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Rebuild | Renew: A Sims 4 Genetics + Building Challenge


  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,545 Member
    Also why does the game always put all my townies in these half shirts?
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,236 Member
    @debjameswhite - My sims get those same shirts all the time it's so annoying! And oh yeah you need those urns so we can have a Greyson and Lawrence ghost!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,545 Member
    @Ojenn Yeah I've gotten them back to where they when I made my catastrophic mistake! HAHA I am still thinking I want to change it to normal though...I just don't want 5 sims dying all at once!
  • iamduniamdun Posts: 514 Member
    @OJenn be safe!
    @debjameswhite every time I switch from long to anything else, a bunch of sims age up and/or die. I’m going to try to stick to normal but we will see lol.

    Update coming later on today.
  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,285 Member
    @iamdun - Lee & Romie Addams look amazing! I love Sixx's name. You've given me a desire to play again. I've already chosen to begin again. Perhaps I should begin. :smile:

    @OJenn & @Heckstress17 & Anyone in the path of danger - Stay safe! :heart:
  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,285 Member
    edited September 2017
    (Oasis Rebuild - Generation One)

    Nathanial, Laila and Jaxon They were all dancing to the radio. It was really cute. But all good things come to an end. Nathanial had to go to work. Oh and Laila is in her 2nd trimester with their 2nd nooboo.


    Learning through playtime is the best fun!

    Father and Son watching kid's channel after work.

    Laila is hungry...again. And still only in her 2nd trimester. She did have her checkup and ultrasound (Master Control Center Mod) and discovered that she's expecting another boy. They have not yet picked out a name for him but a few options are still being considered. Jaxon is still too young to understand what having a little brother really means. Hopefully he'll take it well when the time comes.
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  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,285 Member
    edited September 2017
    Floorplan of home at current time. (Laila is taking a bath. Nathanial is at work.)

    Talking and the bathroom?

    Not feeling so great. Maybe this will help?

    Alexander! Welcome to the family. (I used the first randomized name that the game offered for him.)

  • iamduniamdun Posts: 514 Member
    Lee is working on the Tech Guru career, while Romie is a stay at home mom. Oh and they are expecting baby number 2.


    Sixx aged up into the cutest little toddler.
  • iamduniamdun Posts: 514 Member
    @Rawla Aww Yay! so happy you are playing again! And thank you for all of the nice complements. Jaxson is so cute! I hope he and Alexander become best friends.
  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,285 Member
    @Iamdun Can Sixx be any cuter!! Oh my goodness. What a little beauty she is. :smiley: Thanks so much for your comments. I hope my boys can become best friends too.
  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,285 Member
    One more tiny update for my Senajee family. The two boys aged up. Jaxon is now a child. Alexander is a toddler now and blond hair and grey-blue eyes. Sooo cute! Oh! And Laila is pregnant again. It will be a girl this time. Any name ideas for this next little one?


  • RhythrinRhythrin Posts: 184 Member
    edited September 2017
    Hey guys, I'm back! Finally!!
    I read all the updates, and found the new thread.
    I won't comment on all the past updates because I'm kind of exhausted, but I will reply again on the new updates to come!
    Right now I haven't had time myself to start playing again, but will let you guys know with an update soon.

    Happy simming!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,545 Member
  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,285 Member
    @Aehnyx - Welcome back! Hope you get to relax and play soon. Happy Drifting! :smiley:
  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,285 Member
    edited September 2017
    Senajee Family
    Father: Nathanial
    Mother: Laila

    Eldest son: Jaxon (boy)
    2nd son: Alexander (boy)
    3rd born: Kristen (girl) NEW!

    Third (and probably final) baby was born. It's a girl!

    Mom and Dad help Jaxon with a school project. He did well and gained extra credit from it.

    Little Kristen, the youngest, grew into a toddler. She has blond hair and dark eyes.

    Alexander is learning his lessons well. Now it is play time.
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,545 Member
    Good morning everyone :) I've been moving and I also have been sick so it kept me away a little bit.

    @iamdun Lee & Romie are cute! I can't wait to see how Sixx turns out :)

    Hahah I love the pic of Lee's face while he's "working". Sixx really is a little cutie.

