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Taking requests

Fireheart2010Fireheart2010 Posts: 148 Member
Good afternoon simmers! I want become more involved in the sims 3 community so I thought what better way than to take on build requests for fellow players?

At the moment I am only doing residential lot requests.
Expansion packs I have and can use are

I don't currently own any stuff packs and I have some store content but not a lot however I have a TON of cc.

If you are interested in requesting a build please fill out the form below

Lot size:
What EP's can I use?:
What style of home do you want?
bedrooms? (please include if these rooms will belong to m/f and t/c/t/ya/a/e
extra rooms?
pets in the home?
Is it okay for me to include small pets? (rodents/snakes/birds/)
cc okay?
what about store content?
anything else?

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