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Isla Paradiso Bunch

I have now published Episode 30 of my Isla Paradiso Bunch videos.

The sound has improved - I hope. My laptop is now working better than before and I have headphones with a microphone so it sounds better.

The crew are at the base camp in Shang Simla and having adventures there.



  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    This is the link to my channel - just in case you have missed any of Episodes 1 to 29.

  • cleo00cleo00 Posts: 1,088 Member
    Can you give me a little snippit of what its about? Is it a lets play?
    I watch 1-2 episodes of lets plays before bed each night and have been looking for a new one.
  • jaletu2005jaletu2005 Posts: 615 Member
    Thank you for the link! I subscribed and am looking forward to the story.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    cleo00 wrote: »
    Can you give me a little snippit of what its about? Is it a lets play?
    I watch 1-2 episodes of lets plays before bed each night and have been looking for a new one.

    I'm not good at little snippets. But... I'll try.

    I've been playing Sims 3 since release. In late 2014 I decided I needed to do 'everything'. I'm still trying to achieve that goal.

    Another thing I did in late 2014 was I started adding Custom Content and mods to my game.

    I have all of the store (that I could get given some items are no longer available) and I have all of the Expansion and Stuff packs including KPST. It is all installed and used.

    Late in 2016 I decided to go through my CC by @luna as I have so much of it and wanted to eliminate a bit. I needed a tester sim and made one quickly. I used a default from CAS and kept her just as she was - except I gave her a CC skin and a new hair I'd just downloaded. I named her Dianna Martin.

    Dianna did what I asked and sat on chairs and lay on beds etc until I decided she needed a friend. I thought her friend needed a slightly different, more interesting personality and I made Meryl Manson. Meryl is an Evil sim and was a bit of a waste of space as a tester sim as I found I continued using Dianna almost exclusively.

    After finishing my testing and eliminating a disappointingly tiny amount of CC by luna from my game, I had an idea to start a fresh game in Island Paradise. Mostly because I hadn't played there for a long time and I thought I might get a few new badges.

    I added Dianna and Meryl to this new game.

    Here is a picture of Dianna.
    Dianna's traits are Star Quality, Natural Born Performer, Social Butterfly, Night Owl, Party Animal.

    I wanted to see my sim dance on a counter during a party.

    Her LTW: Master Magician - get to level 10 of the Magician career.

    By Episode 30 Dianna is still working on this LTW. I do plan for her to complete it before I end this series of videos.

    Meet Meryl

    Meryl's traits are Mean Spirited, Mooch, Party Animal, Evil, Schmoozer.

    I wanted her to cause a bit of interest/trouble in the game.

    Her LTW: Gold Digger. She needs to see the ghost of her wealthy spouse. I find she likes to go out and autonomously discover if sims about town are wealthy. She often rolls a wish to find out if xxx sim is wealthy and I find when she is in public she will become a bit agressive in her tactics as she goes about getting to know new sims.

    She's still working on her LTW. I might let her complete it.

    She also loves to dance - autonomously and hilariously.

    Initially, they lived in a pre-built house at 45 Surf Circle, Isla Paradiso.

    This is an extended version of that house. I added an extra two bedrooms by adding a floor.

    I'm accustomed to using more than two sims in a household so had to add an extra sim.

    Craig Miller was added to the game and I needed to built an extra bedroom. Decided I may as well add two bedrooms to even out the house.

    Here's Craig.

    Craig's traits are: Vegetarian, Savvy Sculptor, Angler, Handy, Sailor.

    His LTW: Descendant of Da Vinci. Master Sculpting, Inventing and Painting skills.

    By Episode 30 Craig has completed his lifetime wish.

    Since I had a spare bedroom I decided to add a fourth sim to this household.

    I have a BIG GAME that I love to play and it is full of Sims. I thought I'd go searching in it for a suitable male sim to even up this household. I found a witch named Judy and decided I didn't really need a male. A house with 3 females and 1 male could be fun.

    Judy is a Sim I made when University Life was released. I have been playing her in my Big Game for a few months and she is fun. She came to the Isla Paradiso bunch with a lot of skills and experience. I left her cloned daughter behind in Dragon Valley with other members of the household -actually Judy is still there too. I just brought a copy of her into this new game.

    Here's Judy.

    Judy's traits are: Angler, Loves the Outdoors, Friendly, Handy, Neat.

