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***Sims3/JAG*** ApocaFic: The Mushroom Cloud Chronicles

JAG/Sims - The Mushroom Cloud Chronicles (here it is with pictures)
Prelude To War

Toshio: It's a frightening prospect to have to realize that your world is about to end because a group of politicians can't be bothered to work things out at the negotiation table. I retired to Sunset Valley after serving in the Navy and this is what I have to look forward to? A life of nuclear devastation just because some politician got a burr up his rear about something another politician said or did.

Harm: This wasn't what I signed up for.

Sturgis: Yeah, me neither.

Keeter: World's gonna end. Might as well par-TAY!!! Right guys? uh...guys...? Anybody agree with me?

Meg: I think if the balloons go up, we're all going to be singing another tune, we need to realize that survival is the key in this. We have to go deep underground and build a shelter; one where we can all survive.

Fiona: All of us wondered if the sunset that we saw was the last sunset that we would ever see. I wasn't on the world news beat, but I heard plenty about it from my co-workers in the past few weeks leading up to the invasion of Simkraine by Simsia and who knows if the Chinese will jump in with their nukes. All I know is that if it wasn't for Tosh and his friends; we'd be taking our chances with the falling bombs. I don't know if Simdonia will be some place that we recognize when we emerge from our bunker.

Our bunker isn't much, but at least it's something that will protect us in the midst of this insanity.


Fiona: It was a beautiful sunset...and we found out later that it also was the last that we would ever see on the surface of Simdonia and Sunset Valley as we heard a rumble at 0735 and the bunker shook as if it were in a tremblor. Luckily for us, we weren't at the surface to see the flash, if there was one. We don't know what hit us, but it had to be a bomb of some kind. Whether it was a nuke, I don't know...but whatever it was it killed the people and left much of the surrounding area intact.


Fiona: We later heard that it was a low yield nuclear weapon that carried low radiation and killed most of the people with the blast-wave, hence the reason the trees are still standing. The LYLR-N weapon was a hush-hush project that our side has also been working on according to the Simdonian military but their side got to it first and we paid the price. Our exterior camera on the bunker went dead completely after the blast...just catching the mushroom cloud climbing into the sky.

Evidently it had been fired with an SS-N-32. The yield was estimated at 150Kt. We don't know how many people are dead or dying and it is hard to fathom the casualty total. The Creator help us all...
Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~


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    The Mushroom Cloud Chronicles (A JAG/Sims3 Apocacy? (Apocalypse Legacy))

