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50 Foals Challenge - Mystique Family

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my thread :smiley: (I have now completed this challenge - dated 19th November 2017)

I won't post a long introduction but give you a brief run down, I (Narrator of the story) had already created my characters before I found the 50 foal challenge. Testing how to play sims 3 after being a sim 2 player for a long time, to be honest, I had created Maxx as the main character (and my sim self) & her Poppy (who is basically only here until she is old enough for him to um…. Move on in his life ). I wanted to start off as a teen, I had already built my house etc before I found the challenge.

As it was my third attempt in character and world creation I decided to alter some events to suit the challenge, rather than start from scratch again, so that I could join the crew who are participating. However I am following through now with the rules, for the breeding etc.

- Rules can be seen here :

I also have a blog site for the Mystique Family
I created a website for this challenge and future Sim challenges. Can be found Here - Please note the website is the first place i update pets and other information before i upload to the exchange or post anywhere else.

Mystique Family Tree can be found Here

Below I have a list of the foal count. Foal names are links but sire and Dam's links you can find link-able on my website

Thank you for reading, feel free to add me in the exchange, i love to see how any of my progeny come along and produce.


#1 - Adonis - Male, (Mare: Galaxy X Sire: Cavatina)
#2 - Annabelle - Fem, (Mare: Sweet Secret X Sire: Cavatina)
#3 - Davey - Male, (Mare: Galaxy X Sire: Starlight)
#4 - Darcy - Male, (Mare: Sweet Secret X Sire: Starlight)
#5 - Pepper
#6 - Velvet
#7 - Charlie
#8 - Domino
#9 - Misty Fox
#10 - Gypsy Rose
#11 - Destiny's Child
#12 - Brandy
#13 - Bobby
#14 - Dancer
#15 - Cosmic Justice
#16 - Cosmic Spirit
#17 - Chivas Whispa
#18 - Sunshine Ray
#19 - Thunder
#20 - Storm
#21 - Autumn Breeze
#22 - Autumn Rein
#23 - Braveheart
#24 - Heartbreaker
#25 - Tango
#26 - Cash
#27 - Clyde
#28 - Bonnie
#29 - Sunrise
#30 - Sunset
#31 - Thelma
#32 - Louise
#33 - Luna
#34 - Venus
#35 - Sonny
#36 - Cher
#37 - Eclipse
#38 - Ceaser
#39 - Bambi
#40 - Thumper
#41 - Anthony
#42 - Cleopatra
#43 - Fortune
#44 - Lucky
#45 - Opal
#46 - Pearl
#47 - Lancelot
#48 - Elaine
#49 - Steller
#50 - Zoolander

So now that I have got the brief introduction out of the way - Grab a cuppa, and enjoy their story!

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    Looking forward to your challenge! Beautiful foals so far ^_^ You have a reader! I faved your thread. I'm in the process of making my own. I do hope you'll read it!
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    CHAPTER 1 – Part 1
    The tragedy, early days with Poppy & farm life.

    Maxx a young teenager, lives in the heart of Melbourne, her parents own a 5 star restaurant and are never home to be with her, unlike most teenagers Maxx is very different. She is a straight A student, a quiet, reserved individual with a love for animals, however her parents do not allow her any pets, not even a goldfish. Due to such a boring life she lives (however jealous friends are in ore of her wealth - pfft) she spends endless hours alone, writing in her diary and taking beloved photos of animals. She is an overweight girl and due to being teased a lot at school, she has become very recluse, really has no friends of any kind, is the happiest in her own company as it’s the only life she knows.

    One night during her sneak outs (which she did very often), as she knew her parents were working, she would sit at the beach and write, or take photos. This night when she had arrived home, she found the police and a social worker at her door. The social worker had informed her that her parents restaurant had an unfortunate explosive accident and there were no survivors, she also had come to learn that her parents were broke and not as rich as she had always believed. She was ordered to grab a few belongings as she was going to live with her only living relative, ‘Poppy’ – her grandfather.

    Maxx didn’t know her grandparents, let alone did she know she had a living one. She had no choice but to pack up her life (which was her diary and camera) and move to a place she never knew, with someone she never met. Maxx was put on a train and sent off to appaloosa plains where her grandfather lives a modest yet humble life.

    Poppy is Maxx’s dad’s father but because of an old family feud he was never allowed to see or speak to his family. When he heard the news he was torn, yet excited but more nervous, having a teenager in his life is not something he would have bargained on, especially in his later years. None the less he was willing to embrace her with a warm heart and love.

    Poppy is a horseman by trade, knows only horses, all his life he has been surrounded by them, and earns his modest living off training, racing and working his horses. He has a couple of racers which have been his bread and butter for some time now, but with a new teenager coming into the picture he was nervous as to what the future may hold. He started to think he may have to get a job so that he could afford to put her through school. So much was coming to his mind, along with his impatience to see her for the first time in his life.

    Poppy spends most if not all his time working horses, racing and competing, being his age having a small meal and then bedtime, his days are repetitive but nothing he doesn’t love and enjoy. Here Poppy is training Casanova, one of his current racers, whom has almost mastered the racing level and of course brought him some decent money from the winnings.

    His biggest money bringer has been the angriest horse he’s over owned, Pharlap the big red stallion. The biggest concern for Poppy is that this stallion is NOT kind, nor gentle but he is a money profit for him and isn’t keen on letting him got just yet.
    Pharlap to date has won every race and now competing for international races Poppy is keen to keep him a little longer. However is nervous that his granddaughter is coming, and may not know much about horses. He is hoping she knows something? Either way Pharlap the big red is out of bounds. He is keen to make this a “firm” rule.

    Upon arrival Maxx meets Pharlap at the fence line, Poppy isn’t home, as he is out training Casanova, like any teenager she makes herself at home. Being a lover of animals she walks over to meet this big red stallion. Pharlap not even remotely interested or trusting begins to give her attitude but is surprised when Maxx returns the attitude back to him.

    Within a few minutes the big red stallion notices that this little person has something bigger inside of her, something that many don’t see, something that he can relate to and hasn’t been able to feel from any human sim before. Here is where some kind of bond begins.
    Maxx for the first time touches a horse, the very first time she ever was so close to one, let alone feeling the hair in her fingertips. A feeling of something unique to her, is rising, some kind of warmth, a fuzzy feeling. She feels like she is floating. For the first time in her life she feels tiny next to this large animal.

    Pharlap a horse that was abused all his life, begins to feel that same feelings, he has never felt a love, but he knew the human kind had, but never had it shown to him, for the first time he didn’t feel angry, he didn’t want this moment to stop.
    That evening Poppy saw a change in Pharlap, he saw a speed turned up on him he never saw before, the stallion was training on his own free will and he was training hard. Poppy wasn’t sure what had happened, but he knew he needed to talk to his little Granddaughter to lay down some rules.

    Over the days Poppy noticed Pharlap has taken to Maxx, but he had to make sure Maxx knew the rules, she was allowed to spend time with him, but NOT to ride him, he was stern about this rule. He knew of Pharlaps abusive history and knew even an experienced horse handler struggles to control him.
    Poppy found out her story and what a lousy life she actually lived. He put a few options down for her, told her she had to be good at school, to do the duties at home, groom, feed and care for the horses, but until she learned how to ride she was not to attempt it without his consent. He also told her it would be a good idea to get her fitness up, and if she lost some weight he would buy her, her very own horse.
    Maxx not buying any promises as she’s had many broken before, but being a good child that she actually was, every day after school she did all she needed to do, finished her homework, cleaned the house, cared for the horses especially loved her times with Pharlap.

    Every day after school Maxx worked out on the treadmill too, after she did all that was expected of her, she even took to learning to cook (not that, it went too well), she kept working out so hard one night she almost forgot to go to sleep, to rest as it was a school night.

    Maxx was use to being alone so house work and chores we not unbeknown to her, cooking on the other hand was as she use to eat at her parents restaurant, she never worried about meals. This particular night Poppy went off to the Equestrian Centre to run some competitions with Casanova, Maxx had Pharlap all to herself. After working out she decided to go outside to spend some time with him, when she heard him calling out.

    Upon spending some time talking to him and sharing her deepest secrets she had enough confidence to try to mount Pharlap. So she did. She knew Poppy wouldn’t be home for hours and what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt. She trusted the big red and he in turn trusted her.

    After a few attempts and a struggle, she finally mounted Pharlap only to realise how big and tall he was. Her heart raced, this was scary. She could feel every muscle of his giant body move. She froze unsure of what to do next.

    Pharlap on the other hand had other ideas, he wanted Maxx to experience the joy of the wind in her hair, but he knew his little sim was young and inexperienced so he gently set off on a trot to get his little friend to enjoy the ride and get use to balancing on him. He knew he had to look after her and that he did. She was safe and he hoped she would feel safe with him.

    Maxx went along with the ride, she was enjoying the feeling of being on horse back, still scared and not even sure how to control Pharlap she let him lead the way. She knew she was safe, both of them had let time slip away and before Maxx knew it there was a siren screaming. She was going to be in big trouble.