    Her LTW: Zombie Master. Turn 10 different sims into a zombie using Reanimation Ritual or Zombification Elixir

    She still has to complete this LTW. I do plan to have a go at it. She knows all of the elixirs.

    I played for a short time with this four and then decided I really needed a genie. Genies are so useful.

    I went into my library and found several genies. I ended up with three and couldn't decide which one I wanted in the game so kept all three.

    They were all old genies I'd make long ago and all had the default genie outfits and blue skin. I took them into CAS and gave them nice new CC skins and new hair and clothes. Hair and clothes may not be CC in all cases.

    Meet the genies

    Jeanie Jones

    Her traits: Animal Lover, Good, Friendly, Green Thumb, Nurturing

    I'm not sure why I chose her - maybe it was because she was an animal lover and I like to have one of them in my household if I add a pet or two and maybe I was planning to have a pet or two at some stage.

    Jeanie's LTW: The Fairy Tale Finder - maybe it was this LTW that I liked as I've never completed it and hope to do so at some stage. So far she hasn't managed to adopt a unicorn. I will get her to work on it though.

    Haley Armstrong


    Traits: Athletic, Daredevil, Brave, Charismatic, Handy.

    Her LTW: Become an astronaut. She's had plenty of time to do this but hasn't completed her LTW yet. She's been a very busy little sim in many other ways. She has now made time to join the military career and is currently at level 4 - Squad Leader.

    Haley had a different hair style when in her sleepwear and I find she looks a lot like Dianna and I sometimes have difficulty telling them apart.

    Josephine Barker.


    Her traits: Equestrian, Irresistible, Hot Headed, Coward, Good Sense of Humour

    LTW: Reach maximum influence in all social groups.

    This LTW is still to be achieved but she is making good progress.

    I was taking a huge risk adding Josephine to my game. She is a sim who likes to pick a fight. I had previously banned her from my games, and she stayed banned for several real life years, due to her persistence in jumping on another sim I had in that previous game and they would roll around on the floor fighting. It was funny at first but when it became a constant thing I decided to end it and she got evicted.

    I haven't seen her get physical with any other sim in this game so far - but she has made a lot of enemies.

    Here are the three genies outside their home in Isla Paradiso


    Judy is there too - with her back to them.

    With three new sims I needed to add more bedrooms. Didn't want to add extra floors up top, so added basements.

    I played with this group for a while.

    Then decided to add another male sim to try to even things up a bit.

    Sam Lewis was created specially for this game.

    Sams traits: Loves the Outdoors, Loves to Swim, Sailor, Angler, Brave

    Sam's LTW: Grand Explorer - own all uncharted islands. By Episode 30 Sam has achieved his lifetime wish. There is plenty of action from Sam in many of the earlier videos as he works to achieve this LTW.

    Muriel Weston.

    Muriel is supposed to be my Self Sim and that's why I've used her as my avatar for my YouTube channel. The other reason I used her is I couldn't think of what to use and she was available.

    Muriel's Traits: Friendly, Family Oriented, Artistic, Brave, Adventurous

    LTW: Master of the Arts. Get to level 10 in Painting and Guitar. She has achieved this LTW by Episode 30 of this series of videos.

    I do paint but have never learned to play the guitar in real life - and although I do have excellent opportunity to learn I have never really wanted to do it. She really isn't a lot like me but she'll do the job.

    They adopted a stray dog and the dog's name is Stella Dog.

    I used Master Controller to add the dog to the household so it wasn't a part of game play to befriend and adopt the dog. She was there so I added her to the household.

    One day, unexpectedly Craig was out looking for seashells and he simultaneously discovered not one but two hidden islands. I suspect he must have found a message in a bottle while close to another island.

    I'd been thinking about trying my hand at YouTube but I always thought it would be too hard and I'd make a mess at it and lots of other negative reasons why I shouldn't try.

    But I did a bit of research and discovered some software I could use for recording and got started.

    Episode 1 of Isla Paradiso Bunch was put onto YouTube on January 1, 2017. I was so happy with myself at the time for doing it. I didn't have a proper microphone but people seem to have enjoyed it and I got the courage to continue with it. Now I'm up to Episode 30.

    They have since added a stray cat to the household - the cat hates Judy and is constantly attacking her feet. Judy is the witch of the household and I'd have thought she'd have a great relationship with the cat.

