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New Fantasy writing/modelling comp

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It was going to be a mid-October launch, but have decided to launch now as it may take some time for people to decide to join and to get judges etc sorted.



1. Mhybor’s Harvest (adapted loosely from a Dungeons and Dragons module)

A writing, roleplay and modelling competition for keen fantasy fans and writers. I’ve tried to cater to a range of people with the mix of class characters I’ve chosen, so I hope you find it interesting! It's mainly about the writing, so if you are a keen writer then this will be ideal for you.

It’s the first time I’ve even attempted to do this in a competition context, so I welcome any feedback or suggestions as we go along. Whether the information is too much, or doesn't give you enough room for your own creative writing, these are the sort of things I’ll need feedback about.

The length and timing of this competition will depend on participation and how the story evolves. I will be trusting you as players, and my judges, to help me review this as it goes along, but as a ball park figure I’d be giving between 10-14 days to complete each round.

I will provide some of the backgrounds for certain rounds as the shots will sometimes need to be taken in a specific location, such as a cave, or dungeon, but I will inform people of that as we go along.
2. The Game
I will be giving an introduction for your short narratives. Each character should respond in their short story as their particular class would, and role play their character as part of their application and future rounds. First person Point Of View would be great, but third person POV is okay too depending on your writing style.

Each round I will create a scenario that you can expand on through your character’s role in your writing, accompanied by the continuity of the story. I will have a short sentence in each round for each class character, giving them a scaffold sentence to their story. How you choose to use that in your writing is up to you. In other words, you are not required to use the exact sentence, but it is a guideline you will need to write to, in order to keep the story-line consistent. Dialogue is welcome.

Each round will delve deeper into and continue the story. This will be how the rounds are set up. The short introduction I do for each assignment will hopefully kick-start your inspiration for your writing and keep it relatively consistent with the other players. I will adjust each future assignment to incorporate all individual write ups. It will be exciting to see where each round takes us!

Here is a tag list of Sims 3 and 4. I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to check this out. If you would like your name removed or added please let me know as I know some of you are not into writing comps.

@Penguinwa101 @Kelebek @abelhinha35 @chellemh29 @NShippudenFan @TEXASTWANGTONYA @AshLenn @MissBirdie @psykt @kyky @fabtiffsim @jpikman @Movotti @JennaCatz @abillings1978 @MzDiamond92 @GreenLover331 @jilliebee22 @MizoreYukii @ArtsyAmy @heather1306 @BeechNutBaby @ColorMePink @Socallucyfan @JoeJoe11 @GITTE2001 @InaMac69 @Klept0maniac94 @lisabee2 @wiredhanna67 @Rawla @Simanite @Aestas @annathefantabulous @Skyler1802 @Anduar @SimlishPopstar @sdtfm @Neverfalle @Heyyysims @MyFavoritedesign @Bugsie2016 @aussiekarima
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    The Application (7 places filled).

    Requires a full body shot on your history background photo please, and a closer
    head & shoulder shot also on the same background thanks. Doesn't need to be on transparent, your history background shots are fine.


    I have chosen 7 classes along with a brief description of traits for each character class below, for this competition.

    Classes to choose from:

    Barbarian: (A brute Warrior). The barbarian is a brutal berserker from beyond the edge of civilized lands.

    Cleric: (A divine healer) A devout follower of a deity, the cleric can heal wounds, raise the dead, and call down the wrath of the gods. Effective against the undead.

    Druid: (A naturalist with special powers over animals). The druid is a worshipper of all things natural—a spell-caster, a friend to animals, and a skilled shape changer. A druid can control animals to fight beside them, protect allies or attack enemies.

    Ranger: (A tracker and hunter). The ranger is a creature of the wild and adept at tracking down his/her favoured foes. They believe in animal spirits and respect their existence, only hunting them for survival.

    Rogue: (An effective collector of riches). The rogue is a thief and a scout, an opportunist that can haggle effectively, and if that doesn’t work, will steal what they want whilst efficiently discovering and disarming traps and other hurdles that stand in their way. They are capable of delivering brutal strikes against unwary foes whilst hiding in shadow.