    Revised Chapter 1: The Aftermath and Recon

    River McIrishr: All in all, we spent a grand total of three weeks in this godforsaken pit until we managed to find out that what little radiation there was had died down to a tolerable level. Luckily for us, like Mom said, it was a low yield weapon and the person who was in charge went out first to see, so if he was wrong, he'd have gotten the full dose of the radiation still left. Luckily for us he was right. So we are going out periodically, to build shelter on the surface that we can reside in, but we're coming into the shelter to sleep at night. He says, it's better to be safe than sorry. I think I agree with him. When we peeked out topside, it was horrific. The grass was all brown and there were only green evergreens and radiation hardened deciduous trees that were around. Everything else were burnt and charred stumps. It seemed like a scene out of The Wasteland. But eventually we hope that it will clear up. If not...we're going to be in for a tough time of it.
    Screenshot-19-edit.jpg Sarah "Mac" Mackenzie: Keeter and AJ are out right now. They've taken the two sniper rifles with them. We know that there are bandits out there who are raiding settlements and it's only a matter of time before they get to ours. Everyone's morals have gone down the drain and it's everyone for themselves except in here in this vault. But how soon till claustrophobia hits and people start going insane? We are going up to the surface in shifts of two and making sure that we try to see if there is anything that we can salvage to make our existence somewhat better than it is...which I personally think is much better than outside at the moment.
    Sturgis Turner: We have heard rumors that a bandit squad has moved into the neighborhood about a week ago and have been rapidly amassing power. We have yet to run into any of their members, but it appears as though we may end up with a large scale war on our hands if they decide to come after our location. Considering that we have the high ground any attack from their cohorts will end up resulting in their being seen and tactically eliminated. We're planning on searching the area, but the area just below the epicenter was flattened and there appears to be no signs of life whatsoever.
    Screenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-24.jpgScreenshot-25.jpgScreenshot-27.jpgScreenshot-28.jpgScreenshot-30.jpg Albert Jethro "AJ" Chegwidden: It appears that what few survivors there are are shell-shocked and suffering from acute radiation sickness. Even though the blast wasn't as big, the flash and resultant blast had sent out gamma rays in such intensity that it had fried every cell in their body. I found one such unfortunate one: she was talking about the party that she was going to have for her graduation while her her body was collapsing from the inside out. She won't last more than a day or two at most.
    Screenshot-48-edit.jpgScreenshot-49-edit.jpg Jack Keeter: It's hell out there. I know we say it like it's actually supposed to mean somethin'. But this was hell... The skies were orange and the mist at the city hall ruins and the devastated Central Park were spooky. And what was the eeriest part of it all was there was no one...not even a rodent moving in any of this area. In fact my skin was crawling thinking of the Roentgen count in this area even though scientists will say that the radiation level is down to a level that the human body can tolerate. Luckily we were so isolated as a community that the Simsians only used one warhead to take us out. If they had used multiples, we'd still be back in our bunker waiting it out. I was getting so creeped out that when AJ suggested that we return to the bunker; it was the happiest piece of news I'd heard in a long time.
    Screenshot-56.jpgScreenshot-59.jpgScreenshot-61.jpgScreenshot-65.jpgScreenshot-66.jpg Fiona McIrish: It was hard to believe the situation however, it manifested itself in Tosh creating the equivalent of a finely trained militia considering that most of the members were high ranking servicemen who had served Simdonia with distinction, up to and including Tosh who had earned the Simdonia Medal of Honour ( :p I say Simdonia uses British spelling... so there. :p ) for valour above and beyond the call of duty. Former Admiral AJ Chegwidden was the Commander in Chief. The only man who refused to join in Admiral AJ Chegwidden's militia was Noel, who appeared to march to his own drummer. Well, even though the situation is dire, we have seven able-bodied men who are able to and willing to defend the bunker and all the inhabitants within it. Even the women had insisted that they were willing to gather up arms and fight, but the admiral forbade it, due to the fact that the women were needed desperately in the bunker and with access to the arms locker, and us locked in; the men could fight knowing that their women were safe from harm. Certainly it is a rather sexist way of putting it, but the men were more expendable than the women. The women would start the next generation of Simdonians.
    Screenshot-69-edit.jpg Toshio "Animal" Nakamura: Gentlemen! ATTEN-HUT!!! (pause for a long moment of silence as Tosh glares at the men who are squirming; the squirming stops) AT EASE!!! You all know why you're here. Each and every one of you. Three weeks ago, Simdonia and every city and town including here in Sunset Valley was attacked by a nuclear weapon. Bridgeport was hit with a Simsian 2.2MT SS-18 and is nothing more than a crater in the ground. Everything around Bridgeport for a mile around is nothing but molten glass. Now we were lucky in that we were hit with a low-yield nuclear weapon whatever the plum that is. I have no plumming idea. It's above my pay-grade! But understand this...gentlemen. WE ARE BACK in the MILITARY AS OF NOW!!! Each and everyone of you will be expected to pick up a weapon and use it to defend our fortification. I expect you to rebuild the lookout towers and dig trenches inside the fence-line. I want clear line-of-sight from every corner of this location. No obstructions. A clear field of fire. In other words, this tree I'm standing next to, I want gone! We have decided on a clear rank structure. Rabb, you are Sergeant, the rest of you are all grunts and Rabb is your squad leader. I am your commander and RADM Chegwidden is now your Commander-in-Chief. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!