    @Rawla I'm happy you're playing again. Nathanial and Laila's little family is so cute. I bet Jaxon will be a great big brother :)

    I like there little house too. I sometimes feel like going back to a smaller house. I love starting off that way with the first generation :) Alexander! Can't wait to see how he ages up too.

    Oh! Jaxon does not look happy in his pic, but he is a handsome boy :) Alexander looks like he could get into some trouble...maybe that's why Jaxon is annoyed :) Congrats on your baby girl :) I can't help you with names I"m horrible at that myself!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,545 Member
    @Rawla I missed your last post! Kristen is a good name! Such a cute family.

    @Ojenn and @Heckstress17 would really love to hear how you two are doing <3
  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,285 Member
    @debjameswhite - Thanks for your comments! I've let the name generator in game decide the name of the children so far. First rolled name for each is the one that I used. Not too bad so far. Its great to play again!

    @Ojenn and @Heckstress17 - I have also been worried. Please be safe and well.
  • carlimactcarlimact Posts: 571 Member
    Hey guys!
    I haven't had a chance to play in a while since we're short staffed at work. Thankfully, I was given a three day weekend. Hooray!
    Chapter 24: Nooboo

    With Malia working night shifts, Pablo had a lot of nights to himself. He used this time to write

    After weeks of hard work, Malia finally got that promotion

    She received this piano as a promotion reward

    The newlyweds really do enjoy their time together

    Guess that time together really payed off. Hooray!

    Pablo took the news well

    Malia had been exercising before getting pregnant and felt she could least for a little while

    With their 1st baby on their way, Pablo thought he should work on his cooking skills

    “Sigh. If these judges could stop fighting, this show would be a lot better”

    The old pipes strike again!

    “I think it’s time I fix this house…”

    Pablo decided to follow his dream and become an author

    If it’s not one thing, it’s another around here

    Malia’s pregnancy has been a bit rough on her. She usually went straight to bed once she got home

    Pablo and I are concerned about how many are in there

    “Malia? When is this baby actually coming? You look awfully uncomfortable”
    “Soon, I hope. My back is killing me”

    And thus..Pablo acted on his good husband duties

    With the baby due any day now, Pablo and Malia set up the crib

    This poor woman

    “it’s ok dear. I’ll clean it up

    It was in this moment that Malia wished the baby would just come already

    Malia got her wish the next morning. Not only was she in labour but she peed herself again

    After cleaning up, Malia got ready to meet her little one

    Welcome Harrison Hernandez!

    Malia needed to bathe for 3 hours after that

    Pablo was still in panic mode

    Harrison loves his mom a lot. It’s so cute

    Bonus Shot:
    Malia was so pregnant that she had to hold her guitar like this

    Fact: That first crib glitched out and I had to restart. Sadly, this killed Harrison's twin. RIP Julian
  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,285 Member
    @Carlimact - Yay for baby Harrison! (very sad about Julian) I love the pics! Poor Malia had it really rough. But Pablo is such a sweetheart to care for her so well. I love that Pablo chose the author career track.
  • carlimactcarlimact Posts: 571 Member
    @Rawla When I had to restart, I fully expected twins like before. I feel like Julian was a stillbirth and will be added to the family tree later. Malia had it super rough so I wasn't too surprised when two popped out the first time. Thankfully, Pablo is a good husband. I'm not the biggest fan of the journalist track so author it was!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,545 Member
    <cries> Fast forward further than where I am in my computer just crashed and I lost Lucas's new house!!!
  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,285 Member
    <cries> Fast forward further than where I am in my computer just crashed and I lost Lucas's new house!!!

    Oh no! :cry:
  • carlimactcarlimact Posts: 571 Member
    <cries> Fast forward further than where I am in my computer just crashed and I lost Lucas's new house!!!

    Oh no! That's awful. I'm crying with you
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,236 Member
    Just checking in. We are living in a hotel until we can get moved into a new place. Internet is ❤️❤️❤️❤️ so I'm on my phone and I am not sure when I'll get some play time.
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