    Sorcerer: (A natural magic-user). The spellcasting sorcerer is born with an innate knack for magic and can have strange, eldritch powers. (Eldritch can be seen as a division of arcane magic, but can get additional power through pacts with fey, fiendish, or other creatures, depending on their motives.)

    Wizard or Mage: (A learned scholar of magic and alchemy). The wizard masters magic through constant study of tomes, that gives him incredible magical power and are adept at making potions. Wizards can have several familiars but are only able to use them one at a time.


    Constitution: is a term which covers the character’s physique, fitness, health, and resistance to battle. All classes need this characteristic. Strength is the forte of fighters, for they must be physically powerful in order to wear armor and wield heavy weapons. So the Paladin, Fighter and Barbarian will have this trait naturally.

    Wisdom: is a mix of the character’s enlightenment, judgement, wile, will power, and (to a certain extent) intuitiveness. It is their major characteristic and of utmost importance to clerics.

    Intelligence: this trait is the forte of magic-users, for they must be intelligent in order to correctly understand magic and memorize spells. A sorcerer has this innately. A wizard studies tomes to achieve this.

    Charisma: is the measure of the character's combined physical attractiveness, persuasiveness, and personal magnetism. However, an unattractive or non-beautiful character can have a very high charisma due to being strong in the other two aspects of this trait. It is important to all characters, as it has an effect on dealings with others, principally NPC’s (Non-Player Characters, mercenary hirelings, prospective traders, and some monsters).

    Dexterity: includes a number of physical attributes including hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes, precision, balance, and speed of movement. Dexterity is the major characteristic of the thief/rogue class of character, and it affects their professional activities (such as picking pockets, opening locks, and so forth)
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    1. Jendowoz - Lyonesse Maldinor
    2. Lisabee2 - Serf Aelina
    3. Fabtiffsim - Lady Davis

    A head shot on transparent please.

    I would like 2 or 3 other judges including myself. If you choose to be a judge, it will be a bit more relaxed in that scores and/or comments won’t need to be in for 3-4 days after the due date of any assignment (unless something unforeseen pops up and you need longer).

    The timeline needs to be flexible, since there is reading attached to this competition. If you can make that commitment please volunteer. I understand things may come up, leading to delays, but to be fair to the contestants I like to try and get them up within a few days after all submissions are entered. Comments will be optional. Thanks.

    User Name:
    Preferred Name:
    Judge's Name:
    Head shot on transparent:

    Judges will communicate via PM


    I know that some punctuation and grammar in the US and the UK are either called different things or have slightly different rules, so I thought it would be good to share this with you as players. Below is a list of the main things I would be looking for in a writing comp:

    full stops or (periods) .
    commas ,
    apostrophes ' as in conjunctions and ownership. (In medieval language, however they rarely used conjunctions, only a few).
    quotations or speech marks " "
    quotes within quotations ' '
    Capital letters or upper case CAPITALS for names, places and beginning sentences.
    Left justified.

    * a short piece of writing in which all sentences are related.
    * the first sentence expresses the point of the paragraph and all other sentences expand further on this point.
    * the last sentence should provide a link to the next paragraph.

    I hope this helps you all. It's just standard punctuation that you would use in your everyday creative writing.
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    Scoring and Rules

    Following the brief accurately /10
    *It is imperative that you read the brief as this will indicate how and where you present your class in the story, and through the picture but mainly the short story and how you will cover each stage of the quest.

    Suitable background including other Sims/creatures if they are used. /5
    *This is more about a relevant location, and means that if the brief is talking about a trip through a dungeon, for example, that the background, if not provided for you by me, is accurate to that location. The story-line is still the main objective.

    Composition: /5 is more about the overall shot, proportion, poses, expressions, accessories and weapons if you choose some, not the actual outfit. You may even choose to use the same outfit over and over but different poses, hair and locations as it is not a fashion competition.

    Storyline: /15
    *The storyline will be continued through each round and so the judges and I will be seeing how well they are written, the content and how you continue the story’s relevance. Punctuation, spelling and grammar will be encouraged, but we will not be too pedantic on these unless it is too hard to understand as we don’t want to scare people off wanting to give this a go.

    NB: Judges’ preference will always be a part of judging, but for this competition we will not be awarding points for this, as it is mainly about keeping the story going and how accurately you can present your character class in response to the relevant brief.