    Haley is engaged to Salty Seaworth - they'll get married after she's achieved her lifetime wish as Salty's LTW is to see the ghost of his dead spouse and I'm sure he has his own reasons for wanting to marry her. She's very wealthy. In the meantime Haley and Salty are the parents of two little girls who are toddlers in Episode 30.

    Judy planted two forbidden fruit and they both grew into plant sims, so there is a pair of plant sim toddlers in the game.

    Judy cloned Triton King using the Science Station so there is a mermaid toddler in the game.

    Someone, I forget who and will have to read back through the proceedings to find out who, cloned one of the Sims from France so there is a toddler named Donna Dutiel in the game.

    Craig got abducted and became pregnant with an alien baby while they were living in France.

    Sam got pregnant from an alien in China.

    I was stunned as I have only had one other sim get pregnant from an abduction and that was years ago. Now I got two in the same game.

    There are two alien toddlers in the game.

    So that's about the state of play by the time you get to Episode 30.

    There's been a lot happening in Episodes 1 to 29. I'm sure you'll have fun watching them.

    Here's a few random shots of what's happened so far.


    There is always a garden - this one was to support the elixirs.


    I had them making lots of elixirs so I could get the badge for making a lot of them (forget how many). Apparently it doesn't work with occults. Most of my elixir makers were occults. I abandoned that effort. They do have a LOT of elixirs though.

    There have been a few parties. There have been deaths and there is a haunting (unplayable) ghost with them too - I forgot to mention her earlier.

    Here's one of their parties

    There are lots of underwater scenes in the earlier videos



    Meryl chatting to an Isla Paridiso local.

    She gets a bit aggressive in her pursuit of anyone she thinks might be wealthy.

    Meryl doing the smustle dance at the festival

    Meryl got toadified

    That must have been from an accident while making an elixir as I don't think any of the household members would have dared to deliberately toadify her.

    Haley fishing in the wishing well they keep in their basement

    Sam at work in the winter

    Building a snowman with a visiting sim

    Sleeping gnomes

    Sam waking up to go to work


    Apple bobbing at my build - The Carnival on the Water. It's in my studio. No CC. It does have a seasonal marker so parts of it change each season.

    It also has a showtime stage and Dianna performs there occasionally.

    We see her working on her lifetime wish in a few different venues in various episodes.

    I hope this is enough to see a bit of what's going on in the videos.

    I didn't get a lot of screen shots as I was concentrating on recording the video.

    I hope you enjoy it. There is a lot of different things going on but it is always working towards one of more objectives.

    By Episode 30 they are trying to get all the items from the tomb collection in each of the world adventure worlds.

    Then I'm going to take them around a few different worlds to showcase some of my builds that I have in my studio. I haven't added anything new to my studio since I put CC in my game so it is all CC free. This extra will also give me an opportunity to have them all complete their lifetime wishes.

    The only build of mine that's in my studio that you see in the videos so far is the Carnival on the Water lot.

    Happy Simming.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    jaletu2005 wrote: »
    Thank you for the link! I subscribed and am looking forward to the story.

    Thank you. I do hope you enjoy the videos.

    The next few (I don't know how many) will be devoted to them completing the tombs in the three World Adventure Worlds. I have it all recorded but don't know how many videos I'll end up making with what I've got recorded.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    Episode 31 has now been loaded to YouTube

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    Here are the links for earlier episodes.

    Episode 1.

    Episode 2.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    The Carnival on the Water is available for download in my Studio.

    It is CC free. I loaded it to the Exchange before I put any CC on my computer.

    I have used lots of store content and items from many of the Expansions and Stuff Packs - particularly Seasons and Showtime. It has a Showtime stage and a seasonal marker.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    Isla Paradiso Bunch...

    Episode 3

    Episode 4

    Episode 5

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    Isla Paradiso Bunch

    Episode 6

    Episode 7

    Episode 8

    Episode 9
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    Isla Paradiso Bunch

    Episode 10

    Episode 11

    Episode 12

    Episode 13
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    Isla Paradiso Bunch
    Episode 14

    Episode 15

    Episode 16

    Episode 17

    Episode 18

    Episode 19
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    Isla Paradiso Bunch
    Episode 20

    Episode 21

    Episode 22

    Episode 23

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    Isla Paradiso Bunch
    Episode 24

    Episode 25

    Episode 26

    Episode 27

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    Isla Paradiso Bunch
    Episode 28

    Episode 29

    Episode 30

    Episode 31
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    edited August 2017
    I've made a few changes to the characters in Isla Paradiso Bunch.

