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Rebuild | Renew: A Sims 4 Genetics + Building Challenge


  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,236 Member
    Hey all - just a heads up I won't be around here too much until Thursday really. This is my finals week for the two courses I am currently enrolled in and I have to travel for work on Tuesday so I will be on the road most of the day. If I do get the chance to peek in it will only be for comments. See you guys in a few days ♥
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,545 Member
    @Ojenn Kato really is a cutie. I love the pillows they have around the fire. I love how Brielle is looking at Kato on their date. Her hair is really pretty too. Aww though...Tate is an elder? Oh my gosh! Brielle is pregnant! I love her telling her mom but what is Mom wearing? hehe I'm sad you're gone until Thursday though! I miss you already! :)

    Chapter 87: New Love

    Random picture I couldn’t resist to start. There were quite a few of Gareth’s brothers visiting.

    Now that Lucas has started to lose weight, he had his friend Tatum over. They were both the chubby kids in school.

    Lucas gave him a motivational speech and the two pledged to get healthy together!

    When I have generations like this it makes me so happy. Lucas has friends over but he still chooses to do his homework with his siblings first.

    When Lucas was heading out to get the mail, one of the new girls at school was walking by. He couldn’t resist saying hello. Turns out it wasn’t really a coincidence that she was walking by that house.

    Having reached the top of two careers, Gareth has started spending more time at home. He’s been tinkering with different appliances trying to make things better for his family.

    Meanwhile, out of the blue, Ivan while going through a mean streak attacked his brother.

    Poor Lucas was stunned. He’s not quite as fit as his older brother yet.

    Gareth heard the ruckus though and took a firm hand much to Ivan’s distress.

    It didn’t stop Lucas from making the moves on his new friend Alyssa.

    The kids hung out in the living room although Simone was disappointed that Ivan could no longer join them.

    Reika was having a little bit of a mood swing too.

    I like to call this the “Zombie Walk” I laugh every time.

    Hamiko had a chat with her about what was bothering her. Surprisingly, it went very well.

    Despite the crying!

    Later Hamiko checked in with Lucas to make sure he was ok. “It really wasn’t that big a deal Mom. Me and Ivan are fine.”

    “Really. I promise.” I love these looks that Lucas gives!

    However, in another room, Ivan was at it again. This time with his sister Reika!

    She’s not as young as Lucas though and she kicked his butt. Mom didn’t miss it either and after the fight with Lucas, she was livid. Ivan was right to be scared this time!

    Ivan had more remorse over being caught and punished than over what he’d actually done.

    Lucas though knew nothing about this. Alyssa asked him to the spice festival and he was happy to go.

    He had to get some hoops in though. He plays whenever he gets the chance. He might be my first family to have a hoop at home.

    Of course he also made time for food. He still loves food and listening to one of his uncles play didn’t hurt.

    Alyssa initiated some monkeying around and he ate it up.

    The next day he received a promotion at work and she found out and took advantage to ask him out.

    He was very happy and excited.

    Alyssa couldn’t resist his excitement and kissed him.

    Later he finally had the “zombie walk” mood.

    While he was out with Alyssa he met Alana and she asked him out.

    To my surprise they hit it off just as quickly…if not faster than he and Alyssa had.

    They had a great night and she didn’t even mind he was wearing his fishing outfit.

    Despite not feeling well, he still made a really good impression.

    He still has time for his twin though.

    His Dad too.

