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Rebuild: A Sims 4 Genetics & Building Challenge


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    Will come back for comments but guys I may need help here picking an heir!


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    I'll be back for comments too, just wanna get this posted before I sit down to play tonight and get crazy far behind.

    The Beginning of Gen 2!

    Ariana loves having her own home and being free to do whatever she likes. One of her favorite hobbies is gardening. She has a few plants she tends to while the sun comes up in the morning.

    Now that she's on her own she's discovered how essential the cooking skill is. The food channel is her go to for learning recipes.

    Testing out her first dish that isn't salad.

    Her first batch of pancakes didn't turn out half bad.

    After breakfast she headed to the wharf to spend the day.

    She bought some fresh fish but I couldn't figure out how to have her cook it. I'm thinking her cooking skill must be too low to cook the expensive fish she bought.

    Then she then got a lobster roll at the stand behind her Mom's clinic. They were a favorite of Naomi's, but Ariana had never gotten the chance to try one.

    She approves.

    When she spotted a hot bartender at the Seafood Shack I wasn't gonna let her miss an opportunity to meet a potential husband. Since gen2 is a wildcard she just had to introduce herself. (She totally ignored her parents who were eating behind her lol sorry Mom and Dad, mates come first now)

    Ariana wasn't sure if conversation came easily with him because charming the patrons was the name of game, or if they were genuinely hitting it off. Either way she decided she quite liked the hot bartender, who's name she learned is Jason.

    And he was pretty easy on the eyes, which she let him know.

    Her sudden boost of confidence could definitely be attributed to the many drinks Jason was pouring for her.

    After a few hours of chatting, and some light flirting, Ariana worked up the courage to ask for his number.

    After exchanging numbers Ariana left for night. She was really hoping he'd call, she wasn't sure she'd be brave enough to make the first move without a few drinks in her.

    The next day Ariana had a meeting with a man from the animal shelter. She was very excited to be adopting a kitten, that is if the interview went well. (I wonder what could cause it not to?)

    She was trying to adopt a precious little guy named Doodle. It was truly love at first sight.

    They hit it right off, she knew he was the one.

    And Doodle seemed to feel the same way.

    The animal shelter interviewer wasn't even there an hour before he decided Ariana could keep the kitten. She and Doodle were going to be best friends. :heart:

    That's it for now. I gotta get around to updating the family tree. I'll post that next time. Happy Simming!
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    @Aehnyx So happy and excited to see you start updating again! I forgot how Di was always running around in her underwear! Wow Roy really did age up nicely. I forgot about Ron and Halle! They looked like they had fun and I was happy to see him finally propose to her! Then Rachel and Risha with their boys. Wow Rue...all your kids turned out really nice! Eeep who's heir? Did I miss it? I can't wait to find out!

    @OJenn Oh wow...hmmm...this is hard. I was leaning towards Charles at first but I think I'm going to have to go with James. I like his eyes.

    @Heckstress17 I love seeing Ariana enjoying her new house! Ooo handsome potential mate! Is that the infamous sweater that Matias is wearing? hehe I'm glad her flirting went well and OMG Doodle! He's so cute!!!
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    Great updates! Loved them so much.

    @Ojenn - James <3
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,039 Member
    @OJenn - You're awesome for expanding @debjameswhite 's beach house for Quinton's growing family. <3 You do have a tough heir choice. I really like Charles, but like Deb said, I like James' eyes. He'd be my pick unless he rolled terrible traits.

    @debjameswhite - I understand the guilt about sending the triplets back to their home world. I will say that when I was playing TS3 a favorite male sim of mine had an alien baby and I was so mad! I didn't want her, but when I decided to play with her and make her part of the family they became my favorites. Maybe the same will happen with the triplets. I never have aliens in my game. The only ones I have are ones I made, and they're never in their disguises. And yes, that is the infamous sweater :joy: I hate it so much on him, but my game still has him in it even though I deleted it as an outfit!

    @Aehnyx - Yay an update! You had a lot more pictures left over then I thought you would. I remember Di always walking around in her undies in front of the kids :lol: and Risha's outfit is A+ I always liked her style. Roy aged up handsomely. If I remember right his wife's name was Pauline. I could be wrong, it's been a long time since I was on that generation. Halle and Ron are so great together. I love the pics of them having dinner. I'd like to see the restaurant if you wanna share. House/Lot tours are my fav. Ron is such a babe. He's definitely my favorite of the kids, but the twins aged up beautifully too. You did such a great job making sure all the teens had boyfriends and girlfriends. I just really love following all of their relationships. Landon's proposal to Rachel was beautiful. I love the shot of him holding her. Oh Rue! She's always sort of been the forgotten child. She's so adorable! I'm glad Risha is giving her attention. Great shot of all the kids back together with their Mom at the end too. It's almost as if poor Ivan died :lol: Anyway, I'm excited for Gen 3! Risha is your heir right?
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    @Aehnyx - Welcome back, its nice to see your sims again! I think I mentioned this before but Risha is definitely my favorite! Happy birthday to Roy , Risha and Rachel! I love their makeovers. And aww Ron and Halle still going strong ♥ congrats on their engagement as well as Landon's and Rachels. And omg little Rue is a super cutie, I love the pigtails on her. I am definitely excited for gen 3 seeing Rachel pregnant.

    @Heckstress17 - It was so fun doing the phase II for @debjameswhite I almost built that one first for her but then for whatever reason decided on the smaller one.

    I still cant get over that view for Ariana ( I still need to build a house for my next gen which will be there as well). She looks super cozy in her new home. The Wharf is such a nice place to hang out, the fresh sea air and oh wow what a cutie Jason is! Here's hoping he calls up Ariana, a man who can mix drinks is definitely a good one to have :wink: Aww Doodle looks like a sweetie, I love how small the kittens are when you first get them. And yeah the adoption people don't really stick around for long, I wonder what they are looking for when they come over.

    I have an update coming so I will be back soon!
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    @Aehnyx Oh how I missed your updates <3 The girls are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, and the boys aren't too bad either! ;D His girl's name is Pauline, she was the mate I chose for gen 3! I just love all of their relationships, I'm so bad about not setting up the siblings and letting them die alone :lol: I really really love Risha and Tyler, please tell me Risha is your heir :love: She definitely fits the music career perfectly. Rue is such a cutie too!! Ahh, your family has great genetics. Can't wait for the next update!