    Sergeant Rabb and Grunts: YES SIR!!!
    Screenshot-70-edit.jpg Tosh: Good, I wasn't sure if you were awake or the gaps in your mouth were actually sucking in valuable oxygen so your five braincells; one each, can stay alive. Now I'm not sure if we have residual radiation in the area or if we will come across mutations, but I want each and every one of you to be on your lookout when we go outside the wire. God knows, I don't want to deal with a plumming sixteen foot high hornet that mutated because of the radiation or any zombie outbreak if there is such a thing after this nuclear incident. But if you aren't the slightest bit awake or you feel like dozing off on our recon, that slight tickle in your perineum will be my boot up your 🐸🐸🐸🐸 brain stem. AM I CLEAR!!!
    Sergeant Rabb and Grunts: YES SIR!!!
    Screenshot-70-edit.jpg Tosh: I don't know what we'll see beyond the wire, I'm no godplummed psychic. But make no mistake it ain't gonna be pretty. And I expect you to all keep your eyes peeled for anything suspicious. IS THAT CLEAR?!"
    Screenshot-72-edit.jpg Sergeant Rabb and Grunts: YES SIR!!!
    Screenshot-73-edit.jpg Tosh: Commander in Chief, sir, they're all yours...
    Screenshot-74-edit.jpg CIC Chegwidden: Morning, gentlemen. As I could hear from your Commander's exhortations, that you are expected to adhere to a high standard of alertness. The only thing I know about ground warfare is what I learned in War College and that was a few lectures on how squids were expected to deal with ground pounders. Now we're ground-pounders. Hopefully my SEAL training will come back to me and I can impart that knowledge to you and those who come after you. Now I won't take up much more of your time, but I want each and every one of you to understand that you are an integral part of this facility. If you are killed you are no longer a part of the rebuilding process and that is an eventuality that we do not wish to face. So you are to be on high alert as you exit this facility and be on high alert until you are safe within the confines of the bottom locked door of the staircase in our bunker. IS THAT CLEAR!?
    Screenshot-76-edit.jpg Sergeant Rabb and Grunts: SIR!!! YES SIR!!!
    CIC Chegwidden: That is all. Screenshot-76-edit.jpg Tosh: ATTEN-HUT!!! RIGHT-FACE!!!
    Screenshot-79-edit.jpg Tosh: PERIMETER GATE...ON THE DOUBLE. QUICK MARCH!!!
    Tosh: It wasn't a pretty sight, but the rust shook right off when we hit the perimeter. Suddenly all our Spidey-senses were going bananas the moment we went through that gate and our fun-meter was pegged. This LEAPEX was going to be a royal pain in the posterior. We kept to the tree-line and out of sght. The sun, what we could see of it through the obscuring smoke that painted the sky orange, was going down and there were long shadows. The fires had all burnt out and we were lucky that there was no residual radiation. Our Roentgen counters only detected a slight elevation in background radiation, but not enough to cause us concern or make us don our protective gear. But the sight that met us when we came to what used to be our City Hall made us speechless. I had to stop for a moment to take in the whole situation and let it register on my mind. The City Hall's water-main had burst and had collapsed the foundation inwards so the entire building sat at a 35 degree angle. There was no one left alive, I was sure of it. And I wasn't about to risk my men's safety by going in there to do a futile search and rescue operation. Even if the blast hadn't killed them, they were too close to the epicenter of the explosion to survive.
    Screenshot-92-edit.jpg Bud: "Sir, are you sure that we shouldn't check and see if anyone isn't trapped in there?"
    Screenshot-95-edit.jpg Tosh: "Roberts, my priority is making sure that you and the rest of my men return home to the bunker safe. Considering the proximity to city hall to the nuclear blast, I doubt anyone survived and those who did died a slow death of radiation poisoning. I know you have aa humanitarian streak in you, but I don't think that it would be wise to go in there at this point. Under no circumstance will I allow it," I looked over at everyone in my squad. "Am I understood?" The quiet tone but steel underneath it, I think, got through to everyone. They wouldn't disobey a direct order whether hinted at or not. And Harm, my Top, knew darned well that I would enforce it too.
    Screenshot-99-edit.jpgScreenshot-100-edit.jpg Tosh: We returned in the afternoon of the next day after our LRRP. The sights we saw were hellish, as Keeter said in regards to his last trip out. There wasn't a single person other than the Yakuza gang that had moved in and we were trying to make sure that we didn't cross paths with them. However Lady Luck was on our side this time around. When we got back, Commander in Chief Chegwidden met us personally at the gate and debriefed us, then we all headed back in the bunker to get some chow. and a personal belated welcome home from a beautiful lady.
    Screenshot-100-edit.jpgScreenshot-99-edit.jpgScreenshot-68.jpgTosh: Well, helloooo, Meg
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    The Mushroom Cloud Chronicles (A JAG/Sims3 Apocacy? (Apocalypse Legacy))