    These changes will not be in the videos for a while yet. As a guess I'd say there is probably enough video recorded on my hard drive for another 5 to 10 videos of them exploring all of the tombs in the three World Adventure worlds.

    In these pictures they've moved on to live in Sunlit Tides. Isla Paradiso had too much lag for me to keep making videos there so I had to move them out if I want to keep making the videos.

    It will be another week or two before I'll be able to post Episode 32 of Isla Paradiso Bunch. It will be entirely in China and ends with them traveling to France. (internet issues)

    Going home from their outing to the Sweetie Treats Roller Coaster

    Arriving home

    Jeannie - not sure what her thoughts are about - it could be to do with Gerri being a Tragic Clown but the picture isn't quite right for that.

    Gerri - this worried me a little. I momentarily imagined her as a tragic clown/zombie

    Bertie, Donna, Terry, Penny

    Gerri, Berty, Josephine, Donna, Penny



    Asking Judy for a bedtime stroy

    Bad shot - but it's Judy reading the bedtime story - last time you see Gerri as tragic clown. Might be last you see of Judy too. Unless you watch the videos on the Isla Paradiso Bunch.

    Gerri got cured in her sleep and now she's just Gerri

    Meryl and Haley - seems to be their favourite table at witch to eat. They go to that table from anywhere on the lot.

    Jeanie went to sleep as Muriel woke up.

    Gerri woke up and proves she's a little genie. She seems to have all the genie powers. Haven't tried getting her to summon food but she can make the house all clean and sparkly.

    Here are a few shots of the new version of Isla Paradiso.

    I added the three mermaids to the household and totally annihilated Mia Azul as she's already in Twin Towns in her urn. (She's a ghost)

    I added a few of the lots they had to Isla Paradiso. I also used the Reveal all hidden islands cheat so they would still own all the hidden islands.

    In this pic, I added the Ford Sky Diving rabbit hole to a new lot I placed near Pirate Island (where I put the Carnival on the Water roller coaster lot and also the coffee house is on another nearby island too.) I needed to make sure the Showtime lots were there just in case I forgot this is a new version of Isla Paradiso and I send Dianna there. I don't want to risk her losing her progress towards her LTW which is to get to level 10 of the magician career. She's currently at level 8.

    The lot I placed on this little island is hilly and I got Maya Ocean to be my tester sim. Edward Dregg turned up so I got him to help her by trying out the seesaw.

    This is the Ford Skydiving complex - the rabbit hole came with a free car set a few years ago. I don't think it's still available. It is a gym lot type. I send sims there sometimes if they want to get pumped as that is the moodlet they get there. Otherwise it isn't good for much.

    I turned Salty into Briney while still in Isla Paradiso. Theoretically Salty should no longer be in the game.

    I changed Briney's traits. He is not evil. He got Family Oriented instead. I changed another trait too. I think Salty has Loves the Outdoors and I changed that to Adventurous for Briney. I made a few minor changes to his wardrobe and gave Briney new hair.

    Here are Briney, Triton and Sam in the house they rented in Isla Paradiso. Even though I set this world as a vacation world using traveler (I think I did it right) they still think Isla Paradiso is home.

    Sam is dialing to go home to Sunlit Tides with his three mermaid companions who I want in my big game too. Salty is already in my big game so I can't take him there again - hence the name change to Briney and make over.

    When I told them to go home from here, they went off happily enough but turned up in a new, unaltered version of Isla Paradiso. I closed without saving and told them to Travel to Sunlit Tides.

    I think I'll just keep this game going for a little longer to get some video of them visiting a few other worlds before I pack them all up with Porter mod and transfer them to my Big Game. That way they'll sever all links with this game and maybe I'll get them to get into that final tomb in France.

    Back in Sunlit Tides - eventually.

    On arrival I used MC to make Briney the father of Wendy and Gerri. Making Haley engaged to Briney is being a bit more difficult. That may have to wait until after they've been packed up by Porter mod.