    @OJenn Wow, that's a really hard choice. They're both such good mixes in completely different ways! If I was choosing based on looks alone, I would pick James. But Charles is a cutie too and I love his traits! Maybe just wait to see what their third trait is and choose based on that? Or choose based on which of their partners you like better?

    @Heckstress17 I just adore Ariana. I love how similar our heirs are this generation!! You're doing so much better with getting her outside and gardening/fishing though, all Billie does is dig up stuff all day then go to bed :lol: Ariana is still a teen in my game but once she ages up they're going to hang out more and go do more outdoorsy stuff. I can't get over how cute her house is, it's literally perfect. And those wharf pics! :love: I really need to get Billie out more :lol: Jason is HAWT, I 100% approve! Oh my GOSH her new kitten is so precious. He looks just like my RL friend's cat! I'm already having a little bit of heir regret from not choosing Bonnie, because cat lovers are the best. Can't wait for another update!!

    I'll be back with an update this afternoon :)
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    Hnnnng oh guys, can we all just unite for a moment and tell me how much I suck for falling so far behind again? I need a stern talking to lol. It was so busy around Christmas and with work and everything, but I'm also just tired everyday and I can't be bothered to drag my plum behind our computer. I rather just sit on the couch and play Skyrim on PS4. I know, horrible right? I've forsaken you! But today I talked with my new colleague about The Sims (because surprisingly, she's also super into it which is so cool). It got me slightly more interested in simming again, so I hope I can keep this feeling going. I'm going to give it another try by posting this comments post (I wíll try to keep it a bit short) and maybe even some pics of my last gameplay with Javier and Zauna.

    Speaking of Javier and Zauna, thank you all for the nice comments on them and on my first pics of their life :smile: And of course, first, first of all: I wish everybody a great 2018 and I hope you all had a nice Christmas :smile:

    Alright! Starting with @OJenn - Charlotte and Charles are such cute looking kids. Charles especially looks like an amazing mix of his mom and dad. I love how you put up a Christmas tree for them. I always get a bit jealous when I see that people are moving their simmies along with the season. I tend to forget... Oh and Sadie is an ADORABLE elderly dog. Her grey hairs suit her. Wow the Whiskerman's Wharf market is so amazing! Are you going to share it? I hope you will. It really fits the area and dat wedding area :heart:

    Aww I don't want to say goodbye to Sadie. She's so adorable. I'm glad she received lots of attention in her golden days. Is the grim reaper coming for pets as cute as in Sims 3? In that one, I liked that the reaper came to collect the pet by taking it in his arms and walking it to the afterlife. It was very soft and it always made me a little less sad that they passed away. I hope the family recovers soon!

    OH MY LORD how are you making this game look so gorgeous?! :love: I can't even capture in words how amazing that Brindleton Bay in winter pic was. The winter makeovers are super cool too :smiley: What winter mod are you using? Charles and Charlotte look great as teens! Charles remind me a bit of Carlton in Fresh Prince! He seems like a very... interesting sim :wink: Aaahw how cute that he is interested in Laura! Who can blame him :wink: @Heckstress17 I hope they will get together.

    You're so sweet for expanding @debjameswhite Quintons home to fit his alien spawn :wink: My heir vote is for James! He's freaking gorgeous.

    @debjameswhite Aww Patches and Gianni are so cute together. Can't he just stay single and marry the cat? :love: Nah, I am excited that he and Jordyn got together. Their dates are awesome. But I love how Patches follows Gianni lol. She's not letting him go without a fight. OMG that proposal picture was amazing. I adóre the background :heart: That wedding spot in Brindleton Bay is seriously gorgeous, I'm glad you used it for their wedding. Jordyn looked glorious in her wedding dress. And yay, honeymoon! Can you bring the pets to Granite Falls? That's awesome! Ohhh and babies already, yaaay. I can't wait to see them grown up.

    Ohhh poor you! Three toddlers :sweat: But can I just say that I love Sloane? She's my fav for now. And Patches is pregnant?! Wow, by which cat? Maybe she went on a date too when she followed Gianni on his :wink: Ohh I hoped one would have patches too, but hey, red kittens are super cute too. Haha those names, alcoholic kitties :wink: Your family looks so satisfied with the kiddo's and the kittens. It's super cute. Love the additions you made to their home! Long live promotions :smiley: Oh no, poor Patches! Did they bring her to the vet? :anguished:

    The house is looking better and better. And yay, birthdays! Sloane is still my favorite :smiley: I really like the new girl in your game, Philomena. I'm glad Quinton became heir if only because we get to see more of Philomena haha. Maybe the stink of fish was Martini's aging secret. Oh wait, it was the kitten lol. So cute. I hope Patches' patches come back though :smiley: Quintons home looks really cool, very sweet of @OJenn to make it for you :smiley: And that little doggie! He's ADORBZ :love: And so tiny, no higher than the plants. Eep. I love him. Quinton proposing to Philomena on that date was super romantic. They both looked gorgeous. Salem is still cute as an adult :smiley: Wait what, Quinton is pregnant?! And with 3 alien babies??? OMG poor you :bawling: I laughed out loud following his very confused 'What's going on with me' post. (Sidenote: I like Gianni even better as an old guy, he's so handsome!) I'm happy Philomena is so sweet to him and helping him through this. I'm kinda curious now how they extracted that baby from him :joy: On second thought, I don't want to think about it. Well, at least the babies are healthy. Maybe they are really cute? At least in Sims 3 you could choose to give them to their alien parents once they grow up.

    @Rawla Arrkero and Arroden seem identical to me! Maybe some very slight differences. Aduns eyebrow shape seems different to me! They're very cute :smiley: They all look a lot like their dad.

    @Meeshelby Wow! Adelynn is gorgeous. I think I love her most out of all the kids. Although Leanna is a close call. Haha, Mathias, you dog you! Ridge is way better :wink: Now that the kids are all teens, I love Leanna the most! She's seriously gorgeous.

    @JordanNicoleJJ LOL, I can't really blame Sylvester for peeing on the ground. I mean, who could forget that pwetty face :love: He can move into Javiers home, he is going out of his way to befriend all the strays in town, it's as if he's begging me to get him another pet. Haha poor Sawyer, just worked off that baby weight and now she's pregnant again. Hahaha Bobbies face upon hearing about the new sibling :joy: She's super cute. Maybe she's scared of not being the cute one anymore. Oh wow, scratch that, I've just seen her as a kid. She's definitely keeping the cuteness points for now. Whewww I am a big fan of aged up Sam, he looks so sophisticated and handsome.