    Not only was it past her curfew but she was out horse riding, doing something her grandfather had told her not to do without his consent, she was not looking forward to going home. Pharlap walked over to the officer as instructed and he too was feeling bad his little sim would be in trouble, he knew he was in the poop too.

    Not even knowing how to dismount, Maxx fell off Pharlap and felt like a fool in front of the officer, but she did as ordered and got into the police vehicle to be taken home. Pharlap waited until they were gone and made his own way home. As they were only two doors away, he was hoping that they wouldn’t be in too much trouble. He wanted Poppy to know he was to blame, but he knew it wasn’t going to be good for either of them.

    When Maxx got dropped off Poppy was angrily waiting for her at the gate, he was fuming and yelled at her for not being a responsible teen, he didn’t even worry about the fact that she rode a horse he was more upset she wasn’t home.

    Poppy realised his abusive explosive ways were hard on his little granddaughter, he knew she was a good kid and did everything he had asked of her, he never had to complain about anything she was always on top of it. He felt awful for being so hard on her, so he let her off the hook. Instead he encouraged her to continue with her fitness.
    Maxx went off to work out some more, relieved she was off the hook but now she was worried what would happen with Pharlap. She didn’t say a word but her worry didn’t leave her mind very easily.

    Poppy went to tend to Pharlap and spoke to him, told him he was also disappointed in him, but even more proud of him for showing some love and care, poppy ended up thanking Pharlap for looking after his granddaughter but never to do it again. He looked into the stallions eyes and asked him, will you continue to look after Maxx? He saw a love, a passion and something he never seen in a horse in all his years of life. He knew that the bond between these two was very strong and he didn’t want to break either of their hearts. So he decided that he trusted them both to be together and that Pharlap would be a great horse for Maxx to learn to ride on.
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    Looking forward to your challenge! Beautiful foals so far ^_^ You have a reader! I faved your thread. I'm in the process of making my own. I do hope you'll read it!

    ElijahsBabyGurl9 - Thank you lovely and I cannot wait to read your thread I will be doing the same when I see your thread. Love reading people's stories.
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    OMG *O* I'm in love with that beautiful red stallion <3 I dont suppose you'd allow me to borrow him for my challenge would you?! He is just stunning (I love red horses!) And thank you so very much! I'm nearly done just gotta organize things :3

    I love Maxx. I look forward to seeing how well she and Pharlap get along ^_^
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    Chapter One - Part 2

    Poppy was gifted a 2 day holiday for seniors and he entrusted his granddaughter to run the farm until he would return. Maxx was over joyed that she would have the chance to prove that she was loyal and could run, care and keep the place in tact while Poppy was away.

    Maxx worked out hard she was determined to max her fitness level and prove she was worthy to not only ride care and feed horses but be a horsewoman – she wanted to walk in her poppy’s shoes and live the life with horses. So she did, she spent all her spare time running the treadmill. She ran so much she exhausted herself. Non the less she never skipped a day from school.

    Maxx woke up feeling tired, yet amazing, and upon getting dressed she realised her clothing was way too big, she had shrunk right before her very eyes, her body had transformed. She felt very smug going to school this morning.

    While Maxx was at school studying hard, Pharlap decided to go to the training ground and work his butt off too to max out his racing skills also. He was racing so hard he ended up with an audience, different Sims from different areas were watching this big red race around, people were beginning to wonder where he had come from and who he was, the paparazzi started to sniff around too. Pharlap had brought up his racing speed he was being nicknamed the red lightning bolt.

    Maxx decided not to take the bus home anymore, instead she ran home, when she found that Pharlap wasn’t there she knew he would be at the training grounds so she ran to go see him there. She was so excited she had done her homework at school and wanted to spend the day with her beloved friend.

    Upon arrival Pharlap stopped his training to greet his little sim and tell her all about his day, he told her about the crowd and the paparazzi. Both were eager to go for a ride.

    Still not sure how to mount a horse correctly Maxx finally worked out that she sat facing the wrong side. None the less they were both off for a ride and to enjoy the countryside until it was time to go home.

    They rode all over appaloosa plains, covered a lot of ground. Once Pharlap felt Maxx was more confident he turned a trot into a gallop and both of them felt the wind in their hair.

    Maxx loved this feeling of flying, the feeling of freedom and the joy, both almost let the time slip away from them but now the fun run was over and time to race home before the police would catch them out again. Maxx didn’t want to disappoint her poppy again, so despite not wanting to stop, they both set for home in full speed.

    Maxx took all of Pharlap’s gear off and cared for him cleaned his hooves, fed him and brushed him, of course they talked and played as they always do. And then it happened.

    She wrapped her arms around the big red’s neck and he crumbled, as they both gazed into each others eyes, the love and bond was so strong now it was beyond any words or experiences a human can experience unless they have felt this love. Maxx for the first time in her life, knew was love felt like. Pharlap knew it too. He was such a proud horse, but this little sim was able to break him if she wanted to. He never had been hugged before and having this experience was all new to him too. Both felt that pain they carried disappear in one night. They had become best of friends, and both hope for eternity.

    Every night Maxx studied hard, never once asked for homework help and was a A+ student, took up some after school classes and started to meet new friends, even the paparazzi were starting to get interested in her, she never could understand why but non the less, she continued to go about her business as usual.

    Maxx continued to run home from school, almost maxing out her fitness levels. She didn’t need Poppy to buy her a horse now, she had one, her soul mate, her bff - Pharlap was her horse, her very own horse she wanted nothing more in life now. Every chance she got she was on his back, playing with him, talking to him and most of all hugging his big neck.

    Tonight was a different night, Pharlap was eager to win a race, so she had her first entrance. They had two racers a beginner and advance and won both. The feeling of winning was amazing. The crowd roared but more so both their hearts raced with joy.

    Maxx had never won anything in her life but to win 2 races in one night was an amazing feeling. Both were feeling wonderful. Pharlap loved to race so he wanted more and more to run.

    Maxx had reached level 10 for her fitness and instead of running home now, everyday Pharlap would meet her at her school, so they could spend more time racing around before they would go into competitions again.

    Pharlap was so determined to run, he helped Maxx reach level 10 in her riding skills and she was now qualified to register as a horsewoman. She was over the moon. Winnings were coming in, money was being set higher and she could help poppy run the farm, they could even invest in more horses to make more money. She was thinking about the future.

    Maxx’s personal trophy collection was growing, to the point poppy decided to set up a new trophy display room in their foyer.


    Poppy set off on yet another 2 day holiday after another lottery win, he had received. Leaving Maxx to run the place again. He knew he could trust her. She had shown maturity and he knew the horses were safe. Before he did so he didn’t tell Maxx but they were struggling with bills that were creeping up and even all her winnings were not enough to cover all the costs and repairs. They were struggling. He sold Casanova to give him a few days to think how or what they would do to be able to get on top of this.

    While poppy was on his 2 day holiday once again, a few unseemly events took place at the Mystique ranch.

    Maxx was inside the house going on about her usual chores when she heard a strange sound. As she ran outside she saw a strange being standing looking at the ground, she was not sure who or what this was but certainly could see they were not from here.

    She didn’t get a chance to talk to the alien being, as she had hopped into her UFO and was gone in a flash.

    Maxx went to see what the alien had been staring at only to see a couple of cute little chipmunks playing.

    Maxx continued to race with Pharlap after school and as she was now a registered horsewoman not only did she put him up for stud, she also took home winnings for both international racers. They both were gaining celebrity fame and the paparazzi were all over Maxx.
    This particular night (the night just before poppy returned home) as Maxx and Pharlap were at the equestrian centre, a strange eerie feeling was creeping around in the air.

    One of the Edison brothers decided to target the Mystique stables and break into their home. Unbeknown to Maxx who was at the racers, until the police called and had her racing home.

    It was lucky poppy had just installed the new alarm system, after inspection nothing was stolen, however the nerves were high for the Mystique family.

    Poppy found out as he had just arrived home to witness the scene of Tim Edison being arrested. He now had to do something.

    While poppy was away, he got talking with a few friends and it had come to his attention about a competition that was available for all horsewoman and men. It was a 50 foal challenge. A competition for horsemen to breed, train and sell horses. This was an opportunity to make some money and get them out of this rut they had slowly crept into, Poppy was keen to get started on this but there would have to be some big changes.
    Poppy knew he had a huge responsibility, but he couldn’t help worry what the consequences would evolve to.

    Like every morning Maxx was off to school and would work hard, she did start to make some friends, due to her celebrity status, even had boys interested in her, but horses were more her interest, she couldn’t wait to come home to ride. Today was going to be a different day. She didn’t know it, but she sure felt something deep inside.

    Maxx today decided to come straight home to meet Pharlap and they could ride, but today she didn’t find him home, she went to the training grounds and he was no where to be found. She started to wonder thinking poppy might of taken him for a ride.

