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Can't Build Squad Car Help Please

I can't build my police squad car ? why is it telling me to spend LP'S to build it? I have my officer to a level 7 but it still wants like 384 in LP'S ? please someone help :'( I have searched the internet but to no avail. Please Help Me Thank you :)


  • CheezirationCheeziration Posts: 100 Member
    Not sure if you found the answer already, but it looks like you have to collect (a lot of) flashlights and donuts to build it. I don't have enough yet, so I'm not certain, but I'm thinking that's it.
  • EnderGamer87EnderGamer87 Posts: 233 Member
    yeah you need the resources it says to build it and you get those by completing people, the shop in the top left corner, and of course use LP.
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