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Rebuild | Renew: A Sims 4 Genetics + Building Challenge


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    I am going to type out the Lovell family tree as it stands from my last play, sadly I can not post a pic as my tree is broken in game(darn ghost culling glitch). Be prepared for lots of text. Lol

    Gen 1: Troy/Jordyn Lovell
    1) Orion
    2) Olivia Gen 2
    3) Ophelia(Heir)

    1) Edward
    2) Ethan Gen 3 Ethan-No descendants
    3) Emma

    Edward/Aria Emma/Jaden Ramey
    1) Zayne- Gen 4 1) Mateo- Gen 4

    Zayne/Annabel Mateo/Alice
    1) Alonso-Gen 5 1) Bret- Gen 5
    2) Julio- Gen 5

    Alonso/Greg(3rd cousins) Bret/Bruce Ramey-Song Julio/Karlee(3rd cousins)
    1)Tiffanie- Gen 6 1) Fred- Gen 6 1) Lucille- Gen 6
    2) Stacie- Gen 6

    Olivia/Bronson D-u-m-a-s
    1) Matthew- Gen 3
    2) Marina- Gen 3

    Matthew/Caleb Marina/Louis Parks
    1) Luke- Gen 4 1) Isabel- Gen 4
    2) Logan- Gen 4 2) Brylee- Gen 4

    Luke/Arthur Logan/Glenn Isabel/Jakob Collins Brylee/Ryan Parks
    1) Ben- Gen 5 1) Karlee- See Julio 1) Hillary- Gen 5 1) Nash- Gen 5
    2) Solo- Gen 5 2) Braydon- Gen 5

    Ben/Jill Solo/Virginie Braydon/Alice Hillary/Maritza Nash/Helena
    1) Julien- Gen 6 1) Elvis- Gen 6

    Ophelia/Elly* Ophelia/Masami
    1) Tiara(Heir)- Gen 3 1) Tara- Gen 3
    2) Taylor- Gen 3

    Tiara/Nikki Tara/Brenton Castille Taylor/Navya
    1) Alanna(Heir)- Gen 4 1) Bronson- Gen 4 1) Levi- Gen 4
    2) Alton- Gen 4

    Alanna/Derek Alton/Naomi Bronson/Leo Levi/Briana
    1) Greg- See Alonso 1) Audrina- Gen 5 1) Sandy- Gen 5 1) Joe- Gen 5
    2) Gabe(Heir)- Gen 5 2) Savannah- Gen 5
    3) Gray- Gen 5

    *Elly/Brandy Perry- Tiara's half siblings
    1) Noel- No Descendants
    2) Nola

    Nola/River Song- Related by Marriage and Blood to Lovell clan
    1) Briana- See Levi
    2) Bruce- See Bret

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    Why did it not keep my formatting?! Sorry a bit more confusing than intended, but I'm not typing it up again. Any questions ask and I'll put you straight. ;)
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    Generation 5 house is done and up on my gallery: EthanHS ! YAY! Now just a few days till Gabe and Jason can move in. :smiley:
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    @EMSimmer30 None of your pictures are showing up :( They all seem like they're links we have to link out to.
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    @debjameswhite The option to embed in the forum was not working no matter what I did so I posted the links. Just right click and open link in new tab and it should pop up with the pic on the Imgur site. Pretty easy and I checked after posting to make sure the links worked. Still looking for a better way to post pics, puush seems to work from XP-8 but I have win 10 and not sure if it would work for me. Not sure if the posting problem was with the Sims forum or with Imgur or both, at least you can see the pics just not as easy.
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    Hello everyone - just wanted to pop in and say hello. I miss you guys and I, of course, miss playing my game.
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    @OJenn Really miss you too <3<3
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    (i'M BACK?)
    Sorry for being away for so long. I swear I didn't leave the challenge. I spent the past month traveling/going back to work & studying for some exams like crazy, so I really didn't play at all from the last time I was here in the forum. Nonetheless, I'm back :blush: ... I had to take my sweet time to get reacquainted to the game, but now I'm back on track.

    Since I'm kinda in a hurry, I'll post an overdue update now and I'll come back later to catch up with your posts <3 - so here we go.
    One thousand years later.

    The girls are still teens and they're still living in Del Sol Valley. They're still dreaming of making it big in the world, they're all about that cash, no love is in their life yet but there's something new in the household: fluffy little beans <3 - Luna, Artemis and the doggo Rudy.




    Selene feels on top of the world now that she has a tiny puppy, she's a dog lover. It's kinda funny that the first time they met there was that movie playing in the background :tongue:



    Aurora took a liking to the kittens from the start.


    Also, they're all super adorable so sorry for the puppy/kittens spam but I just couldn't help it.


    Rudy loves playing with the kittens <3


    As for the girls, well, they're all veeeeery busy going through their own teen phases and it's kinda driving me insane. Mood swings don't help them get along as nicely as expected. Top that with Selene's drama queen/center of the world/always make a big deal outta everything attitude, and it's not a secret that curses fly in the air every other minute. I feel like they're starting to face too many responsibilities now that they live alone, away from home. Both Aurora and Irene don't appreciate Selene's attitude.


    But they do appreciate each other's. Aurora's quite the character too, tho, so I imagine that it's Irene that always tries to fix any issue in the house.


    Luna is so cute 24/7 I can barely look at the screen without squealing.


    Rudy loves staying close to his mommy Selene most of the times. I don't even know how she can focus on her homework instead of Instagramming her pet all of the time.


    Broken washing machines, pooping kittens and rats everywhere. Welcome to adulthood???


    One of the following days, one of the potential mates & fellow bored teen Derek decided to get into the house on his own (???? literally, I was so confused) and tried to reach the girls' bedroom. The scandal.


    Aurora managed to catch him before he could waltz into Irene's room to get on her pc.
    "U see these guns? Imma use them if you make one step further."


    Derek tried to excuse himself by going on way too familiar teen rant about who knows what, but it didn't work. He still got kicked out of the house.


    Meanwhile, downstairs the new additions to the household kept looking cuter and cuter.



    The very next day, the girls got a text message about another young lad that wanted to come home with them from school. Turns out if was another of the potential mates. I just crossed my fingers hoping he would behave better than the last one...

