitely use some of your horses for my challenge! Glad you like it! I do hope you'll stick around and read it. Bummer about the no internet. I do hope things turn around! CONGRATS on getting married <3 I do hope you'll be happy together! I'm very happy for you!
  • Fiveme2Fiveme2 Posts: 963 Member
    Heya Fiveme2 how you been?! Thank you for reading my challenge. I've been bored with not being able to finish my 50 Pups challenge (darned file corrupted. Still have Akamus and Angella, just taking a break from them for while) so I decided to revisit one of my older families and see if I can finish a challege with them. Thank you for your offer, I'll definitely use some of your horses for my challenge! Glad you like it! I do hope you'll stick around and read it. Bummer about the no internet. I do hope things turn around! CONGRATS on getting married <3 I do hope you'll be happy together! I'm very happy for you!

    I always love reading your stuff so of course i will! I wish i could do challages from the ps4 game and post it here bit idk how ill do that!
    Thanks Eli!! :)

    It sucks i couldbt start my horse challange. Ut oh well one of these days imma do it,hopefully!
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    Chapter 0.3 Part One

    The next morning Terrwynn woke up and hopped on the computer. She signed up for the book club and checked to see if Mr. Right was somewhere among the locals and if she’d gotten some messages.

    She had gotten messages and responses to her love letters she had been sending to various eligible bachelors in town. Let’s just say they were none to friendly…

    She had never been more appalled at their blatant rudeness. Only one letter was friendly and heartwarming. It was from an elderly gentleman named Nick Knack. She decided to meet him and see what he was like. She liked how he looked and decided to give him a chance.

    Terrwynn also noticed that Tamarinde started acting broody. She was pacing and eating allot more hay. It wouldn’t be long before she gave birth! Terrwynn was very excited!

    Terrwynn’s books were doing great! She had earned over $900 in royalties so far and it pleased her to know that the community loved her books.

    Meanwhile, Mittens, being the adventurous gentleman, he was, started hunting around the property for any interesting critter he could find. He has a hunter’s instinct.

    Terrwynn was shocked to see Lucky training himself on the jump’s. He was making steady progress in gaining the Jumping skill.

    She decided to try him out on the water-duck jump. He splashed a bit but did very well. She just might compete with him in Jumping a while before selling him.

    She was starting to get attached to Lucky and that was not a good thing... :o
    She knew she had picked the best horses

    Tamarinde gave birth that night to 2 beautiful foals. A young colt and filly.
    Terrwynn named them Zipper and Lavender. Their Sire was Jumper.
    (Zipper is on the left of Mom, Lavender on the right) *Zipper was unable to be uploaded...Lavender is available*

    Terrwynn was shocked to see two foals but then again…she remembered that Tamarinde has wanted two…she was a lucky mare her wish came true. The two foals were doing great. They followed their mother everywhere.
    Terrwynn even got to bottle feed one of them…and see a Zombie appear for the first time….luckily the zombie woman paid no attention to her and ambled off in a different direction.

    Terrwynn was just finishing up feeding the foal, when she noticed Tamarinde paying attention to a black horse she didn’t recognize.

    As she observed the two she noticed the black horse, now identified as a stallion…had a horn on his head. She was seeing a Unicorn…a honest to goodness Unicorn. In HER yard…socializing with HER mare…OMG!!

    Terrwynn was in absolute awe. She had heard that these majestic and mysterious creatures existed but never in her life imagined she’d get to see one in person.

    She decided to watch the majestic stallion as he mingled amongst her horses and even grazed in her yard. A beautiful rainbow forming above him. <3

    As Terrwynn observed, an idea popped into her head. She imagined what it would be like to be the only horse breeder to OWN a Unicorn.
    Terrwynn liked this train of thought very much. She knew then…she had to make him HERS. This was the chance of a LIFETIME!

    She continued to observe him as he walked around the yard. Terrwynn got a little brave and approached him to see if he’d let her pet him.

    Unfortunately that backfired for her.

    He reared up and flattened his ears apparently unhappy with her presence right now and gave her a warning lunge.

    So, she retreated to a safe distance and waited to try again. The Unicorn really seemed to like Tamarinde. He followed her and nuzzled her a few times. He also drank water from the trough and simply made himself at home.

    Terrwynn, her determination renewed, approached again and this time held out her hand to him for him to sniff of his own accord. He accepted and sniffed it lightly, watching her with curious caution.

    She then decided to see if he’d let her pet him again….and he accepted. She could gently lay her hand on his cheek and pet him. He didn’t act aggressive at all. If anything, he was passive and seemed to enjoy her attentions.

    The Unicorn then decided to test her by sniffing very close to her face and giving her, a slight nuzzle. Terrwynn held still and accepted his advances. This was really good progress.

    Terrwynn then decided to see if the age-old ritual of inviting a Unicorn to join a worthy family still worked.