    I made Triton the father of Terry - even though Terry is a clone and doesn't actually have a father. Terry is a clone of Triton. Judy cloned him but the next thing I did was make over Judy and she is now no longer Judy but is Jane, Judy's sister.

    I made Jane Terry's mother. Clones initially have no parents in their family tree so Jane and Triton must have adopted him. Although there is no relationship between Jane and Triton. Other than they had to be friends before he'd allow her to take his DNA sample.

    Here is the school in Sunlit Tides - the two little girls are at school at the moment.

    Wendy and Gerri coming out of school for the day.

    I wanted to check to see if Haley was still engaged to Salty or if she had become Briney's fiance. I found her out in the world with Penny.

    Next place I found Haley she was alone and I found Penny had mysteriously transported back home. Since Haley was still engaged to Salty, even though Salty no longer exists in this game, I reset her. She was transported back home - otherwise I didn't notice any difference with her. She's still engaged to Salty.

    Next I told Haley to call Salty. She did and they started a long, happy conversation. But Salty is no longer in this version of Isla Paradiso. He's not in this version of Sunlit Tides either and he shows up in her relationship panel as being in a different world.

    Then I tried getting some pics of Jane and Briney so you could see what they look like now. That proved a bit difficult but here they are. The toddler you see in some of them is Donna Dutiel. I think Craig cloned her from a DNA Sample he got from Lea Dutiel in France. Donna currently has no parents.








    That's it for now.

    Hope you've enjoyed them and have some idea of who are my Isla Paradiso Bunch now. I have to go out and do some grocery shopping now.

    Must fly.

    Happy Simming all.

    EDIT to add: Judy has a fruit skin - I think it's StarFruit but could be FreckledFruit. I changed Jane's skin to ESkin Natural Light and added makeup including some freckles.

    Briney has the same default EA skin Salty has.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    edited September 2017

    Today I did Episode 32 of The Isla Paradiso Bunch and will be loading it to YouTube in the morning. I need to sleep first (it's almost 2:30 am here now)

    I just went through my recorded videos on this story - very quick look at what I've got recorded and stopped counting at video 43 and they still have to go back to China after spending time in all three World Adventure worlds. I stopped checking at that point because I don't know how much of it I will need to cut out - such as when I didn't realise I was recording when I saved the game and left it for an hour or two before going back to continue recording/playing. There are a lot more videos to come.

    Episode 32 is a quiet wander around China where we see some pre-dawn scenery while it's raining in China. Craig and others go fishing. Sam finds lots of unsmelted mercury. Muriel works on her Martial Arts skill at the Academy and the Scholars Garden. She has an adventure to meditate at the scholars garden for 2 hours and she has just started meditating when the video ends.

    Episode 33 will show Muriel completing that adventure as well as many other interesting adventures for the adventurers before they finally leave for France.

    Episode 34 shows them in France.

    I need to load Episode 32 in the morning (my time) before I start work on Episode 33 which I'll load some time next week.

    Happy Simming. :)

    EDIT: Having a wild guess - I'd suspect the images in my previous post where they are living in Sunlit Tides will probably be in Episode 60 something.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    My video is now up on YouTube.

    You get to see lots of the countryside in Shang Simla in this one
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    edited September 2017
    The Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 33 is now on YouTube.

    Enjoy and Happy Simming.

    Any and all constructive feedback appreciated.

    This video features the tomb found in The Ancient Monk's Retreat


    Their next destination will be France in Episode 34.

    Since I'm using NRAAS Traveler mod they can go direct to France from China and this is what they will do.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    I added Episode 34 this morning.

    In this episode the sims travel direct from China to France. The NRAAS Traveler mod lets you do this.

    When in France, Muriel completes the first adventure at the Celtic Foray with some help from Sam.

    At the end of the video Dianna gets into her limo and visits the bookstore to buy the books they need from France.

    I'll start work on Episode 35 later today. It takes place while Muriel and Sam are doing the tomb at the Forgotten Burial ground. I just made two separate episodes as it was easier to follow the story when doing just the tomb in one and the other adventure in the other instead of skipping back and forward between the two groups of sims all the time.

    Happy Simming

    I hope you get a chance to watch and enjoy the video.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    It's been a while since I last posted a video on YouTube. This has been due to a combination of factors.

    Firstly, I have had consistent issues with using the free software I have been using to edit and narrate my videos.