    ... so he sat there, in the living room, looking even more bored than Derek :joy: man, teen are hard to comprehend. You're the one who asked to come over, Mathias... you should look a tiny little bit more excited about it, you know?


    Irene tried to get out of her own shell and lift the mood, like the sweetie she is.


    A few hours later the mood had improved a lot and Mathias was getting along quite well with all the girls... except for the drama queen Selene, who just couldn't deal with life (or with food) anymore.


    Moving forward, I'm noticing that I have a hard time completing the scouts' badges. I'm afraid Irene will age up without completing them. Good thing she managed to collect them on her own, without me looking...


    ... tho maybe I should look after her a bit more, since she almost set the whole house on fire.


    The house might be huge and nice-looking but it's now a mess because everything keeps on breaking. Here's the face of the repair woman looking at the grossest toilet in the world :joy:


    And Rudy, making sure to play in every single puddle there was around.


    From grinding homework, part-time jobs and hobbies, time kinda flew by and all of a sudden the tiny fluffy beans were tiny no more.




    The teen days are almost over. Normal life span flies like the wind when you keep your sims super busy. Irene and Aurora still like doing homework together, away from Selene the drama.


    Selene doesn't appreciate being left out, but she deals with it 'cause she an emotional bomb 24/7.


    One early morning she sat on her own going through her homework, and Artemis started screaming meowing at her to start the roomba :joy:


    Rudy didn't like that thing one bit.


    Clearly on a stalking mission on Selene's behalf, Artemis went outside to watch what the blondies were doing :joy:


    What next in the Austin's triplets lives? Well, love day. Without boyfriends :tongue:
    I refused to let them stay at home so I decided to bring them to the one and only city park that there is, even if it was just to hang out by themselves. They met some familiar faces, tho @JordanNicoleJJ :joy:


    Having no boyfriends doesn't mean you can't share Love Day's spirit with the people you care about <3


    Even @Heckstress17 's Cadence showed up! It was so nice meeting her at the park to catch up on life :blush:


    Being the only friend roaming around, the girls decided to shower her with presents and celebrate Love Day together.


    "Oh we have matching outfits? It would be such a pity if one of us would almost set on fire" :joy:


    Irene's too good for pranks like that, but Cadence appreciated anyway.


    As for Selene... well, she was just too busy performing on the streets for random townies to care about Love Day at all :joy:


    I still can't decide who's gonna be the heir or which mate I should even pick.
    But even if the girls still show 0 interest in getting a partner, somebody at home decided to go for it.


    (I'll be back later <3)
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    Back for all the updates I missed <3

    @JordanNicoleJJ man I missed your family so much! I'm so glad to be able to read about them. Reed 2.0 was such a brilliant idea, I'm sure that eeeeeverything's going to be 100% fine in that house with him in charge of babysitting :joy: poor little Cas being stuck with him. Nice for the rest of the fam for going on a much-needed vacation! I still love Granite Falls <3 I was really hyped about the kiddos playing with the snow since they've grown up in Strangerville. Orion is so cute and he's abviously already feeling the teen mood swings :joy: Reed & Sev still got it even if the years have passed, i love them (side note: ahw man those snowball/waterballs fights *eyeroll*... they're super cute and yet sooooo 🌺🌺🌺🌺 slow in game that I almost never use them anymore.) Poor Andy losing the snowball fight! She looks so cute tho <3 - the change of scenery really fits the family so well, considering that they've never been in such a cold environment. I'm glad they didn't freak out all of a sudden. I love all the collectibles that Granite Falls offers. And I'm sure all of those smart kiddos love them too. I wasn't prepared for them to be all super duper good at skating too but oh well, the more you know :joy: them genius genes are strong in these ones. Yay for teen Orion! He's been secretly a teen in my game too since I stole your fam from the gallery and I couldn't wait to see your makeover. He's really cute, I hope the girls in my game bump into him more often. Double Reed on the same screen is a dream coming true :joy: also, that basement is so creative, good job! Severine is such an amazing mom, she's future #goals. Aaaaaw there's a puppy now! My heart is melting. Cass is such an adorable little child, disguise or not. So many birthdays! I'm losing count :joy: that was such an amazing new year's eve party, I almost can't believe that nothing "strange" happ- well, I guess I'll consider the fires strange, ok? :joy: your heir almost burned to death and she's just a child so I'M PANICKING. Also: I hope you're doing well now and that any health issue is gone <3 and congrats on your promotion!! Take care of yourself <3

    @debjameswhite omg I missED SO MANY UPDATES :bawling: I don't know if I should thank the gods for you being so active while I was gone or curse 'cause I'm sooo far behind now :joy: you're on baby #5 and I'm here like what???? I must have forgotten something lOL :joy:sorry you know, seeing your walls covered with pictures always motivates me. I'm sort of a mess 'cause I never use that feature in game and it's such a shame because it's sooo nice looking at them through your updates! Congrats for baby Garret <3 Winter & Winterfest in Sulani look very interesting, I don't even know how I would ever play them. The classic decorated tree looks amazing with all the family members gathered around, tho <3 ... and, uhm, kudos to Brad for being able to do push-ups under the water :joy: that picture of Drew pulling the fire extinguisher out while also holding on to the plate of food is g o a l s :joy: CONGRATS for fully restoring the island! I've had the expansion for a while now and I haven't yet even started that journey :bawling: I hope that once I finish my willow creek gen I can immediately switch to Sulani. Aaaaaawww look at Drew & Jeremy <3 young teen love is the best in game (and yet all my girls are still single :joy: ) Brad having some dad time with Drew is truly adorable, I love seeing those two playing chess together! Aw young dates <3 (I truly hope we're going to get a dating overhaul soon tbh). Drew and Jeremy look adorable together, I'm so glad to know that there's more and more of them in your updates. Random but- the pink dolphin is sooo cute! :blush: I can't even believe that your heir is already a young adult but it makes sense oh god I've been away for sooooo long from the forum :joy: Drew's photos are amazing, I almost forgot that you can take them with poses everywhere and not just with a studio backdrop! gotta get the pack gotta get it fast. I swear you've been blessed with the best genes I've seen in a while! All of Aimee's kids look absolutely stunning! Aaaaw the wedding is so beautiful in Sulani <3 them traditional clothes (I'm actually bawling). Not gonna lie, I'm going to miss seeing the fam in Sulani, but I get that Drew has to go back to Windenburg. I can't wait to see more of them now that they're just married <3

    @EMSimmer30 loved the update! I use imgur too, and if I can suggest you one tip it's to use the BBCode provided with the photo to post it here <3 ... you just have to copy that code and place it here, in the text box, without having to do anything else (just leave it be), and the image should appear correctly :blush:

    @amadazulsim your founder couple looks lovely! It's nice to see that you're starting over in Willow Creek, this way I don't feel so alone as before :joy:all them Sulani pics everywhere

    @Rawla your new couple looks super cool. I love that you're starting again in Sulani, I really can't wait to be able to play that world in this challenge.