    Sawyer is a real trooper for cleaning the house despite owning a Roomba. I wouldn't even clean the house when I own a Roomba if I wasn't pregnant. I can't help you with raising 4 stars, because Javi's clinic only has 4 stars so far. I'll keep you posted! Oops poor cat or dog who was in that machine when it crashed :neutral: Ohhh Bonnie, she's super cute. She seems a bit cautious of Sylvester though lol. Awww but they are so adorable :love: Billie's already asking about boys? Oh dear... Well It can't hurt because she's sure gonna get a lot of attention as a teen. I love how close Bonnie and Sawyer are.

    Awww Billie with her crush on Brice. He's totally flirting with her, just in his own way and she doesn't see it. And I doubt he sees it lol. HAHAHA group poop! Expression of the year. If only someone was on that toilet too :joy: Sylvester is such a cute kittie as an elder, with his grey paws. I'm glad he's still the same energyball. Wow, Brice freaked out on her? Didn't see that one coming. Poor Billie. Well, at least she's got Bear. Ohh Brice, talking about mixed signals. I hope this date goes well. He looks adorable! And she does too! Aahhgg. Her dress is super cute, is it from the game?

    I'm glad one of the kids is finally favoring Sylvester over the other pets haha. I bet he's happy with that. Sawyer is so cool for actually pulling her daughter out of school to teach her what real work is about. Aww Brice and Billie are adorable :heart: Noooo pet death! I'm dreading that part of the game so much too :disappointed: Poor Bear :bawling: The picture of them remembering her in front of her stone was so sad.

    Bobbie seems like a... complicated child. Leader of the pack with the mean trait? And while you don't really like socializing? Hmm. Oh wait but the Renegades are pretty fitting for her then! I was so sure she'd get with Cohen, but the girl is adorable too :smiley: Aww Bear dying :disappointed: Well I'm sort of glad it didn't happen in front of anyone and also that he gets to join Shadow. Sylvesters little date with Sawyer was great :heart: It's awesome that she took him out for one of his last days. I'm sad that he died :disappointed: But yay for the new kitty.

    @Heckstress17 I'm glad you got to play a little despite your business! LOL, that family shot of the twins asleep seems very accurate to having kids in real life. Never a picture perfect moment haha. I'm glad Mathias and Naomi have time left for Sophia because I seriously love her. Her smarts and cute nerdy look and eyes/hair combo! Ariana and Antonia are super cute. I love that they are so identical, I'm glad you gave them different clothes so that I can recognize who's who lol. LOL confused Antonia is the cutest.

    Haha, Javi is handsome right? I find myself swooning over him too. Marley is alright, she actually came back as a client and was very kind and also approved of Javier :wink: I didn't really know what to use first, but the game directed him towards the surgery machine so I just used it. I felt a bit guilty towards Zauna, because in the first days of their sim lives I've only paid attention to Javier. Lol. Poor gal. @Meeshelby too Hahaha, we all love drama so much that the first thing we think when a beautiful woman enters the room is: are they going to have an affair? :joy: It flashed through my mind too when I hired her, but I kinda don't want him to cheat on Zauna. He seems like the guy who'd do anything for his wife and always be sweet to her. Maybe Zauna can have an affair with her lol :joy: That would be a plot twist.

    OMG I just now noticed how buff Mathias has become in your game! His arms are huge :astonished: And he's so sweet to his girls too. The perfect man. Ahhhrg, I'm dead. Sophia is so gorgeous. I wish she was eligible for heir. But I get it, that aspiration is so boring. She looks pretty unique compared to her parents, but I also see some genetics she inherited from them. I'm a bit sad that she gets picked on at school. How could anyone pick on such a beauty? I'm sort of glad Ariana secured 'heirdom', because she was so sweet to her big sister. Naomi and Matias are still cute as elders :smiley:

    I love Naomi for keeping the clinic open, despite being an elder. I sort of love Ariana for being a bit of a loner. It adds to her character I guess. And there's nothing wrong with liking to be alone. If you really like Antonia more though, you should maybe pick her? Before you get heir regret again. Which is the worst regret :yum: Ariana and Javier would really get along, he's befriending all the strays too. I think you have to befriend them and then you get an option to take them in? Not sure. Awww poor alien woman! I'm sort of glad she stood up for herself lol. THat's a consequence of hurling insults at a stranger.

    Sweet lord, Ariana's house is gorgeous. I love that it has a beach view. It's also a bit out of the hustle and bustle of the center, which fits Ariana. You decorated and furnished it beautifully! I actually love the kids room too. It's super color-y compared to the rest of the house but that's okay because it's the basement. I like it! Did you use a custom lot for the wharf? It's gorgeous. I loved Ariani's day of shopping. Wow that bartender is HOT. I want him in my game too :love: :joy: Did you download him or is he game generated? I totally root for them. They'll make great babies haha. OH DOODLE! That's adorable. That name and the cat and awww :love: I can't wait to see more of Ariana and Doodle.

    Alright! I worked through all the pages and it took me hours, but I'm glad I read all of your stuff :smiley: I'll try to post something of my own soon. :heart:
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    @Francisca464 Holy wow, kudos to you for commenting on all those updates!! That dress Billie wore on her first date came with the Pets EP, it's my fav!

    With Billie's YA birthday just around the corner, the family took a ferry to the island for some quality family time at the beach.

    Billie thought it was adorable that her parents are still so affectionate--she can't wait to have a love like that. Bobbie, on the other hand, not so much :lol: Bonnie just couldn't wait to get to the water!

    Bobbie lightened up once her parents stopped being gross and she could finally take in the gorgeous view.

    Billie was the first one out of her clothes and dipping her toes in the water--a day on the beach is this outdoor lover's idea of a perfect day.

    The girls ended up on their phones most of the time--teenagers will be teenagers!--but who can blame them for wanting to capture the memories forever and share them with their friends on simstagram?

    Little Bonnie felt a little left out, but she loved spending time with her sisters anyway.

    Sawyer opted out of swimming, but she enjoyed the view nonetheless. (Guys, this beach really takes me back to the PNW coast, it's literally perfect. I'm so in love with this world :bawling: :heart: )

    She and Sam sneaked in a few sweet moments (when the kids weren't watching, of course). They're still so in love <3 (They actually both rolled whims to have another baby... They'd be chasing around a toddler as elders! But if they were younger, I would've let them.)

