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“The City of Ember” written by Jeanne DuPrau. (You can google the movie and book)

When the city of Ember was just built and not yet inhabited, the chief builder and the assistant builder, both of them weary, sat down to speak of the future. “They must not leave the city for at least two hundred years,” said the chief builder. “Or perhaps two hundred and twenty.” “Is that long enough?” asked his assistant.
“It should be. We can’t know for sure.” “And when the time comes,” said the assistant, “how will they know what to do?” “We’ll provide them with instructions, of course,” the chief builder replied. “But who will keep the instructions? Who can we trust to keep them safe and secret all that time?” “The mayor of the city will keep the instructions,” said the chief builder. “We’ll put them in a box with a timed lock, set to open on the proper date.” “And will we tell the mayor what’s in the box?” the assistant asked.
“No, just that it’s information they won’t need and must not see until the box opens of its own accord.” “So the first mayor will pass the box to the next mayor, and that one to the next, and so on down through the years, all of them keeping it secret, all that time?” “What else can we do?” asked the chief builder. “Nothing about this endeavor is certain. There may be no one left in the city by then or no safe place for them to come back to.”


“Looking for 10 volunteers to inhabit the underground city and populate it for 5 generations... ”

I need 5 girls and 5 guys

1. Only Young Adult and Adult sims… Must can make babies...

First Generation:

3.1. Running for Mayor:

3.1.1.You will give me a reason why you want to be the Mayor of The City of Ember
3.1.2.Then you will vote for 5 sessions
3.1.3.The 2 sims with the least votes will fall out until the last 2. And then you will choose the mayor.
3.1.4.Everyone will vote each time although your sim is out already.
3.1.5.You can’t vote for your own sim.

3.3.Choosing your partner:

3.3.1.You will woo her/him… Asking on dates
3.3.2.Guys will ask girls first on a date and after the date, the girls can accept or not.
3.3.3.Then it’s the girls turn to ask a guy on a date and he can accept or not.
3.3.4. This will end after all the guys and girls are engaged. (like R&J season 5)

4. Then I will play with your sims aging on and making sure they do what it takes to survive the underground city.
5. They will have babies. 2 for each couple depend on the gender. They must have at least a boy and a girl for populating purposes.
6.You can choose the babies names. Mother will choose boy’s name and father will choose girl’s name. If they got the same gender then I will choose the baby’s name and try again. Hopefully, they don’t have more than 3 kids.
7. I will teach toddler skills but can’t promise all of them will have it when they grow up.
8. I will randomize traits.
9. Children will learn painting and logic skills. Again I can’t promise anything. They won’t go to school. They are underground and can’t escape. I will try to get someone to tutor them. But again…
10. When they grow up as teens they will choose a career. It will be the same as the first generation.
11. Okay, I don’t know if you want to choose another sim or play with the ones you choose names for? Here you can assist me.

From the second generation until the last generation it will be:

1.Teens choose Careers and start dating.
2.Young Adults chooses partners.
3.Adults will run for Mayor.
4.And the 'last generation', teens, will fight for the instructions of 'How to escape the underground City' ...

Are you guys and girls interested?

If so....
Application Form:
User Name:
Sim’s name:
Adult / Young Adult:
Short Bio and why he/she want to die in an underground city:
LTW: (Not that they going to get it deep underground)

(You can put your sim’s picture and application form on the thread for the others to decide on partners so long.)

1.And then you can start working on the first assignment to run for mayor. Why do you want to be the Mayor of Ember…? Not more than 500 words or less than 200 words.

2.Choose a number between 1 and 20 for the Careers.

3.The choosing of your sim’s partner will be after all the pictures are up. ;)

Pictures of the City will be up as soon as I finished taking them... ;)

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