    As she gazed lovingly into his eyes, Terrwynn swept herself forward into an elegant bow showing him her respect, honor, and loyalty. Inviting him to join his life to hers as a lifetime companion. She kept her head held low and respectful. She held her breath and waited to see what the Unicorn would do in response.

    The seconds seemed to tick by as she waited. Terrwynn didn't move or dare to breathe. She could feel his gentle, wise gaze upon her. Then to her delight and surprise, he gave a soft snort and then bowed his head low in response to her invitation; accepting her as a life-mate and loyal companion. (**A/N This part in the game made me cry. It took me over an hour of interactions to get him to where she could invite him**)

    As she watched, his horn glowed a brilliant white and she was gently enveloped in his warm embrace of power. He had given her a Unicorn’s Blessing.

    Terrwynn could almost cry at the respect and love she felt for this majestic animal. She decided to call him Flame. He thrust his head into her chest and she gave him the tightest hug she could manage. She knew he’d be with her family for a VERY long time.

    End Chapter 0.3 Part One!
    Part Two Coming right up!

  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    Chapter 0.3 Part Two **Kinda rushed Terrwynn and Nick's relationship in this one...he was starting to get interests from another Sim gal**

    That same night, Nick decided to pay Terrwynn a visit. The two hit it off right away! She discovered he was a vegetarian, artistic, loved horses, loved books and dreamed of being a successful author. He loved brown, spaghetti was his favorite food and he loved French music. He had a grown daughter named Julienne who was expecting a child from an ex-boyfriend and lived with him currently. Julienne planned on leaving the child with him after it was born so she could pursue her dream of becoming a Business CEO.

    They chatted, and she made them both vegetarian spaghetti for dinner. So far things were going well between them.

    After their initial meeting, Terrwynn and Nick began seeing allot more of each other. He took her on a dinner date to the local bistro and then they visited the Summer festival.

    They took a photo together and enjoyed each other’s company. They shared a loving kiss in the rain.

    For Terrwynn, this was love and she didn’t want it to end. He stayed the night and you could tell he loved her just as much.

    She wrote him letters every day and looked forward to seeing him when he came to visit after his work.

    She decided to make her move as he was visiting a local shop and asked him to marry her. He happily accepted.

    About a week later, they held a simple wedding at Terrwynn’s home inviting only close family and friends. They were married in the dawn. Terrwynn couldn’t be happier.

    Meanwhile, while the humans celebrated the union, the foals were also growing up. Zipper and Lavender decided to become adults on the same day that Terrwynn got married!

    Terrwynn loved seeing the now grown foals running and enjoying themselves.
    She also knew that with Tamarinde expecting another foal (Tamarinde was wishing for two foals again…sorry not this time), she was going to have to sell them both right away.

    She got $7,890 for Zipper since he had a level 6 in Racing and
    $8,900 for Lavender who had Level 8 Racing and Level 3 Jumping.
    Terrwynn hoped that both would find loving homes.
    (**Lavender is available for download in my Studio. Link for her in original post!**)

    Terrwynn also got a surprise when her parents had to suddenly move in. They said they wouldn’t be staying with her and Nick long, they just needed to get back on their feet.
    So Terrwynn had the house upgraded. Added a small house adjacent to hers and a small covering for Tamarinde’s stall.

    Terrwynn and Nick knew they all couldn’t live on such a small property forever and after Tamarinde’s foal was born, would be moving into his mansion until they decided on a date to move to Hidden Springs or Riverview.

    Luckily, they didn’t have to wait long. Tamarinde gave birth the next day to a young colt, named Bruno.

    Terrwynn had decided to try and compete in Racing with Flame. It didn’t go according to plan.
    Flame decided he didn’t want to race this day and without giving her any kind of signal or warning…threw her right off.
    She was terrified as she hit the ground hard enough to knock her for a loop.
    She angrily got up, stood in front of flame and gave him a verbal scolding for his behavior.
    Flame bowed his head submissively, accepting her scolding.
    She then mounted him and headed home to prepare to move.

    That night Terrwynn reassured all the horses that they’d love their new home. That she had their best interests in mind.

    She wasn’t sure how she, herself, would cope but her priority was to make sure her horses were comfortable and happy. She knew Nick was right.

    Soon they were moved out of her little house that she had grown to love and in Nick’s huge 4-bedroom, 3 bath Mansion. The house was huge! There was a pond, small horse paddock, a large two-stall barn, and fenced feeding area and jumps.

    The horses had immediately settled in. Lucky and Tamarinde settled in the feeding area while Flame and Bruno ran around exploring the area. Neptune claimed the small paddock for himself.

    It would be an interesting night for everyone.

    End of Chapter 0.3 Part 2

    Chapter 0.4 soon to come! Terrwynn and Julienne has some surprises for the family and Bruno grows up!