    In the mean time a little chipmunk had come to say hello and Maxx had a little play with him before she released him. She felt uneasy, she wanted her best friend, she wanted to ride and spend time with him.

    Poppy didn’t tell Maxx, in fact he was at the Equestrian centre before she got home from school that day, but poppy got a huge quote for Pharlap and sold him off. He felt deeply saddened with the decision he had to make, but the 50 foal challenge is an opportunity of a life time.
    He did feel awful she didn’t get to say goodbye but felt it would be for the best. He needed to start this challenge and having a male without any mares was not going to allow him this opportunity, worse off having very little money to buy a couple of mares was impossible. As he didn’t have extra money to buy any mares he knew Pharlap would help with that investment. And he did.

    Poppy purchased two mares. Galaxy and Sweet Secret, and he still had money left over. He was contemplating on getting his granddaughter her own stallion again, but refrained from this, until he walked onto the training grounds to see a shy black and white paint up for sale, after some negotiations, poppy managed to pick him up for a small fee and a nice palomino for himself. Pharlap had given him a chance to buy 4 horses and still have enough money left over to pay all the bills and stock up the fridge, but how was he going to break the news to his little granddaughter? Would she ever forgive him? Did he bite off more than he could chew? He reluctantly set for home.

    Poppy had broken the news to Maxx and broken her heart in thousands of pieces, she didn’t want to know nor talk to him, he has broken her more than any pain she’s ever felt. She never loved anything in her life and the one only thing she does, he took away from her.
    Few weeks had passed and she was not talking to him at all, didn’t eat or spend any time with him or the horses. She spent time alone at the beach and just sat and cried. She was alone again. She would never open her heart up to anyone or anything again. Poppy broke her spirit.

    Upon coming home she noticed the university bucket at the mailbox. So she took the college test.
    After spending some time filling out the questionnaire she got her results and had several areas of study she could do. She was eager to go to college, the further away from Poppy the better, she wanted nothing more to do with him. She was hurt and angry.

    After completing her homework and during her tidy up she stopped in her tracks when she saw the gold statue, the statue that reminded her of her big red stallion. All the trophies and winnings she had won, the experiences she had learned from him, would be wasted in college. But she wanted nothing to do with Poppy, she was torn. She could pack up all her belongings and go to college and start a new life? She stared and pondered. So many thoughts ran through her head…. What would she do?
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    T_T How sad that Poppy sold Maxx's horse :( I hope she finds her way. Who knows maybe she'll meet up with Pharlap again soon...I'd hate to separate such close friends. Poor Maxx...Poor Pharlap...great story so far! I love it!! Eagerly awaiting more. Hope you saw my previous comment about borrowing Pharlap (if you have him saved of course if not its fine I still loved how he looked!)
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    Thank you @ElijahBabyGurl9 - Sadly I lost the horse when my pc crashed the game the second time. I can re make one as i basically went off the real horse and added a few finer bits i like on the real figure that most photos don't display.
    If you like you're more than welcome to use him. I was hoping to reintroduce him into the story but will see how it all unfolds..... ;)
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    Thats great ^_^ I fell in <3 with him he's so pretty! Its a bummer your pc lost him I've had that happen before too. I might try to recreate him in my game and see how I do but I'd love to use the one you make he was stunning *_* Looking forward to more of your story. I'll be adding photos to mine as soon as I can find a good photo uploading site to use...:/
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    Mine is already to go!! Found a good site to use for images! Third chapter is on the way! Looking forward to your next chapter ^_^
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    @ElijahsBabyGurl9 Just read it and bookmarked it, will be following your story for sure. Great start! :)
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    Part One – Prom night – Meeting Foals 1 & 2

    Months had rolled by and it was prom time, Maxx continued to excel at school and was gaining a nice popularity of friends (and the Paparazzi I may add). During this time she spent very minimal time talking to Poppy and didn’t have much to do with the horses anymore. Her interests were now to finish her final year and to go to college, she took up different hobbies, maxed out her photography hobby and had gained a variety of other skills through various hobbies of interest, meeting new friends and any other pleasures she could find, she pretty much did.

    Maxx was still hurting, she did not want to go through what she went through with her beloved “big red”, keeping to herself was much easier when at home, she ignored Neptune and just went about her life as if he or any of the other horses didn’t exist.

    All dressed up and ready to have the time of her life, she has a new crush at school and as he wasn’t her date she was hoping he would notice her tonight.

    Finishing off her last bits of homework before the limousine picks her up, she realises she’s almost about to miss it, as she’s concentrating on her school work.

    Making a run for the limo, she almost missed her prom ride.

    Excitement yet nerves were setting in, as she was watching the snow falling, winter was here, she pondered during the ride to the prom. Spotting some wild horses on the way made her reminisce even more, she wondered how Pharlap was doing? Was he in good hands? Was he happy or miserable inside like she is?. But her mood didn’t shift, it was prom night.

    Her best friend was waiting for her but so were the paparazzi, non the less the girls made their way inside, to have the best time of their lives. It was prom night and they were going to party hard!

    The night had ended on a high and Nicholas called her just as she had got home. He was the one guy at school she really liked, he HAD noticed her tonight. As she was talking to him, she started to look at all the trophies in front of her.

    Maxx continued to talk to Nicholas, and as she got changed in her clothes she found she had put on her horse riding outfit, without ever realising.

    It was then she realised that she missed the horses, she did miss caring for them, she did miss running her fingers over their face and spending time with them. After talking to Nicholas she did just that, decided to go outside.

    She walked up to where Neptune was training and stared at him, she could feel he was wild and untrained. She sensed he was shy and docile. He had been abused. Upon staring at him, still not touching or talking to him, he watched her also. Maxx noticed a presence, as if someone else was watching her.

    She was right paparazzi were taking photos of her, she never lost her fame that she had gained with Pharlap, all her “big red” memories flooded back. She missed the horses, her heart was with them and she knew nothing more really. But the annoyance of the paparazzi was getting to her, she spun around whipped her mobile phone out and snapped a photo of him, while he was taking photos of her….

    In a flash he was gone. She giggled to herself.

    The next day after school Maxx went for a jog again, jogging helped her clear her mind and think. Poppy and her relationship has never really repaired 100%, she still couldn’t fathom what he had done, without consulting her first. But as she was maturing and days were flying past she did have time to think.

    With winter setting in, one couldn’t help to be the big kid inside, she decided to flop into the snow and do a snow angel
    The feeling of laying in the snow gave her a sense of light-weightiness, something she only ever felt on horse back. It was time she felt it…..

    As Maxx made her way home she spotted Neptune the paint stallion Poppy had brought her, playing with a stray dog. She decided to watch him and observe his gentle shy nature. He was kind and gentle and very docile. He and the stray dog spent some time talking and building a friendship. It was then she realised Neptune was lonely and very much like herself.

    It was that moment Maxx decided it was time to ride again, the horses weren’t to be punished for her grandfathers heartless act. So she did just that, saddled up Neptune and took him for a ride in the country side.

    When she got home she had a chance to meet the rest of the horse pack. She released Neptune after grooming and cleaning his hooves, she met Starlight the palomino stallion. Found that he was just as lovely nature, just like Neptune but a lot more confident.

    Watching and observing she noticed the gentle mares that were in the yard. Both mares were pregnant. Poppy had already had them bred and they were carrying foals. Poppy had used a stallion from the Equestrian Centre known as Cavatina.
    The thought of babies excited Maxx she’s never seen a foal before. This was going to be a whole new experience as it is.

    That evening Maxx took Neptune out to the equestrian centre for a race but found his jumping was much better, so they tried out for two competitions and won both beginner events. When she came out she decided to give the paparazzi yet again another show down. She was back with the horses. Loving the feeling and starting to love the attention too.

    Before she could make it home in time, Galaxy had given birth to a little colt. A colt they decided to call Adonis. Little Adonis was just a cute little chubba bubba.
    {even made me their controller - all fuzzy and mussy inside}.

    As Sweet Secret was mated a few days later, Adonis didn’t have any foals to play with. He began to venture around the property and keep in the warmth of the stables.

    Poppy spent all his time training and racing Starlight. He knew the mares were there for breeding so their skill level would be minimal, he knew they needed males to keep the money rolling in. As he and Maxx hardly saw each other he wasn’t even aware that she had got back on horse back, he kept doing what he knew best – horses.

    Maxx kept with her training after school, she was starting to build up her own confidence she had never know she had, she was popular among friends, life was starting to feel good again. Once again Neptune and her took home the prizes and money. She was back in the game and she wanted everyone to know it! {Sadly paparazzi missed out on yet another good shot as she did the heroic pose, they turned to look the other way lol.}

    When she got home tonight, Adonis had grown up, and was more than happy to share his experience with Maxx. She enjoyed every moment with him.

    She spent endless hours tonight enjoying his company and teaching him love, care and affection.
    {Narrators comments – I love how his mane was multicoloured. He actually turned out very pretty. On a side note - My foals and babies are set on 2 days. I don’t have the patience of roaming babies for 5 days, so the growth rate will be quick – how ever sims lives and adult animals are set on Epic.}

    Maxx embraced him, and absolutely loved the feeling of his beautiful long mane across her face. Adonis loved the attention and rising emotions too.

