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[#BuildNewcrest Challenge] Day 95

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#BuildNewcrest Challenge: Simself Legacy Edition

Welcome to my version of the #BuildNewcrest Challenge. I will be following most of the official Legacy Challenge rules and the Build Newcrest Challenge rules.

Since I am calling this the Simself Legacy Edition, the founder and the spouses of the heirs will be simself creations from members of the official Sims Forum Community. The heir will meet four simself potentials and the one with the highest relationship status after their hang outs or dates will be the spouse.

Readers will be able to vote on the next heir when the oldest reaches teenage status. If the teenager does not have any siblings at the time they become a teenager, they will become the next heir with no vote.

I plan to keep this challenge more of a gameplay than a storyplay. The story part will be told by the Generation's heir. I use MC Command Center Mod, so there could be a few surprises for the writer and readers. I'll have gameplay on normal lifespan. Each sim day will be a chapter, that way you can follow along what happens each day.

I'll be adding side notes in green that will tell you what I did outside of control of the heir along with giving some fun facts that appeared in the game.

I'm not doing this challenge for points. I'm doing it for the sheer fun!
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