    @OJenn it's been a while from my last post here but I hope you're doing fine and that everything went smoothly with your pregnancy <3 -- Rachel looks stunning :flushed: you're sooo talented at making sims!

    @Heckstress17 aw I miss your posts <3 it's been busy for everyone from what I see. I hope you're doing well! <3
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    @Kiwicantdie An update and comments?! I feel like I've died and gone to heaven! OMG those kittens and puppies! Well puppy, but still! Look how happy Selene is. Me too Selene. Makes me want one. Not really. I have too many dogs in my house already. I'll make Drew and Jeremy do it! hehe Don't ever be sorry for kitten and puppy spam! Anyone who doesn't like it...well they just don't know us!! Oh my gosh! Such nostalgia! I remember when my Journey was entertaining those mates! She had children with both Mathias and Derek! Oh. Look at that dirty little puppy. Oh the cats aged up very nicely though. Still love them tons! Oh and look at Rudy. Super handsome dog! I loved the park antics. Oh @Kiwicantdie How I have missed you!

    @Everyone UMMM OMG did you know about the stairs? I just found out today!
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    Hi everyone! So I'm back...again...because, ya happens. We moved a few months ago and that got us busy. And now I'm going back to school to finish my degree, so not even going to attempt and guess how often I"ll be in here. But I needed some down time this weekend so was playing again! Hope you all are doing awesome!!!

    @OJenn I tried downloading Nina Blackstone from Willow Creek gen 6, and the link doesn't work! Sorry to be a pain!!!!
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    @JordanNicoleJJ I hope you are feeling better.
    @debjameswhite I am glad that you figured out what was wrong with your houses not showing up.
    Awww Drew's dad looked so sad while talking with his little girl. I am glad that he finally decided she was ready for adulthood. That was such a beautiful wedding.
    @OJenn I hope all is well with you. Of course you know I miss you.
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    I'm finally over my kidney infection and onto the second stressful thing this month - moving! It's a much better kind of stress though, because I am really excited to move :smiley:

    @Aehnyx My infection passed pretty quick, I'm feeling pretty much back to normal now :smile:

    @debjameswhite Thanks for uploading your fam to the gallery - I'll grab them next time I'm in game :smile: Aw, it's sad seeing them leave Sulani - it's such a beautiful world - but I know they (and you) are eager to get back to Windenburg. The wedding was gorgeous, I love their outfits! I can't wait to see the new house and what the next gen has in store for us.

    I just found out about the stairs too!!! How crazy is that?!

    @EMSimmer30 Gabe and Jason make a really cute couple! Family vacations to Granite Falls are my favorite. And it's always nice to have a local gym after having a foodie sim - they make some amazing food but everyone sure does pack on the pounds lol! The new house looks amazing too!

    @OJenn Miss you too! Hope all is well for you <3

    @Kiwicantdie WOOO YOU'RE BACK! I missed your crazy updates. Excuse me, don't you dare apologize for the puppy/kitten spam - I need more!! Yikes, the teenage drama and mood swings would be getting to me too :grimace: "Broken washing machines, pooping kittens and rats everywhere" sounds/looks exactly like my apartment when I moved out on my own, welcome to adulthood for sure :joy::joy::bawling: Omg, why does Derek look like such a creeper :flushed: Good on Aurora for kicking him out lol. Mathias on the other hand...I approve :smirk: "Here's the face of the repair woman looking at the grossest toilet in the world" ALSO ME when I moved out on my own :joy: Awww all the little fuzzballs grew up :cry: It's okay, they're still adorable (I'm personally partial to Artemis) :love: Speaking of Artemis, the roomba pics killed me :joy::joy: Oh hey Reed! What the plum is he wearing though :lol: Ooooo looks like Love Day went well for someone... :smirk: PLEASE give us kittens, I beg of you :bawling::heart:

    I've been dying for the kids to age up in my game, then it hit all at once and I started to lose track too :lol: I'm definitely slacking on my parties, but that's just too many parties in one week. I'm really happy with how Orion aged up, I'm satisfied with Leo (post-makeover anyway), and Cas's human disguise makes her look like Sev's biological kid, which is awesome lol. I really can't wait for my heir to age up, but my game is super slow right now with all the kids/teens working on their aspirations and grades. I might take a page out of your book and have her move out as a teen...if she doesn't die first :grimace: I'm feeling much better now, so hopefully I can make some progress in-game soon!

    @Meeshelby Thanks for popping in to say hi! Glad you got some relaxing sims time this weekend - I desperately need that myself, but it'll have to wait til I finish moving. Hope you're doing well too!