    {The other angle so you can see his markings, I love his spots he’s got too, cute chubby horse}

    Poppy had been out soaking in the hot tub {why he has a snorkeling suit when he doesn’t snorkel is beyond me but ok what ever – forgot what outfits I set him on lol}
    He waited to talk to Maxx as he was taking another trip in a few days and wanted to be sure she would care for the horses. He also felt it was time to explain his side of the story, if she wanted to listen, if not then there was nothing he could do to win her trust again.

    Meanwhile Maxx was on the other side of the mountains taking Adonis for a ride across the beautiful snowy country side. She wasn’t aware poppy was waiting for her.

    Galaxy his mother followed, she wanted to go to the water hole too.

    Sweet Secret followed but heavily pregnant she couldn’t run and as it was a huge hike up the mountains, she wasn’t sure she would make before dark.

    When they got there Galaxy and Adonis took to playing and talking and having their own fun.

    Maxx took the time to skate on the lake for a bit, to enjoy the falling snow, the fresh air, quiet time with the horses and enjoy the serenity of nature.

    Sweet Secret didn’t get far when she decided it was time to turn back, she was due any hour and didn’t feel right if she wasn’t home, she made her own way home slowly.

    Galaxy and Adonis continued to frolic in the snow and enjoyed the serenity of the mountains.

    Adonis couldn’t help be a clown like his mother and roll around in the snow. He was having too much fun.

    That evening Maxx and Poppy had spent a long time taking a ride and talking. She did give him a chance to explain himself but she felt it was too long of a time he left between events and that he should of told her what he was going to do, rather than let her find out in a hurtful way. She did understand that he did what was best and she may come to difficult decisions one day in her life too. Their relationship and trust was slowly on the mend. Maxx still needed time, perhaps it will never be like it use to but at least they had something in common - horses.

    It had been a long ride and as they arrived home they hadn’t even noticed Sweet Secret had given birth to a little foal, she was named Annabelle. {While Maxx is doing the happy heroic pose yet again, poppy on the other hand had a sore bottom, I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this}.

    Little Annabelle was just as cute as Adonis was. Sweet Secret called out with joy as she had just brought Annabelle to join the family.

    Mother and baby bonding, grooming each other.

    Maxx ran over to enjoy little Annabelle and talk with her. To show her some love.

    Maxx and Annabelle playing for hours tonight. The air and energy at the Mystique ranch was alive again. It had been a long time since this kind of happy energy was present here.

    While all this commotion and joy was happening Poppy decided once again to soak in their new tub he had only installed the other day.

    Maxx everyday after school was back to training, she took to training Adonis as she knew he would have to be sold soon so that the mares could be bred again. Adonis was a natural jumper. He already was level 6 on the jumping and only had a little more before he completed the level. So Maxx worked him on this.

    For such a heavy set horse he was a light flyer, he managed the jumps with ease time and time again. Out of 40 jumps he had 37 perfect jumps, for such a young lad he was going to make someone a great horse. It was snow day so no school, Maxx was able to work Adonis and perfect his training.

    She tried his racing, but he was much better at flying over fences. {I had to share this photo as some silly sims decided to build igloos in the middle of a racing track grrrr}

    That evening Annabelle decided to join the adulthood and grow up too.

    Maxx decided to take some photos and share a photo of half brother and half sister as they get to know one another.
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    Maxx bonding with Annabelle, she just took to showing her some love and training her. Annabelle was enjoying the attention too.

    Without even thinking of being aware of the time, she saddled Annabelle up and took her for a quick short ride, sadly the ride was shorter than she had anticipated.

    Once again the Police had caught her, this time she was going to explain her rights too. She was only up the hill from their house, not like she was on the other side of town.

    The police woman didn’t listen so Maxx gave her complete attitude
    {plum this Police woman sim is cute too lol – says the Narrator}

    When she got home Poppy had another go at her, yelled at her even though he knew she was training Annabelle and really did nothing wrong. Then Poppy did something he had not done before.

    He yelled at her so much, then turned around and walked off to go to his holiday again. He never let her off the hook, she was grounded. Even knowing she was doing the right thing. Maxx began to feel that she just couldn’t do anything right by him anymore.

    In a blink of an eye he was gone. Maxx was alone to care for the horses and herself. Being grounded this was going to be difficult to deal with. The happy mood turned a huge corner that evening.

    Even the horses took to watching and seeing what was happening tonight. The mood was quiet again at the Mystique Ranch.
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    Part 2 – The Party - & Spring Carnival

    Winter had set in hard and fast, Maxx got a note stating it was snow day so she had the day off and didn’t have to go to school. As she was a studious girl, she decided to take Annabelle out for a ride and complete her fishing project to gain more points to get on the honour roll at school.

    Once they got to the river, Maxx let Annabelle roam around while she worked up her fishing skill.

    Annabelle sniffed around as Maxx fished trying to catch her fishing project.

    Finally she did it, but it was the tiniest fish she had ever seen. Either way she had to hand it in to the science centre for sampling.

    After she had handed it in, Nicholas rang her and suggested she should throw a party, especially as Poppy was away. Maxx had never had a party in her life before; she was reluctant to start now.

    On her way home she thought about it and sent a text out to all her friends at school, she decided she was going to host a party, even though she was grounded. She couldn’t do right; well she might as well do wrong. So she did. Texts were flying through. She hired a butler and maid also. Organised food and now to get home, change and get ready for the party.

    The party was a huge turnout. So many of her friends had turned up, the night was rocking and she was having a blast.

    She even took to realising there were a few of the guys who were interested in her more than friendship. She couldn’t help but flirt.

    Nicholas her crush had seen her flirting and was feeling hurt, Maxx went over to apologise to him and talk to him.

    It didn’t take him long to forgive her and they were making out on the dance floor.
    {I love how the other sims stare lol}

    They talked and kissed some more, and it was then Maxx thought she would pull the strings and see how far Nicholas was going to go?

    She led him to her bedroom, Nicholas followed… tonight she was going to lose her virginity. Or was she?

    And then it happened while the party was pumping outside they were rocking the bed sheets.

    Even took a photo together for a memory keepsake.

    {I threw this photo in as they were talking, one of the teens decided to just hop in bed to sleep I found this so amusing it made me laugh}

    Maxx felt smug and very grown up {love her smug look in this image}
    She asked Nicholas if he wanted to watch the stars outside. So she made her way outside.

    As she just got outside and turned around expecting to see Nicholas, Poppy was already scolding her. Everyone else made a dash for home, party was over.

    Poppy and Maxx talked and argued. She told him she only did this because everything she does, he is never happy with her anymore, she didn’t care if he grounded her again. She was leaving once school was over. She had enough of him and everything to do with him.
    Many hours went by they talked. Poppy realised he had been hard on his little granddaughter and slowly through talking they started to be friends again.

    Poppy even spoke with the maid who was at the party the whole time and she told him that they were all good kids. He mellowed down. He knew his granddaughter was growing up. It was time to let her just be her.


    Spring is in the air, it’s finally hit and the snow has all melted. Poppy got invited to the spring carnival and as he never went to any of these functions, today he decided to just give it a bash.

    He even tried the kissing booth lol

    Poppy was enjoying himself, he did the egg hunt and even booed one of the guys in the kissing booth. He was making a total scene of himself when all of a sudden....

    A stunning bombshell walked past. He knew of her, Honey Durnell was her name and she was known as a high celebrity. Everyone turned as Honey walked past.

    Poppy decided to talk to her, and she noticed him, she actually didn’t run off and they spent some time getting to know one another.

    Poppy threw all the stops and she embraced everyone of his gestures. He even tried to give her flowers and Honey took them without a problem
    {actually their talking and relationship went up so quickly even for me, it was amusing and surprised me how far I could take this event}

    They were getting closer, so was the crowd, paparazzi were all over this, poppy didn’t care he met a stunning sim everyone knew, and he wasn’t going to stop here now.

    Poppy gave her a massage, {who this chick in the pink is I have no idea but she actually danced the whole time next to them and wouldn’t leave lol}

    The magic began to happen – Poppy had brushed Honey right off her feet.

    And like a gentleman he embraced her and kissed her.

    Maxx had finished school and was waiting for Nicholas to arrive to the carnival so they can hunt for eggs and have their own fun when she noticed her grandfather with a 3 star celebrity.

    Poppy saw no one not even the sim in pink next to them lol. Honey and he were in their own world.

    Finally poppy kissed her again, as a shy gentleman she didn’t fight him off. She enjoyed it too.

    Poppy even managed to grab a cute selfie photo for his own memories as he felt like he was dreaming… {and yet again girl in pink just danced next to them – lol}

    Poppy pulled all the punches he was on a massive roll and without hesitation Honey and he were a couple. He had a hot bombshell for his girlfriend. But was he going to stop there?