    They decided to race up to the lighthouse before they left. "Whoever loses cleans the litter box for a week!"

    Bobbie's not a fan of pets in general, and she was not happy about losing. She's so moody lol

    The view from the top was incredible--just ocean for as far as the eye can see.

    Sam and Sawyer couldn't help but take note of how well their three very different girls were getting along. "We sure raised them well, didn't we?" "I'd say we did pretty good."

    They wandered around the museum for a bit while they waited for their ferry back to the mainland. The kids had never been before--Billie and Bonnie thought the 3D map of the island was pretty cool.

    Back at the pier, they couldn't resist the delicious smells wafting from the Seafood Shack. They decided to splurge on a family dinner out since it was Billie's birthday celebration, after all. They had some amazing seafood--bass, salmon, clam chowder, even the little one got fish & chips. It really completed their "beach day" outing.


    Although the goodbyes were hard, Billie, independent young adult she is, had saved up a whole 40,000 simoleons for a very nice, albeit a bit small, first home, and she couldn't wait to move in!


    She also had a surprise waiting for her--Sam and Sawyer bought her her very own puppy. Everyone, meet Koda, the sweetest little Australian Shepherd puppy ever :love: Billie can't wait til she gets a little bigger and they can explore her new neighborhood together!

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    @JordanNicoleJJ Haha I owed you all. And I also felt a pang of: 'I want to play too!' when I was commenting, something I desperately needed. I might start up The Sims tonight :wink: Ohh the dress is beautiful indeed! It was so cute that you gave Billie a last day with her family. It looked like they were having loads of fun. They are all so outdoorsy, I love it. Sam and Sawyer really are the best couple, they are so adorable. Haha despite her moodiness, I can't help but love Bobbie. I love the spot where the Seafood Shack is. I use @Heckstress17 rebuilt restaurant. It's amazing. I can't wait to see more of Billie on her own. And little Koda, omg what a cutie :love:
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    Hello lovelies! I didn't get around to it yesterday, but I'm happy to be able to post something of my own today :smiley:

    At the clinic, Javier hired a new employee whose name I forgot.

    He's getting more patients every day, and I was happy to see them coming all the way from Oasis Springs (hi Danielle!)

    Danielle *judgingly*: 'You promised me Javier, why do I get this idi ot?'

    Everyday after work, Javier is greeted by his beloved pets.

    Sadly, Zauna is always working the nights, so he has to eat his meals all alone. He doesn't mind too much because she leaves delicious dishes for him.

    After dinner, he walks Bolt. It's a little routine they've got going on.

    I'm afraid @Heckstress17 and @Meeshelby were onto something. Savannah keeps calling Javier with invites to places.

    Sometimes even multiple times per night.

    Javier always turns her down and rather befriends the neighborhood strays.

    I wanted him to adopt this little fellow, because the poor guy was sick and covered with flees. I just wanted Javi to take him to his clinic and help him :disappointed: It didn't work though, he ran away.

    Random Javi walking with Bolt shot.

    Bolt happily lets Javier wash him too, unlike most dogs he loves baths.

    And while I wasn't paying attention, Princess aged up into an adult! She's still fluffy, but I'll miss her as a tiny kitten.

    Javier usually waits up for Zauna to get home, just so he can greet her with a loving hug.

    Finally, the weekend rolled by and Javier suggested a day out for just the two of them. Zauna's only response was a big hug.

    So far, they've had zero chance to discover their new town, so they were excited to see everything. During their walk on the pier they discovered a nice restaurant called the Seafood Shack. It was perfect for a late lunch.

    Zauna trusts Javier 100% to pick something delicious for her.

    Clam chowder it is. She doesn't seem too sure, but Javi ensures her it's delicious.

    After the meal and some drinks, they walked the rest of the pier, watching a beautiful sunset when they reached the end.

    They made their way further into the town...

    stopping only at the most romantic places to steal a kiss.

    Then, they headed to a venue that was supposed to be a bar, but it was awefully quiet. So in stead, they sat down by the fire and talked.

    Zauna didn't know Javier noticed something on his way in.
    Javi: 'Do you trust me when I say I have a surprise?'
    Zauna *giggling*: 'Not really, but go ahead and show me.'

    He lead her to the wedding arch by the water.
    Javier: 'Zauna, I am so happy we made the move to this island. I feel like this is the start of a perfect life together. And I would like nothing more than to officially make a new start with you, by renewing our vows. Will you?'
    Zauna: 'Oh, Javier... Of course I do!'


    And Savannah is still trying.
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    @Francisca464 - OMG You are a trooper for going through all those comments. The market I built is on the gallery so you can grab it from there. I am excited for your next post, I miss your family!

    And yay for an update! Love seeing @Heckstress17 in your game. Javier looks so happy to be home with his furbabies. Oh boy Savannah is really persistent! I'm glad Javier has better things to do :wink: All those cute animals around town. I still haven't figured out how to adopt the strays yet. Aww, Javier and Zauna congrats on the vow renewal!

    @JordanNicoleJJ - Love, love the pictures of the families on the beach. Sawyer and Sam are so loving and I am glad to see that fire hasn't died. Aww, Billie's goodbye photos were sad and sweet. Ohh that looks like a nice little house in the background, pics incoming
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    Time for comments!

    @Heckstress17 Ahh, thanks to you, I've started getting really into gardening in the sims aswell. Seeing your sims tend to the cute flowers and veggies and stuff just got me really inspired to do it myself! Ariana seems just right for the job aswell, I don't know why, but something tells me she has green fingers. I love Ariana's shirt/jacket combo btw! So very cute!! I love the way you style your sims in general, anyway, haha. I need to find more cc, please recommend me some! Jason is a very handsome guy, do hope we get to see more of him! I'm sure Ariana doesn't mind either. :tongue: Doodle, what a cutie! :love:. Your update was very cute, can't wait to see more of Ariana!

    @JordanNicoleJJ Lol Bobbie seems like a grumpy kiddo in the second picture. I love how well the sims has captured teen behavior, being indifferent, on their phones a lot, acting out sometimes, it's really neat to see it in your game! I hope poor Bonnie doesn't feel /too/ left out.. :sweat:
    Saw and Sawyer are so adorable together, still so very much in love! LOL Bobbie being a typical teen again atop the lighthouse. Oooh yay dining pics! It's always nice to see the whole family together having a nice meal. Aww Bobbie looked a little sad when Billie was hugging everyone goodbye, I'm sure she's gonna miss her big sister! OMG that puppy is adorable!!! I'm totally excited to see your next update!!