    @amadazulsim I'm feeling much better, thanks!
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    @debjameswhite glad to be back <3 tho I miss all of you and your updates. I'm really excited about the content that's just been released and even more for what's rumored to come in the next months (I hope it is what we're all saying it is!). The stairs patch has been awesome!!! I love that you get why I rage-screenshot every time there are pets around in game :joy: they're the cutest! I'm still on the fence about the heir & the mate for this gen, but we'll see... I might even take the same road as you did for your game *wink wink*... I mean- who knows? I'll be here much more often from now on, so you'll definitely be able to read my updates with your early morning coffee like you used to :joy:

    @JordanNicoleJJ oMG I was here writing my update when the notification popped up and I realized you just replied! <3 YAY it's so nice to hear from you! I hope your move goes well <3 and that your health stays strong. Fightin'! :blush: I'm really glad I moved the girls out to let them experience first hand the struggles of adulthood (me too, girl, me too)... honestly, growing up is like the biggest scam ever :joy: I spent like half of my time when I was a kid complaining that I wanted to be all grown up already and now that I am I'm all like F NO PLS GO BACK :joy: Derek didn't make the best first impression on me or on the girls, but I'm not really sure about Mathias either. Or Ridge. Heck, I don't even know who the heir's going to be, so I really shouldn't stress about mates for the time being. Maybe I'll let mccc do some tricks in the background as I think about it, just like it did for the previous gen. KITTENS ARE THE BEST <3 don't give me an inch on the matter of pic-spamming, or I'm seriously going to shower this thread with pics of them :joy: when I saw Reed at the park I almost squealed--- but then I saw what the hell he was wearing and I couldn't but facepalm :joy: I mean... alternative world, alterative clothes I guess??? I hope I'll be able to catch him around another time, maybe dressed nicely. Or catch one of his kiddos <3 that would be awesome. By the time you'll update I'm worried that they'll all be grown up, married or even elders in my game at the rate that I'm playing now, but oh well xD.

    @everyone I've already gone back to work but my classes start at the end of the month, therefore I'm trying to make the most of the free time I have now <3 I'll play more and most of all I'll update even more. If it'll look like I'm spamming the thread, I'm sorry. Gotta make up for the time I've been away :joy:

    Uuuuupdate time!
    (once again kinda small and uneventful(?))

    Last time I played, the days were getting hotter and hotter in Del Sol Valley. It's such a nice world to live in, even if it's so small.
    Spring is coming to an end and the girls are about to age up and go back to Willow Creek. I'm enjoying the scenery of the neighborhood as much as I can with looooong dog-walks.


    It didn't take long for the fruits of Love Day to arrive :joy: everybody, meet Diana and Gaia, the two new kittens that just made this household become FULL ( h e l p ). Artemis looked really confused by what just happened. Something tells me that he had not made the fatherhood calculation in his mind when he approached Luna :joy:


    Diana and Gaia are both identical & adorable. I'm hoping that now that there are four cats around I won't be bothered with rats anymore.


    They follow the girls everywhere + they make the cutest sounds ever, so I'm at peace.


    Meanwhile, mama Luna tried to escape motherhood by hiding/merging with the kitched decor. Way to go, Luna.


    Irene made sure to give her all the cuddles needed to function.


    And Aurora did her best to make Rudy feel loved and appreciated even with the new arrivals. He's such a good doggo I can't even :bawling:


    He's still following more Selene around as she's the one supposed to take care of him, but in the past few days she was too busy practicing her acting skills to go on walks with him. Still, he made sure to burst into her room every five minutes to check what the heck was going on with that mirror.


    Big sister Eliane came by too, but the few times she did she was... weirdly outraged about something. Venting with her sisters didn't calm her down in the slightest.


    She even went upstairs to take her frustration out on a lump of clay :joy:


    One of the following nights the romance festival was in town and Pauline had the brilliant idea to invite her daughters. I couldn't pass on that. I knew that she wasn't probably going to live for many more days, as Adahy, so I had to grab the chance for one (maybe final) get together.


    Perfect chance to take the girls out, some of their cousins + maaaaaaybe a potential mate? Romance festival? Wink wink.
    Not even one minute after they arrived in San Mayshuno, Aurora had to run away to babysit *eyeroll* and only Irene & Selene remained.


    Well, at least someone was interested in the festival :mrgreen:


    "Love Guru or Whatever, will I be super famous and hella rich like I've always wanted?"
    "I think you might have come to the wrong festival, miss"


    Still, she received good news of some sort... "dark", uh?


    Not sure who this guy was supposed to be, but the guru gave me the creeps anyway. He was waaaaaaaay too flirty for an old man in the proximity of a teen girl :flushed: it was time to go.


    Selene couldn't really care less about her own love life, and it became even clearer as she improvised some public acting. She's all about that spotlight, I tell you.


    I wasn't really sure about her performance, but she did grind on her own mother for a little while like she was a dance pole or something, so...


    ... of course, here we go :joy: the price of fame :joy:


    While Selene did her very best to impress the crowd with her moves & skills, I did all that I could to get some sparks going with Irene.
    Turns out her "unflirty" trait made her feel super awkward all the time. I get serious friendzone vibes when I have her around boys, not gonna lie. I'm almost certain she's ruled out from being the heir. It just feels like she isn't really interested in romantic relationships at all tbh. Selene and Aurora aren't interested either at the moment, but they're way less "shy" about it. Irene feels like the girls that's gonna end up happily alone with 20 cats around :joy:


    Either way, I tried. As the sun went down, Selene decided to get all the other teens inside the karaoke bar. 'Cause she's all about that spotlight :joy:


    Mathias stuck too, but even if he sat close to Irene he spent good part of the time on his phone flexing like the usual teen *eyeroll*


    *cat-lady in the making trying to escape at least mentally this awkward sort-of-a-date* :joy:


    Turns out most of the teens in my game are actual elders in disguise, unable to stay up till the crack of dawn.
    Really, what kind of life is this???


    Even Irene, after 4 hours of Selene screaming into the microphone, had enough :joy:


    Sadly, the day after wasn't a good day at all. My predictions turned out to be true.


    Pauline passed away a few hours after the festival. The girls were crushed.


    They spent the day at home, with their pets, trying to mourn and destress with them around.


    The kittens even aged up.


    But they didn't seem to appreciate the mood that was going around at the moment.


    Selene spent the morning locked in her own bedroom, crying in bed, to the point that this happened.


    Turns out that being an emotional bomb makes you process your feelings much faster, tho. She was up a few hours later, back at grinding with skill development & streaming for followers. She worked so hard she even broke that thingy over there.


    That was such a sad note to end their teen days on. The only thing I'm glad about is that Adahy's still alive. Tho I don't know for how long.