    Bonus Points – up to 10 points per round can be earned. These are broken down as follows:
    1. Early submission of the picture and story (submit before the due date) – up to 3 bonus points
    2. Story imagination (how well you can up the imagination ante) – up to 4 bonus points
    3. Extra props & people to enhance your overall shot (how these extras are portrayed in your write up and photo) – up to 3 bonus points.


    *Please support each other and enjoy the competition
    *No photo-skinning or face plastering
    *Drawn hair is acceptable
    *CC clothing or maxis-made, and google outfits are all acceptable.
    *Accessories where ever you can find them.
    *In-game, drawn or google backgrounds are allowed
    *Each Round will last between 10 -14 days, depending on how quick the round entries are submitted.
    *Please check in after judging.
    * I will give you regular updates and reminders as the due dates draw closer.
    * You may edit twice only in each round.*

    **Since it is a fairly long time between rounds, one 24 hour extension only will be allowed as 10-14 days is quite a flexible span of time between rounds, otherwise it will drag out too long and be too much of a wait for those who have put theirs in on time or early. It will be granted however, if asked for prior to the due date.**

    NB: If at any time you need the rounds earlier for one reason or another (such as going away), please let me know and I'll PM them to you so you can get your entry in and then send it to me via PM and I will put it up for you around the same time as the other contestants.
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    I was amazed at the characters I chose to represent yours. I didn't even wait until I'd seen all of them except for a couple and there are similarities that I had an intuitive feeling about that you all might use, even down to the colour hair, and whether they would be male, female or another class. Quite uncanny !! Almost spooky how close I got I think.

    Enlarge to see full size, it's very big and at it's best to see at that size - wow!! :) What a great looking adventure party.


    Get in quick before they all go, pick the class that suits you. Read about them above then choose which you'd like to be.
    It will be first come, first serve.

    Assignment 5 - Cavern Entrance

    :) - checked in after seeing the new assignment.
    o:) - checked in after judging
    B) - submitted picture
    <3 - submitted both picture and write up


    :)o:)Barbarian - @TEXASTWANGTONYA

    :)o:)Cleric - @sawdust

    :)o:)Druid - @aussiekarima

    :)o:)Ranger - @annathefantabulous

    :)o:)Rogue - @Bugsie2016

    :)o:)Mage - @Movotti

    :)o:)Sorcerer - @Jendowoz

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    As a group you came from different realms to join forces in the undead incursion brought about by a vengeful magister until – united, the magister was vanquished and imprisoned in one of the many underworlds. You all forged a bond of friendship that has held you together even in more peaceful times. Joining IronHaven’s militia, you have fought many battles together but vary in your personalities and individual backgrounds.

    Assignment 1 (mock)
    Choose a model in your chosen class. It will be first come, first serve, so get in quickly to grab the character that suits you. Add your Race and your preferred name (see below). There is lots of great medieval outfits on google (as in my introductory shot) that you can fit on your Sims, and some great CC can also be found as can some within the game, you just have to search.


    The Race of your character is up to you, but here are a few that I’m sure you’ve heard of before just in case you want to go all out and make an elf, dwarf or some other race or group.
    Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-elf, Halfling, Half-orc, and Human of course. Each group has their advantages and disadvantages. If you have a preference for another race you can inform me.

    Preferred Name: (that you want to be called not your character)
    Character Class:
    Character Race:
    Name of Character:
    Body Shot of your character on your history background:

    Assignment 1 & Application – History of your Character Class

    Choose the class you want to be. It will be a matter of first come-first serve. This will be your application. Please choose different classes for this competition. There are only 7 to choose from. Once they are filled we will begin our adventure. You need to introduce your character and create their past history in the application and base it loosely on the traits discussed above. I don’t want to put anyone in a “box”, so you can create your background history for yourself.

    Assignment 2 - Arriving in Wolfwater

    ***There is no need to change outfits, unless you want to, just find a background Use other Sims in the shot if you choose, that is completely your choice, but it's the writing that counts.***


    Read the Introduction below well please. Just click on it to enlarge if needed



    Requirements for Assignment 2

    * One full body, 1/2 or 3/4 shot of your character on a medieval village background (I have several. If you need them just ask)
    * expand on my introduction and your specific sentences - what happened on the way to the village? What happened when you got there? What sort of welcome did you get? What did you do there? Ask yourself questions like these and it will help with your write up.
    * Use punctuation, left justify please, paragraphs and grammar including quotations/speech marks, if dialogue is included.

