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Sims 5 - Ideas, Hopes, Predictions (Megathread?)



  • DootLikeASkeletonDootLikeASkeleton Posts: 506 Member
    I was thinking that there should be a video game store. You'll have to have a computer in the home. So there would be different games to give different effects. For example, a game about hospitals could be useful to sims working in the medical field, or games with heavy war could help a military member.

    I would like some hairstyles like an undercut kinda thing for girls, and maybe more toddler hairstyles in the base game?

    Factories. You could work there for a part time job.

    Work related accidents. Athletes could get concussions, pet doctors could be bitten or scratched, spa workers could burn themselves with candles or hot water, ect.

    Some food I'd like to see: meat pies, baked potatoes, toast (you would need a toaster to make toast), and roasts.

    Sims with the clumsy trait should be able to fall down the stairs. I think it would be kinda funny.

    Sims need to quit freaking out over fires (unless they are a coward). Instead, they should run out the house or put out the fire, depnding on their traits.

    There should be a DLC for magic powers. Just that. Sims could learn about fire, ice, ect. They can also have familiars, which help them. Witchcraft should be added in this DLC as well. You could buy altars, and there could be a new trait: Witchy. That trait will make the sim love witchcraft, be better at it, and it could increase their fun level.

    More skills. With long or epic lifespans, the skills a sim can learn kinda get boring. Some ideas include: archery, sewing, martial arts, fencing, yoga, and pottery. These could make new lifetime wishes and traits as well.

    Coding. Sims could code their own websites for money. Evil sims could make websites to scam, bookworms could create online book clubs, ect. Would add a whole different aspect of gameplay for sims who love their technology.

    Sims should have to clean out their gutters every 30 sim days. They also have a chance to fall off the ladder. If they don't clean out the gutters, the gutters could fall off.

    DLC where we could have pegasuses, raindeer, and pteradactols as pets. You'd have to catch them in the wild.

    Just all the possibilities.
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  • DootLikeASkeletonDootLikeASkeleton Posts: 506 Member
    Just thought of something else: Mental disorders. They can be obtained by memories or aging. Here is a list:
    -Insomnia: These sims can't sleep at all. They will struggle to go to bed, spending hours just lying there. before giving up and playing computer games.
    -Depression: These sims are sad all the time. If they don't get treatment, they could attempt to take their own life.
    -Anxiety: Will be nervous and shaky all the time.
    -Panic Attacks: Triggered like a hotheaded sim, these sims will have panic attacks.
    -ADHD: Will struggle to focus. When at school/work, they will randomly swich to the low preforming option.
    -PTSD: Will depend only on negative memories. For example, if a sim watched their parent die from a fire, they could develop PTSD and dislike fire.
    Of corse, treatment is available with a new therapy office! After some sessions, mental disorders will get better or even disappear.
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  • DootLikeASkeletonDootLikeASkeleton Posts: 506 Member
    Creativity restored. More ideas.

    There should be more violent options in the sims. For example, in a fight, your sim could really hurt or even kill the other sim. Same goes for the sim your fighting.

    Heights would be pretty neat. You could have really short, short, average, tall, and really tall. Perhaps really short people couldn't reach the fridge and would have a whole new animation where they climb into the fridge. Maybe younger ones could get stuck in the fridge and have to call the fire department to pull them out.

    Sims could be able to upgrade their phones. So when a sim upgrades it, they could make it have a computer game on it, or could use their phone to write.

    In winter, there should be a chance for a ice storm. When that happens, ice falls from the sky. If your sim stays outside too long, they could get hurt!
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  • MewthMewMewthMew Posts: 275 Member
    Idea: maybe in the Sims 5, we could have baby engineering in the base game? It comes with Into The Future for the Sims 3, and in the base game, it would be very nice.