    Speaking of Dads, Gareth is still making sure he spends time with his and his grandpa.
  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,285 Member
    @debjameswhite - I loved that update entirely too much. Can't wait for more. <3
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,236 Member
    @debjameswhite - Lucas could make a good personal trainer or even a motivation speaker someday! I have loved watching his weight loss journey. Looks like Lucas is going to have his hands full with the girls. I don't have a favorite yet I like them both, how about you? It seems like maybe he and Alyssa are hitting it off pretty well. Whoa, Ivan fighting Lucas! Who won? I think fit sims are better fights usually. OMG, the moody walk is so hilarious and to see Reika doing it with her father's intense eyes made me giggle. It definitely reminds me of a zombie - and wait are they watching a zombie movie in the background?? I really hope Ivan cleans up his act, glad Hamiko stepped in and disciplined him. And aww such a great picture to end the update on. I love seeing all the men around enjoying each others company.
  • carlimactcarlimact Posts: 571 Member
    I had this update sitting on my computer forever. Oops
    Chapter 23: The Wedding
    Or the one where Pablo is officially added to the family tree

    It was the big day and Malia couldn’t have been more excited

    “Hazel? I’m so excite, are you?”

    Before the ceremony began, Pablo noticed they had some unexpected guests

    It was the first time Pablo had seen Malia in 24 hours and he thought she looked stunning

    It was time

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr and Mrs Hernandez!

    The party was on and, of course, no one sits where they’re supposed to.

    The new couple thanked everyone for coming as the night came to a close

    They ended the night like nay newlywed did

    The two decided to not go on a honeymoon due to their careers taking off

    Their “self-made” honeymoon was going fine, after all

    Bonus Shots:
    The wedding venue I used is Wedding Venue by Sweep6193

    Poor Pablo is trying his best

    The flirting never stops

    Fun Fact: I hate sim weddings
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,545 Member
    edited September 2017
    @OJenn I don't have a favorite either girl yet either. I'm going to try and really give them both an equal shot and hopefully Lucas will choose :)
    Ivan won the fight with Lucas, poor Lucas was pretty dazed. Haha I hadn't even noticed the movie that was playing. I'm still laughing every time one of the teens has a mood swing like that.


    So I decided I'd do a post of just where the families are. Looking at how huge they all are I really think I will change from long play to normal play when I move Lucas out of his parent's home. NOTE I just finished writing this and took soooo long. There are so many kids...I love this kind of thing so I'm posting it, but don't feel like you have to read it :)

    We will start with where my incredibly long lived Founder and his family are.

    Greysen is still living with Lawrence and his children with his last wife Mira are still at home too. Rose, her husband Anthony and their daughter Lila. Rory who's wife mysteriously disappeared is back home with his son Felix. To my surprise I've discovered he has 2 other children (and I have that disabled). He has a daughter named Joyce and a son named Pace...all three are toddlers. I may go and play with those families and see if I can hook him up with Pace's mother. She's single. Joyce's mom has a family.

    Next we'll quickly look at Greysen's other children!
    Savanah and Wes Bradlee had 4 children all quads.
    Chandler Bradlee and his wife Chloe have 3 kids. They had twin girls for years when they got their surprise baby Raphael.

    Stanley's wife mysteriously disappeared years ago. He hadn't had any children yet, now he's living with some friends.

    Her son Raphael (I guess Chandler really likes that brother!) Has 2 kids Hailee and Dennis. Counting from the left his wife is the 3rd sim, Dennis is the 4th, Hailee is the 7th and Raphael is the 8th :)

    Her final son Ramon and his wife Kristi have 3 teens.

    Edan as we know only had one child Emilia and she too has had one child so far husband Wendell Baehr (I think he was one of Caris's little brothers). Their son's name is Yahir. From the left Emilia is number 3 Wendell is number 4 and Yahir who is in desperate need of a makeover is number 6. The rest of the sims are Wendell's brother Cyrus's family.

    Logan had 3 kids. He had twins Raul and Marlene and then later Darnell. I was super excited about this family because he was the first to marry into my Lawrence family from Willow Creek. The kids all still live Greysen's original home. From the left Marleen, Raul, Marleen's daughter June, Darnell, Raul's two kids Jensen and Tricia, Marlene's husband Darsh and Raul's wife Dana :)

    Malcolm was a very prolific son for one left on his own. He had 5 kids! 4 with his first wife then one more with his second wife after his first wife passed away.
    In this pic is his oldest daughter Maribel, holding her daughter Bo, Malcolm's youngest son Tim, Maribel's husband Shingo holding their other daughter Phoenix, and then Malcolm's other two children Daniel and Marielle.