    @Francisca464 It's so great to see you back!! It feels like the family is reunited now, haha! I'm really in love with the new world and all the cute pets, it's so great to see Javier enjoying it as much as I do, cuddling his pets and overall being cute :tongue: He must have a good bond with Bolt, walking him every night (It's kind of a chore imo!). Too bad the adopting the stray didn't work out, I can totally relate, if I could, I would adopt ALL the strays, lol. Princess is a cutie! I love fluffy cats ♥. The shots of Zauna and Javier having dinner at the shack were everything, such a loving couple! That little wedding reception was soooo cute!! I'm happy for them! plum Savannah, take a hint...

    @everyone who asked, yes, Risha is my heir! Thanks for all the lovely comments, it feels great to be back again~
    I've built the house for Risha but I'm not at all statisfied with it, but I really can't be bothered starting over again so it'll have to do. May update later tonight! Otherwise, I'll definitely update in the weekend. ♥

    Happy Simming!
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    edited January 11
    The forums ate my entire post so let's try this again...

    The days have been flying by in the Asher household and soon mini Jenn was celebrating a birthday.

    Despite getting older mini Jenn is all smiles.

    Charlotte has been spending a lot of time with Lucas now since her birthday is right around the corner.

    And even though they haven't acted on anything yet there is definitely some chemistry there.

    Charles' cat, Mister finally got sick - it was only a matter of time.

    The wait times at the clinic were not to his liking however and he let the staff know it.

    Another person in the waiting was able to calm him down, she too had been waiting a while.

    Sophia was a nice distraction for Charles while Mister got his care, at least she was able to keep his smiling and not yelling.

    James has been a bit more proactive in helping around the house, he's always been a big help to his mom though.

    Soon it was time for the twins to celebrate their birthday. Charlotte gained the cheerful trait.

    To match her Friend of the World Aspiration Charlotte took up a career in politics.

    She also decided that it was time for her to set out on her own.

    And Charles got family oriented.

    He tried convincing his mother that he should move out too.

    But mini Jenn just wasn't quite ready to let him be on his own and told him to give it some time.
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  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,368 Member
    @OJenn Mini Jenn looks so good! She's really rocking that pixie cut. I'm really rooting for Charlotte and Lucas, even if they don't know their feelings for each other yet lol. Ahh Sophia!! I hope she and Charles become friends, she seems to help him keep his emotions in check. Always good to have a friend like that when you're a little...unstable lol. Awww Charles got family-oriented--that's such a perfect trait for this challenge! I think it's a good idea he stuck around. Until he has a family of his own, I think he'll be happier at home. Such a good update--can't wait for more!
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,039 Member
    So much to comment and reply to! I love when the thread is super active. :)

    @OJenn - Love your new avatar! I really wanna use your beach house at some point, just gotta find a good spot for it. I really like how small and precious the kittens are too. :) I'm sorry the forums ate your post. That's always so frustrating. Mini Jenn is the most adorable elder ever. That haircut is so nice on her. Also love the family portraits I can see in the back of your 2nd pic. It's good to see the chemistry is still there between Charlotte and Lucas. Charles getting frustrated with the wait at the clinic is so easy to relate to lol. I'm glad he introduced himself to Sophia. How cool that she was there with Frankie. I really like James' style and willingness to help out around the house. Heir material :wink: The twins aged up nicely. Charlotte really does look like your simself, and Charles is quite handsome. I think I'm more invested in him then his sister though. Oh and you and Mr. Asher just had a baby in my game. I'm excited to see them when they age up. I'll definitely show you pics.

    @JordanNicoleJJ - I know! I really love how similar our heirs are :heart: I downloaded Billie and OMG she's SO pretty. Like I seriously cannot get over how perfect she is. She and Ariana are friends already. I didn't even have to force it. I can't wait to post the pics of them together. I'm super far ahead in game so It'll be a little while though. You know if you really love the house you could always download and use it too? You'd just have to decorate it. I really love it too. I'm back to long lifespan so I can enjoy it forever lol but I know you said you already built Billie's house and I'm super excited to see it.

    @Francisca464 - Hi :heart: We've all had times where simming just isn't something we wanna do. It's sad, but you can't force yourself, that's no fun. I don't blame you for wanting to stay on the couch and play on the PS4 when you're tired. It's always easier to play a console game then a computer game. To me at least. How cool is it that your coworker is super into the sims too! I'm jealous, my sister's the only one who was ever into sims with me, and she didn't ever get obsessed like I am lol. omg you went back through and read and commented on everything you missed?! It usually takes me an hour to comment on just 1-2 days worth of post. You're such a sweetheart. I'm glad it got you feeling like wanting to play again. Yeah, Matias got huge in my game. I expected it with the body builder aspiration though. I liked seeing him in @debjameswhite game a little better because he was leaner. I really love Sophia too. I wouldn't call it heir regret, but I have a little bit of lingering sadness that I didn't pick her. Ariana still sees a lot of her though, and the command center gave her a hot rich husband :lol: so she's doing fine. I'm so happy you like the beach house. It was fun to decorate a house I didn't build for a change. I'm really happy with how it turned out and having so much fun with it. I'm glad you love the super colorful basement. I'm still on the fence about it, but it's growing on me and I can't be bothered to change it. Oh and I totally chose Doodle to adopt because of his name. I downloaded hot bartender from Maladi on the gallery. :wink: I re-hauled every single townie and he's one of the guys I snagged.

    And you posted an update too! :blush: You made my day. I love seeing my simself in your game! I haven't actually played with her, so seeing her is really cool. I kinda wish our simselves could be mates for gen 10 or something. I know you, me, @OJenn and @JordanNicoleJJ have simselves. Wouldn't it be cool if we had an heir competing for their love? Or maybe a mini challenge entirely with them? I got off track, back to commenting lol. I don't blame my simself one bit for being upset Javi wasn't there. His good looks must bring in a lot of patients. He and Bolt are so adorable together. Some of my favorite shots are the ones of them going for a walk. We totally called Savannah being into Javi! Even if she isn't outright asking him on a date we know what she's up too :wink: I agree it would be completely out of character to have Javi cheat. I'm so happy we got to see more of Zauna this update. I absolutely love all of her outfits. You styled her perfectly. She and Javi have such a cute relationship working their romance into their busy schedules :heart: It's very lifelike. Aw! You downloaded my the Seafood Shack too? I feel so honored. I'm glad you like it. :smiley: Renewing their vows in their new home town was a great way to end this update. Now if only Savannah could take a hint lol.

