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Pets coming in November !!!!!!!!

I was so excited to read that they are coming for sure that I forgot to pour my morning coffee till I was done reading everything I could about their arrival !!!! I will be getting myself one and one for my granddaughter for an early Christmas gift !!!! Pets are the most exciting addition we have gotten. I know many will be disappointed we are getting dogs and cats only at first but I am sure there will be more to come. I personally mainly played with the dogs and cats, I tried all the animals but ended up playing the dogs and cats the most. Love the new veterinarian career also....


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    ChristianSimFanChristianSimFan Posts: 546 Member
    I'm excited too! I miss horses though... Anyway I feel like I can't wait for this EP! I was honestly shocked to see the ad when I loaded up Origin, I just hope Seasons is next.
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    BereGhostsGIANTFanBereGhostsGIANTFan Posts: 80 Member
    I don't care about what animals are in the game I'm just so excited! :#
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    simmisammisimmisammi Posts: 63 Member
    I'm excited as well!! I hope they include the Pitbull breed! I'm most excited for toddlers being able to (hopefully) interact and play with the pets!
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