    - oh, of course she did *eyeroll* :joy:

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    edited September 2019
    @Kiwicantdie YESSS another update! But first comments on your comments lol. FOR REAL - adulthood is the biggest scam ever. I used to think "I'll have so much money and freedom to do all the things I want! No school! Play video games all day! Cake for dinner!" LIES. I work more than I ever went to school for barely enough money to pay my bills let alone buy cake for dinner lol. Anyway. I used Derek for that generation, and he was honestly a really good dad in my game...but my heiress was cheating with Ridge a hot mess so someone had to pick up the slack lol. Pic spam us! Don't hold back! I love the spam! So I have a love-hate relationships with San Myshuno and the festivals...I LOVE them because it's a gorgeous world and the festivals are so much fun, but I HATE them because of the ridiculous outfits! Like WHY do these sims have to wear every single pink item of clothing in CAS to the romance festival?? They're trying to find luuurrv, not audition for the next season of What Not To Wear! I really wish they'd just completely overhaul random townie/outfit spawning and select pre-made outfits or at least simple outfits. A dress and combat boots? I can get behind that. A dress and combat boots with sparkly leggings and every single piece of jewelry and a top hat? Just stop :mask: And don't worry about my kiddos growing up too fast in your game! I set mine back to normal life span so mine will be aging up faster, and honestly once I've seen the teen genes it's not much of a surprise anymore anyway :tongue: Keep spamming away! I love it!

    Okay, now for comments on your update :sweat_smile: The pic of all the cats/kittens is AMAZING. Artemis is perfection. "Wait so like...these are mine? I didn't sign up for this..." :joy: The kittens are also perfection though. Two mini Lunas! I feel so bad because I completely forget about Rudy til I see him in pics, but then again, I am a cat person at heart. Yikes, I completely forgot about Elaine too :lol: I'm horrible lol. I love her new look though! Whaaat? A romance festival without townies spawning in completely ridiculous outfits?! How'd you do it??? Glad to see Selene finally found her one true love - fame :joy: Eh, didn't we want a blondie as heir anyway? Irene is me though. Loner cat lady to the max don't tell my bf I said that lol. The teenagers passed out at the club - also me. I'm a little bummed that Irene is giving you so much trouble finding a mate, cause I'm developing a soft spot for her...but at least she and Aurora are identical in appearance. Oh my GOD what a typical cat pose - the designers really nailed that :joy: Lets be real...Selene's secretly had the Emotion Bomb quirk since birth lol. Oh man...I'm so not ready for Adahy to pass...but I am excited to see what the next gen has in store for us, if they ever find boyfriends and get on with it that is :lol:
  • JBAG521JBAG521 Posts: 2,770 Member
    Hi Everyone!!!

    I know I've been gone FOREVER but I've been through some major life changes this year:
    1. Ive FINALLY finished University! (for good this time, I swear) - I now have 3 undergraduate degrees and a Masters degree
    2. I also completed my additional qualifications and training to become a lawyer
    3. I moved out into my own place for the first time
    4. My old, actually half-decent laptop DIED on me like 2 days before I had a major assignment due. I had to get a new one quickly, and although it was kind of running TS4 okay, once I added in my two new expansion packs (Get Famous and Cats & Dogs, Im pretty sure) it just kept crashing repeatedly.
    5. I'm officially a lawyer! Well, kind of. I need a certificate in order to practice and my boss is currently training me up so I can take over approx 95% of the files we currently have (I think its somewhere between 50-70?), and he will bring in more (and different) files. Its a lot of responsibility that Im not ready for yet, but I expect Ill be actual practicing lawyer in the next 6 months or so.
    6. I bought a new desktop computer today, which is crazy because I havent had a desktop in about 4 years or so now. Im currently downloading everything on to it and getting set up.

    TL;DR - IM BACK! And I have an actual working computer that isnt complete trash! I have a couple made already to play, but I didnt quite make it as far as actually starting a save before the crashing started *eye roll*

    Ive kind of been keeping up, so keep an eye out for an update from me sometime in the next week. Ive missed you guys!!

    Please respond and tag me and let me know what you've all been up to please <3
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,498 Member
    @Meeshelby it's always awesome to see you pop in for a hello :) It would be great to see an update from you too but you know, baby steps! Good luck with school!

    @JordanNicoleJJ hehe every time I am scrolling down to read comments and I see your current avatar I think "Oh no! What happened?" then I remember it's just your avatar. Every time!! I wouldn't say I'm eager to get back to Windenburg...but it is the challenge I'm currently playing so off we go!

    @Kiwicantdie WHAT are they saying??? The only thing I might have seen was something referencing university but I just hoped it was a cruel joke and I ran screaming. That was my most hated pack in Sims 3 hehe. My number 1 desire in sims right now is that they would fix weddings. If they did bring University to Sims 4 I wish they give us a professor career track. GIRL! I have to confess I saw your update but I saved it for Sunday morning with my coffee. The only reason it wasn't Saturday is because I went to a fair 3 hours from house and it was an all day event. So I am very much enjoying coffee, pajamas and an update from @Kiwicantdie this morning :) Actually that's not exactly true. I looked at all the pictures but I didn't read anything, but here we go!

    Your first shot was so pretty. I am taking my time with this one so I hope you're prepared to read a lot of comments! hehe Seriously though, I love shots of dog walks. Now that I think of that, I don't think I've had a dog in any of my families since my founders! OMG the look on Artemis's face is precious. He's definitely wondering if this was something he signed up for! That's what happens buddy!! You're so brave to let the rats be in the house. I remember the first time I saw one in one of my houses the mouse hole went away so fast! I think it's because it startled me. I'm not opposed to small furry animals...but I do like them in their proper places. Yes, baby kittens > toddlers every single day. Luna is a smart girl. Bars closed baby kitties! It is good to see her getting affection, but dancing with Rudy is too much. I love that action. So cute! Hehe I adore him checking up on Selene while she's practicing. The head tilt of dogs are the best ever. Wow, the girls look horrified by whatever Eliane is saying to them. You would think just from the picture that they really did something bad! The look on her face is very maniacal! Aww it's sad to think Mom might be gone soon. It was nice to see Seline having fun especially after the face she pulled with her Mom! Very exciting that there is a tall dark someone in her future! Maybe it's her leading man in her next hit film! Yeah I think your Guru was a little creepy too. Not only did he have that face, but he looked like a young baby charading as an old man. Creepy! HAHA the dancing, sorry Pauline. Woot! Go Seline! Watch out for the stans! Haha poor Irene but that really is not the way you want a young man reacting to you. Poor girl. Aww it was so sad to see Selene singing, Mathias flexing and then the look on Irene's face! Come to my house sweetie, I have 3 cats for you to pet. After my comment about your creepy guru, your comment about the teens made perfect sense! haha! OH no, it's so sad about Pauline! However you can see she has a green glow, she died a happy woman. Poor girls. They are too young to lose their mother! The kitten pics adorable and just so you know, that emotional bomb trait seems bad, but it's the best! It was a sad note to end on, but leave it to you to pull out one last funny!