    @Aehnyx - Aw, that's awesome I've gotten your sims into gardening. It's kinda funny because in real life I can't keep a plant alive to save my life, but in the sims it's my favorite thing to do. Thanks for the compliment on Ariana's outfit. I only use CC hair, genetics and makeup, so making cute outfits is always a challenge. I'm so envious of how your sims are styled. I wish my graphics card could handle having more CC. I'd totally steal just about everything Risha's ever worn :lol: I'm so happy to have you back! :smiley:
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    Okay, so I have a bit of a weird order of things that happened. I wanted to start off with Risha on her own, and I was kinda building the home as I went, so the tour won't be until a bit later into this update, because some stuff happened prior to me finishing the house...

    First one to visit Risha in her new home was mama Di.

    Then, Risha adopted a little kitten called Aiden!

    He has two colour eyes which I think is adorable.

    Aiden and Risha became fast friends.

    Tyler came knocking on Risha's door, he was very upset about something.

    Luckily, Risha was able to calm him down.

    They ended up flirting....

    And if this doesn't scream bedroom eyes, I don't know what does.

    They ended up woohooing, sadly I didn't take a picture of that. Anyway, this wasn't what I planned on but;

    Yeah, she's pregnant now. :sweat:. So I decided to just move Tyler in with her and build the house completely. He seemed quite fond of the gardening area.

    Finally! The house tour!
    So, at this point I did finish most of the house, but the top floor was still a mess so that's why I'm not showing it in the pictures. :tongue:

    Front door.

    Back patio and backyard.

    Close up to the patio.

    Entry way.

    Tiny living room.


    Dining area.


    Study desk.

    Master bedroom.




    So there's the house! Some things changed already but I can't say why because I don't wanna spoil it!

    Landon, Tyler and Roy are actually pretty good friends, they both came over and congratulated Tyler.

    Tyler is also getting familiair with kitten Aiden.

    And here's a shot of Risha being like "Oh well.." I feel the same way, honestly..

    That's it for now!
    Happy simming! ♥
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    Big Update! I've been playing a lot.

    Ariana didn't have to wait long for a call from Jason. The next day he called her up and asked her on her first date.

    They met at a movie theater in Magnolia Promenade.

    Neither one of them were very interested in the movie. They ended up at the arcade next door instead.

    They played for a little while but then Jason left unexpectedly and Ariana was pretty disappointed with her first date experience. She didn't plan to go out with Jason again.

    That evening, instead of staying home and crying about her failed date, she met with her family at the ultra fancy Boat House restaurant.

    Though she liked living alone, she had really started to miss her family. Family time was just what she needed.

    The restaurant was extra busy so they ended up waiting a really long time for their food. None of the Valentino's seemed to mind. They were just happy to be back together.

    When their food arrived it was definitely worth the wait.

    Ariana ordered Pufferfish and didn't realize she would have to use chopsticks. She managed, but it wasn't graceful. (I also had no idea this dish could potentially kill a sim!?)

    The family dinner was a complete success, and I even managed to get this sweet picture of Matias and Naomi flirting. :heart:

    For the next week or so Ariana spent time adjusting to living on her own, and got into a routine. She's happy to have time each day to paint.

    And like Quinton in @debjameswhite game, she loves getting out and jogging by the beach.

    If this was my front yard I just might consider jogging... no I wouldn't lol but still it's beautiful.

    Doodle has become her best companion.

    She just loves this little guy :heart:

    After a week of not hearing from Jason he called and asked if she wanted to go bowling in Oasis Springs. She decided to give him a 2nd shot.

    When she got there she realized it wasn't really a date. He had brought his friend Kieran along and she felt foolish for thinking he'd wanna date her again after ditching her last time. Then he ended up leaving before they even walked through the door!! She was done with Jason for good after this.

    After getting over Jason, Ariana had managed to meet a bunch of guys around town during her usual jogs and fishing trips. She invited them all out to lunch to see if there could be a spark there between any of them. It was a successful experiment, she ended being flirted with and complimented by just about all the guys. :sunglasses:

    She got a call from one of the guys shortly after.

    When she got to the date she tried to hug him and he pushed her away! Ariana was shocked and confused. He had seemed so interested in her at lunch, and had asked her on this date after all.

    It didn't take Ariana long to discover that Kirk was very into himself...

    He tried to charm her back, but by this point she'd seen enough of him.

    By the time the sun was setting Ariana was positive this wasn't going to work out. She tried to let him down gently. He wasn't that interested in her either so she didn't think it was a big deal.

    She was wrong, he was livid. He stomped his foot like a child and told her off. Egotistical Kirk was not use to being rejected lol She totally dodged a bullet with this one.

    Ariana's sister are having much more luck in love. Her twin married one of the guys she had gone out to lunch with. I was so made when I saw Diego wasn't available anymore lol but less angry when I saw it was Antonia he married.

    Her big sister Sophia has also met a man and is expecting her first child. He's married though, and not to her :hushed: I refuse to believe sweet Sophia knows anything about his wife.

    So after 3 disastrous dates Ariana's in no rush to go on another one. She and Doodle are content to stay home and garden all day.

    That's it for now. I updated my family tree and put it in my signature. :smile:
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    @Heckstress17 Billie might be my favorite sim I've ever had born in game, I LOVE her looks. I can't wait to see her in your game! I'm coming to terms with my house. I may have to rebuild it later to make it bigger, but I'm happy with it for now lol. It's starting to look better now that I've been cluttering it up with Billie's collections. I'm thinking about going back to long lifespan too...Billie could easily end up with Brice but I kind of want her to meet some other guys first :lol:

    @Aehnyx Risha's kitten is ADORABLE! I love her two different colored eyes. I used to have a cat like that in real life! Go Risha and Tyler :smirk: Oh no, oops baby :lol: The house is so cute, I love the industrial look. It almost has a European look to it too, are you from Europe by any chance? I just really love it. The purple accents fit Risha so well. I can't wait to see the baby!

