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Midnight Hollow, The Ballan Family

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I post this story on another thread, but am putting it here to keep it organized. Comments and critique are welcome. :)

1/2/19 Edited original post to place the family tree's for the growing family to help with organization and it will be easier for me to find later to adjust. :lol:

I did the family trees for my other family save so decided to do them for the Ballan Family as well. I hope this will help any readers keep things straight since I play all my saves so haphazardly. :wink:

Victor, a vampire and his wife Gardenia, a witch are the founders of the family. His sister Autumn was brought in to the fold when @aricarai remade the pizza girl and I had to have her version in my game. The children are Alice, a witch, twins Josef and Jillian, vampires, Dylan, a witch, and twins Lucas and Lexi who are hybrid vampire/witches with the mod from Nraas.

Alice is now a young adult and married to Adam Moonwalker, a werewolf. His mother was a fairy and he and his friends next adventure will be to track his family on his mother's side.

Autumn married Rafe Sinclair, a vampire and former pirate from Barnacle Bay. They have two children Will and Christina, both are vampires.

Seth Armor is Rafe's best friend, business partner, bro, might as well be a brother. He is human, recently almost a mummy. He married Shea, a fairy, who escaped from the clutches of the dastardly Lestat. She was taken in by Rafe and Autumn and became their nanny while she recovered from her abduction.

Marshall Flynn is Adam's best friend, turned to a werewolf by Adam after Marshall was attacked and dying. Marshall married Jennifer Doe who is human. Jennifer is Alice's best friend. Marshall has two sisters Maggie (also a best friend of Alice), married to Joseph Doe and Cora. Joseph and Maggie have had their first child and I forgot what they named it!

Dedric George is another best friend of Adam's. He was originally hired by Victor to help look into Adam's fairy family. Dedric went to university with them and they all became best friends. He will be able to help them as they travel in lands that are traditional to fairy's. Hopefully, Dedric will meet someone special while they travel.

Kailena Moonwalker Family Tree

Midnight Hollow
Introduction to the Ballan family.

This is Ballan Manor (not sure of the in game name), but the sim family is Ballan so the new name made sense to me. :) You can see how light the sky is on the left of the picture, but the mountain is still dark and ominous and makes the lot pretty dark later in the day. I wish my sims had some dynamite and could take care of that huge mountain that way. :)
Victor Ballan, master vampire has brought his new family back to Midnight Hallow after centuries of being away. He married Gardenia, a gentle witch who found the heart that he though had been lost when he was turned. He has had many loves over the millennia, but, Gardenia is the other half of him, his bonded life mate, and without her he will not live on. She is refusing to turn unless there is no other option. She is a light witch and as much as she loves him and their children, she does not want to live in the dark. They plan to live in his old home and study alchemy, researching the old records in the manor to find a way to stay together forever.
Victor Ballan is brave, perceptive, proper, athletic and a snob. His favorites are the color black, electric music (weird choice, but left it) and O+. His wish is of course, to turn the town. :lol:
Gardenia Ballan is brave, perfectionist, gatherer, hopeless romantic, and has a green thumb. Her favorites are the color red, pop music and she loves pancakes. Her wish is to master alchemy and find a way to stay with Victor. Gardenia is playing with their son Josef who is brave and athletic and a vampire like his Dad. He likes the color spice brown, custom music and cookies(a boy after my own heart).
Alice Ballan teen daughter of Victor and Gardenia is a witch like her Mom. She is brave, has a good sense of humor, gatherer and hopeless romantic. Her favorite color is blue, likes electric music, and grilled salmon is her favorite meal. Alice does not have a lifetime wish yet. I don't choose those for teens until I kinda get a feel for their personality. Alice is holding her baby sister Jillian who is twin to Josef. Jillian is perceptive and athletic. She likes the color yellow, classical music and cheese steak is her favorite meal.
They will have a busy time getting the manor back in shape, brighten it up, start a garden and collect ingredients for potions, studying the alchemy books, tend to two young toddlers and a young teenager who did not want to move to a gloomy town away from her many friends.

Fixing up the Nursery

Gardenia decided to fix up the nursery first. She was determined that her babies were not going to sleep in that dark dreary nursery and have horrible nightmares all night long.
Alice is still a novice at magic, but, can turn her hand at the smaller items like the cribs and bedding.
Using her magical skills Gardenia begins to work on the nursery.
The magic swirls and takes away years of dust, mold, layers of paint, varnish and wallpaper leaving behind gold and white tones and sigh, still a bit of grunge on the wood. Gardenia needs to rest for a bit and will work on it later.
Victor has been around so long he can repair and replace almost any item without much difficulty.
Exhausted, Gardenia picks up Jillian and they rock and rest.
Victor finishes the basic repairs in the upstairs bathroom and decides to go check on Gardenia. He is dismayed at how the spells to fix the room have exhausted her. He tells her then and there no more spells. Victor is a bit autocratic at times but she recognizes his concern under the commands. "I will hire the best decorators in the country and it may take longer, but I will not have you sicken from this."
Alice finished fixing up the furnishings in the nursery. The wood work will be done by the professionals when they arrive to work on the house. Josef and Jillian are tucked into their new beds with their favorite vampybears to sleep with.
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    Starting the Garden

    Dawn arrives and Gardenia jogged around the neighborhood before getting Josef up for breakfast.
    Alice comes in and helps by getting Jillian ready for the day, tossing her in the air.
    Alice survives her first day at the new school and meets a new friend after school to hangout.
    Josef shows off his pointy fangs while playing at the block table.
    Jillian turns the pages of her picture book showing off her fangs too.
    Gardenia works with the plants in the garden, fertilizing and weeding carefully to have the best stock available to start the alchemical experiments. She dances with the sunflower happy to have new life sprouting all around her
    While the toddlers are playing and Alice is at school, Gardenia begins her research in the alchemy book.
    Victor does what vampires do during the day, sleeps in his lair.
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    A Night Out

    Vic awakens from his slumber and after his family has retired for the night he works on upgrading the computer in his lair.
    He decides to take a stroll along the beach in the moonlight and finds this elderly woman poking around in the beach cottages. (I don't mess with townies as a rule, but, this outfit offended my eyes horribly. I left the rest of her alone, but had to try something else on her)
    Vic quickly quenches his thirst on the lady and then hypnotizes her so she will not recall the encounter. Dawn is quickly approaching and Vic hurries home.