    Heartbreak of Command

    Tosh: When people are in close quarters, especially in a traumatic situation like this; tempers fray and things are said that shouldn't be said. And it seems that we (Meg and I) aren't as compatible as we though we were. So it was agreed upon that we went our separate ways...or at least as separate as we can get in such a situation as we are in. Namely stuck inside a concrete bunker with no recourse but to avoid each other as much as possible. As one of the two senior officers in this bunker, AJ and I have to hold ourselves apart from the rest of the bunker population. Our command decisions may not be the most popular but they have to listen to us because in a tight spot, it may become the difference between life and death. And maybe it is better that way...that the rest of the bunker be the ones that repopulate the earth while we make the hard decisions. It won't be easy however.
    Screenshot-4.jpg Albert Jethro Chegwidden: Life is never easy. Especially after something like this. You think, you reconsider your decisions made in the heat of the moment and then you have all the time in the world to wonder whether you did something wrong or if the decisions you made were right. That's the result of the situation that we find ourselves in. All we have is each other and the fact that the world hasn't gone on without us. In fact, we don't know how many humans are left on this planet after this nuclear war. When we go up top-side, we are in enviro-suits. Though we see people running around in shirtsleeves and regular clothes, we're skeptical of the rad-meter readings and would rather play it safe than realize after the fact that we were in fact exposed to radiation.
    Screenshot-6.jpg Tosh: Certainly there may be a few people exposed to radiation that are resistant to its effects. Perhaps it may even be a sign of genetic mutation to be resistant, but we know for a fact that we are not so if we go up top-side, we will always be in envirosuits at least until the rad-meters are down to a point where the meter-readings match the Geiger counter measurement for background radiation only. If not, we risk not being able to repopulate the planet and thus end up going the way of the dinosaurs. So to play it safe is the wiser course of action.
    Screenshot-28.jpgScreenshot-29.jpgScreenshot-31.jpg Albert Jethro Chegwidden: The Sunset Valley Library is now a pile of rubble and the books turned to ashes. We have currently only the books in the bunker to read and learn from. Tosh made a point of collecting all the books that he possibly could get his hands on before the warning to enter our bunker. So we are now in a situation where we have to expand our knowledge again so that we are able to teach the generations that come after us.
    Tosh: A part of leadership is leading by example, showing your men and women that you are capable of leading them through the toughest situations. In that regards, the rest of the bunker have to look up to AJ and to myself. We have to lead by example. So I spend my days in the gym perfecting my martial arts as does AJ and our physical fitness and if we're not doing that, then we are reading to expand our knowledge for once the atmosphere clears enough that we are able to remain for longer and longer periods on the surface, we will have to start rebuilding this world. That will require leadership of a sort not seen for ages since the Dark Ages for we have entered yet another Dark Age of sorts.
    Screenshot-5.jpgScreenshot-7.jpgScreenshot-10.jpgScreenshot-12.jpg Albert Jethro Chegwidden: Not bad for an old man, if I say so myself. And there ain't any way that I'm going to let anyone neglect their health or their physical and mental well-being. It may be tough and I may have to kick a few rear-ends to get it done, but by God, I'm going to make sure that every single one of them comes out alive. Nobody asks a Navy officer to give up on life except me or God, and He ain't asked.
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    The Mushroom Cloud Chronicles

    Chapter 3: Life As It Stands

    "We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny. But what we put into it is ours." Dag Hammarskjold 1905-1961