    @Heckstress17 Yeeeee an update! Oh no, Jason definitely didn't make a good impression. Too bad because he's so good-looking :confused: The pics of the family dinner are amazing--that sunset! :love: Oh my gosh, I haven't been brave enough to try the pufferfish, I'm so glad my restaurant didn't kill your heir :lol: Isn't that neighborhood so gorgeous? I just want to play there for the rest of the challenge :lol: Hey Kieran's pretty cute, I wouldn't said good riddance to Jason and gone on the date with Kieran! :lol: Wow, Kirk's an even bigger plum than Jason! Poor Ariana's having such bad luck! :( It looks like Antonia did good for herself though! Oh my gosh, I don't think anyone would've expected that scandal from Sophia :scream: She'll be a good mom though.
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 930 Member
    @Francisca464 I always miss you so much but when you come back and go all the way back to comment I always love it! You remind me of things I already forgot and it's awesome.

    Hehehe At first I was like that's Javier? Then I realized he's the employee and I love the look on Danielle's face. I don't blame her! Then I saw the real Javier and I could I have forgotten! He's so handsome. He does remind me of Gianni too :) There's nothing better than a cute man who loves animals!! hehe Awww I love their eloping! I was so scared for a minute when she was giving him a weird look.

    @JordanNicoleJJ I love your outing to the beach! That's such a great idea! I find it really interesting that it reminds you so much of the west coast and I see it and think this is New England. I love the world too and I love your family at the beach. Poor Bobbie. I don't blame her...I'd be salty too. The puppy is so cute!

    @OJenn Oooo! I don't know how I feel about elderly Jenn!! She does look good though. Charlotte and Lucas are very cute together. I can't wait to see how that works out! I don't blame Charles for being annoyed at the vet. Quinton gets that way often too! Aww good luck to Charlotte I think it's cute that Mom is holding on to Charles for a little bit longer. I don't blame her at all.

    @Aehnyx Aww I'm excited that Risha is your heir :) Aww little Aiden and his eyes are so cute. Ooo. Tyler and Risha! That was fast :) Aww The house is awesome! I love it :) That last picture of her's awesome. I can't wait to see how things go for her and Tyler.

    @Heckstress17 I thought for sure that things were going to work out for Ariana and Jason! Wow another AWESOME restaurant! I love it. Oh my gosh I'm glad she didn't get hurt from eating puffer fish! You're braver than I am! Awww I love the picture of Naomi and Matias flirting. I'm so glad to still see them in your game. haha that was such a great way to do things with Ariana. It was like an episode of bachelorette (if I watched it!). Oh rude. She doesn't need that. Aww I'm glad Sophia and Antonia are finding love. Loved this update.
    Chapter 27: Too Fast

    Quinton’s triplets aged fast. Way faster than normal human children would. The first thing he taught them when they were able to learn, was how to hide their true nature.

    Salem was confused about what was going on but Quinton tried to not leave him out. He didn’t want his first friend to run off on him.

    When he went back to work he changed his story. “Hmm? I wasn’t pregnant, that was a giant cyst. Gross. I know.”

    At home, only a couple of days had gone by and the children were already walking.

    Kash really loves Salem.

    At work Quinton has started keeping to himself.

    Another couple of days and Quinton had children who never seemed to get tired. He himself felt a little out of sorts.

    Funny that the kids love watching this movie about aliens.

    Quinton jogs with Salem when he’s feeling overwhelmed by everything.

    He also spends more time than he needs to on the rocket ship at work.

    Quinton talked to his sister Londyn about his career in science. He wanted to tell his sisters about what had happened but right now, only his father and Philomena know.

    The next day, Londyn started her career at the science lab too. Another person Quinton won’t use his freeze ray on…

    Quinton did hire someone to help home school the kids. He told her they were foreign visitors. She gets paid so she doesn’t ask questions.

    A special day was coming up, but before the festivities could occur, Salem needed another trip to the vet.

    He was really six this time. The vet did what she could for him.

    Quinton was still able to make it where he needed to go that day.

    Quinton’s mother couldn’t be there, so they went to the same place his parents were married.

    It was beautiful.

    Kash was right there to give dad a hug. By the way in the back ground are the other two, Nolan and Ellen.

    The loving couple was good to each other during the cake ceremony.

    Gianni was really happy for his son.

    The kids kept to themselves. The older they get the more odd they act.

    Quinton and Philomena found a moment to be on their own too.

    The party was great. The older woman here is Philomena’s mom. Gianni wore the suit he was married in.

    Unfortunately, when they got home all hell seemed to break loose! First they lost Salem. I didn’t even know he was an elder :(

    The kids had another amazing growth spurt. Quinton had to call the Nanny and tell her not to come back as his visitors had gone home.

    Immediately after losing Salem, Quinton got a call from his sisters. Gianni had also passed away suddenly. I was sad. Gianni still had some graves in his inventory I wanted!

    Do you guys know who this is?

    He looks a lot like his grandpa!

    I kept trying to get a picture of Nolan and Ellen but she kept closing her eyes. Oh well! As you’ve figured out, I couldn’t send them home.
  • JBAG521JBAG521 Posts: 2,759 Member
    I have SO much to post but Ive been playing for the last 3 hours so here are the comments for now and Ill either update later tonight (its currently 8:30pm here) or sometime over the weekend. It has gotten hectic in my game today so Im taking a bit of a break. I cant wait to show you guys though. Its not quite as dramatic as what @debjameswhite has been dealing with, but I think it all comes pretty close...

    @Aehnyx You and I are playing in Willow Creek together then! I just started my 4th generation there :smile: I really love your sim makeovers - I wish I had the patience to figure out CC enough to make my sims look like actual people. And yes, Roy is definitely cute! So much love and development in your family! I love it! and Rue is GORGEOUS. I think itll be hard on her being youngest and all her siblings leaving home.

    Oh my gosh Risha and Tyler got right to it didnt they!? I love your purple and pets theme in your house. Aiden is really cute and Im glad he and Tyler get along well. Lets see how many babies they have the first time, shall we?

    @debjameswhite Im really glad Quinton and Philomena and their pets are doing better and Im so sorry but I laughed SO much when I saw that MCCC notification :joy: Definitely not the best way to start a genetics challenge generation!