    Cleric– suspects Gnaabak is not telling them everything about Murbil and her family.

    Sorcerersenses an ambient mystical energy surrounding the town.

    Roguerummages through the cottage and finds some artefacts and gold coin including a necklace trampled in the dirt on the floor, with its leather cord snapped. It is a pendant formed from strands of volcanic glass set around what looks like a mummified eye.

    Barbarian – throws things around until he finds food and sits down to eat, mumbling how he’d like to knock Gnaabak’s head off. While throwing things around he knocks a shelf and a tome falls down.

    Magechecks the old tome Teagan knocked down. It’s from Merbil’s personal library and he recognises some rune symbols on the artefact the rogue found, that are also in the history books he/she has studied in the past. In it there is a description about A Providence Eye similar to what Beargrim talked about.

    Rangerfinds tracks and evidence around the outside of the cottage that Murbil and her family didn’t leave of their own accord.

    Druidhas a friendly encounter with an animal friend that somehow communicates that there is a cave somewhere in the distance adding to the group’s findings.

    Assignment 3 - Searching for Murbil Kilmir


    Requirements for Assignment 3

    * One full body, 1/2 or 3/4 shot of your character
    * expand on my introduction and your specific stimulus sentences - What happened once the villagers realised you didn't leave? Are the villagers hostile toward you? Are the villagers more willing to talk with you now Gnaabak is gone? How did you spot Gnaabak leaving? Did you find out more information about this "Lord of the Providence Eye, Belashyra"? You may want to lead into the trip to the cave. (we haven't arrived there as yet, that is next assignment)
    * Use punctuation, left justify please, paragraphs and grammar including quotations/speech marks, if dialogue is included.


    The Barbarian – Going outside to relieve himself, hears the discussion and picks up the orc by the scruff of his neck to try and intimidate more information out of him. The old orc acts as if he has forgotten the past few moments and does not speak to them again. No amount of cajoling or intimidation will sway him.

    The Rogue – In Murbil’s cottage, the rogue gives the necklace to the cleric. He leaves the cottage earlier than everyone else to investigate the figures he saw hidden amongst the trees.

    The Cleric – The volcanic glass set around the mummified eye has a subtle gold glow emanating from it. She recognises the pendant as a holy symbol of one of the Cults of the Dragon worshippers, one of the many powers that lurk within the underworld of Mhybor.

    Mage – The runes around the pendant match with the illustrations in the book found in Murbil’s personal library and establishes that the warning from the old orc has something to do with the alignment of moons, darkness and the “Harvest” where innocent souls are stolen or trapped to become bound to the dragon cult and branded with the living eyes of Belashyra, the Lord of the Providence Eye.

    The Sorcerer – After the sorcerer recognised the powerful concentration of arcane energy surrounding the village, with a second check, the sorcerer notes its general direction, which seems to be in the same direction where the cave was spotted by the druid’s animal friend.

    The Ranger – Whilst following the general direction to the cave, she finds a blood trail leading to a hidden path at the far side of the village.

    The Druid – calls upon an animal that can either direct the party to the caves or track the blood trail. Discuss the encounter with the animal, embellish about what it has seen.

    Assignment 4 - First Encounter
    ***We are all in our armour before we set out. Use other Sims in the shot if you choose, but it's the writing that counts.***

    Read the Introduction below well please. Click to enlarge to get full impact.



    Requirements for Assignment 4 - questions to ask yourself for your writing

    * One full body, 1/2 or 3/4 shot of your character
    * There must be some dialogue in this assignment (the planning part).
    * expand on my introduction and your specific stimulus sentences - What sort of planning goes on between the characters? Are there any disagreements in the planning part? Once the attack begins how will you deal with the wolves? What spells did you use and how? Describe the surrounding area. Describe the wolves?
    * Use punctuation, left justify please, paragraphs and grammar including quotations/speech marks as dialogue in this assignment is required.
    * The two specified (the druid and Mage) take some damage and our ranger and the cleric need to heal you. You must write about this encounter from your character’s perspective, using spells you are allowed, and the weapons you have been allocated.
    The bolded italics are consequences for you all from this encounter once the attack begins. The planning part occurs first. There will be other consequences like these in future encounters. These need to be included in your write up.


