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Your Favorite Sim World And Why

Would like to know from all of you.

What is your favorite world?

Why is it your favorite world?

Have you made some or lots of changes to the world you chose to play? If so, what kind of changes if you don't mind me asking and why?

Is the world available for download?


  • Fireheart2010Fireheart2010 Posts: 148 Member
    Mine is mainly Sunset Valley but that is just for the beach :) I also LOVE Appaloosa Plains due to the beautiful fall colors.

  • EvalenEvalen Posts: 9,949 Member
    My 2 most favorite worlds are Haunted Valley 2 and Mercury Island I do have others I like but these are my favorite.
  • FunkycormFunkycorm Posts: 50 Member
    Riverview and Twinbrook. The river cutting through town is great. It gives more water adjacent property and views to sims.
  • KaceFaceKaceFace Posts: 4 New Member
    Definitely Hidden Springs, Saved up my simpoints for it was was not disappointed! The lots are gorgeous! My only erk with it is the complete lack of a beach...
  • SillyhartluvSillyhartluv Posts: 70 Member
    Sunset Valley.

    It's my favorite because it is easy to edit and has several beautiful vista lots.

    I have made quite a few changes to it mainly I remodeled or replaced community lots. I also got rid of most of the sims living there and replaced them with my own sims.
  • MoonlitShadowXoxoMoonlitShadowXoxo Posts: 57 Member
    I would have to say the spooky worlds are my fav. Super cool content in all of them.
  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,379 Member
    Evermore Falls blank version,Gibsons,Winfield,Deery Meadows,Storybrook County and Glenvale County are a few of my favorites and Logan is a newcomer to that list as it's my newest release from CAW and I already love it though it has no lots placed in a new game.
  • ZorgaZorga Posts: 571 Member
    Mine is Mayfield Springs. Has a real 'sunset valley' feel but incorporates all the EP's really smoothly.
  • musicman4365musicman4365 Posts: 184 Member
    I downloaded a world called Fort Sim. Although it was built in 2010, it has the size lots I need for my requirements. However, there are some routing issues with the world I am trying to figure out.
  • MiaSkywalkerMiaSkywalker Posts: 3,254 Member
    Cotes d'Ambonnay. The creators of that world did an absolutely lovely job.

    I think it uses every EP, SP, and stuff pack, as well as about half of the store items. It doesn't run well on lower end systems, though, because it's such a detailed and large world.
  • EarcatEarcat Posts: 449 Member
    Riverview is nice because it has a small town farming community feel to it, but most of the lots are way too small.
  • littleboxes3littleboxes3 Posts: 11 New Member
    So far, my favorite world is Sunset Valley because I love putting houses by the beach and on the hilltop overlooking the beach. The beach in Sunset Valley is perfect for houses with big windows.
  • StephStebStephSteb Posts: 1,996 Member
    EA World: A tie between Monte Vista and Sunlit Tides Custom world: Salmon Woods, Everything Island, and Mayfield Springs
  • cgavilanescgavilanes Posts: 18 Member
    EA-I have to go with Isla Paradiso. I love the idea of an archipelago world (Sunlit Tides was my favourite before TSM3: Island Paradise came out) and everything unique about it: the houseboats, the resorts, the scuba diving...

    Custom-I've been dying to give Mayfield Springs a try, it looks fantastic
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