    Like a gentleman he went down on his knee and proposed to her and Honey….. who didn’t expect it of course said YES!

    Poppy was officially in love and engaged. The spring carnival no only brought him some joy but has now turned his life around.

    Maxx spent time with Nicholas and they danced and talked, did the egg hunt and even took photos in the photo booth, she was trying to pull the same punches as Poppy did, she really liked Nicholas and was hoping he would ask for them to go steady.

    Maxx trying to pull Poppy’s punches {they on the other hand had a pink dog stalking them lol}

    They took to dancing on the dance floor – love was truly in the air tonight.

    Nicholas danced with Maxx and they kept the loving feeling.

    They kissed but nothing, he ran off once curfew was almost over and she had to make her own way home, she still was waiting for him to ask her to be his girlfriend, non the less the mood of spring was in the air and everyone was happy one again at the Mystique ranch
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    Part One – Marriages, Neptune & a Break up.

    Poppy decided to invite Honey over for a visit; really he had other things on his mind as per usual. Honey naturally couldn't wait to hear from him and in no time wasted she was at the door ringing the bell. Poppy the sly old fox didn't waste time and married her off. He wasn't a real romantic and Honey was more than happy to have a private wedding, in the rain and right in front of the front door. They were now married; Honey has now joined the Mystique family.

    Poppy didn't waste time, yet again… he wanted to see if he still has the young man in him and in an instance not only did he feel 20 year younger but he was quiet smug to have such a young bomb shell next time him as his wife, many people in the neighborhood want and adore honey. But she was all Poppy's now. He is a happy man. He not only had a bomb shell in his life but a celebrity who has brought him fame in the neighborhood, all of a sudden everyone knew about Poppy, his craftsmanship with the horses. Everyone wants a piece of Poppy.

    It didn't take long for Honey to realise something was wrong, she felt nauseous. Yes Poppy was not only her husband but she is now with child.

    Meanwhile events on the other side of the house had also been taking a turn of events. Maxx had discovered her worst nightmare; she was still in high school and... well.... she too is with child. What she really wanted was to talk to Nicholas. She still was single, he is just a crush, someone she cares about but he never makes her feel as special as she thought one should feel. What is she going to do?
    Maxx invited Nicholas over, she had some news to tell him, but didn't know how, she knew he would see and she did get worried about it. What was she going to do? Can she tell Poppy? Honey she didn't know very well and kept her distance. She really felt alone.

    Nicholas upon arrival noticed her baby bump immediately, She couldn't help but spill the beans as Nicholas needed to know that he was going to be a dad. Maxx was worried that he would turn on her but to her surprise Nicholas was over the moon. He already was making plans for the future, but he wasn't thinking through. What about college? What about a life together and as there really was no relationship, was he going to leave her to have this child on her own? She was scared.
    Maxx thought about things, under pressure and unsure of what to do, being the impulsive girl she always is….., she just did what she thought would be the right thing to do.
    She decided to pop the question (guess she gets this from her grandfather Poppy), she proposed to Nicholas whom accepted and in an instance they were married. But something is wrong, something didn't feel right. None the less she wasn't having this child on her own, however that niggling feeling when something just doesn’t seem right, was still lingering.
    Honey's agent called her and said she needed to work out to keep her looks for her adoring fans, she wasn't the best on the gym equipment and made a total fool of herself at the local gym. But she knew he was right she needed to keep fit and try to hide the baby bump for as long as she could.
    Meanwhile Poppy as per usual was outside working the young horses, training them up so he could sell them to make more money for his growing family. He sold Adonis for $10,460 and Annabelle for $6,044.
    One thing no one really knew about Honey was that she had a gift, she actually is a lovely person and behind her fame and gorgeous looks she had the gift of the gab to talk to animals. Neptune was not a horse that would come to anyone, even Poppy struggled to ride him some times, but Neptune just seems to have taken liking to Honey. She was the only other person apart from Maxx who he would take interest into.
    Time was flying past and it was birth time for Maxx, she went to the hospital… looking like this {it was a stressful moment for me, as my sim was invisible and she was my main character…. I thought yet again another glitch – thankfully I was wrong – phew}
    Maxx Gave birth to a baby girl called Holly. {sorry forgot to take photos of the baby} upon returning home and putting holly in the crib, Maxx set out to sit outside with the horses to do her homework.
    Nicholas on the other hand was not use to a farm life and struggled to understand the responsibilities and duties, but he was willing to try.
    Tonight was the first night there was no rain, everyone was enjoying themselves outside, everyone’s moods were high and happy, a beautiful dry spring evening. However Neptune had other ideas, he did not like Nicholas, every time anyone turned around Neptune was doing something mean to Nicholas.
    Neptune went in for a kick and a bite several times. What did Neptune know about Nicholas, that no one else was picking up on? What was wrong with him? Why was he being such a hostile horse when it was out of his character to do so? For such a shy docile horse he was acting up. He really didn’t like Nicholas and he wasn't scared to show it.
    Maxx went to see what was wrong with Neptune, as it is out of his character, in that instance Nicholas attacked her, he started to abuse her and argue. He was mean and spiteful in his words and really was hurting Maxx.
    And then he did it, he called off their relationship, he was hurtful and broke Maxx, he didn’t want to be her husband he wanted nothing to do with her or farm life anymore, he had enough, he missed his family and wanted to go home.
    The insults continued, and got worse and worse, Maxx begged but Nicholas just turned nastier with every attempt. Neptune stood and watched the whole time.
    In all the fighting and insult exchanging, Neptune started to feel the stress and tried with all his might to stop them by whinnying, but it was getting worse, Nicholas was an angry teenager and he hated living here. He was use to the comforts of his own home and just didn’t want to be a part of this life anymore.
    Honey came to the rescue and turned Neptune away, to calm him down but Nicholas then attacked Maxx and they were fighting, he took to beating her up, not only break her heart but now she had to try to fight him off.
    What started off as a quiet night has turned into a hectic heart breaker.
    Honey jumped on board when she had enough, she scold Nicholas, but Nicholas kept blaming it on Neptune, he was jealous of a horse. Honey didn't care she sent him to have time out, Maxx had just had his daughter and he was making all this scenery for what reasons? If he didn't want to be with her then he should have not committed himself.
    Either way Honey sent him in the corner for time out and didn't want to hear a peep out of him for the night.
    Honey didn’t know how to cheer Maxx up, she felt so sorry for her and how events had turned out. What was she going to do to help make Maxx feel better? She wasn’t a mother yet and knew nothing about raising children especially teens. She just knew she felt so sorry for Maxx and wanted to reach out to her.
    She tried everything telling her jokes but nothing was working, so she offered to teach her to drive, she had her truck and wanted Maxx to get her mind of all this pain. Honey knew this was only temporary but it would be something she could offer in such a horrible time, this also gave the girls some bonding time, even at the worst time.
    Maxx decided to take her up on her offer and while she was going for a drive, Nicholas remained in the time out corner. He knew he was in trouble once Honey got back. But once they got back Nicholas was gone, he moved back home with his family, up and left without a note or goodbye.
    Neptune was still very depressed and stressed after witnessing the whole event, Poppy spent time while Maxx was still at school talking to him to try to calm him down, and nothing was working. Neptune still was a very unhappy horse.
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    Part Two – Birthdays, Children & meeting foals 3 & 4

    Today is Maxx’s Birthday turning from a teenager to a young adult is a huge step, but with everything Maxx had been through in her life, everyone knew she would tackle the next phase in her life without any problems.

    After school she received a nice birthday cake to meet her and everyone came to celebrate, with everything that had happened and everyone was still very upset by it all, they decided a private event would be best.

    Regardless of wishes or anything Maxx was still really fresh and upset about Nicholas, he really broke her heart.

    And then it happened she grew up, with the new age comes new responsibilities, nothing that she wouldn’t tackle in due course.

    It was Holly’s birthday too. For some reason time was flying by and Maxx wasn’t happy she is growing up so quickly.

    Holly is now a toddler and she and Maxx have a great relationship. Despite Maxx’s heart being broken she still loves Holly and wants the best for her daughter.

    Maxx spent time trying to comfort Neptune who was still very unhappy and not himself.

    And he would try to comfort Maxx when she spent times in the indoor arena crying.

    They still loved one another and Maxx knew that a ride might help them both. After some care and hugs it was time to go for a ride across the countryside to try to get their minds off all this pain.

    It was a nice evening and both rode for hours, just racing around, resting and going different places, finding some kind of peace.

    Honey on the other hand thought it was time for the mares to be bred again and spoke with Starlight, encouraging him that he should go about business and get the two mares pregnant. He wasted no time of course.

    Despite all that had happened Maxx decided to ride Neptune to build up his racing skills again, as usual, it always started off with hugs, love and care.

    But Neptune just wasn’t interested, he threw Maxx off. Something he’s never done before. What was happening with him?

    Maxx told him off and he did feel bad.