    A Vampire Dad

    Victor realizes that sleeping all day limits his time with his kids, especially the twins since they are still toddlers. He devises a special outfit that allows him a bit of freedom during the early hours of the morning before the sun reaches its peak and throws the hottest rays that will burn him alive. He knows there is a potion that protects vampires from the sun for brief periods, but they have to find the recipe for it first. Hopefully this outfit will work until they find the recipe.
    Victor loves being a dad and enjoys teaching Jillian to talk when he returns from the buggy ride with Josef. "so, lets start by learning about atoms and science and logic"
    (I just <3 this picture of them!)
    He takes a long nap in the lair and awakes with a wish to let Jillian ride the dragon so at dusk he takes Jillian down for an adventure on the dragon.
    After he tucks Jillian in bed Victor showers and changes and then decides to give Josef his bottle. (he takes him all the way down 2 flights of stairs, out the front door and plunks him on the lawn at the gate. Plenty of room in the nursery routing from an EA/Maxis house)
    Victor takes Josef back upstairs, tucks him in the bed, and challenges Alice to a game of chess. Victor won, but it was a close one. She is getting very good at it.

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    The Car

    Alice corners her Dad in the kitchen before heading off to school.
    "Daaaaaaaaaad", she exclaims, "I cannot keep riding a broom in this town. I'm old enough to learn to drive a car and I really want to get my license."
    Victor had been thinking the same thing recently and tells her if she gets her grades back up he will consider her request. After the move Alice let her grades slip and even skipped school a few times rebellious and unhappy about moving to Midnight Hollow.

    Victor takes a look at the cars in the garage. They have not been used in many, many years and rust has taken over, and the paint has faded. He does not think Alice would appreciate the convertible roadster so he makes his plans to work on the old van his sister used when she followed the rock bans many years back. He spends many nights working on removing the rust and painstakingly painting the designs back to the original color and replacing the rusted engine.
    Victor admires his work thinking to himself that it looks just as good as when that hippie painter Craven whatshisname his sister hired to paint the van a half a century ago. He carefully seals the lock on the garage door to keep Alice from finding it until he is ready to spring the surprise.

    In the meantime Alice improves her study habits and grades occasionally grumbling and wondering "Why, do I need to know this?" Rolling her eyes, she continues with it knowing the prize at the end. She studies late into the night on her computer and gets up early to read ahead of lessons on her tablet. She even uses her tablet ear pieces while doing her morning workout. She helps out with chores and fixes her Dad's favorite breakfast plasma pancakes.

    Victor and Gardenia discuss the changes Alice has made while eating those delicious pancakes. Her grades are up, she is on the honor roll, and has signed up to tutor. They decide she is ready to get the car. Victor takes Alice out to the garage in the evening after school and shows her the car. They both do an excited happy car dance and off they go for the driving lesson. She passes with flying colors, does not stall or stop and get out once! Back home she thanks her Dad and and gives him a big hug. Victor gives her a little lecture about responsibility that comes with driving and hugs her back.

    @CravenLestat Thanks so much for the pattern and the inspiration for this part of the story. <3
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    The New Manor

    The Ballan family continues to settle into life in Midnight Hollow. Gardenia started working with the decorators and renovations started in the main areas of the house. The entry hallway was finished first.

    The kitchen needed a major overhaul but Gardenia decided to keep the old stove and canning station as those had so much more character than modern appliances.
    Alice talked her into keeping the old wood stove and baking station so she can make pizza's and fun desserts.

    The dining room is quite small and the designer wanted to do some expanding. Gardenia did allow one wall to come down that separated the kitchen and dining area, but otherwise insisted it stay small and cozy as she has no plans to have large dinner parties. She did insist on a fireplace addition to the room and she found the perfect ones to add after visiting an auction being held in an abandoned home.

    The family room is long and narrow and was a challenge for the designers. A small library was set up at one end of the room with a new computer.
    Gardenia had some of the original furniture recovered and added a modern TV and stereo and some video gaming equipment for Alice and Victor as they enjoy challenging each other to games and races.
    After the family room was complete Victor arranged for a photographer to come by and have a family photo taken. The designers will be starting on the upper floors soon. Gardenia is anxious to have all the old, drab and dreary wallpaper and paints and woods removed.
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    More renovations