    The Ranger – On the way through the woods to the cave, she spies droppings and footprints of a creature that appears to be canine, but he/she does not recognise what type, and warns the group to be alert. Says they are being watched but does not believe they are the cultists the Cleric talks about. Once the dire wolf encounter starts…Tries to control the dire wolf attack in your own way from your character’s perspective. Helps with healing and bandages after the battle has ceased.

    The Barbarian – Offers a few ideas in the approach to the cave, but becomes impatient. Later, he brandishes his weapons, goes into a rage and wields his great axe shouting a war cry, and saying he will cut down anything that threatens his companions on their way into the cave. In the process he catches a small tree, severing it at its trunk disturbing a group of 5 or 6 dire wolves that had been stalking the group since they set foot in the forest. You turn to fight the wolves, making an impact with your warrior prowess. Write about the attack from your character’s perspective. You do most of the damage being the stronger party member.

    The Druid – Calls on one of his animal friends to follow the blood trail. Once the dire wolf encounter starts, he quickly shape-shifts into…. control the attack in your own way (Check the spells you are allowed) at the level your character is at the moment and write from your character’s perspective. You were injured after helping the sorcerer, by a dire wolf but the rogue saved you from further injury by disposing of the wolf about to devour you.

    The Sorcerer – Write about the attack from your character’s perspective. Use and discuss which spells you intend to use to fight the wolves. Once the battle starts, you put up a good fight controlling the elements and help with healing spells once the attack is over. (Check the spells you are allowed) at the level your character is at the moment and write from your character’s perspective.

    The Cleric – As part of your group's planning, the cleric informs the group that these Cult of the Dragons called eye-blades, are not to be toyed with, being sharp-shooting archers and that they will need to be taken out first once we arrive at the cave entrance. He calls on his/her divine power to strengthen the groups’ constitution and imbue an aura that allows them to distinguish the eye-blades in shadow in case they attack by surprise before arriving at the cave enntrance. Once the wolves attack, write about the attack from your character’s perspective. Afterwards you help with bandaging and healing the two injured party members as much as you can.

    The Rogue – returns from scouting around the area and informs the others there indeed are several figures hiding amongst the trees agreeing that they are the eyeblades, the cult of the dragon worshippers that were discussed back at the cottage. But that something has called them together and they had moved off in the same direction as the cave is located. Once the wolf attack begins... write about it from your character’s perspective. You save the life of the druid from a dire wolf about to devour her, through a shadow attack after she collapses.

    Mage – Write about the attack from your character’s perspective. (Check the spells) you are allowed at the level of experience you are. Fortunately before the attack you managed to imbue you and your companions’ weapons with an enchantment making them more powerful. You are injured by one of the dire wolves during the fight.

    There are several great PNG’s of dire wolves that you can find in google ready to place if you would like to use them in your picture. Also spell effects, such as fire, lightning etc. that are already on transparent can be add to your picture if you choose.

    This will be the one you can work on whilst I'm away. I'm back on the 25th so hopefully they will all be in by then. That will be the due date. @sawdust just put up your writing, as I won't be here to do it and I'll get the picture done once I'm home. I probably won't get time to do my part in this assignment, if I do, well and good, but the pictures will have to wait until I get home.
    Assignment 5 - Cavern Entrance

    After the close scrape with the wolves, the companions decide to rest before they confront the orcs and eyeblades at the cave entrance. As they watch from a distance, the party members continue their plan of approach. This assignment can go two ways, combat or bluffing the guards, you choose how to present your story. It doesn't have to fit in with the others necessarily as some may choose not to confront the orcs and eye-blades others may want to. It's your choice.
    The druid’s concern about the orcs having a secret weapon is found to be true. One of the orc wardens possesses a wormtongue that he uses when bloodied. This cord of muscle is a symbiont and lashes out from his mouth to strike an opponent and poison them for a time. This should likely catch you by surprise, as you realise the guards are not the simple farmers they appear to be. It does not receive any bonuses from the victim’s feats, abilities, or powers. For example, a rogue cannot use a sneak attack to do damage to a wormtongue. However, if the players have combat advantage against a target, (as the barbarian) the symbiont does as well. However, this symbiont must be fully exposed in order for its powers to be used, but their alien and disturbing nature sometimes makes this difficult. These symbiont-type weapons are shaped from muscle and bone, which bond to the flesh and whisper strange words in the back of the bearer’s mind.