    Trying again and he just didn’t want a bar of rides, Neptune really wasn’t being himself and Maxx hit the ground once again. Maxx had enough and set for home leaving Neptune to think about what he had done.

    Graduation day – time for Maxx to graduate and everyone went to watch her and celebrate such a great day. Maxx was a top student with 3 honor roll mentions to add to her portfolio.

    Once it was over, Paparazzi came to snap some photos however Honey had other ideas, she needed to get to hospital to give birth. It was time….

    After the paparazzi had finished taking photos Maxx set off home and wait to see what Honey has.

    While she waited for Honey Maxx went back to riding Neptune, and she pushed him through the ring of fire. He didn’t throw her off this time, he was more content. She didn’t understand but none the less they jumped that ring a few times perfectly.

    After some time Honey was a proud mum of a little boy – Thomas, she was on her way home to put Thomas to bed.

    Caleb one of the regular Paparazzi was at the property so Maxx spoke with him a little.

    Then she did something she’s never done before, kissed him. He got a little spooked and ran off. Leaving her to feel even sorrier for herself.

    Maxx spent time with holly down in the barn, teaching holly to walk and talk. Meanwhile Starlight came to tell Maxx that he successfully impregnated the mares.

    With all the horses and growing family, it was time to do what everyone hated to do. Poppy had asked Maxx to sell Starlight, he had maxed out all the skills and as he was the sire to their mares they needed room for a new stallion, so Maxx had the difficult job of selling him.

    Maxx’s best friend Steve called her over for a party something Maxx hasn’t been to for a while, so she spent the evening with her best friend. A deserved night off.

    Back at home, the mares decided it was time to be mums again and both gave birth to two little colts.

    Galaxy gave birth to Davey, a cute little lad who had his daddy’s colours but some of mum’s markings.

    Sweet Secret gave birth to Darcy, who is similar to mum in colours but has some of his dad too.
    Was a joyful night at the Ranch.

    With everything happening so quickly, Honey decided to take Neptune to the Equestrian Centre and sell him while Maxx was at the party. Neptune was not being himself and with the new foals room was needed for a stallion that could be used for the girls. With Neptune’s irregular behavior it was not something anyone wanted in their breeding program.
    Neptune wasn’t training as well as he use to so it was easier on everyone to let him go. Honey took the responsibility as hard as it was; she was the only other person who could ride him safely.

    On her way out ready to go home, she saw a stallion up for sale a beautiful Gypsy Cob called Ranger, so she brought him. Perhaps he would be a great sire of the girls next foals?

    Meanwhile at home the foals were getting to know one another and play together.

    They played and jumped around having a nice happy time.

    They spent time talking and playing, sharing their secrets and stories.
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    Part Three – Growing up, Moving out, change of life…

    Birthday time all around again for some members. The children were growing up fast as were the foals.

    First Thomas had his birthday he is now a toddler and now Holly was having her birthday too.

    After their birthdays holly and Thomas playing together. Despite Thomas’s evil streak Holly and Thomas seem to get along very well.

    It was also time for the foals to grow up Davey being born a few seconds before Darcy aged up first.

    Darcy didn’t wait long after he aged up too. Everyone was having a festive and celebration night at the Mystique Ranch.

    Ranger wasn’t wasting time in getting to know the girls. He and Galaxy spent a nice time bonding.

    Meanwhile Maxx wasted no time in training and riding Davey, he was already maxed out in the jumping so she was giving him a try out on all the obstacles, and he just took them like a champion.

    Maxx spent endless hours training and caring for the boys, she knew it would be time soon to sell them soon too. After all a Challenge is a challenge and they can’t keep all the horses.

    Training has continued on. Ranger has started his jump training. The half brothers continued their work too.

    Even Nicholas came to visit the training grounds and watch the horses. Maxx didn’t know he was there and no one told her to keep from her hurting.

    As evening set in, a gnome was left in the front garden and no one knows where it came from. At least it was a nice additional decoration to their garden.

    Days have been flying past and tonight is birthday time again for both Holly and Thomas, time for them to grow up and start on new adventures in their lives. Everyone was growing up so quickly it was remarkable.

    Thomas had aged and grown up with a real Evil trait, he already was contemplating on how to trick holly into something…. Despite their good relationship, he always found a way to get her into trouble.

    The next morning Maxx woke up to find a note from Poppy, Honey had got a huge break in her career but it involved them moving to a new neighborhood. He let her know that He, Honey and Thomas had moved out. Holly also decided she wanted to go with them and once again she was left alone. Poppy also asked could she continue on with the 50 foal challenge without him and he knew she would be successful.

    Maxx called her Bff Steve over to tell him the news. What she was about to find out would change her life even more.

    Steve wasted no time to propose to her, he had loved her for a long time and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

    Although it would be too soon for Maxx, none the less she said yes. She knew he was the one for her; she did have strong feelings for him too. Even Steve’s dog Lucifer came to join in on the excitement.

    Steve didn’t waste time, he wasn’t one to wait any longer. He asked her about the wedding and as Maxx had no family just like him, they both thought it would be best to just have a private wedding. Lucifer on the other hand was stalking the maid, he did not like the maid and he watched him closely.

    Lucifer really doesn’t like the maid and butler… maybe he saw something Maxx hasn’t yet?

    They did it! Tied the knot. Maxx was married once again to a man whom was not only her best friend but her soul mate. She knew this felt right. She was happier than she’s ever been.

    They wasted no time in trying for a baby, they wanted a family. Both of them were eager to start new lives and be together for eternity.

    Success was in the air again…. Maxx is pregnant. Babies coming everywhere at the Mystique ranch.

    Maxx is a 5 star celebrity now and having people come into their lives asking for autographs is not unusual any more, Steve being married to Maxx has also got his raise in fame, {I had to add this photo as I couldn’t believe when the maid came to ask for an autograph he was ummmm…. Looking in all the wrong places…. Grrrrr}

    Maxx went to talk to Galaxy… Sweet Secret wasn’t home, Galaxy told her that Sweet Secret was sick and she went into the mountains to run free with the wild horses. Galaxy also let Maxx know she wasn’t too well either but was pregnant to Ranger. Apparently there was a very bad horse virus going around Appaloosa Plains. And most horses were getting ill and dying.

    With huge decisions to make and being pregnant herself she knew she wouldn’t be able to ride for much longer, Maxx decided to sell the boys. Davey sold for $9,546 and Darcy she sold for $9,744. She had to make huge decisions now.

    Steve took to learning to ride and rode Ranger to get his riding skills up, he joined Maxx and registered as a horseman career. He wanted to be a part of the horses as much as his wife. He knew he could help and together they would be successful.

    Maxx took to Lucifer who often followed her around, he really loved being with her. They bonded very quickly and he adores when she grooms, plays of tends to him.

    Lucifer got his new bath and groom he was a much happier boy now. Maxx enjoyed spending time with Lucifer it gave her a chance to think about what she was going to do, with now only one mare and she wasn’t well either. What would she do? How is she going to make changes if she didn’t know where to begin? Being pregnant herself she knew she had to prepare for that too.
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 509 Member
    I have decided to get my stories out and published before i go back into game play, Mainly to catch up with the story and the foals that I'm actually playing, I usually write my story as i play (but publishing them has been delayed a little)
    Also I'm grieving as the player as one of my sim pets died and I'm struggling to deal with playing, watching my sims mourning is breaking my heart, who would have guessed you get so attached, but there is always a special one.

    I decided to publish a few chapters in one hit. (sorry will be big read) - Enjoy their story and sorry again if it's all at once. I have another big chapter to publish shortly (sorting the photos now) and hopefully wont be far from catching up with present game play. :blush:
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    Part One – Honey moon, Egypt & the horses.

    Steve knew Maxx had huge decisions to make. So as a treat they set off to Egypt for their honeymoon, Maxx never had a holiday and he knew it would help her clear her head, and his too.

    They didn’t waste time in Egypt, even tho they had challenges to do, both decided to rock some tents before they would go sight see.

    Romance was truly in the air for these two. The Sphinx really brought the love out of them.

    Maxx loving photography always making sure she gets selfies she wanted one with her sweetheart for their bedroom wall.

    For such a beautiful night they decided to watch the stars before they would enter the tomb.

    Together they worked so well as a team and managed to work out the riddles the tomb had.

    Slowly they were getting through the tomb and collecting variety of gems and collectables. It was a long night but they got through the tomb and set back for their camp.

    Like any honeymoon they were at it again, romance was truly in the air.

    They had other quests to get through so continued on with that until it was time to go home soon.

    Maxx found a Falcon which she was allowed to bring home. She thought he would be a nice addition to their menagerie of animals.

    Meanwhile Steve tried snake charming… although that didn’t go very well just yet.

    Once they got home Maxx put falcon on his new tree and spent some time teaching him and playing with him. Allowing herself time to think about things at home.

    Maxx decided to spend more time with Lucifer, playing and walking him and on occasions be stopped for an autograph. She had so much on her mind the horses had passed away while they were in Egypt. And coming back home she had so much to work out to get herself back on track for the 50 foal challenge contest, and life in general.