    Malcolm's oldest son Lee has moved out into another mixed family. He has two kids with Rhea Lawrence. Steven and Hope. In the pic, Steven then Rhea, her brother's husband Dillan then Lee and his daughter Hope and then Marlon. Ivan's sweetie Simone is also in this household. She is Rhea and Marlon's little sister.

    Finally Brian. He had one son, Jeremy and Jeremy has a husband Leonardo. He's so cute.

    Now we move on to Lawrence and wow this fundate is way longer than I thought!!

    Ian, his first born has a cute little family. He and his wife Christa have 3 kids. Henry, Jazlyn, and their newest, Jaxon.

    Gareth and Hamiko as you all are quite aware of have 4 children. Ivan, Reika, and then the twins Lucas and Airi.

    Next were twins Cameron and Elise. Cameron married Hanna and had 3 children. Twins Ulysses and Elizabeth and then later Mindy.

    Elise has a full household that includes one of her younger siblings. Her husband Jayden is already and elder and I don't think they'll end up with any kids. They live with Jayden's 2 brothers Isaias and Chadwick. Isaias is married to Pari and Chadwick is married to Boden, Elise's little brother. The 2 little girls belong to Chadwick. I might move Elise out just to give her a chance!

    Part of the reason that Lawrence had so many kids was because he kept having multiples! His next set were Russel and Alicia. Russel is married to Jennifer with 3 kids. Another cute family :)

    Alicia lives all alone and has no love interests yet.

    After Russel and Alicia, we had Daegan and Tait. Daegan married one of Wes Bradlee's little sisters and they have a daughter together.
    They're 1, 2 and 5 from the left in this picture that you've seen before :)

    Tait is married to Gladys and they have a daughter Kyla. From the left Gladys is 3rd, Kyla is 5th and Tait is 6th. The rest of the people are part of Gladys's family.

    Lawrence stepped up the multiples after this and had triplets. Ferris, Boden and Kellan. Both Ferris and Boden found husbands.

    Boden you've seen already.

    My sweet almost heir Kellan married @Ojenn's Savira and they had some beautiful boys Otto and Sam. Savira's little sister Raelyn and her husband Rene Lu also live with them. Funny story they had a set of twin girls.

    Last but not least...Lawrence's baby girl Hope. She married Kelvin Dewey and they have a baby girl Kaitlynn.

    And that is it so far!!!
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,236 Member
    @carlimact - Ohhh the title of this update already had me excited and it was nice to see Malia excited too! She looked stunning in her wedding dress and Pablo was sharp. That was a beautiful wedding venue wow!

    @debjameswhite - You know I love your fundates :smile: I feel like Greysen is never going to move on to the afterlife and I am okay with that ♥ I love seeing Lawrence's growing family and that they all live together and are still so close. And Seeing the Bradlee genes live on is really warming my heart since Savira never had any babies in my game. Poor Stanley! I wonder if MC came and took his wife from him :( Aww Ian, I was wondering how his life was going so far. And of course, Cameron will always be one of my favorites he and Hanna made some good looking kids. I hope Alicia finds love or at least some great roommates to keep her company does she have to loner trait? I loved this fundate! It was nice to catch up with everyone and see how life is around town.

    P.S. I am hoping to get some play time in before this week is out. We are moving to our next duty station this week. We drive out Thursday and we'll be there on Friday. Uncle Sam is putting us in a hotel until we find a place to live. Which we already have but we can't move in until the 3rd of October. I will try and keep you guys updated!
  • carlimactcarlimact Posts: 571 Member
    @OJenn I had to change the venue a little due to no one wanted to attend the ceremony thanks to the DJ. There is a stereo now. xD
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,236 Member
    Family Tree

    In my last update, Kato and Brielle found out they were expecting a child together. Pregnancy has not been kind to poor Brielle and she was starting to worry that she may have multiples like her mom.