    A Home; Vancouver, BC Screenshot-2.jpg Dwayne Cassius Pride: We don't choose our destiny, only what we choose to put into it and our actions are what will define our place in history. Twinbrook is a radioactive swamp, the Simsians hit it with no less than five warheads, everything south of the 49th Parallel is now a teeming morass of radiation. Gibbs, my long time friend and I managed to get out of there. Evidently the Simsians felt that Canada was an ally and thus escaped the devastating rain of destruction. And we are recipients of Canada's magnanimity. We have found ourselves a home for as long as we are able to contribute to society here.
    Screenshot.jpg But what do we do about the friends that we've left in this radioactive wasteland? Do we leave them to their fate; allow them to perish? Or do we do everything in our power to extract them from the situation that they find themselves in? My friend Leroy Gibbs has always been a pragmatic man. He's not one to risk his life or the life of his team in a rescue operation doomed to fail.
    Screenshot-3.jpgBut I know for a fact that he's not happy with the situation as it stands and if there was something that he could do, he would be doing it. I, on the other hand, am less of a pragmatist and more of an idealist. And I think that we can rescue those friends who are trapped there in Sunset Valley.
    Dwayne Cassius Pride: Leroy, I think you know what I'm going to say.
    Leroy Jethro Gibbs: (stares off at the TV)
    Dwayne Cassius Pride: It just doesn't sit well with me knowing that our friends are stuck in Sunset Valley and we're not doing a darned thing to get them out.
    Screenshot-5.jpgScreenshot-6.jpg Leroy Jethro Gibbs: You do realize that Sunset was hit by a 150kT's now an irradiated ruin? We haven't had any readings from the ground and we could be sending a team in but is it worth it if they don't come out?
    Screenshot-7.jpg Dwayne Cassius Pride: They're our friends, Leroy.
    Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Dwayne, I nearly put Rabb away for false attempted murder charges several years ago because the brass wanted someone's head, preferably his; the guy hates me." Dwayne Cassius Pride: I thought that was water under the bridge once you got the real guy.
    Screenshot-9.jpg Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Trust me, Rabb has a long memory and he's not going to be happy to see me.
    Dwayne Cassius Pride: People change...Leroy.
    Leroy Jethro Gibbs: He might, but that still doesn't solve the matter about the radiation. From what reports I've been hearing they've been dropping like flies. Sunset's population is 1/5th what it was and of what remains, half of them are sick with radiation exposure. They only have a few days or weeks to live. Unless they were in a bunker at the time of the blast, they have no chance to get out of this alive.
    Dwayne Cassius Pride: I've had dealings with Nakamura when he was posted to NAS New Orleans. He's resourceful. And I know he built a bunker on that retirement home of his.
    Screenshot-10.jpg Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Even if that's the case, the logistics are going to be a nightmare.
    Screenshot-11.jpg Leroy Jethro Gibbs: And I wouldn't get your hopes up either...
    Screenshot-12.jpg Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Because it just might be a futile attempt.
    Dwayne Cassius Pride: I owe it to Nakamura to try. He saved my life
    Leroy Jethro Gibbs: You never did tell me about that one...
    Dwayne Cassius Pride: That's...a long story...that I'll tell you some day.
    Screenshot-14.jpg Bunker, Sunset Valley
    Albert Jethro (AJ) Chegwidden: I could see that there was something eating away at Nakamura. He seemed tense and frustrated and he was taking his frustration out on the martial arts dummy. Meanwhile I could hear laughter coming from the two rooms that held our bunks. Evidently two of our younger people had gotten into a pillow fight.
    Screenshot-15.jpgScreenshot-16.jpg River McIrish: There is no future for me in any other career than the military. The military is all that we in Sunset Valley. I can't paint, there is no easel in here and it's a luxury that we have no time for if we want to survive. The ones who will regrow this planet will be the botanists, the gardeners, the military and the fishermen, provided that the fish aren't too irradiated to eat. But how to convince my mother, the famed newspaper article writer of that. I'd love a career in the arts, but there is no arts field any more, especially if we want to be able to live. I have no gardening skill, I have no cooking skill. Certainly I can learn, but with the amount of meals I've burned, I'll leave that to the people who know better than I, how to make a meal. I can't fish to save my life. So what else is there left, but to join the military and defend this facility. But it's going to be a hard sell. Mom has an aversion to the military, but she needs to understand that this is my life and that I have to do this for the sake of everyone else.