    Time went on and the day finally came for Maxx to have her baby now. She was off to hospital and was in for a huge surprise. {so was I to be honest}

    Maxx had triplets. Nikki, Ethan and Brooke. She had a limousine pick her up to take her home as she had a big baggage to bring home.


    While Maxx had been in hospital giving birth to triplets. Steve took upon making big changes for them, he knew it was time to move on, he knew with such a big family at once this place was not fit to keep them here. And with the horses all now gone it was easier for Maxx to come home to a new home.
    Steve had already set out and got them a new place. Thanks to Glenkarri for the fantastic build, in fact the perfect build for this family, he purchased Arrowhead Stables a beautiful 4 bedroom cottage fit with 6 stables so there was plenty room for horses. Maxx had a nice new home to come home too. Steve naturally packed up all the memorabilia and trophies, but with so much bad luck happening at the old ranch he wanted a new life for his growing family. As they had a fair amount of money now, he also purchased land and had a private training ground to build on it, for their future horses to train on.

    Lucifer takes time to inspect the property in all corners but he loves the ducky filled water jump. Those ducks looks so inviting for toys.

    The triplets are enjoying their first birthdays at the new house. With the family growing up slowly it’s time to think about getting some horses again.

    Maxx takes to teaching Brooke how to walk.

    Steve begins to teach Nikki how to walk and meanwhile Lucifer enjoys watching them, waiting for his turn for some attention.

    Lucifer takes to Ethan and begins to play with him.

    While Steve takes time to play with Ethan and teach him to walk and talk.

    Maxx takes time to bath her bff Lucifer. And spending some time with him.

    Maxx and Lucifer spend some time outside, for some loving and attention.

    Steve had a surprise for Maxx but waited until all the kids were in bed. He had seen a beautiful baby available from ElijahsBabyGurl9 who had a beautiful foal from Spirit and Rain. Maxx walked outside to find the cutest littlest foal in her front yard. She named her Saffron.

    Maxx being Maxx and a huge softie and lover of animals, felt so bad that this little baby was away from it’s mother.

    It wasn’t long before Maxx and Saffron became best friends. Maxx spent time teaching Saffron and grooming her. She was melting that this cutie was all hers and going to grow into a stunning horse.

    When Maxx finished duties with the triplets, she spent all her time playing and caring for Saffron. She wanted Saffron to feel the love and settle in at home.

    Saffron Chose Maxx as her Bff in a quick short time, Saffron brought so much love and joy back into Maxx’s life. Life was starting to look wonderful again at the Mystique’s New Ranch.

    Even the wildlife came to bring some luck and enjoy on the positive happy mood the home is now having.

    Meanwhile Steve went and picked up a beautiful Mare called Chivas Regal that was for sale and brought her home so that Saffron wouldn’t be alone, now that they had two mares again slowly they could get back into breeding foals for the 50 foal challenge.

    The girls spent a long time talking and playing. Chivas Regal is a brave mare she keeps looking out for Saffron and making sure she is safe. Saffron loves Chivas, they became best friends in no time.

    While Chivas and Saffron continue their friendship and time together, Steve took to time to look to buy a nice stallion for the girls and especially once Saffron grows up.

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    ^_^ Hey its Tamarinde's sissy <3 Glad to see her bringing some happiness to your SIms. Hope she gives your family many wonderful foals! Loving how well Maxx is doing... though I still miss Pharlap :( he was a pretty boy!
    My YT: greengablesglen9
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin/Hufflepuff=Slytherpuff
    Ilvermorny School: The Horned Serpent
    Patronus: Snowy Owl

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    @ElijahsBabyGurl9 I couldn't resist i was hunting for a foal in the exchange and you're came up, I absolutely love her markings so i had to add her to my family. You done a great job with her and I'm truly grateful to have her in my breeding and story.
    Yes he was something different.... he might just come back ....?? You never know ;)
    Maxx has certainly grown up with the game, but days are numbered she is getting older soon.... i will find that a difficult time too.
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    Part Two –Triplets, Family love & Foals 5 & 6.

    Time has been flying very quickly; the Triplets are having their birthday celebrations again.

    Nikki being the first born gets to celebrate her birthday first

    Followed by Ethan, the home help and paparazzi come to enjoy in on the celebrations.

    And finally Brooke gets to celebrate hers.

    With the kids all growing up studies and family time is really important.

    Time for the kids to meet the horses, the family sets off to visit their private training lot. Chivas is enjoying playing in the water troth.

    Saffron loves to roll around and Texas their new stallion is watching the girls as they play.

    All three horses waiting for Maxx Steve and the children to come to play with them and to meet the children.

    Out of the triplets Brooke is the animal lover and the ones who is like her parents, wants to grow up with horses. She bonds with Saffron first.

    She spends time bonding and Saffron soon loves her company and spending time with someone smaller than her.

    Texas takes the time to get to know Chivas and socializes with her.

    Brooke and Saffron’s bond is slowly growing, both enjoying playing chase.

    Saffron loves the chase and enjoys running around.

    Nikki after some encouragement tries to get to know Texas and meet the big stallion.

    Nikki didn’t seem to have a way with horses like her sister Brooke. After a long evening of playing it was time to go home, shower eat dinner and get to bed.

    After a happy evening of family play time and bonding, it seems like Maxx and Steve had other ideas than sleeping. At least everyone was happy tonight.

    The next morning the kids were off to school, but instead of getting straight into the horse training, Steve had other ideas.

    It was time for he and Maxx to have some adult fun time again…. So they tried something different.

    They decided the hay bale would be a good place for some woohoo and Maxx got pregnant again.

    Chivas Regal and Saffron get to play for some time, it’s Saffron’s birthday and Chivas is celebrating with her.

    And amidst all the love and fun while the family are inside, Saffron had her birthday.

    Maxx took Saffron out for a ride and introduce her to the Equestrian Centre, as she would spend some time entering in competitions, however tonight she had Saffron bred to a stallion called Bolt. Chivas was also bred to the same stallion.

    Maxx was back in business. Now the joyous time of training, riding and having foals again.

    As Maxx was pregnant she couldn’t ride for a while, Steve took the time to train up Saffron and get her skills up until she was ready to give birth.

    After a long day working hard with the children and the horses. The family took to sleeping and getting a good nights rest. Steve a man who even in his sleep is dreaming of the horses.

    The kids are hitting teenagers quickly the triplets get to enjoy their birthdays again.

    Nikki already celebrated now Ethan and once again Brooke, all enjoying their growing up and aspirations.
    Maxx pregnant waiting to have their new baby. The Mares heavily pregnant, the family is blessed with joy.

    Maxx begins by teaching Brooke to drive, knowing how important a license is, one by one they will get their chance.

    Nikki who is a fitness fanatic and has the desire to be a world class athlete, goes to the gym to get her fitness up.

    Ethan gives it a try also, he is wanting to be a world class surgeon.

    Tonight some wild horse and even a unicorn decided to visit. Bringing some positive energy and vibes.

    Saffron decides it’s time to let her baby join the family. She gave birth to a little filly they decided to call Pepper.

    Chivas Regal also decided to bring happiness and let her little filly join the family. She is named Velvet.

    It seems the unicorn’s visit has brought luck to this family. Maxx is now off to the hospital to also give birth.

    After a long birth Maxx gave birth to twins, Nathaniel and Jasmin. {I nearly fell over this sim can’t just have one baby sigh}

    The following morning it’s time to show off the new fillies. Here is velvet.

    And on the other side.

    Here is little Pepper.

    Also on the other side {so you can see both sides of the girls}

    Ethan after school decides to take Lucifer for his daily walk. All the family take turns with him so that he’s never neglected.

    Brooke decided she wanted to try out riding for the first time. Texas is her best choice as the mares have babies they like to keep close to their mums.

    Brooke didn’t realise it was as scary as she thought.

    Texas and Brooke set off at a slow walk to get Brooke use to riding.

    Maxx takes the time to play with Pepper.

    Chivas on the other hand has to baby sit and watch her daughter velvet clown around.

    Ethan enjoys being with the animals, after his school work and job he would spend some time with Velvet, velvet was ready to play. She is a happy little filly.

    This evening once again, the unicorn came to visit their property. Maxx stood and watched the wild horses and the unicorn, the family loved seeing them here.

    The unicorn and wild horses decided to come and have a sleep at the property, Maxx and Steve made sure they spread some hay for the wild horses in case they were hungry.

    Velvet took to the unicorn and spent some time playing and socialising. The unicorn really likes velvet too.
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    Brooke went to the city hall to register as a horsewoman, she loved being with the horses so much she made up her mind she was going to take after her parents shoes… she wanted to spend her life with them.

    Unfortunately the police were waiting for her as it was past her curfew.

    Brooke ran inside but she knew she was in trouble.

    And she was Maxx scold her, it was as if not long ago she was in the opposite shoes with Poppy not long ago, or so it seemed.