    She got a mini makeover and Kato moved into her contained abode just in time for the baby to make an appearance.

    Contractions came quickly but poor Brielle was far too miserable for a home birth so they opted to let the professionals handle this.

    Kato hated leaving his girl all alone at the hospital but he knew a great guy who would love to stand in. He called her dad and gave him the details of the hospital.

    Tate was thrilled to be there for his little girl, this would be his first grandchild and the gang was ready to go once the doctor showed up.

    With super focus and mad skills, the doctor delivered the baby and it's a...

    Baby Boy!

    He is the first born male in this rotation so far! Brielle named him Iker, she wanted him to have a short name like his father but not be a junior.

    When Kato got home that night he couldn't wait to see the little guy.

    With their little family completed Kato had one more thing in mind to tie them all together. He hasn't made any moves yet since he wants it to be perfect. But he is plotting for some time after Brielle had recovered.
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,545 Member
    @OJenn Aww poor Brielle but hooray for me, there's an update! She looks so sad I felt bad but she's so pretty and she gets a very nice reward! I really love how your pictures look. It's nice that her dad was their for the birth and I love that she chose a short name like dad's. He's a little cutie. I can't wait for the engagement!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,545 Member
    Chapter 88: A small divergence

    During my recent fundate I noted that Rory Wolfe’s wife had mysteriously disappeared. He also suddenly had 2 other children. BTW when I went into CAS with him all his traits were gone. Even though he was an adult he only had one trait and it wasn’t one of his original ones…he also had an entirely different aspiration. One of the mothers, Shelley Perales, was single and I couldn’t resist the ideas that started.

    Shelley Perales had been living in the city with her roommate and friend Terrence Dewey. The apartment wasn’t very friendly to a toddler though so she started thinking about moving.

    She wanted to give her son everything especially since he didn’t have a father. She had no idea who his father was. Well she knew who he was, but she didn’t know his name or anyone who knew him. It had been one of those “Why did I do this?” moments. The man had been mourning the loss of his wife and he went a little crazy and she had no problem enabling him.

    She had met a man named Greysen. Terrance had him over to fix something in the building. He was a fascinating man. Shelley knew he didn’t need money but he did odd jobs for the fun of it. If only he was several years younger. Non the less, she loved hanging out with him and he was great with her son Pace.

    He put her in touch with a realtor who found her this adorable little place. It was perfect for her and her son. (House Tour!!!)

    It wasn’t much yet, but it had potential!

    I was desperate for her to run into Rory, but while the world was full of Wolfe children, none of them were Rory.

    Shelley wouldn’t have noticed anyways. She’s way too focused on Pace.

    It was only when Pace went to sleep that she started to feel lonely.

    She tried really hard to feel fulfilled in her life.

    She loved her son very much,

    But it was starting to feel like Groundhog Day.

    So when Greysen asked her if she wanted to go to a nightclub she jumped at the chance. Once again, the club was full of Wolfe members. Even Sasha was there.

    I just happened to notice my heir walking by. He is looking good.

    After the night club Greysen and Shelley went out for breakfast. We caught a glimpse of Kellan and Savira out. I think they have a yearly date where they put on their wedding clothes and remember how much they love each other.

    Greysen thought Shelley reminded him of his grandkids as she checked her phone. Of course she was checking on Pace but he didn’t know. It was in this moment he got a most excellent idea.

    On a side note, Cameron’s wife Hanna is the new hostess at Capriccio Fine Dining.

    I loved seeing Kellan and Savira enjoying their evening.

    I also loved seeing how handsome my Greysen still is.