    Screenshot-17.jpgScreenshot-19.jpgScreenshot-22.jpgScreenshot-26.jpgScreenshot-27.jpg Fiona McIrish: I fear for my daughter going into the military. I don't want her risking her life. The military was what brought us to this point.But it's her choice. It's out of her magnanimous heart that she's putting her own life in danger to help others. River has always been that way. It's out of my hands and she is a grown woman. I just hope that the military takes care of her because in her, they have a good resource.
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    Bunker, Sunset Valley Harmon Rabb Jr.: Things in the bunker were particularly tense over the past little while. Especially with Meg and Tosh at each other's throats. Tosh, I know for a fact, doesn't do well in confined spaces. Meg, well, Meg has just been herself and has tried to be a peacemaker, but Tosh isn't going for it. Tosh is a very insular type of guy, he's not a schmoozer like Meg who loves to be a social butterfly. In that respects they're polar opposites. In ideal conditions, polar opposites do attract, but these are definitely not ideal conditions. And everyone is starting to feel a bit strained. And telling Tosh to lighten up and open up a great way to ignite Tosh's temper. Nina being hot-headed doesn't help either. She's gotten on Tosh's bad side too complaining about everything under the sun. Lia and our newest recruit, River, have slipped into orbit around Tosh trying to bring him out of his shell. Lia isn't an extrovert either and will probably do well in befriending Tosh and I've noticed that River's quiet too, although she's much younger than Tosh. They'd make a great pair. So would Lia and Tosh. Me, I've been hanging out with Mac and Meg. They've been my friends for the longest time, but Mac really doesn't like Meg. Mac has always been the possessive type. Who knows how this will play out?
    Screenshot-13.jpgScreenshot-14.jpgScreenshot-18.jpgScreenshot-22.jpg Harmon Rabb Jr.: To be honest, I don't know how Meg has been taking the split with Tosh. They've been friends for a long time, but the stresses with this nuclear war and the life in the bunker have taken a toll on the two of them. I know Tosh has a few years on me (he's older than me by a couple of years) but he's been looking a lot older lately. A lot more strained and stressed out.
    Screenshot-20.jpgScreenshot-23.jpg Harmon Rabb Jr.: All I know is that he's been spending a lot of time beating up planks of wood. Coming up with bruised palms and barked knuckles. And a look on his face that warns people off from talking to him. Frankly, the only one brave enough in this bunker to talk to him is AJ and even AJ tries to keep from lighting him off too. So we sit here in this bunker, doing nothing but reading and eating and sleeping, wondering what life is like top-side.
    Screenshot-24.jpgScreenshot-25.jpgScreenshot-26.jpgScreenshot-27.jpgScreenshot-28.jpg House, Vancouver, BC Dwayne Cassius Pride:We knew that we would have to get someone to help. The only member of the line of succession that we were able to save was Secretary of the Navy Edward Sheffield. We're not the tightest of friends, but I know him and I know that he's a good man. And it's kind of funny that he looks like an older version of a guy who I once saw in a TV show. Sometimes I bug him by calling him Al, just for giggles. That royally 🐸🐸🐸🐸 him off.
    Screenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-4.jpgScreenshot-6.jpg Dwayne Cassius Pride: Since the West Coast and East Coast Fleets got decimated by nuclear warheads, I don't know just how much SECNAV can help us, but it didn't take very much convincing. SECNAV knows Rabb and is familiar with my friend Toshio Nakamura, so he promised that he could do what he could to give us a hand with the rescue operation.
    Screenshot-7.jpgScreenshot-8.jpgScreenshot-10.jpgScreenshot-11.jpgScreenshot-12.jpg Dwayne Cassius Pride: With his help, we might actually have a fighting chance at getting our friends out of there.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    The Mushroom Cloud Chronicles