  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    And I have a question for my lurkers and readers...can anyone tell me what would cause this to happen to my Sims' hand?! I've searched and searched but cannot find the source. I've changed her wardrobe, including her wedding ring...removed her scarf (which is CC), even changed her makeup and its still there...I've learned to ignore it but it is annoying...Can someone HELP me?!

  • KARRKITTKARRKITT Posts: 247 Member
    edited October 2017
    @ElijahsBabyGurl9 looks like the dish-in-hand glitch, other simmers have said telling sim to wash dishes has fixed it for them. Worth a try? :D
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 581 Member
    WOW great story so far beautiful babies and horses. I love Mittens he's sooo darn adorable!
    Wow never seen that glitch i hope it's resolved now?
    Can't wait to see what happens next :smiley:
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    @KARRKITT I thought it was the dish in hand glitch too but Terrwynn has washed several dishes since I noticed this issue and it hasn't helped...
    @bebasim Thank you. Allot happened in a short span of game time and I was hard-pressed to get all the pictures. Mittens has proven himself to be the comical relief of the family. He's constantly fishing in the pond, playing in the hay and hunting for critters. He's getting older since his adoption and I'm gonna miss him when he goes...thinking about having Terrwynn get either the 'Young Again' or 'Clone' potion...>:)
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 581 Member
    Bugger don't you hate glitches, i had a lot of issues, and some of the horses hair when further away i get bad glitches, so i have to play around with the camera distance and angle to avoid them.. grrr i totally understand you're grief there.

    As for Mittens he's got my heart, omg he's so cute, clone him clone him! make it a girl this time will be so cute to have his clone floating around again... he's just priceless!
    If you ever put him up in exchange i would love to have him in my game play one day? But either way he is a keeper... shame they get old. Yes i know the feeling, have your tissues ready... I have cried for 2 days straight after one of my favorite mares passed away, the whole event was so painful i haven't been able to play, instead decided to catch up with publishing my chapters online, so that i'm up to date with the story online. I usually write them after every game play, and just wait until i publish them..... but the death rocked me a little, so gives me a chance to catch up with my story too.
    i will be thinking of you when that day comes... I never in my life thought a game would effect me so much, but there are just some characters you learn to love. I will dread the day i read Mittens is gone :(
  • SamelaRitaSamelaRita Posts: 877 Member
    Really liked your horses - I've never played them that thoroughly, though horses feature in one of my stories, and I've never seen a unicorn that close to, so it was interesting to read about it.
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    @SamelaRita Thank you so much for stopping in and reading my challenge. I really appreciate your kind words.
    @bebasim OMG I know exactly what you mean. It has taken some thought and I do believe I'll clone Mittens soon (just after he passes...not looking forward to that). This way his little 'princess' can be with the family longer. The death in my game I'm not looking forward to is Nick's. With Terrwynn marrying an older gentleman, she'll live longer than he will. That thought scares me. She hasn't been married to him long but in game he's already 78 days old....:o that is gonna be really hard on all of them! Next part is coming up.
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 581 Member
    Oh ElijahBabyGurl9 yes it will be hard, yikes i hope he gets her pregnant :) , it would be nice for her to have a child to him. but I'll wait and see how the story unfolds. No death is easy in game play, we as player can think it's coming and prepare but it's the time when we really do get hit with the emotion too. . Ive just had my 3rd one and it's been difficult. I think when your Terrywynn of age it will be hard too. I know i will be really sad then too. However until then will continue to enjoy their story. Can not wait to see your next installment!!
  • KARRKITTKARRKITT Posts: 247 Member
    @ElijahsBabyGurl9 well, there's also theResetSim cheat to try?

    So far I haven't really encountered this.
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 581 Member
    KARRKITT wrote: »
    @ElijahsBabyGurl9 well, there's also theResetSim cheat to try?

    So far I haven't really encountered this.

    Did you try the reset sim? I had to try it for one of mine the other day and it fixed my problem ;)
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    I managed to get it fixed by refreshing my Sims 3 folder. It some bad cc idk which it was but she's back to normal now. I will have an update very soon. RL is just keeping me busy atm.
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 581 Member
    good to hear and can't wait. YES RL always has precedence but it allows for more anticipation when the uploads come. I have been busy with RL too the past few days so now i'm pushing out my stories so that i don't fall behind on publishing when i do play again.
    Non the less you do what you have to do and like always will be looking forward to your updates :smiley:
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    (A/N Sorry for the delay in my update...RL kept me is the update that is long overdue)

    Chapter 0.4 Part One Too Much Tragedy… So Many Babies and Bruno grows Up

    Despite the house being larger, life settled into routine for the Wyseheart-Knack family. Terrwynn worked on several more books, made sure the horses were happy and noticed that she was starting to gain some weight. The few nights she and Nick had frolicked…well she was pregnant! She couldn’t wait to tell Nick right away!
    His reaction to the news was priceless. He was ecstatic! He immediately wanted to feel, talk to and listen to the growing child within her. Terrwynn giggled at her husband's giddiness, smiling the entire time.
    He was dreaming of a little boy, while Terrwynn wanted a little girl. Who knows whose wish will come true?

