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Some "CC"

So I kind of like dabbling with editing/making skins and stuff for both Sims 3 and Sims 4. Nothing too crazy as I'm still learning it on and off but it keeps me busy and helps keep my creative juices flowing. I've made stuff for Second Life so that kind has helped me with making things for The Sims.
I usually just make/import stuff specific to my characters and never really made anything that I would think would be useful to others so I keep it on the down low for the most part but figure'd I'd share what I've done so far in Sims 4.

I might make some stuff for release at one point (just like my builds) but I won't have as much free time to fiddle around with creating content soon :confounded:

Anyways here's a few things I've done/currently working on.
Face Details and Monster masks (for Dark Forms)
Both are works in progress. I have to fix some seams and fix up details.


Dark Form (wip)

His Dark Form is based off of these:

Normal (wip)
Based off of:

Dark Form (wip)
Based off of:

"Reverse" vampire fangs in 3 flavors.

"Imported" Sims 3 chops
Purple eyes

Vikter's Outfit & Hair
His outfit is two spliced together Maxis meshes with custom textures based off of his character design. Rigging was a real pain and some areas are still a bit wonky but for my personal use it doesn't bother me really.
Character design:

Dark Form
Only difference with this outfit is the torn up gloves
His hair was imported from a separate game. I need to work out the UV mapping as the textures are badly blurred

I did not make the goggles. Goggles can be found here

Not for CAS but still something I guess? I couldn't really find a lot of poses I personally liked for screenshots or whichever I might have been doing so I opted to learn how to make them myself. Again, they're specific and a lot of poses I've made are for edits. These images will obviously be edited but the poses were never changed in Post Processing.
Pose 1

Pose 2

Pose 3

I'm looking to make some Rick and Morty CC soon for Sims 4 as I think they would translate well into the Sims 4 universe :wink:
Everything was created using Sims 4 Studio, Photoshop, and Blender
Art by Pirate-Cashoo
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  • poltergeistpoltergeist Posts: 1,305 Member
    i love your characters and artwork. :heart:
    origin id: kuhpflanzen ∘ tumblr

  • Doctor_VikterDoctor_Vikter Posts: 230 Member
    @allisonchurch Thank you so much! I appreciate that and I appreciate you taking the time to look :blush:
    Art by Pirate-Cashoo
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  • Joanaferreira745Joanaferreira745 Posts: 15 Member
    Wow, you are REALLY talented
  • mandyyportomandyyporto Posts: 181 Member
    love it
  • Doctor_VikterDoctor_Vikter Posts: 230 Member
    edited January 2018
    @Joanaferreira745 Thanks! I have a lot of fun making things for Sims!

    @mandyyporto Thanks Mandy!

    I recently decided to make a new Simblr for future CC downloads and archiving my Edits again. Added some new Vampire teeth to the game for UV Mapping/Texture practice for future projects. I wanted some teeth that were a little bit the vanilla vampire teeth.
    Download is here for these things if anyone would like to use 'em in your game

    Current W.I.P.s!
    Working on some Orcish teeth at the moment to coincide with the Gnarly packs:

    Added a new accessory, too, for those mobster Sims: A Stogie
    Have to work on the textures a bit more and sizing.

    Uploaded the 90s Arcade style rug for download! There are two flavors of this rug, one a bit more realistic while another blending in a bit more with the vanilla Sims 4 world


    Download is here for anyone

    Still chipping away at the Z31. Will be adding more "Odd Ball" and "Old School" cars once I figure out how to not mess up the LOD on these objects

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    Art by Pirate-Cashoo
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  • ParadoxSimsParadoxSims Posts: 89 Member
    This is INCREDIBLE. You're extremely talented. I'm not much into dark things like this, but I absolutely love this!
    Keep up the hard work I' d love to see more of what you bring.
  • RockWarriorGamesRockWarriorGames Posts: 19 Member
    INCREDIBLEEE!!! Fantastic job @Doctor_Vikter !!!!! :o
  • camdenjudecamdenjude Posts: 1 New Member
    Do you plan on making those orc teeth
  • gustavowizardgustavowizard Posts: 357 Member
    those are pretty cool man, nice work! maybe we could do something together.. im into weird stuff for Sims 4 lol
  • Doctor_VikterDoctor_Vikter Posts: 230 Member
    Thanks everyone who's commented! Sorry for being ghost for a bit had some stuff to take care of but I got around to releasing the second set of teeth and the stogie (for those "classy" or Villainous Sims)
    @gustavowizard That'd be rad! You have some pretty awesome CC from what I've seen so far <3 If i get more time again to sit down in Blender and make some other Sims 4 things I'd def be down to do a collab
    It can be found under the earrings category in CAS and is for all Sims, including Aliens, Vampires, and Mermaids. It’s rigged to the lower jaw and I tried to get it to look as decent as possible but clipping will still happen with certain mouth animations. Other accessories' textures may also appear on the tip of the stogie depending if they share the earring category, as well, or a similar spot on the UV Map. I can't do much about that as much as I'd like to :s