    The renovations at the Manor are in full swing. The second floor is still a work in progress. The only room finished at this time is her alchemy and potion room. It is hidden behind a sliding bookcase. Gardenia, Alice and Victor did the work themselves. Even with the unusual people in town, Gardenia prefers to keep this room hidden to prevent anyone from wandering in and accidentally drinking something they should not. She installed the matching fireplace from the dining room here so she can rock in front of the warm fire as she contemplates her potion books.
    The third floor was originally the nursery and servants quarters. The nursery was the first room completed and the play area outside the nursery was recently finished much to the wonderment of the twins.
    Alice turns the radio on and (with a new mod) the twins start dancing to the music.
    The twins both seem to enjoy music and wonder if that will be in their future.
    Gardenia allowed Alice design her own room and was quite surprised at the result.
    Alice also designed her bathroom.
    Gardenia allowed the designers use the old sewing room and the renovations were completed early in this room. (I found this deco stuff a few months ago and knew it had to go in this house. I've been sewing since I was 12 and just loved the stuff even if it is all deco)
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    These next few areas of the manor did not require much renovation. They have been protected by many spells when Victor last left his family home to go wandering the world 80 years ago. A shed in the yard protects the entrance to the lair with many spells of both locking and illusion.
    The living area in the lair showcases some of the family tapestries collected over the years, as well as many family portraits.
    Victor finds that he sleeps better underground, safe from hunters with the spells woven into the lair.
    He does not always sleep in the vampire chamber, preferring to wrap his arms around his beloved wife and snuggle with her.
    Victor offered to upgrade the bathroom facilities, but, Gardenia prefers the old fashioned charm of the older facilities.
    The family pet, Clarabelle has been settled in her new quarters behind the shed. Victor stocked the pond in the back yard with her favorite fish.
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    Spells and twins

    Gardenia is happy now that the house is brighter and the decorators have left. She can handle any small renovations with the help of Alice and Victor. She is a natural gardener, loves to search and gatherer new seeds and herbs for her potions and spells, and has an affinity for nature. Her magical powers are enhanced by the earth and the nature around her. She has been weaving magic in her garden area to heal the soil from the years of neglect and the miasma that surrounds the town of Midnight Hollow. Her garden area has started to flourish, but, the surrounding yard is dismal and dying.The grass is brown and diseased, the trees have withered and died and the few surviving plants look as if they are in mourning for those that have gone. She knows she does not have the energy to do but a little at a time, so she teaches Alice a boosting spell to help boost her own spell of restoration. They begin the spell, Alice using her new wand and Gardenia as a sorceress is able to spell with her hands. The spell reaches out to the air and the earth, rejuvenating and healing the depths and the surface of the nearby yard.


    Gardenia and Alice admire the yard and new growth from the spell and discuss the results and plan the next area of the yard they will work in. Gardenia is proud of her daughter and encourages her to keep practicing her magic. She gives her a big hug and sends her off to get ready for school.

    Gardenia returns to the house and gets the twins ready for the day. First stop is the dragon ride. Josef did not want to get off.

    Gardenia takes the twins back upstairs to the playroom so they are not out in the heat of the day. They love playing peek-a-boo and Josef still gets startled. Someone left some crayons out and Josef and Jillian show they are learning some art skills.
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    Meeting the Neighbors

    The Ballan family seems to be settling in Midnight Hollow pretty well. Victor has been out and about each night, meeting the neighbors, sharing some stories, drinking their blood, turning one or two in a perfectly normal vampire way. He has plasma juice in the fridge, but, somehow the taste of fresh blood is much more appealing especially when the package is so very attractive.

    Victor bought and opened an elixir and consignment store as the town surprisingly did not have one. He hired a young man who had an interest in the supernatural to run it. Daryl guessed that Victor was a vampire and asked to be turned. Victor obliged during the interview (sorry, forgot to take pics) as he thought having a vampire to run the shop was a very good business decision. When Victor arrived at the shop the next evening he was startled to see the young man dressed in dreads and swim trunks. Victor, both proper and snobbish was completely offended by the attire, and he shut down the shop and promptly whisked him off to the tailors.
    Upon returning from the tailors they decided to compare fangs. Victor won that contest. Daryl is quite handsome without the dreads, and yes, sorry to cover up his pecs, but, this is a business, not the beach. I did put an open shirt on under the jacket. :)
    Victor purchased a drilling machine as he remembers from his past in MH that there are many caverns and subterranean paths that have hidden treasures and strange ingredients that Gardenia may be able to use in her potions and research to make the elixir to stop her aging. Drilling at night and awakening the neighbors is probably not the best way to meet them. (At one point there were six neighbors yelling at him, stomping and making more noise than the machine. I was having so much fun watching I forgot to take pics. Sorry for the dark picture, was at night and should have used some of the invisible lighting to help.)

    Meanwhile, Gardenia continues to work in the garden, growing and harvesting new plants for the potions. She studies the ancient alchemy book that has been in her family for generations, learning new potions and honing her own skills at making potions as well as experimenting with new ones. Visiting the consignment store to check on her husbands newest project she chats with Odessa a local politician. Jack Limb began making rude remarks as she chatted with Odessa. Gardenia takes a potion out of her bag, tosses it his way and Jack tripled in size. "Oops", she states, "how clumsy of me'. She thinks to herself that maybe he will think twice before making rude remarks to me.

    Alice is doing well in school and has started making some friends. She invited Cecilia Evans to visit after school one day. They found they had a lot in common including being boy crazy and both enjoy dancing. Cecilia stayed and ate supper meeting Vic and Gardenia.
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    Growing Up

    The twins are growing up and enjoy playing with their big sister Alice. Alice enjoys playing with her little brother and sister, but, spends a lot of her time hanging with her new friends. She cast a good luck charm on Cecilia and wished she hadn't when Cecilia beat her at pool.

    Alice continues to work on her skills. She enjoys playing the guitar and has learned several new songs recently. She spends a bit of time each day collecting the necessary ingredients for the potions and elixirs she is learning to create. Her cooking skill is increasing and she has learned to use the wood stove to make pizza. When she perfects it she wants to have a pizza party for her new friends.