    Read below thoroughly please


    The Rogue – Scouts ahead to find the 2 bulky orcs and 2 more eyeblades with double daggers or short swords, and bow and arrows. They float around the entrance to the cave. He informs the group that there may be others hiding in the woodlands, up trees so to be on the alert, and to watch above them as well. Plan your approach with the other party members about what tactics to use on the orcs and eyeblades or attempt to slip past them to enter the cave, or find another way in, or attack from behind if an encounter becomes imminent. Your ability to fade into shadows could be detected by the eyeblades however as they can do the same.

    The Barbarian – – The barbarian wields his weapons and wants to attack the orc guards immediately full on, and anything else that stands in their way. Fortunately his ravings are not heard by the orcs at the distance they are from the cave and can be talked out of this at first. How will you approach the orcs? Even if the orcs are rendered unconscious, you may choose to dispose of them anyway. The eyeblades could present a problem even to a strong barbarian, however.

    The Druid – The druid is very concerned that the orcs may be hiding a secret weapon of sorts being of the reptilian race of orcs. She is right. Read about the “wormtongue” above. Plans her form of approach, and tells the others to use distance weapons where possible and animal companions allowed at your level of experience to prevent the risk of a wormtongue attack at close range if a confrontation becomes imminent. Explain how you detect the wormtongue and decide on the spells you feel would be needed for your encounter (if there is one) with the orcs and eyeblades.

    The Cleric - The cleric agrees with the sorcerer and explains that she may be able to help with the undead wraiths and discusses how. Believes the guards will be vulnerable if they can somehow be relieved of their pendants. She suggests that we plan to keep the orcs busy in order to take out the eye-blades first if we cannot render both groups powerless. Decide on the spells needed for this encounter (if there is one) with the orcs and eyeblades.

    Mage – Warns them that the pendant the orcs are wearing protects them against normal weapons and if taken from them could be used in an attempt to pass themselves off as foreign cultists who have come for the Harvest. However, your weapons may be still under your spell, from the wolf attack, you decide. Plan spells to render the orcs and/or eyeblades powerless or unconscious, and explain how you could remove the pendants from the orcs with help or strengthen the players with a spell.

    The Sorcerer –Her fears are confirmed as the eyeblades are wraiths and partly ethereal. Agrees with the mage to try and acquire the pendants from each of them. Plans to use some spells that will render the orcs and the eyeblades, powerless but not to kill them, in order to acquire the pendants. They are likely under the same influence as the unfortunate victims of the cultists as well. Chooses to use a suitable spell for this.

    The Ranger – Plan your attack, how you will approach the orcs and eyeblades, what weapons, powers to be used that you think would be useful, if a confrontation becomes imminent, or find another way into the cave. What spells, animal companions or whatever is in your reach and level of experience you have that can defeat them or render them unconscious. The wormtongue could pose a problem, however if combat occurs.

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    Assignments (continued)

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    Submissions. For scores go to Scoreboard below

    Edited Stories are linked here - Assignment 1 - Character Background History
    Bugsie2017 with Markus Costello - Rogue

    Jen with Safiya Zynor - Sorcerer

    Movotti with Seth Magnus - Mage

    Aussiekarima with Darius Arkveldis - Druid

    TexasTwangTonya with Teagan Valrel - Barbarian

    Annathefantabulous with Katia Wolfswift - Ranger

    Sawdust with Ellawyn of Rosetree

    Edited Stories are linked here - Assignment 2 - Arriving in Wolfwater

    Tonya with Teagan Valrel - Barbarian

    Karima with Darius Arkveldis - Druid

    Anna with Katia Wolfswift - Ranger

    Bugsie with Markus Costello - Rogue

    Movotti with Seth Magnus- Mage

    Jen with Safiya Zynor- Sorcerer

    Sawdust with Ellawyn - Cleric

    Edited Stories are linked here - Assignment 3 - Searching for Murbil Kilmir
    Tonya with Teagan Valrel - Barbarian