    Even Lucifer came to see the commotion. It was a little stressful as this family never had fights.

    Maxx let Brooke off the hook, knowing what she had done, she told her to be a bit more careful of the time, next time.

    Texas took no time in getting to know Chivas, it was time he sired a couple of foals.

    It didn’t take much for Chivas to have encouragement to make a foal with him.

    The next morning Texas took to Saffron and after a little encouragement.

    Saffron and he went to make a foal also.
    Both mares successfully impregnated by Texas.

    Meanwhile the two half sisters continued to build up their friendship and spend time playing.

    Brooke continued to get her riding skills up and she got to enjoy riding Chivas. Chivas being such a brave proud mare, was the easiest one to ride, she loved being ridden and was the safest horse to be around when riding, although She is Maxx’s baby, she would allow other family members to care for her.

    Even having a rest by the ocean to enjoy the views while Chivas Grazes.

    Maxx and Steve were out on a celebrity call out to visit a restaurant. Paparazzi swooping them all the time.

    Back at home, as always love it in the air between these two.

    Lucifer gets his daily hugs and gives them back to Maxx. Things were really on the up again for this family.

    Velvet decides it’s time to grow up.

    Just as Pepper does. Both girls now happy to enjoy adult hood.
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    Part Three –Twins, Triplets, and foals 7 & 8.

    The twins are due to celebrate their birthdays now. Nathaniel and Jasmin are growing up, quickly too.

    Paparazzi even joined in once again to whiteness the children growing up. It seems as they are always here now. Seems like they just are never leaving.

    Then it happens, the cake catches fire, while everyone takes to panicking, Nikki takes over and extinguishes the fire.

    Once the fire is out and the drama has settled, everyone can go back to celebrations.

    They try again for Nathaniels birthday with a second cake.

    After the twins have celebrated their birthdays it’s business as usual. Maxx teaches Jasmin to walk and Steve teaches Nathaniel.

    As they take the time with the kids, the triplets take time to get to their duties and building up their skills.

    Maxx gets interrupted by the Paparazzi for a photo, and Jasmin has a tantrum lol

    Nikki decides after school to go down at the fishing reserve to catch a fish for her project.

    Ethan joins her also as he’s in need of completing this project. Naturally Paparazzi following them everywhere. Ethan struggles with the fishing as it’s not really his thing.

    Velvet takes to training for racing.

    Pepper takes to practicing her jumping.

    Brooke continues with Texas to practice her riding.

    Saffron also takes to practicing racing.

    Nikki continues to work on her fitness to excel in hopes of being a famous athlete one day.

    Ethan on the other hand continues to study hard. He is a workaholic and is happiest when he’s working or studying.

    As Chivas Regal has all her skills Maxed out she gets to enjoy herself and watch others.

    Chivas and Lucifer take to enjoying each other’s company.

    Brooke decides to take Texas through the ring of fire, with her riding skills going up her confidence allows her to tackle new training techniques.

    Only to have herself set on fire.

    Desperately needing to extinguish herself she makes for the neighbors swimming pool.

    After she finally got the fire off it was time to go home and have a shower.

    Steve decided to take velvet for a harder jumping course.

    While Maxx works Pepper.

    The triplets take to studying this evening, all three researching different areas for different skill advancements, before bed time.

    The next morning Chivas Regal gave birth to a little colt which they named Charlie.

    Charlie from the other angle.
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 509 Member
    Birthday time for the twins {childhood is a breeze in this family, it seems when they are kids it’s everyday a birthday and with so many children, even I'm getting exhausted watching them lol}

    This was the last morning they would spend together.

    The triplets were enrolled into boarding school and were leaving to study for a short time.

    Ethan was heading off to Smuggsworth Prep School to extend his medical career.

    Brooke was off to Fort Military to gain more skills but was eager to be back home with the horses.

    Nikki was heading to Dribble Spots to get her athletic career up to top notch.

    Maxx watched as her 3 babies left for a short time, knowing they would be back, it is still a difficult time saying goodbye, she knows they will grow up once they get back.

    Maxx spending some time with Charlie, bonding and showing kindness as she does to all the animals.

    Steve took Pepper through the ring of fire only to get caught in flames himself.

    Saffron was on her way to let him know she was about to give birth too.

    Saffron delivers a beautiful filly which is named domino.

    Steve missed out on seeing the birth as he was too busy running to the neighbours to jump in their pool to extinguish the fire.

    Domino looks around to familiarise herself with her new home.

    Steve continues to train Velvet. Tonight Velvet get sold and they get $11,798 for her She has level 9 in jumping and level 10 in racing.

    Maxx works Pepper also as a final farewell. Pepper is jumping level 9 and racing lvl 5 she is sold for $9,060.
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    Part one: - Moving out, Sad goodbyes, & Foals 9 & 10

    The triplets have returned from boarding school, Nikki excelled the highest with honour rewards in various areas. Upon returning home, Nikki & Ethan have decided it was time to flee the coop.
    Jasmin and Nathaniel who are now teenagers decided to join Nikki and move out of their birth home too. Both are excellent students and with Nikki wanting to move to a better neighborhood, they decided to go with her to start their lives abroad. Sadly neither of the children had much interest in horses but various other careers.

    This afternoon Maxx decided to put Charlie into training and go riding herself, even though it was the best thing for the children to move on to start their lives, it wasn’t easy seeing them go. Maxx always loved to ride to clear her mind and soul.This afternoon Maxx decided to put Charlie into training and go riding herself, even though it was the best thing for the children to move on to start their lives, it wasn’t easy seeing them go. Maxx always loved to ride to clear her mind and soul.

    Steve also feeling the sadness in his soul, decided to train Domino, it gave them both a chance to take deep breaths that their children had left the coop.

    Brooke on the other hand returned home to stay. The first thing she wanted was her mothers awesome cooking.

    Everyone was growing up or getting older, Lucifer celebrated his birthday, he’s watched so many changes throughout the family, he now gets to enjoy his elder days.

    While Brooke was away she had gained skills in Martial Arts, with the desire one day to go China.

    Despite his age, Lucifer still loves doing his tricks for his family.

    But his favorite past time is sleeping on the sofa or sim bed. Being an old man and such a brilliant companion and pet, no one would shoo him off. He deserved to sleep wherever he wants to. Even though he has the top of the range pet beds, Lucifer loves his sims beds and sofa’s. No one seem to complain.

    Maxx brought a new stallion, Morgan, he wasted no time in getting to know the girls. Chivas getting older herself in her adulthood, wasn’t playing as hard to get as she did in the beginning. She knew her job was to have babies for her sims, she was more than happy to get to know Morgan too.

    He was playful and easily fit into the family. Chivas and Morgan enjoying their play together.

    Soon enough it was down to business and he lead Chivas into the stall and impregnated her, Lucifer checking to see what all the excitement is. lol

    Morgan also got to know Domino who has grown up and was time for her to feel the wonders of motherhood, with her mother now an elder and retired, it was her time for Domino to shine as a mum.

    Morgan once again proved his stud duties and successfully impregnating Domino.

    It has been a big busy day for this new Stallion, he decided to catch up on some nap time.

    Saffron enjoyed having her rides, winning some competitions and aging up also. She was starting to show her age now. {Something went wrong here in game play when I had updated the game, and the sim lives changed back to default instead of epic. She aged up on me, and then I realised something was wrong. After checking it all out, but it was too late she had aged into an elder and sadly I didn’t get a chance to return her back in time :( , devastating me as the player as I wanted her to be an adult for longer…. sigh}

    Even after a nice groom and clean Saffron loved nothing more than to roll around before bed time lol

    The two elder friends enjoying their time with Maxx.

    As always Lucifer got and gave his hugs with Maxx.

    It was time to sell Charlie, with the girls being successfully pregnant and new babies coming. Charlie sold for $10,693. But Steve got to enjoy some training before he sold him off.

    Maxx on the other hand enjoyed her riding with Saffron, despite her age this girl could still do her magic.

    Saffron loves to jump and she showed age was not stopping her to fly, perfect jumps all the way. Go Saffron!

    Brooke decided to get back on horse back, realising she hadn’t forgotten all she knew. Enjoying the county side views once again.

    Steve took Domino out for a ride, being pregnant it was just a casual ride and a nice day for the family to spend with the horses.

    Chivas as per usual…. Played around and one of her favorite things was splashing in the water troth.

    During her ride Brooke spotted a stunning unicorn, so she approached it to see if it would let her pet it, the unicorn is saddled so Brooke knew it must belong to someone? But who?

    Upon talking and greeting the unicorn, Brooke met a young chap called Brandon and soon discovered that this gorgeous magical creature was his pet.
    After some talking and Brandon actually seemed very keen on Brooke he invited her inside his home.

    Brooke also found him attractive and decided to get to know Brandon. They chatted and both discovered they were the same star sign and both single. Brooke made a new friend today but both quickly had crushes on one another Brandon was keen on Brooke as she is on him.
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