    Prom night arrived and since she did not have a boyfriend she went with Cecilia and her brother Evan. She met several boys that were not in her classes at school including a young man named Joseph Doe. They danced together a few times and spent some time together at the refreshment table. Alice was named prom Queen and wore her crown all the way home. The next afternoon she ran into Joseph at the Precarious Pub. They spent some time talking and flirting and she completely forgot to practice her pool game. She drove home with her head in the clouds and wondered if this was how Mom felt about Dad.
    (if you are going to hang with my Sim, gotta have a wardrobe update)
    One afternoon after school, Alice called and invited Joseph to the Pub for some pool practice. They had a great time. They laughed and talked as if they had known each other forever. She won a few games and he won a few. They played a few of the arcade games together and then had some juice at the bar downstairs before she had to go home. She went home with stars in her eyes, singing a song ~~~ 'I'm in love with the boy" ~~~
    A couple of days later Alice caught her Mom and pulled her into the living room, shutting the door for privacy. "How do I know if I'm in love" Alice asked. Gardenia kept a straight face, but, inside she was thinking 'I am not ready for this, so not ready for this.' Gardenia talked about how she and Victor met and fell in love. How Victor had been wed before and loved before. She talked about the difference between love, lust, and infatuation. She explained that yes, you can love more than one person, but, to find the lasting love, the kind that warms your heart and soul, loving someone even knowing the imperfections is worth finding and waiting for. Alice told her Mom about Joseph and how he made her feel like she was floating on clouds. They talked for a long time sitting together while Alice asked questions and Gardenia answered. Gardenia asked if she could tell Victor about Joseph and Alice giggled and said as long as he promises to be nice and not bite him. Alice told her that if Dad was not sleeping I would have had him come in too.
    Gardenia talked with Victor after he awakened and told him about the conversation she and Alice had. Victor decided he would do some checking into this Joseph Doe and his family. He did not want his little girl to get hurt, but, knew he could not protect her from everything life will throw at her. Victor walks with Gardenia to Alice's room and watches her while she sleeps. He remembers holding her as a newborn and promising to protect her, nourish her and teach her. He has kept that promise and will keep it forever more.
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    A Celebration

    Gardenia begins baking early on the twins birthday. She bakes two cakes and sets up two piles of presents for the celebration later today. The bikes are hidden in the garage safe from curious eyes. She rubs her eyes and thinks sadly that her babies are growing up too fast. Life seems to be moving at a faster pace, and all she wants is to slow it down. She decorates the cakes and puts them away until time for the party. It will just be the family for celebrating the twins birthdays.

    Josef is 15minutes older than Jillian so he ages first.

    Jillian excitedly waits her turn ready to join her brother as a child.
    After the party, Alice and Victor clean up. The twins are off riding their new bikes enjoying their new found freedom and looking forward to exploring more than their own backyard. Gardenia....well, I found her up in the nursery rocking away. She has a new wish for a baby. (one of my few rules is both parents need that wish after they have the ones I planned for them) Will Victor have that wish? Only time will tell. :)
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    A teenage werewolf comes to town.



    Meet Adam Moonwalker. Does he look familiar? This is @Silverofdreams30 Adam Moon who I just fell in love with, and she graciously allowed me to download to use in my game. It took awhile as he didn't want to go in game at first and then I couldn't play for awhile. I changed his name a bit and she said I could make him a supernatural if I wanted too, so I did. I've never done a werewolf before and I've been enjoying @mycami21 series with the werewolf family so......

    Meet Adam Moonwalker, teenage werewolf. Adam was raised in a werewolf pack in the mountains outside of Moonlight Falls. His father, Drogo was the alpha wolf and pack leader staying in wolf form more than not. His mother, Helena, was a young fairy maiden found wandering the woods during a hunt by his father and despite the differences they fell in love. Adam was their only child as she died giving birth to him. His father has blamed him for this since his birth and has shown no love for his young son. The other wolves in the pack followed Drago actions so he had no family or friends.

    Adam learned to scavenge on his own, going into towns and hunting in dumpsters and the junkyards. He taught himself to read and studied the world with the books he found while foraging. The more he read the more he knew he would one day leave his pack and find his own adventures and a life to call his own.
    Drogo led his pack on numerous attacks on the innocent people of Moonlight Falls and lost his life during one raid when the militia of the town set up a trap for the wolves. Adam was a child at the time and was not on the raid.
    The new Alpha is chosen by strongest warrior. The candidates fight to the death. Drogo's brother, Benot fought two other wolves killing both and won the title of Alpha. Benot immediately banished Adam from the pack wanting no half breed blood in the line. While Benot celebrated his win, Adam snuck into his fathers quarters taking the wolf medallion his mother designed for his father. He searched the room for his mothers chest knowing that his father had it hidden and he did not want Benot to find it someday. He spent far longer hunting then he thought it would take. His father had hid it deeply in the earth. He finally dug it up and moving quietly and carefully to not awaken the drunken wolves sleeping in the main rooms he left the compound and did not look back.
    Still a child he wandered using his foraging and scavenging skills to stay hidden from the authorities. He wandered down the mountains and stayed in Moonlight Falls until the winter was over. Spring arrived and he travelled down the river and spent a few months in Sunset Valley. He heard rumors of a town called Midnight Hollow where supernaturals were welcomed. He gathered his meager belongings and headed to Midnight Hollow.
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    Kids at play

    In my last update on Victor's family, the twins had just aged up from toddlers.

