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PlentyofSims (find "the one" for your sims!) - A fun sim downloads filled thread!

LufferkinzifyLufferkinzify Posts: 2,990 Member
edited August 2017 in Sims and Modeling
Thought this would be a fun idea, and a fun way for the community to couple sims! Do you have a single but ready to mingle simmy in your game that finally decided to resort to online dating? Fill out their "profile" below, and post it as a reply to this thread. Any interested parties should download the sim into their game and pair them up (or at least try to, you know, see how they get along). Will they end up just good friends, a hookup or maybe more? ;)

To add to the fun, feel free to quote someone's sim's profile that you are checking out, and let them know that you're gonna give them a shot, or maybe reply with your sim's profile and see if the other party is interested? (idk, have fun with it!) For bonus points, write in this thread if they're getting along. For 2x points, if they end up having children, post the results in this thread also.

To begin fill out this profile, as if your sim were filling it out. I'll start in the replies!

Age stage:
What is your sim looking for?: (long term partner, hookup, friends, etc)
Skills, interests:
Goals, lifetime wish:
Download link:
Anything else:


  • LufferkinzifyLufferkinzify Posts: 2,990 Member
    edited August 2017
    Name: Tempest Drake
    Age stage: young adult
    Sexuality: Doesn't matter, as long as I like them.
    What is your sim looking for?: Trying online dating but not taking it seriously. If I meet the one, great! If it's just a fling or even friendship, that's cool too. :)
    Traits: Bookworm, Rebellious, Party Animal, Charismatic, Friendly
    Skills, interests: Writing, some charisma. Love books, but surprisingly not a buzzkill- actually far from it at parties
    Goals, lifetime wish: Short term, be the life of the party! Long term, become a well known journalist and author. Settle down eventually, but maybe not right away.
    Download link: Click me! (dropbox)
    Anything else: (Tempest has a toddler in my game, so in that save she'd like to meet someone who likes kids. In your game, anything goes!)

    Looking forward to the posts in this thread! And if you end up using any sims you find here in your game let us know how it turned out :D
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