    I hope all these comments were not too much! I'm really glad you're back <3<3

    @everyone I have been busy remodeling the big house on the big island. It's a pretty big renovation and it's taking me a long time! I should have an update this weekend though. OH also for all you old timers! I went back looking for one of the houses I did when I was rebuilding oasis springs. I had built a house I really liked for a spare and I always regretted I didn't get to use it so I wanted to steal some of the elements for this house. That part doesn't really work out because the spares house was modest and this house is just...ANYWAYS I saw screen shots of my sim Lawrence and just really remembered how much I LOVED him. Seriously one of my favorite sims of all times. He's one of the potential mates for Drew and Jeremy's children and just saying, she better have a lot of daughters!!!!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,498 Member

    After the wedding, Drew and the new Mr. West traveled back to Windenburg. Neither of them could believe how cold it was. This is not what they were used to!

    As Jeremy ran up to check the house out, Drew called her travel agent and an interior designer.

    Drew has the aspiration to be a jungle scholar, but when they got to the jungle, they had other newlywed type thing on their mind.

    To their credit, they also got in a lot of culture.

    Jeremy is going through the days in a dreamlike state. He can’t believe he’s actually here!

    It’s funny how mundane moments like this,

    Can lead to newlywed moments like this!

    This trip is just bringing them closer together.

    They stayed in the jungle for a long time and enjoyed every minute of it!

    They celebrated the New Year there.

    The New Year is looking good!

    Really Good.

    So when I was looking through my old challenge I found this picture of Jeremy when he was just a wee boy with his dads! He’s such a cutie!

    I’ve been working on the new house for a long long time! It’s mammoth. I have 3 before pictures that I happened to take.

    OK now for the good stuff. My pics do not do it justice! Outside first. The ice rink might go away, but I wanted to try it. You might see some white piles in the yard. That is because in game it’s winter but when you go into build mode that goes away.

    Here is one of those offending white piles and a beautiful view of the new greenhouse.

    The new fountain.

    Some more new features.

    Now, into the front door.

    This is the entry. I LOVE the new stairs!

    A more formal area to entertain.

    Formal dining room.

    The pantry.


    Starting to transition to the family room.

    And there it is.

    There’s a second less formal entry.

    With a little bathroom at the end of the hall.

    Now we’re in the upstairs hall.

    There’s this cute little bath.

    Next to this cute little room.

    Then there is this fun room that I love.

    A couple of shots into the closet.

    Then the master bath.


    The outdoor deck.

    The greenhouse.

    Then some top down views of the new layout. I’m so happy I can play again now!

    Oh I forgot to take pictures of the expanded basement. Drew is into archaeology so she needed a place to collect treasures. They also have a fitness room and a photography studio. The photography studio I copied right from the rooms in build mode. I was tired :)

    One final picture to tease EA. I have a door here so light is shining on the floor, but my door is solid. There shouldn’t be any light shining in! hehehe.
  • amadazulsimamadazulsim Posts: 1,788 Member
    @JBAG521 Congratulations on all of those accomplishments!! You truly have been busy. I am trying to get back into playing the Sims 4 but honestly I don't seem to have as much time as I once did. I post when I get a chance. Even if I don't play much I am going to definitely make an effort to check up on everyone. You all are like family. We have been doing this challenge for years together. I wish you the best with everything.
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,498 Member
    @JBAG521 Oooops! I missed replying to your post this morning when I was doing my update! Congratulations on all your hard work. What an accomplishment! I'm sorry to hear about your lap top and especially the timing! Isn't that always the way? I hope the desktop works out for you. I can't imagine going back to a desktop! I'm glad you're back!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,498 Member
    I've started a list...

    Wish I could…
    put any bedspread on a bed.
    upgrade items to make them 10 comfort/energy.
    stop my sims from washing dishes in the bathroom.
    get my sim to care that his wife was just stung by a scorpion.
    get any sim to care about any other sim who was sick.
    get people to sit down at my wedding.
    get the restaurant not to leave dirty dishes on the table my sim has to clean up.

    I believe this list will grow.
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,644 Member
    I'll be back for comments, but I wanted to post a short update since I sneaked some play time in this weekend...

    In all fairness, this is more of a build update than a play update. Though I did play long enough to get this pop up for Sev...

    Of course she sold out and opened a restaurant - that was my plan all along! Welcome to Strangerville's newest and only restaurant, Sev's Diner.

    I wanted to play up Strangerville's strangeness, so I made tin foil hats part of the uniform :tongue: Our one waitress is less than thrilled about it :lol:

    We also hired a familiar face as the chef - @Heckstress17 's Ari and Ben's son. I still don't know his name :grimace:

    Opening night could have had a better turn out, but Sev was very attentive to the few customers we did get. We even got our rating up to a 2-star restaurant :smiley::lol:

    "Do you see that?! Averagely-satisfied customers! We did it!! Maybe we should open a chain..."
    "Does that mean we can ditch the hats?!"

    It was at this point I realized that Sev's Diner is literally the only place in Strangerville worth going to, so I decided to spruce up the library. I only have a couple lots to work with, so the "library" is now a library-coffee shop-arcade :smiley:

    The main floor includes the library and coffee shop.

    Entryway/reception area

    Research area that leads to...

    ...the underground restricted archives! Since I'm going to play the Strangerville storyline with Andy, I wanted some thematic backdrops :wink:

    Back on the main floor, we also have the coffee shop/reading room.

    Upstairs is the kids' learning room and an arcade.

    I included as many activities as I could for the kiddos - building and drawing tables, the puppet theater I always forget about (fun fact: we actually had a puppet theater at my local library when I was a kid), a doll house, and books of course.

    And last but certainly not least, the arcade! I'm super happy with how it turned out. We finally have something fun to do in this podunk town, WOO!