    Gardenia hired the designers to come back and work on new rooms for the twins. Each room was designed in the childs favorite color and with some old and new toys scattered around.
    Josef's room

    Jillian's room


    The rest are random shots of the kids playing around. Jillian playing chess with the ghost girl from down the street.
    Josef and Alice playing tag.
    I think Jillian is telling me to get out of her face while she does her homework.
    Victor and Jillian playing 'dodge the speeding ball'
    Josef and Jillian having fun at the beach.
    Josef and Jillian love this tetter totter.
    Ghost girl spent the night and talked Victor into reading to her. :)
    Teenagers run wild on a field trip. Monty Prince an elder who Victor turned is chaperoning the kids....only in Midnight Hallow. :)
    This is Joseph Doe's (Alice's boyfriend) sister, Jennifer. I just couldn't leave her like that. Jane and John Doe are the parents. They just had their 6th kid in my game. That'll be it, because I don't let the NPC families overstuff the households. :)
    A little bit better. :)
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    Victor has followed Gardenia out into the yard needing a hug before he settles for his daysleep. She watches the sparks as they fly off his shoulders and back and worries that he is going to harm himself by coming out into the sun like he does. He thinks he is invincible and she knows he is not. She gives him a warm embrace and sends him down to the basement rooms for his sleep.

    After much research and study of the herbs and plants that she has found locally and those she has brought with her from their world travels she thinks she may have a solution to one of her problems.

    Gardenia had wished to have another child after the twins last birthday. Victor was a little slower making the decision, but, ultimately he will do whatever makes her happy. She met him in the back garden after dusk to tell him she was pregnant. They find a comfortable spot and sit and watch the stars shooting overhead and talk about the future child. Both agree they will let fate decide if it is a boy or a girl.


    Victor tells Gardenia that he will take over the gardening duties until after the baby is born. He worries about her carrying another child as she is not getting any younger. She has not been able to discover any potions to stop her aging and still does not wish to become a vampire. Gardenia watches the sparks begin to fly over Victor. She thinks to herself it is now or never and pulls a flask out of her pocket and tosses it towards Victors feet. Victor feels an icy sensation flow through him, the sparks stop and he realizes he is no longer uncomfortable in the sun. He hugs Gardenia tightly and tells her "You are the love of my life and I will not lose you. I will turn you before I lose you, do you understand?" She nods in affirmation and decides she better get busy working towards her own potion.

    Victor loves touching Gardenia's belly, feeling the baby kick against his hands as he touches her belly. He listens to her belly and talks to the baby as well, letting his child know that he is loved and wanted and they are looking forward to the birth.
    36223971153_9239c67744.jpg 36890827321_1bea919f9f.jpg 36224030483_89e37307ec.jpg

    Gardenia tells Victor is it time and of course he panics. They've been through this three other times now and you think he would just settle down. Nope Victor does the panic dance, he begs Gardenia to go to the hospital. Gardenia is busy with her woo woo woo breathing and crosses her eyes and tries to ignore him as she concentrates. Victor stares at the creator as if it is all her fault! Creator just laughs at Victor.

    (The first pic is for @Mikezumi, I managed to get the wink!!) Meet Dylan Ballan, warlock. Victor takes the baby from an exhausted Gardenia and she curls up in bed for a nap. Gardenia had opened up an area in the basement next to their bedroom for a new nursery. Victor settles into the rocker and rocks his new baby boy to sleep. He places him in the crib and settles back in the rocker with a book while Mom and babe sleep.
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    Life changes

    Alice continues to see Joseph at school and meets up with him after school to do homework or practice pool. After leaving the pub one evening Alice stops and and stares at Joseph. She decides it is time and reaches out to Joseph and gives him a quick kiss, her heart beating nervously until he returns the kiss. They walk a bit further and find a spot to sit and watch the stars and steal little kisses in the moonlight. A few days later Joseph asks her to go steady and to the prom with him. Alice happily agrees and jumps in his arms and hugs him tightly. Joseph arrives in a limo to pick her up and Victor takes a quick picture of them before they leave, telling Joseph to have her home in plenty of time before curfew.

    Dylan grew rapidly from a tiny infant to a happy little boy who loved strolling and swinging. Victor decided to bake the cake this time to help Gardenia out. Mom helps baby Dylan blow out his candles. In a twinkling her baby boy is now a bouncing toddler. He still loves being tickled by Mom and playing a new game called claw with Dad.
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    Turning the town.

    Victor's lifetime wish is to turn the town. He has turned the consignment store clerk and has been hunting the town for a likely candidate. He has met Monty Prince several times, played cards with him and hoisted a few ales together. Monty loves life and is a very happy man always ready with a good joke and a slap on the back. He is a bit on the clumsy side, but is handy at fixing anything he breaks. He asked Victor several times to turn him as well as his wife. Victor agreed to the turning and quickly bites Monty draining his blood, returning a small amount of his own blood into the wound. He tells Monty to go home, sleep and the turn will be complete at sunset tomorrow.
    A few nights later after Monty's turn was complete he brought his wife Clarice to be turned as well. I really should have taken her into CAS, but, decided to leave her eccentric outfit alone. She is absent minded, loves the outdoors (reminder to send her some of Gardenia's Vampire sun potions), she has a green thumb and loves to cook. Victor figures she may be helpful to finding and growing the special ingredients that may be needed for the potions.

    Victor has started renovating the outdoor areas especially the kids playground. First things first, he decided to buy a slippy slide and of course all the kids had to try it out. Alice called Joseph to come over and try it out as well. After all the kids were settled for the night, Gardenia and Victor decided to go play in the spaceship treehouse.
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    Vampire hunting and insanity.