    River's Thoughts

    River McIrish: Somehow, by fortuitous fortune, our cameras started working again. EMP isn't supposed to work like that. EMP was known to fry camera equipment and render them forever unusable. We sent up a drone to see what had been done and some of the pictures that it brough back were chilling. After our last foray out, seeing the sick and dying people, we hadn't gone out again opting to hunker down in our bunker and hopefully wait out the last vestiges of the radiation. The most horrific part of it was seeing Jamie Jolina She was dying of radiation sickness and trying to enjoy herself on the swing, the cells in her body dying as she was painfully trying to move around to gain some vestige of comfort. And the saddening thing was that she still had that smile on her face. Jamie had always been one fo the most cheerful people in Sunset Valley and yet she met this fate, which would take her life with good grace. Unfortunately for Grim, his job has been a full-time occupation as of late.
    Screenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-4.jpgScreenshot-5.jpgScreenshot-6.jpgScreenshot-32.jpgScreenshot-37.jpg River McIrish: Getting used to living in a bunker with 20 other people has been quite the eye-opener. When we were on the surface before the war started, it was a situation where we had our own separate places to go to when tensions got high, or we could wear whatever we wanted to in the confines of our own home. Now it's a matter of being who you are in the midst of people that you share a survival shelter with. The other people in the shelter have become your family. And it takes a different mindset to be able to live with people who have vastly different tastes and attitudes than yourself.
    Screenshot-33.jpgScreenshot-34.jpgScreenshot-35.jpgScreenshot-36.jpg River McIrish: We somehow manage to try to avoid annoying each other but there are times when we need our space. My favorite pastime is to curl up on a bunk and read a book. AJ and Tosh tend to work out and do martial arts and Harm strives to be a better cook so that he can feed us terrific meals. In fact, he and Tosh tend to do a lot of the cooking in the bunker. While others have picked up cooking skill books, they don't do too much cooking. It's usually Harm and Tosh who do the lion's share of it.
    Screenshot-7.jpgScreenshot-8.jpgScreenshot-9.jpg River McIrish: There really isn't much to do inside the bunker but we make the best of it. Lately Tosh has been so stressed with the fact that he'd broken up with Meg which means that he's free. I'm sorry to be slightly smug about that, but he just didn't seem to be the blonde girl type, but I digress. He seems to spend a lot of time with the board breaker and the martial arts dummy. And it seems as though Lia and I are spending a lot of time watching him break boards. Everybody oohs and ahhs over AJ breaking plywood boards, but Tosh is onto concrete slabs and he's broken at least four stacked that I have seen personally. What is it about men and their propensity to love to break things when they're frustrated and need to work out their frustration on something?
    Screenshot-10.jpgScreenshot-12.jpgScreenshot-14.jpgScreenshot-15.jpgScreenshot-13.jpg River McIrish: We sent the drone up again two days later and the frost has gotten worse. The temperature has been dropping and it's been getting very cold. Luckily we've been underground so the cold hasn't been affecting us, but it must be like Hades for the survivors. The leaves are off the trees and the ground is completely frozen. The drone got a glimpse of poor Sam Sekemoto who was seated in an armchair in the middle of a small pond. I feel for the survivors of Sunset Valley who have to endure this cold with no food, no potable water. We live in comparative luxury in this bunker when compared to their meager, harsh existence. And we learned that Jamie Jolina's radiation ravaged body had given up the ghost.
    Screenshot-26.jpgScreenshot-27.jpgScreenshot-28.jpgScreenshot-29.jpg River McIrish: It has taken an apocalypse: social mores have gone by the wayside and we, who live in the bunker, don't even flinch when we see others wearing just their underclothes walking around in the bunker. It's whatever is the most comfortable at the moment that defines our existence. In fact, Tosh was cooking in just his underwear the other day...and I have to say that he's ripped. Yes, I'm fanning myself as I'm writing this. Unfortunately Bud on the other hand does need to keep his shirt on to anyone else but his wife.
    Screenshot-31.jpgScreenshot-32.jpgScreenshot-33.jpg River McIrish: I think the first blow in the dissolution of social mores came with the unisex bathroom. As far as we were concerned, it takes more trouble to make separate bathrooms for men and women and we just said to heck with it and made it one bathroom. We have a string of showers and bathroom stalls for privacy and men and women are in the bathroom at the same time. In fact I've stripped in front of a man and had my shower while he went about his business in the washroom without missing a beat. It just doesn't matter any more after the Bomb. I'm sure the old me would have freaked out that a man was in the same bathroom as me before the Apocalypse. Need I mention that the man was Tosh...and he was just heading into the bathroom stall. I hope he liked what little he saw.
    Screenshot-18.jpgScreenshot-19.jpgScreenshot-20.jpgScreenshot-21.jpgScreenshot-22.jpgScreenshot-24.jpgScreenshot-25.jpg River McIrish: The drone did go up again and we noticed that winter had descended upon Sunset Valley. The pictures were bone-chilling. The snowfall was intense and the howling winds in the drone's stereo mic was an eerie counterpoint to the tableau that greeted us. Oh, the poor survivors of Sunset Valley. There is no way that they will be able to survive the bone-chilling cold. And this snow doesn't seem like it will let up. This nuclear war has changed our atmosphere and the weather patterns. I know there will be food shortages but as soon as we can get our greenhouses going in the bunker, we know that we will have fresh food to survive then we can start about setting up the next generation. Hopefully they won't be as foolish as their predecessors, thinking that they could harness the power of the atom and still resist the temptation to harm others with it.
    Screenshot-35.jpgScreenshot-36.jpg River McIrish: Evidently others have taken notice of Tosh's board-breaking skills. When I walked into go gaze upon Tosh's finely honed and deadly hand breaking some more concrete, I noticed that Dina Caliente and Jennifer Coates were eyeing Tosh with eager looks on their faces as he was busting multiple concrete slabs. Hmmm... Between Lia, Dina, Jen and myself. Tosh may just have a harem of girls watching him. And when he puts on that Sims Navy uniform...oh yummy.
    Tosh_NavySims.jpg River McIrish: Well, a girl can dream, can't she?
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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