  • DiamondPandaDPDiamondPandaDP Posts: 43 Member
    Probably a mix of all the sims games with maybe shadows and bright sun.
    If I help you please note I do not work for EA. Have a nice day :smiley:
  • CheiriPixieCheiriPixie Posts: 79 Member
    @StrawberryYogurt Omg, yes.
    I miss the turn on/off in the Sims 2.
    They need to have neighborhood creation, and you can place lands wherever you like.
    As well as cut down on the incomplete expansions.
    More emotions and reactions/animations. More realistic touch and multi-tasking!
  • mrma49mrma49 Posts: 14 New Member
    I would like to see in sims 5

    Memories like in sims 2 (I cant remember if they were in sims 3 as well?)
    Worlds and premade households with more interesting storylines like in sims 2
    Semi open world
    I would love to bring back the cute animations from sims 2 like when a couple cuddle in bed and couples dance together, it’s such a minor thing but I really miss them :(
    Custom skin tones

    Can you tell sims 2 is my favourite? hahaha
  • ellisellis Posts: 16 Member
    I'm a big fan of the cartoony style of TS4 but it would be cool to see something else if there will be a next game, maybe more realistic and
    a bit more rough? kinda like if Naughty Dog would make a sims game

    Custom colors would also be a relief lol
  • Idaho91Idaho91 Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like to see the following in TS5:

    - Create a world tool for the ability to make your own customized worlds/neighborhoods. I like the idea mentioned in some previous posts in this thread about sub-areas within a world.
    - Drivable cars, bicycles (both city-style bikes and bikes for sporting that you can ride on smaller roads, forest paths etc.), buses (with bus stops), trains (with train stations), ferries (with ferry docks), small rowing boats and kayaks.
    - More customizeable downtown areas where you can build your own apartment buildings, bus stations, parking houses, business buildings, hotels, police and fire stations, hospitals, shopping centers with parking lots, gas stations, traffic lights and signs, large crossroads and roundabouts, bridges, canals etc.
    - Countryside area/world with farming options (as mentioned in previous posts), including tractors, cows, pigs, hens, horses, crop fields, vegetable fields, and a cozy little countryside town center. Farmers markets with seasonal vegetables and local produce.
    - Coastal worlds, with the ability to live or have your own cabins on islands and take the ferry or a private boat to the main land. Swimable ocean. Fishing docks. Sailboats. The ability to buy fresh seafood from the fishermen.
    - The ability to create your own kindergartens, schools, universities. As well as health clinics (with physiotherapists, dietians, psychologists, dentists etc.), hair dressers/barber shops and farmacies.
  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 568 Member
    I hope that if/when we get a Sims 5 that it doesn't get bogged down by being too realistic. I don't want too much focus or detail on paying bills or sicknesses as I play the Sims to get away from reality.

    What I do hope they focus on in the base game is the sims themselves and systems (calander, clubs, reputation) that can be expanded upon with each expansion (eg: adding more for clubs to do, adding events for the calander, adding what adds and takes away from reputation).

    Adding realism is all fine and good, but without the fun quirkiness I won't be interested in a Sims 5.
  • WeediestKUSH420WeediestKUSH420 Posts: 1 New Member
    I’m having a difficult time finding a place to make suggestions, or a “leave a comment/suggest an idea box” for The Sims 5, so this seems to be the place.

    I feel like the game would benefit from bringing back a “Direct Control” option like they did in The Sims 2 Pets. In The Sims 2 Pets they gave players the choice of the “Classic Control” and “Direct Control” options. At the the push of a button you were zoomed in and able to control each step your Sim took with the Left Stick/WASD Keys and could walk around and click on and interact with things and other sims.

    This would be especially awesome with a “Local Multiplayer / 2 Player Mode” option as The Sims 2 Pets did not have this like the original The Sims game, and was greatly emphasized by players and fans that it was missing a local co-op feature.

    I sincerely hope the developers take/have already taken this information into consideration, and we will see it in the next game in the series The Sims 5.
  • LeeishaLeeisha Posts: 3 New Member
    How cool would it be if we had train stations to travel between the different worlds? Or to live in one place like the beach, to be able to get the train to work in the city? Or a bus.. and school buses! Or even have an airport for those travel destinations..
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