    The vampire instinct to hunt for blood is strong and unrelenting at times. Victor relies on plasma fruit and juice, but sometimes the urge is too strong. He senses his prey and the hunt begins. He follows Odessa and eases her mind with his mental powers. She allows him to drink from her flinching at the bite. Victor drinks quickly, not taking more than needed. He leaves as quickly as he arrived and Odessa decides she wants him for her own. She calls him frequently, plans her day and evening to run into him, invites him on dates which he refuses and repeatedly tells her not to call anymore.

    Gardenia became quite tired of Odessa's calls, and the attempts to date her husband really ticked her off. She takes matters into her own hands and heads to town. She met up with Odessa in town and told her if you want to act like a clown and try to steal someones man, then you can be a clown. Reaching into her magic pocket she pulls out a flask and throws it at Odessa's feet. The spell lasted 24 hours to Gardenia's delight.

    Odessa has the insane trait and continued her calls and attempts to intercept Victor when he went to town. Victor had attempted to hypnotize her, but apparently that does not work very well for those with the insane trait. Gardenia went to her house this time and Odessa just laughed and said 'go ahead, make me a clown again. I don't care. I enjoyed being a clown and everyone was sad and it was lovely.' Gardenia had something else planned though. At first Gardenia was a bit creeped out by what she had done. Odessa croaked a few times trying to talk and Gardenia did a little happy dance. This spell lasted several days and Victor has not heard from Odessa since.

    Victor surprised Gardenia with a grotto hidden in the depths of underground chambers of the manor. They spend every evening enjoying the waters and each other.
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    @bekkasan , Wonderful to have the whole story in one place, I'm going to reread it to make sure I didn't miss anything! :smiley:
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    edited September 2017
    @Charlottesmom It sure is easier for me to write it this way too. :) I'm going to go through the other thread when I'm totally bored (does that happen) and pull all the Christopher/Annabelle posts and put them in a thread too. I did not save those to a document like I did Victors story. Duh me! Thanks for reading. :)
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    @bekkasan , I'm so glad you posted your story here all in one piece! It's been a while since I've read your first posts, and I see now that I'd missed some of the ones in the middle. Victor and Gardenia are both very handsome and interesting sims. And I enjoyed seeing all the changes you've made to the manor - those bright colours look really pretty in the general darkness of Midnight Hollow. I particularly liked Alice's bathroom and the sewing room.
    I feel sorry for Odessa being turned into a frog, though - I'm very partial to that Sim since I've been playing her in one of my saves! Of course, I've never experienced her as a stalker. :)
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    @PalmArrow Thanks for the comments. I love MH, I just wish it was not so dark, so I had to make their little corner of the world brighter. When I found that sewing decor I knew I had to use it someday, ( I've sewn since I was a kid) and I thought the Manor was the perfect spot for an sewing room. Poor Odessa, she really is picked on. Her insane trait just leads her into trouble. I could have Gardenia throw a change personality potion at her, but, then she wouldn't be as much fun. :)
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    By the time Adam arrived in Midnight Hollow he had aged to a teen. He sold one of the gems in his mothers chest to help him buy a wooded lot on the edge of town. He did not get a lot of simoleans for the small gem he sold. The other gems in the chest he would try to keep as a legacy if he has a family of his own someday. He cleared some of the brush, bushes and trees from the land. To his amazement he discovered a well on the land. This was not listed on the plot when he made the purchase and wonders who built it and why. He had enough cash left over to purchase a decent tent and a few iceboxes to keep a few things chilled. He would live off what he collected using his werewolf instincts, hunting, dumpster diving and scavenging the junkyards. When the moon is full he cannot control his wolf change, and finds that his hunting is much more successful when in wolf form. He decides to try the dumpster diving in wolf form to see if he tolerates it better. Nope, still stinky and nauseated.


    With the knowledge he had gained reading the books he found over the years, and the supplies he found while hunting, he was able to build a rough, but, working bathroom area on his lot that provides a bit of privacy. He will no longer have to bathe in the pond or use the facilities at the gym. He cooks most of his meals over the firepit, eating fish caught from the pond or roasted vegetables from his small garden. He has stayed away from the populated areas for the most part. He dumpster dives early in the day or after dark to avoid the population. He smells a tantalizing odor one day and follows his nose to a truck with food. He makes a purchase and enjoys it enough to add the truck to his daily rounds, and now has one meal he does not have to cook for himself.


    After he finished his meal he was approached by a young sim who introduced herself as Cecelia Evans. He stuttered and answered her questions nervously. He was not used to young women being nice to him. When she asked where he went to school, he explained he had recently moved to town and had not started yet as he knew humans had formal schooling. She warned him the truant officer would catch him sooner or later, so he better get registered. Adam headed back home and climbs in the hammock he found in a dumpster. The hammock is a great thinking spot as well as a napping spot. He knows he does not want to keep running and hiding. He wants to try and have friends and a normal life. Well, as normal a life that a kid who is half werewolf and half fairy can have. He went to the library and used the computer to look up the local schools. He decided against going to the School of Hard Knocks. Instead, he decided to try one of the career schools as he was interested in science and technology and was already a self taught computer whiz. It seemed the best fit for him. The next morning Adam gulped down a quick breakfast and nervously headed to the science facility for his first day of formal schooling.
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    Learning to live

    During Adams first day of school he took several tests to determine his level of education, skill level and his aptitude. Adam scored off the charts on the logic, computer science, general handiness and natural studies. He was assigned to one of the computer scientist to work with for the first quarter. He needs to work on his athletics, writing and social skills. One of the students Sandra Salas also scored high with computers and would be working with him. He was quite startled by her appearance. He did not want to appear nosy or insensitive by asking too many questions though. She had no hesitation in explaining about her ghostly existence as she is used to others being frightened by her, or being a figure of curiosity. She told Adam that her whole family are ghosts and that her Mom says life is powered by love even when science cannot explain it. He was fascinated with her admission and existence, but, did not feel comfortable admitting to being a werewolf since in some worlds they are hunted and killed. She was amazed and a bit envious when she learned he was a teen living on his own. He told her about the struggle hunting, fishing and finding things in dumpsters or the landfill to repair and sell for cash. He admits he has not made many simoleans selling at the market.