    Oh my gosh what an emotional rollercoaster!! So much weirdness and loss, and poor Quinton not being able to share his secret. I feel like his kids will resent him for keeping them away from everyone though. Hopefully it all works out.

    @JordanNicoleJJ Your kids are seriously cute, and I adore Bobbie as a teen! Leader of the Pack and Mean? That will be interesting, to say the least! Yay! I love Billie and Brice so Im happy theyre still going strong :smile: Oh no! Rest in peace Bear and Sylvester! Naaaw! Tabby is really cute. You guys are really making me want Cats and Dogs...and Im seriously considering it.

    What a lovely family day at the beach and a special way to celebrate a birthday. If only we could actually swim in the ocean! There are so many lovely spots in each of the worlds. Oh my gosh Koda is adorable!!!

    @OJenn That's a really tough heir decision to make! I think it's Charles for me though :smiles:

    Poor Jenn! All her kids growing up and ready to start live of their own! I hope she will be able to visit them often.

    @Heckstress17 Jason is indeed a VERY hot bartender! I have high hopes for him and Ariana. And Doodle is really cute!

    Oh no! Ariana really isnt having much luck in the love department, is she? What the heck is wrong with these guys!!!?? She'll find the right man - Im confident. I loved seeing those pictures of the family :heart:

    @Francisca464 Seriously you guys have the CUTEST pets and I want some SOOO badly! I just wish I could be more sure that my laptop could handle it. What a wonderful spot to renew wedding vows, and someone really needs to tell Savannah to get a life of her own!!
  • ambzz3ambzz3 Posts: 14 New Member
    WOW! These are great stories everyone! I didn't read all of them, but from what I can tell this looks like a fun challenge!
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,039 Member
    @Aehnyx - I think we posted our updates at the same time yesterday. omg little Aiden is the cutest!!! I love his big mismatched eyes! That picture of him walking towards the camera is so adorable! His little paw :heart: Great shot of him and Risha doing the nose to nose too. Ugh Tyler is so handsome :love: With those bedroom eyes I completely understand how Risha got herself into this situation. It's definitely sooner then I was expecting a pregnancy, but she and Tyler have been together for awhile, i'm sure they'll be alright. Their house is gorgeous! I love what you've done with the yard. It's so lush and colorful. That patio area is great too. I really like how you layed it out. The inside is perfect for Risha. Purple is my favorite color. Their bedroom is my favorite. I never know what to do with that beaded curtain. Putting it over the door is brilliant. Landon and Roy coming over to congratulate Tyler was sweet. They've got such a cool bromance.

    @debjameswhite - I really thought Jason and Ariana were gonna work out too. That's okay though because for the first time in this challenge she isn't limited to a few potential mates. She can pick anyone! The Boat House restaurant was built by @JordanNicoleJJ I highly recommend it! I wasn't being brave with Ariana and the pufferfish. I didn't know it could be deadly! When she got home she had a moodlet being happy she survived and I was like what?! :flushed:

    I loved this update! I'm glad you didn't send the triplets back. I really like how Quinton has essentially kept the kids hidden from the world. It's more realistic to how someone would handle this situation in real life lol can you imagine? I've made aliens to be townies, but I've never played one. Do they age up quicker then regular sims? Or was that just something you decided to do? Either way I love that. It definitely makes sense that they would age differently, and it also helps you keep your sanity. I think it's really cool and mysterious that only Philomena and Gianni know the truth about the children. Though it seems like Londyn may be a tad suspicious. She's definitely trying to spy on her brother at work :wink: The evening wedding was beautiful. I like how Quinton got married where his parents did, and I was happy to see Gianni was there. How sad that he passed away shortly after. I'm sorry he took some family graves with him. I know you were trying to do a family graveyard. omg I totally thought that picture was Greysen! You asked If we knew who it was and I was like yeah of course, it's Greysen, and then you did the side by and side and I was like :astonished: Can't wait for more!

    @JordanNicoleJJ - I was bummed about Jason and Ariana not working out too. It's okay though, like I was telling Deb, this is the first and only time in this challenge where she isn't limited to 2-3 mates. So I'm not forcing anything. When she settles down it'll truly be with the one. :) omg you and @debjameswhite both called me brave for having Ariana eat the pufferfish. I wasn't brave, I was stupid lol! :lol: I didn't know it could kill her! I definitely wouldn't have ordered it for her if I knew. Kieran is a cutie, he was definitely on Ariana's radar after meeting him at the bowling alley.

    @JBAG521 - You and I are in the same boat. I've been playing a ton and have a lot to post too. I'm so ready to see your drama! I had high hopes for Jason and Ariana too. Usually my sims settle down with the first or second sim they date. Not poor Ariana.

    @ambzz3 - Aw, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the pics/stories. We have a lot of fun, and we're always happy to have newcomers :smile:
    Origin ID:Heckstress17
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 7,829 Member
    @Aehnyx - I am loving Risha's new place and the purple color scheme really suits her. Aiden is just as adorable as any little kitten would be but his heterochromia makes him even cuter! I really love the sims can calm other sims down, that's so cool. Tyler definitely looks more relaxed after some deep breathing with Risha. Maybe a little too relaxed! Oh, my goodness congrats to them for the baby on the way - I bet their kids will be cute.

    @Heckstress17 - Oh wow Jason, I can't believe he ditched her twice! I love seeing her out with her family, and that restaurant is amazing. @JordanNicoleJJ did such a good job on it! Ariana is so brave for ordering pufferfish!! I am too afraid to let my sims lol. Kieran on the hand is a cutie - maybe Jason was trying to pawn her off on him instead? Oh no Kirk, he was such a looker too. Ariana is better off without Kirk or Jason, I can't believe her luck though. Hopefully, she gets a call from the other guys.

    @debjameswhite - Aww I love seeing all the babies with Quinton, even if they were completely unexpected. And aww I love Salem so much even if he is a little guy, I don't blame Kash for liking him either. Wow, the kids are growing up so fast! Aww what a beautiful ceremony. It's so touching that they got married where his parents did. Rest in love Salem, he looked so young still. And Gianni too? Poor Quinton but at least he has family there still and the kids. Oh wait that looks like Greysen! Long may he live on in his descendants :lol:

    @ambzz3 - Glad you are enjoying all the wonderful families here. This challenge is definitely fun and keeps me playing I love checking back here to see everyone else sims. Feel free to jump in at anytime you like!
    Origin ID: Ojenn | Rebuild |Simtropolis
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