    When I made the first video of my proposed McFluff series I worked on it for about 2+ full days and as I was saving the final version ready to load to YouTube it said it was corrupted. I'd never seen that particular issue before so I just gave up on it for now.

    Secondly, I have purchased a new computer and I was planning to buy new software to allow me to edit and narrate my videos with something that would hopefully work better. It has taken me this long to get the computer up and running due to various issues at home. But the new computer is now working and I have the new software and this latest video is my first attempt at using it. I think I'm getting the idea.

    And regarding the McFluffs, I have since expanded my story and will be starting the videos with a full-blown prequel showing the back story of where I originally planned to start the videos. This back story includes a certain amount of witchcraft, a lot of cats and lots of ice sculptures. I'm currently recording video for this prequel.

    I was initially planning to use a few screen shots from this prequel as part of my original idea for the McFluff videos. But my main sim in the prequel managed to complete the one and only tomb sequence that the Isla Paradiso Bunch have so far not been able to complete. Yes, she got into the tombs under the Nectary in France and completed them. I recorded the process because that was the only place I couldn't get the Isla Paradiso Bunch into and that was due to a bug in the program - the adventure simply disappears half way through the sequence of initial tasks they have to get through to get the key to get into the tombs.

    I still have hopes for getting Craig into the Nectary tomb but realistically I doubt it will happen. So I was delighted and surprised when I was able to record another sim doing it. One thing led to another and I decided I'd just record the whole McFluff saga and start at the beginning instead of half way through it.

    I am about to make a series of videos about Caroline's story. I've recorded enough for a few videos.

    Caroline is a sim living in Isla Paradiso and her function is to get me some of the badges I have so far not managed to get. She is doing very well and has recently been joined by her friend Wilma. These two ladies may make an appearance in parts of the McFluff prequel.

    The Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 35

    Episode 35 is slightly shorter than usual.

    Episode 36 may be a little longer than usual.

    In Episode 34 they have arrived in France and Muriel gets an opportunity from the Adventure Board to investigate the Celtic Foray. She goes off to do that and takes Sam with her to help.

    In Episode 35 Haley, Josephine, Judy, Jeannie, Dianna and Craig decide to give the Adventure Board a miss and visit the little fishing hole while Muriel and Sam investigate the tomb under the Celtic Foray. Judy and Co plan to enjoy the day fishing, catching butterflies, picking flowers and taking time to chat and relax.

    At the end of the video Haley takes an interest in some large boulders near the fishing hole. She encourages Judy to see if she can do something to find out what's under them. Judy manages to reveal something interesting and Episode 36 will be the full investigation of that particular 'something interesting'.

    I hope you enjoy watching Episode 35.

    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    Here is Episode 36 of the Isla Paradiso Bunch.

    Here's the link

    It is the start of Judy and Craig exploring what they found at the bottom of the steps Judy revealed when she smashed the boulders at the little fishing hole in Champs Le Sims.


    I will start Episode 37 today. Episode 37 is a continuation of the tomb exploration Judy and Craig start in Episode 36.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    Here's the link to Episode 37 of the Isla Paradiso Bunch

    It is the second part of the tomb in France that Judy and Craig started going through in Episode 36. They managed to finish it in this episode 37.

    It looks like the next episode, 38, will be Dianna doing the adventure of the Landgraab Library.

    Happy Simming everyone.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 38

    Dianna explores the Landgraab Library in Champs le Sims
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,714 Member
    Here is the link to Episode 39 of the Isla Paradiso Bunch.

    They are still in Champs le Sims.

    It opens with Judy and Dianna fishing at the little fishing spot. Then Judy picks wildflowers and catches butterflies. While doing this she gets an adventure by phone. She has to deliver 3 frogs - then go buy some steak and deliver it.

    While Judy is delivering the frogs Dianna returns to town and starts performing for tips. The rest of the household turn up to watch. We see all eight of them in one place together for a while.

    Judy goes to buy, then deliver the steak.

    In the previous episode, Episode 38, Craig got an adventure to deliver some metal to the Nectary. In Episode 39 he delivers the metal and then he has to go find a nectowhizz and delivers it. Then he explores under the Nectary.

    The End.

    Episode 40 will still be in France. But they'll be leaving for Egypt soon - probably Episode 41.

    Happy Simming
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