    After classes, she takes him through town and down True Terrace road to a Victorian home. It is not a home to his surprise, but a consignment shop. She tells him he can put his items up for sell here and will make a much better profit. There is a gem cutter and a smelter for the ores he finds. He uses the gem cutter to cut a few of the gems and then speaks to the cashier and arranges to consign several of the rocks and gems he has collected. They walk back through town to her home and she gives him a rundown of the town and gossip about some of the residents. Adam is amazed at how friendly Sandra is and they quickly become good friends. The next afternoon Adam receives a call letting him know he had an excellent sale and a check for 2500 simoleans was deposited into his account. He plans another hunting session after the sun goes down.

    Adam was awakened by some unusual noises on his lot. He looked out of the tent and found someone wearing a mask rummaging through his things. He doesn't have much and wonders why a robber would try to steal from someone living in a tent in the forest. He knows his Mother's chest is safely buried. Adam is brave, and he rushed out of his tent attacking the burglar and winning the fight. The robber ran off before Adam could call the police, but, he left empty handed.

    Adam started doing some exercises with the radio, but quickly decided he would rather head to the gym to workout. He enjoyed using the various equipment in the gym and will probably be very sore tomorrow from pushing himself. Perhaps the owners will add a sauna and massage table to the gym. (will think about it)

    Adam found the local pizza parlor and was enjoying a slice when a pretty girl sat down at his table and asked if she could join him. She introduces herself as Jennifer Doe. She chattered about school and asked him lots of questions that he had to evade answering. She follows him back home and asks if she can hang out for awhile. She watched as he did his homework and thought he must be a genius working on all those calculations. She explained that she is studying at the journalism school and wants to be a journalist. Adam thought to himself with all the questions she asks she's a natural fit for that job. She tells Adam about her older brother Joseph and her four younger siblings and how noisy the house is. She loves the peace of Adam's place. Before she leaves to go home, she asks Adam to the prom and he agrees to go with her. Adam lays back in the hammock listening to the fish jump in the pond and the noises of the forest around him thinking about the changes he is experiencing in his life. He is nervous and excited and scared all at the same time. Adam falls asleep easily with a glimmer of hope for his future.
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    A Werewolf Discovered

    Adam enjoys the routine in his new life. He has time to fish or garden in the morning before school. After school, he walks around town meeting new people, heads to one of the parks or hangouts to meet up with friends, or just hangs at home doing homework with Jennifer who still loves the peace and quiet of his lot. (Adam and Alice got hearts, but, I missed the picture of it. First girl he has gotten hearts with.)
    After dark he will transform into the wolf and hunt for a few hours trying to get home before curfew. He has been lucky with his finds and has started making a few business investments in town to grow his college fund.

    Alice is curious about Adam after meeting him at the park. She doesn't understand why she is attracted to him when she has Joseph. Her witch senses are trying to tell her something, but, she does not know what. She drops by his lot one evening and they sit and talk while listening to music. They have quite a few things in common and a few things that they argue about, but, it is good natured arguing and they laugh and agree to disagree. They are having so much fun talking that Adam does not realize how much time has passed and that it is the night of the full moon. The one night he cannot control the change.

    The change happens quickly and Adam runs across the lot trying to disappear. Alice shouts after him and he stops, turns and waits for her judgement. She stands quietly trying to absorb what she just saw. She knows the legends. Her father has shared the stories with her.
    "You are a werewolf" Alice exclaims. Adam nods his head, steps closer since she is not running, he sniffs, not sensing fear or horror.
    Alice pushes him away yelling "Don't sniff at me like a dog! That is just too creepy"
    Adam hangs his head and apologizes. "Sometimes the wolf is stronger than the man. I'm so sorry. I can control this except on the full moon. You are not in any danger. I would never hurt you"

    Alice just laughs. "I'm not worried, I'm a witch, my Mom is a witch and my Dad is a vampire. You are not in any danger from us either. Is this why you live out here in the woods rather than in town?"
    Adam tells her about his life in the pack, his banishment and living on his own, how werewolf are hunted in other areas and killed, his fear of exposure and wanting to find a place to live out his life without fear. He came here as he had heard it was a haven for supernaturals.
    She tells him that Midnight Hollow is a special place. A place where humans and nonhuman can live without judgement and fear. "You do not have to hide in the shadows any longer when you change. Most will be curious and ask nosy questions, but all will accept you as you have accepted them" She hugs him tightly and says "I'm starving, lets go to the diner"

    They take a taxi as Alice's car is in the shop. At the diner Alice and Adam see her Dad and he does a double take look, shrugs his shoulders and heads into the grocery store. Alice gets a text from him seconds later simply stating 'explain'. She heads into the bathroom and quickly calls him and 'explains' about Adam before Victor comes in and makes a scene. Victor tells her to invite him over tomorrow. A few of the diners stare at Adam. His friend Mitchell Flynn gives him a high five and said "I knew there was something different about you. I'm psychic you know." Adam is uncomfortable with the attention, but, Alice assures him in a few days everyone will be used to him being a werewolf and something else will take the limelight.