    I'll leave you with this pic of Orion getting a moment of peace in the pool...this is exactly what I needed after all that building, so I'm living vicariously through him :lol:

  • KiwicantdieKiwicantdie Posts: 1,260 Member
    Replies now, update later <3

    @JordanNicoleJJ we should consider speaking to the manager about this whole "adult life" deal :joy: I'll get a new haircut for that, for sure :joy: and on the matter of them outfits, honestly, I really hope that at one point the devs address the hideous things that appear in game, even if from time to time they're quite funny to look at. It's just- my eyes bleed. Especially when sims that I've created are involved in those atrocities :bawling: like, it would be really nice to have townies dressing up with the premade outfits that are already given in cas and they should expand on that, no? & talking about the girls, tbh I'm even more Irene than you could ever be 'cause I'm not only that typical cat lady, I'm also single and unflirty as hell :joy: ... don't know, for the time being, I like to keep her the way she is and not push it. I have a spare blondie anyway lol. dang it Selene why did you have to get Adahy's genetics????

    But speaking of updates, I'm so glad you posted! <3 yay for Sev's restaurant! Honestly, putting a restaurant right in the middle of Strangerville is my not so secret dream and I'm so glad you did it! How cool is that? Gosh, I love that quirky world so much, I can't wait to play a new gen there :joy: the tin foil hats on the waitress is pure genius :joy: and man do I love a good "build" update. Not only Sev's diner, you did an amazing job with the library too! It has basically everything, you don't need any other community lot. Loved the underground archives & I can't wait to see Andy there in her grown-up form which I totally already saw and GUUURL SHE'S STUNNING. Who wouldn't go to a library with an arcade on the top floor??? :joy: sign me up please! The kiddos' room is amazing, it has so many fun activities... I wonder how weird is going to get once Strangerville's weirdness starts getting out of control (can't wait).

    @debjameswhite oh I didn't know that university was your most hated pack! :joy: lol I feel quite the opposite but to each their own right? :joy: I'm totally on board with a much-needed wedding overhaul. Tbh I'm craving for a romance pack (possible game or expansion, not just stuff pack) that enhances everything and we can't get it soon enough. But a Uni EP would give teens much more gameplay and that's another thing that I wish we had already. Rats are a must in the house when I want some realistic gameplay so here they are :joy: ... as a matter of fact, thinking back at how bad my founders had it with their "creepy crawlers" lot trait, rats almost look like an improvement :joy: how cool is it when big doggos dance with your sims??? I love it because till now it's been Rudy that has initiated that interaction <3 my heart can't take it. I squeal every time he does that, really. Tbh I was prepared for Pauline to go, since she and Ad had babies pretty "late" in their sim lives. Unless my sims get to the babymaking during their early young adult days, they'll never get to meet their grandchildren :bawling: ... still, losing a parent during your teen years, that's such a blow. I'm not going to push for the girls to have romantic interactions yet (maybe?), so hey, Irene might be living the best kind of life at the moment :joy: ... a house full of kittens. Who doesn't want that????

    OMG THIS UPDATE. I'm really glad that Drew and Jeremy got back to Windenburg, but I'm not sure how I feel about the weather :joy: ... from sunny, dreamy Sulani to cold, frozen, snowy Windenburg. I wasn't prepared to see them run away immediately to the jungle, but hey, that's a great honeymoon location and the pics of them being all romantic are so cute. And if that also happens during new year, then that's even better! Holy plum that house tho. I'm... speechless. It's soooo good! :bawling: it's so big but you managed the space so well! Everything looks absolutely amazing. I love the new kitchen/family room especially, the color scheme is perfect! <3 and the cute little kiddo room *wink wink* which I hope gets filled soon. It all looks so well furnished and decorated I'm almost ashamed to share my builds :joy: I bet it took you really long to build but the final result is amazing, you should be proud! I can't wait to see the fam in there <3
    Origin ID: Kiwicantdie
    Willow Creek | Evergreen Harbor
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    Big update <3

    It's about to get spammy in here so please excuse me :joy:I'm going back to uni next week so I better shower you with pics now that I can rather than hold back forgive me?
    This time around, birthdays!

    Yup. The Austin girls are about to turn into young adults. This means gettin' jobs, but even more importantly moving back to Willow Creek after this study vacation thingy.
    Irene's face speaks for itself :joy: ... who would ever want to leave Del Sol Valley, especially when you already live in an awesome house, to go back to your "swamp" hometown and start anew?


    Anyway, to change things up a little I decided to have their birthday party at the pool I built in Willow Creek. It was summer in game, plus the lot's exactly next to Adahy's house. It seemed like a really good place to celebrate. The girls invited some of their relatives and some of their friends.


    This is the public pool. Small but fun.


    Selene was really glad that Adahy was still alive for this. Thank god he hasn't passed yet.



    Luckily, the weather was super nice for once so everybody jumped in the water right away.


    Or at least Irene tried :joy:


    Aurora decided to get a tan since she didn't really ever use properly the pool in their previous "dorm" in Del Sol Valley. I was really excited about this, it was the very first time I used the tanning feature from the day I got Island Living :bawling:
    also sorry about the weird roof thing in the back I forgot to erase those little squares and only realized now my bad



    Relax? How can you possibly relax when you got a twin sister like this???? :joy: watch out, Aurora. Death from above :joy:


    Mathias showed up with homework to do and boy was he focused on finishing them rather than have fun :joy:


    Irene tried to get him into the water, but it was a lost cause.


    Ridge arrived too! I feel like the girls hadn't seen him since they were children (or even toddlers? can't remember). Selene was super excited to catch up <3


    they're cute dang it


    Actually, I really like the way this lot turned out. It'll be fun to bring future gens here in the summer.


    Tanned like the beach queen she is, Aurora decided to put on a show and fully undress to take a shower in front of the whole world :joy: yup.


    But with socks on. Never ever forget the socks, especially when you have to shower :joy: for the love of god :joy:


    Cadence was there too, of course. It's so nice having her moody personality around, she has so much character <3


    Cutting the chase for once, birthdays! I waited so long to have them blow out the candles that the party almost ended in a total fail :joy:


    Here are their updated traits. Irene is #me 200%.