    And his daughter Julienne was due to have her child any time.

    So not only was he getting another child of his own, but he was getting a grandchild as well. He was the happiest man in Twinbrook.

    The only thing Terrwynn didn’t like about being pregnant was she couldn’t ride her horses or train them. But she found she wasn’t bothered by it that much.

    That night they all ate grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. Of course, this was where Julienne also informed them that she wanted to branch out on her own after her child was born.
    And since they were already expecting one, she’d leave it in their care. Terrwynn’s dad didn’t seem to like that idea much but he said nothing about it.

    The family finished their dinner and each went to their respective rooms for the night. During the night though, Julienne was awoken by contraction pains. Her baby was coming now whether she was ready or not!

    Julienne was in for a surprise though…she gave birth to not one beautiful baby girl…but 3 baby girls. She had triplets!! Francine, Blanche and Soleil.
    After the birth of her daughters, she changed into her clothes, packed suitcase and without a second glance back…walked out the door, out of their lives forever. Leaving the rest of her family to discover the babies on their own in the morning. She at least made sure they were fed and sleeping comfortably before she left.

    That morning, the family was awoken to ruckus out in the yard. The animals were going crazy…it turns out the Grim Reaper was paying them a visit. Everyone scrambled outside to see why he was there. Terrwynn’s mother had finally reached the end of her time…before she and her husband had the chance to move out of their daughter and son-in-law’s home.

    RIP Grandma Emmilou Wyseheart “Beloved Wife, Mother and Grandmother”
    Creation Date: 04/26/17
    In-Game Age: 98 Days
    Death: 10/18/17


    The family was devastated. The newest members would never know their adopted Grandmother. Her husband Jim took the loss the hardest.
    It took a day but he finally knew he couldn’t live without Emmilou. He passed quietly that morning with his family surrounding him.
    RIP Grandpa Jamison ‘Jim’ Wyseheart.
    Creation Date: 04/26/17
    In-Game Age: 96 Days
    Death: 10/19/17


    Tamarinde tried harassing the Grim Reaper to save Jim but sadly it didn’t work this time.

    Jim and Emmilou are quietly resting side by side in a quiet spot near the garden. Their family will always miss them.

    Then amidst all the stress and tragedy there is a spark of new life. Terrwynn was giving birth to her own baby. Well…babies. She too had triplets. All boys. Zell, Romeo and Lyman.

    So there was a total of 6 children in the home at present…3 handsome baby boys and 3 beautiful baby girls. Nick loved his granddaughters and his sons. He was so proud to have these beautiful children bless his home, even if they were moving soon.
    (A/N: I aged all to toddlers soon after these were taken).

    Both sets of Triplets :D

    Zell loves the color Purple, Eggrolls, and Chinese Music
    Traits: Brave, Vegetarian, Eccentric

    Romeo loves the color Blue, Mushroom Omelette, Egyptian
    Traits: Good, Ambitious, Friendly

    Lyman loves the color Pink, Hotdogs, Western
    Traits: Bookworm, Heavysleeper, Artistic

    Blanche loves the color Green, French Toast, Chinese
    Traits: Loner, Neat, Genius

    Soleil loves the color Purple, French Toast, French
    Traits: Insane, Over-Emotional, Artistic

    Franchine loves the color Pink, French Toast, Egyptian
    Traits: Excitable, Easily-Impressed, Artistic

    The family could only go forward from here. Tamarinde then decided to contribute to the night’s events. Her foal, Bruno grew up into a fine and handsome stallion.

    Terrwynn quickly set about getting Tamarinde pregnant with the next foal. The sire was EC Champ. This has been a roller coaster ride for the family. 2 deaths, 6 births and 6 birthdays. The family is strong and will persevere from here on out. And I have my work cut out for me in choosing which child will take over as heir! Can only wait and see how they will all be as Teens!

    Next is Chapter 0.4 Part 2 The Toddlers Grow up, and Family moves.
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 581 Member
    WOW awesome events, just like RL our sims go through so much in their little lives too. I love this chapter reminds me of my own sims and their hectic lives lol. Excellent can't wait until the next part xx I will send away more gifts for your growing family and hope it helps them in every way x
    BTW Bruno is stunning!!
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,326 Member
    I have updated the main page to my challenge. Foal list is up to date, links provided and Lucky is up for download. I will be uploading Mittens, Neptune, and Flame as well. Hope you all enjoy my horses <3 Next section coming asap.
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