    They head back to Adam's lot and talk while sitting at the fire pit. Adam is relieved to have someone he can confide in. She also confides in Adam telling him how upset she was when they first moved to Midnight Hollow and still misses her friends back home. She worries about her boyfriend Joseph who has been acting strange since starting at the Military School in town. He is studying military and police work. All he talks about lately is weapons, training and the military camp that he will be going to soon. They bond as they talk and soon become BFF.
    They both start yawning and Adam suggests she sleep in the tent rather than chance getting caught out after curfew. Alice realizes Adam doesn't know her Dad could teleport her home, and she decides not to tell him. She texts her Dad and tells him she is staying the night in the tent, Adam will sleep in the hammock.
    "I'm worried that Adam is still not comfortable with everyone knowing he is a werewolf and I'm afraid he will run. I will stay until he gets used to it and realizes we are not going to kill him. He needs us Dad. Trust me"
    Victor texts her back. "I'm proud of you, love you and be careful and remember, I can be there in a nanosecond if you call me with your telepathy"
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    A Vampire's Promise

    When Alice woke up she climbed out of the tent and challenged Adam to pillow fighting. He accepted the challenge and they whacked and smashed each other and giggled each time they landed a hit. (first time I've had sims pillow fight and no one got mad at each other, just constant giggles. That was fun to see.)

    Adam took Alice to the pizzeria for breakfast. This is one of the shops he invested in and he has learned how to cook in the ovens since he does not have an oven on his lot. He made her some breakfast calzones and and she kept saying mmmmMMMMMmmmm while eating so them must have been good. The pizzeria was renovated with Adam's investment and now boasts a dance floor, bowling alley, pong tables and a pool room.

    After breakfast, Alice invites Adam to her house as instructed by her Dad. Victor puts Dylan down at the block table and returns to chat with Adam.
    "Who is your pack leader" is Victor's first question.
    Adam responds "I have no pack leader. I was banished from my father's pack after he died in a raid because I carry blood from the fairy's in my veins. I will lead my own pack someday."
    "Who is your mother"
    Adam replies. "I don't know. She died when I was born. I was told she was a fairy by the others in the pack. My father never mentioned her after her death and could barely tolerate looking at me"
    Victor feels a connection with the boy standing in front of him trying so bravely to not tremble in front of him, both as Alice's Dad and as a vampire. He notes a resemblance to someone he has known in the past. He searches his own mind, but, nothing comes forth. He uses his vampire powers on Adam and quickly reads the boys mind and subconscious reaching deep into the past. The only thing that he finds significant is the boy spoke the truth about his horrible life, and the name Willow. He asks Adam if that name means anything to him. He tells Victor that is the name on his mothers chest that he brought with him. It might be her name, but, he does not know that for sure. Victor has had a long life and a long memory and he knows he will solve the mystery eventually and hopes it will be to the boys benefit.

    Alice pulls her Dad to the side and fusses at him for reading Adam's mind. Victor retorts that it did not hurt him and he knows that Adam has been telling the truth and also has a clue about the other part of his past.

    Victor reassures Adam about the people of Midnight Hollow. "My daughter has told you they will not harm you and you will be safe here. There are many places in this world that supernaturals are accepted. You will learn those safe places. Evil, true evil is not tolerated anywhere and the pack your father led and now his brother leads are true evil. You are lucky to have escaped that life. He makes Adam a promise. "You are under my protection now for as long as you need it. My family, and it is a large one will help you if you call. You are no longer alone in this world. Do you understand?" Adam nods and thanks him.

    Gardenia arrives to meet Adam. Victor had told the story to her last evening after Alice texted. Her heart was sore for Adam and she wanted to make sure he felt welcomed. Adam felt very easy chatting with Gardenia. He could see Alice in her features and that made him more relaxed with her than he was with Victor.
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    A Surprise for the Ballan Family.


    Victor's sister Autumn Cusack (downloaded from @Aricarai who graciously allowed me to use her) returned to Midnight Hollow surprising them with an overdue visit. Victor's vampire senses as well as the electronic security system advises him of a visitor. He teleports to the porch just in time to see Autumn walking up the steps. He gives her a big hug, tugs at her bright red hair and shakes his head at her.
    "It looks great on you, just don't give Alice any ideas."

    Autumn grins and asks "Do you actually wear a tie to bed?" ( Reminder: Victor is proper and a snob) (see bonus shots for answer to that question)
    "Nevermind, I don't really want to know" laughs Autumn.
    Victor walks her over to a bench in the side yard. It is 2am and he does not want to wake the family. They catch up on each others lives since her last visit when they lived in Hidden Springs. Autumn describes the plane trip from ShangSimla where she had been photographing inside a newly discovered tomb. She has a break between jobs and wanted to meet Dylan and see how the kids have grown. Victor brags to her about Dylan's babyhood, and how he has grown into a precious toddler. They teleport into Dylan's room so Autumn can have a sneak peak as Dylan sleeps.
    She whispers "He is adorable and looks so proper with his hair cut so precisely. That must be your doing" she teases Victor.

    Victor and Autumn teleport into the cellars of the manor. He opens the hidden door for Autumn.
    "Your room is ready as usual"

    Autumn looks around and thinks it may be time for a room renovation. She mentions an upgrade and Victor gives his lecture on antiquities and propriety.
    Autumn is thinking big screen tv's and modern furniture.
    She decides it will wait til morning since Victor keeps mostly human hours with his family being so young.

    Bonus shots. No Victor does not wear a tie to bed. :heart: Victor decided to wake Gardenia and let her know they had a guest. One thing led to another and ..........nevermind. That's all for now. :)
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