    Also, Raphael Bradlee was out with his family. Their teen daughter was missing.

    Once she was back home, Shelley hugged her little guy. She hadn’t been away from him for so long ever before.

    On another hunt for Rory, I saw my heir once again. He was cleaning up the park like the good guy he is.

    Greysen invited her and Pace over. He thought they might enjoy a toddler play date with Felix and Lila. Of course the guy we’d been looking for was there too!

    Greysen had paid his youngest great granddaughter to babysit the toddlers while he took Shelley and Rory to lunch.

    At first they were shy and awkward.

    Soon though they were really hitting it off. Greysen knew they would get along. He thought they were perfect for each other. Shelley started to feel like she knew him already.

    Later when he took her out, Shelley told him that she thought she knew him. Rory was taken aback and very surprised.

    When she told him the entire story and he remembered who she was he swept her into his arms. He had always regretted that he hadn’t gotten her number and that he had never seen her again.

    They spent the entire night talking.

    Months later Rory took Shelley back to the place where they had gotten reacquainted. He couldn’t believe he had another child and he couldn’t believe his one night stand had been with this amazing woman.

    It had only been a few months but he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and he knew how short life could be.

    Greysen feeling very smug was the first to congratulate him.

    She loved his family and his other little guy.

    She got along great with his dad and was sad she could never meet his mom. Lila is pretty cute too :)

    Rory was thrilled that he knew his son now. (Little does he know there’s a little girl out there too.)

    Finally it was the big day and poor Shelley was sick!

    Miracles do happen though. By the time they were performing the ceremony she felt much better.

    Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe
  • nunnahnunnah Posts: 10 New Member
    Hello everyone! You may or may not remember me from before. My screen name was iamdun. Anywho I’ve been thinking about coming back to the thread and starting from the beginning. I may post something later tonight. As well as get caught up. Ok that’s it. :)
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,545 Member
    @nunnah <3<3<3 OF course we remember you! Come back!!!
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,236 Member
    edited September 2017
    @debjameswhite - Aww Rory and Shelley's story is so romantic and cute. I'm glad Greysen played match maker and brought them together.

    P.S. that wedding dress is beautiful
    Post edited by OJenn on
  • nunnahnunnah Posts: 10 New Member
    @debjameswhite haha yay you remember me..i'm in the process of getting my user name changed so that is matches all of my other sims related accounts. anyway I'm excited but i'm not yet a member apparently for this account, so that means no pics just yet! BUT I do have a few ready to go! ;)
  • nunnahnunnah Posts: 10 New Member
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,236 Member
    nunnah wrote: »

    Oh yay! I remember you too - welcome back to the fun.
  • iamduniamdun Posts: 514 Member
    Got my old account back up an running!

    @rawla Hello there!
    @OJenn I'm super excited to be back!

    Meet Lee & Romie Addams



    They recently married & just had their first little one. Her name is Sixx.



  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,236 Member
    @iamsun - I love your new family! With such good looking parents I am anxious to see how Sixx turns out.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,236 Member
    Hey Guys - If you don't know there is currently a hurricane heading towards my area. I have moved myself and my family as far inland as possible as we wait out the storm. So I will be a bit sporadic until Irma has moved on. @Heckstress17 I hope you and your family are okay as well
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,545 Member
    @OJenn and @Heckstress17 I've been thinking about both of you. I hope you weather everything ok. I love you both!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,545 Member
    EEEEEEP!! I changed my game play from long to normal and Greysen and Lawrence both died! I had to quit and lose all my game play to save them! Guess we'll keep it long a little longer. The reason I had changed it was when Gareth and Hamiko aged up to elders their days left was 540 something!
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,236 Member
    @debjameswhite - sounds like a lot happened in your game! Did they die at the same time?
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,545 Member
    @Ojenn A bunch of sims died all at once. That's why I changed it back to long and redid things...I have to have Greysen and Lawrence at home when they pass!
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