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Sims will not sit down when eating!

I've tried to post in the respective thread at Answer HQ but for some reason it will not let me post there so I have to report this here instead.

My sims will not sit down when eating anymore, instead they stay right next to the fridge or wherever they got the serving from and eat while standing. It happens to me since I installed the toddler stuff pack patch yesterday. They also will not sit down when I direct them to sit on the chair, they just keep standing infront of the fridge or counter without reacting to any of my commands. It's very frustrating!

I swear, the dining room chairs or the couch are much more comfortable than standing in the kitchen yet my sims will not sit down. The only way to get them to sit at the table is by first telling them to sit, then putting the food in their inventory and then directing them to eat it, which is quite annoying if you have more than one sim.

I hope this gets fixed soon.


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