    Karima with Darius Arkveldis - Druid

    Anna with Katia Wolfswift - Ranger

    Bugsie with Markus Costello - Rogue

    Movotti with Seth Magnus- Mage

    Jen with Safiya Zynor- Sorcerer

    Sawdust with Ellawyn - Cleric

    Stories to be judged are linked here - Assignment 4 - First Encounter

    Assignment 4 - First Encounter
    Tonya with Teagan Valrel - Barbarian

    Karima with Darius Arkveldis - Druid

    Anna with Katia Wolfswift - Ranger

    Bugsie with Markus Costello - Rogue

    Movotti with Seth Magnus- Mage

    Jen with Safiya Zynor- Sorcerer

    Sawdust with Ellawyn - Cleric
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    See here for your edited versions on my new blog. I will update them after each round has been scored.
    Assignment 1 - History of your Character Class
    Congratulations @aussiekarima for 1st place in Assignment 1, Well done to @Movotti for 2nd and @ArtsyAmy for 3rd. Everyone did extremely well considering this is a bit of a trial and Error comp. Thank you for getting involved so enthusiastically. The scores were bumped up considerably by the bonus points 1, 2 and 3, and they helped a great deal. They really do make a big difference in each round.


    See here for points and comments. Find your name and picture. I am working on a different way of doing this so you don't need to scroll down for ages to see your points and comments, so bear with me. For now you will find them here. If you have any ideas to make this part run more efficiently please let me know.

    Assignment 2 - Arriving in Wolfwater
    **Please check in once you have seen the scores**
    Congratulations @Movotti for coming in first place and congrats to @aussiekarima and @annathefantabulous for 2nd and 3rd placing. I am glad you are now getting used to the type of competition I hoped it would be. Well done to everyone. Writing is a craft and all you need to do is practise and this is a non-threatening and fun way to practise the craft of writing. I look forward to seeing all of your future assignments because the standard can only continue to go up. I look forward to more of our adventures.


    See here for points and comments.
    Assignment 3 - Searching for Murbil Kilmir
    **Please check in once you have seen the scores**
    Congratulations again, @Movotti you hit the front again this round. Well done to @annathefantabulous and @TEXASTWANGTONYA for coming 2nd and 3rd.


    See here for points and comments - only comments by me this time around.
    Assignment 3 scoreboard
    Assignment 4 - First Encounter
    **Please check in once you have seen the scores**
    See you all when I get back, you all did fantastic work this assignment. @sawdust left some feedback for you on my blog also.
    Congratulations to Karima for winning this round, Anna for second place and Movotti for third. Everyone did so well this round. Hope I didn't make any blunders, if I did please forgive me, my headset is muddled with preparations for the trip

    See here for points and comments Assignment 4 scoreboard

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    This is what all of you will receive eventually. But the winners for each round get theirs early as a gift from your friendly neighbourhood Dungeon Master, namely Me!

    Enlarge, save and print if you choose to, @aussiekarima .

    Enlarge, save and print if you choose to. @Movotti .
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    edited November 2017

    Suggestions and Feedback - I would be thrilled to get any feedback as we go along being the first interactive comp I've tried. Especially for things such as:

    * does the introduction and starter sentences give you enough freedom to express yourself in your creative writing?
    * Is the timeline between rounds and/or judging too long, too short or okay?
    * Are there any ideas for improvements in any way?
    * Can you suggest other ways to keep the story line consistent?
    * Would you like a shared PM message to discuss your writing as a group?

    * Judging queries - 1 solved
    * Setting for story - In Medieval time - solved
    * Launch time - 4th October
    * Characters - only one to a person - solved
    * Bonus points - 1 like
    * Application shot is on your characters' history background - solved
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  • jilliebee22jilliebee22 Posts: 2,223 Member
    I think it's a really interesting idea! I guess the biggest thing would be how you intend to judge this, having it go between writing and a picture. I assume that there will be a particular word count each Round to aim for, and then a story picture to go along with what is happening in the written form?