    Before they called it a day, it was also time to try out the hot tube.
    Adahy watched over these animals young adults while also trying to encourage Eliane to get in there too, but she was feeling too shy to do it for whatever reason. I'm guessing it's that time of the month all of a sudden :joy:


    You think getting your sims to sit down at the dinner table is hard? You think trying to have the guests at the wedding sit and watch the ceremony is hard???? Well try to have 8 sims sit down in a hot tube and have fun with that :joy:


    At one point only Aurora and Ridge remained in there, enjoying the peace and quiet. I was almost hoping for something to happen *wink wink*


    ... but that something, apparently, was a wild & naked Selene re-appearing out of nowhere :joy:
    "Oh, did Ridge just leave? Sorry, I didn't interrupt something, did I???"


    That night, when the girls headed back home, they didn't take the road for Del Sol Valley.
    I'm about to show you their new house but please keep in mind that it's a work in progress :bawling: ... they barely have the money to afford it at the moment, with all the cash they ground during their teen years gone into the wind just to move there.

    The cats are already feeling good about this big place :joy:


    And Rudy made sure to mark the territory asap. Good boy :joy:


    That's the new house.


    And upgraded makeovers!


    A few pics of the rooms inside.






    Upstairs, Aurora's bedroom.




    Of course, she was fully on board with her new job and path.


    I'm most excited about Selene's makeover, tho :mrgreen: I think she turned out amazing.


    She has finally started to live her dream.


    As you can imagine, she was already back at practicing her skills as soon as she got into her new room.


    And for the first time ever, she was also feeling nervous about her next, real audition.


    Irene's room isn't ready yet so I'll pass on that :tongue: but it's safe to say that at the moment she's the one that makes the most money in the house. She's been writing and publishing short stories ever since she got her first computer and she's going to keep working on her writing skills. But both Selene and Aurora are more famous than her, so she gets really embarrassed about not having their same fame level.


    And she cries in the closet about it :joy:


    Dad decided to drop by one of the following days. I was so happy Adahy was still alive against all mccc odds.


    He wasn't in the best of moods, tho. He spent a good five minutes arguing with Selene about who knows what. My guess is that he was worried about his girls growing up so fast and moving into this huge house without the best of incomes. Plus, he was definitely missing Pauline.



    After a little while, Selene was able to make him smile.


    They even invited Eliane over to spend some good time fishing. I hope mccc takes good care of her, tbh.


    That night it turns out there was a festival in town! My favorite one <3 ... considered that Selene had her fist audition the next morning, I decided to bring everybody there to celebrate in advance, both friends and family as usual.


    Irene was glad this wasn't the romance festival 'cause she can't deal with all of that 🌺🌺🌺🌺 :joy: ... turns out, she really was into *coff* drugs. What better way to unwind and clear your head so that you can plot the next bestseller, anyway?



    Selene tried to perform one more time. Tips are always welcome.


    The best part about this is that Ridge decided to dance along with her :joy: lol I've never seen this before.



    Bow to your sister's glorious 🌺🌺🌺🌺 :relieved:


    So... I tried to test things out a little bit, of course. I haven't seen Derek around from the last time he got into their house uninvited and Aurora was ready to kick his 🌺🌺🌺🌺, but Mathias seems to always want to hang out. Not sure if in a more-than-friends kind of way, tho. He's never been openly flirty with anybody, besides himself *throwback to that flexing pic of the last update 'cause I can't unsee* :joy:


    Funny enough, he kept on gravitating towards Irene. Turns out they've actually built a great friendship from the last romance festival and I hadn't even noticed. Good for you, Irene <3.


    At one point she invited everybody to try the bubbles, even her own dad! I'm shocked :joy:


    Cadence's always in the best of moods :joy:


    Take this pic as a warning, kids: don't do drugs.


    I let the girls stay out till they started to feel miserable, and that was probably a mistake. Selene performed so many times she started to smell really bad.


    *thirdwheeling to the point that even the guy starts worrying about your health* "u ok Selene? u remember that there's an audition waiting next morning, right?"


    Time to go back home and get some rest.


    I think that staying up so late broke Adahy, really. What toddlers???? Ad, you have no toddlers!!! :joy:


    I'm going to end this loooong update with this last funny thing. Turns out, Aurora also rolled the Emotional Bomb trait, just like Selene. That led to her waking up like this at the crack of dawn and almost giving me a heart attack.


    Taking an angry poop wasn't enough, no. She had to autonomously go into Selene's bedroom and start screaming at her in her sleep without any sort of input. Sisterhood 101, guys :joy: such #goals :joy:



    Welp, good luck with your audition, Selene :joy: if you don't get murdered in your sleep, of course :joy:
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  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,498 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ Hooray for an update! Oh I love those career ending opportunities! I love that Sev has a diner! It's awesome :) The tinfoil hat is the best. Oh my son linked me something today with a dog and tinfoil with a hat! Anyways! I love the women turning out to support the woman owned restaurant! Oh and then I really love what you did with the library. It was a great idea! Hearing your going to play through Strangeville with Andy! Oooo seeing Orion on his float reminded me we have them! Next time I play I'm going to add that to my game!!

    @Kiwicantdie I am so excited for another update! Oh no! Going back to uni??? I mean good girl...go get your education... I will take what I can get for now :) Poor Irene! She looks so sad! Their birthday part was great. As usual, you go some great shots. This picture though? Terrifying!eNYaCVS.png

    Seline with Ridge <3 Why can't she be heir again? Well, I guess an heir who hates children is rough. Oh I have never had more than 2 in the hot tub I think...maybe 4...OH the new house is amazing! I love it! OOOO and the picture of them with their pets! I love it!! I see your lovely stairs! Oh I've been trying to figure out what was on top of your cupboards and I just figured out it was the wall hehe. I love your little table. I love the way the wood looks. Seline's makeover is great! She looks beautiful! It's so sad that Irene is so sad about her siblings being more famous! The shot of Seline and her Dad was so pretty! That's in Willow Creek? I just can't believe that pretty soon, I won't have to remember how to type Adahy! I loved watching the girls at the festival. OH can I just say once again Ridge and Selene = <3<3??? Oh my gosh, did you go when Adahy invited you to the toddler's birthday? I'd be so curious! Great update!
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