    Download it here

    And the second batch of Gnarly teeth (mostly Orc/Troll style fangs)

    I also decided to make these available for not just vampires but mermaids, aliens, and human Sims. I’ve also updated the original Gnarly set to also accommodate these life states.
    There will be some clipping (of course) with the more extreme teeth like the Warthog style ones I use on one of my Sims
    Certain animations you can see clipping some (mostly super exaggerated sad faces, etc) but to correct that I'd have to edit all of the animations to accommodate for the tusks and I don't have a bean to do that. Maybe I'll make some poses soon 👀

    Download here
    Download the updated Gnarly Set V1 Here
    Art by Pirate-Cashoo
    ||Steam || Origin: Z0mbie_Cakez ||Art Blog ||
    Editing Tutorial
  • BMSOBMSO Posts: 2,211 Member
    @Doctor_Vikter I recently came across your cc on my Dashboard. Love those teeth! :smiley:
    Artist, Gamer and Geek, CC creator Origin ID: bmso85
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  • Doctor_VikterDoctor_Vikter Posts: 230 Member
    @BMSO Hay thank you! I'm hoping to make more soon, especially with Halloween approaching <3

    Currently finished another CC "project" filled with 80s stuff; The Totally (sort of) Rad pack

    The star of this all, and what sparked me to even want to make a small CC pack, was the brick cellphone replacement I added to the game out of fun.

    DynaTAC: I decided to really immerse my Sims some in the decade by importing a phone based off the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x “Brick” cellphone that I grabbed from here. This is a Default Replacement and will replace all Sim used cell phones in the game.
    Note: Animations will look obviously very off with this vintage cellphone. Interactions like “Take Selfie” and “Play Game” are the wonkiest as Sims will pound madly on the keypad or magically take a selfie photo with a camera-less phone. They also will sometimes not have the receiver to their mouths but I mean, they’re just being nice and not trying to sigh heavily into the phone after some long-winded conversations. These funky animations don’t bother me a boat load to really get into tuning but just wanted to mention it.

    80s Z Car: Minus the rust these cars are plagued with, keeping them on the road is even more of a test. This car currently only comes in black and is simply a decoration. It can be found under “1986″ in Buy Mode.
    Note: This was made for fun & personal use after finding a model on Sketchup editing then importing into Sims for practice with more UV mapping from scratch. It’s not the best but I figured I’d include this in this “pack” as it pertains to the theme. Modified the model some to match my own Z, so it’s a bit wonky when it comes to certain areas.I also “Maxis Matched” it a bit to the other cars in the vanilla Sims 4 world.

    Movie Posters: Classic films from the early 80s to late in the decade. There are 40 posters in all (all swatches). Can be found under “80s Posters” in Buy Mode.

    Paneling: There are 5 different shades of 80s inspired wood paneling that usually pops up in finished (dated) basements. It can be found under “80s Wood Paneling” in Build Mode.

    Memphis Wallpapers: There are 3 different kinds of wallpapers (with corresponding grunge textures for fun) Can be found under “80s Memphis” in Build Mode.

    Download link to the full pack Here And there are also separate download links for each individual item

    And now with this out of the way, I can continue my regularly scheduled programming of making more monster and grunge stuff 👀

    Art by Pirate-Cashoo
    ||Steam || Origin: Z0mbie_Cakez ||Art Blog ||
    Editing Tutorial
  • RouenpucelleRouenpucelle Posts: 824 Member
    Wow, you are really imaginative and skilled! Great work!
    Ooh Be Gah!! Whipna Choba-Dog? Whipna Choba-Dog!! :smiley:
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