    I guess my biggest thing would be, for me personally I can write, but I'm not the best at story telling in my pictures. And I know others are really well in the story picture taking. So I'm just curious on how you would judge an entry, is there different scores for both aspects?

    As for group work, as cool as it is to have something like that, I'm not sure how well it would work for this. Would you just be doing a group writing? or a group picture? or both?
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  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,765 Member
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    I really appreciate this, @jilliebee22 I need some feedback. The scoring would be mainly about the writing. The picture is mainly just covered by a relevant location. That is the plan. Basically 1 shot on a provided background by me or if people prefer one of your own that depicts the location where events are happening in the story at the time. So for example,

    The first assignment would be purely showing their character class and writing their history. The characters would include only 7 players that could choose the class of character they can relate to the most, such as magic user, barbarian, ranger, or rogue etc.

    The second assignment is in a medieval town. So it would be your character with a medieval town background. It doesn't need to be exactly as what is in the story as that will be addressed in the writing. If then the story goes along and is in a cave say or a dungeon, then I provide the background for that particular assignment.

    The writing would not be restricted with word count, but of course you can only do so much in a fortnight. So it is more a short passage that is relevant to the story-line and task created at the time, (the brief).

    As for judging, I've added that to one of the reserved spots above, so have a look and see if you think it would work.

    So I hope I answered your questions and please ask or question more as any feedback before this launches will be most appreciated.

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  • jilliebee22jilliebee22 Posts: 2,223 Member
    Ohh Okay! Just read your Judging post, and yeah that makes a lot of sense to me. I really like how you added extra bonus points to be earned. It kind of helps with motivation and possibly getting people to challenge themselves.

    As for the story itself, does it stay in the same time frame? Like there isn't jumping around from different eras, just different days in the plot. And as for the characters, is there only one per contest. Like multiple players can not be the same character type?
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  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,094 Member
    I want to be a magic user!
    Pick me! Pick me!

    I am tempted to have Trash as Wizard Seth, again. :p
    (or Deth, twin of Seth)

    I'd be happy to revive any of my party from here:
    I'm getting closer... all the time
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    Yes, @jilliebee22 The timeline stays the same and is like it is actually happening now but in medieval time. So day by day, week by week, month by month, as the story goes. It will be just like adventurers experiencing things when you read a fantasy novel.

    There are only 7 in total, with 7 contestants so it will be first come, first serve. I will add the chosen 7 above, so you can have a look at them.

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    Movotti wrote: »
    I want to be a magic user!
    Pick me! Pick me!

    I am tempted to have Trash as Wizard Seth, again. :p
    (or Deth, twin of Seth)

    I'd be happy to revive any of my party from here:

    LOL :D:D@Movotti There are a choice of 2 magic-users Movotti either a sorcerer or a wizard/mage and even a cleric who has some magic, so when I launch I'll keep you in mind.
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  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,765 Member
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    NB: Thought I'd launch earlier as I'm ready to go, just wanted to wrap up Fashion Time Warp first, but since that is nearing the end, I thought I'd launch this one as it would give people longer to decide and take all the instructions in and for judges to decide if this is for them.
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  • jilliebee22jilliebee22 Posts: 2,223 Member
    I'm totally in! I have the perfect person to put in as well. Can we reserve classes or do you need a full application to save it?
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  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,765 Member
    No you can reserve classes, @jilliebee22, so which class do you want to reserve?
  • jilliebee22jilliebee22 Posts: 2,223 Member
    I would like to reserve Sorcerer, please :)
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    Okay, your in, @jilliebee22
  • lisabee2lisabee2 Posts: 3,362 Member
    This looks so amazing ... I will have to read up on it further to see if I am able to give what it needs! (I am in the process of transitioning my simlit story from finding a king to the king is found LOL so I am in a bit over my head .. but you never know with my penchant for fantasy they might fit .. but I lean to the comical)
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    That's fine, @lisabee2 that would make it all the more interesting. Love to have you if you can find the time. It should be fun. If you want me to reserve a character just in case, let me know.
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  • ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,344 Member
    Can I reserve Rogue for now please? Working on finding outfits now. :)
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