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Circus/Carnival Stuff Pack?

I'd love to see something which we could use to improve community lots like parks. A circus/carnival pack could introduce lots of fun options, from the obvious food stands (popcorn/candy apples etc) to more exciting things such as:

- Warped mirrors for making halls of mirrors;
- Unicycles/juggling balls/other items for sims to practice with (children as well as adults, so they could do shows!);
- Stages/bandstands for parks where sims can perform;
- Rides for toddlers through to adults (spinning teacups anyone!?);
- More fun lighting/build items to create interesting outdoor areas;
- More outdoor clothing, although I see more of that will be coming with Cats & Dogs...

There is already some content from City Living and Get Together which would support this sort of SP, and I'd just love something which would add a bit more depth to the otherwise quite boring parks/community lots... thoughts?
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