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My builds - Jude525


  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    @Mpart, thanks. For something I didn't set out to create, I am very pleased with it.
  • Fireheart2010Fireheart2010 Posts: 148 Member
    You are so talented! I love the little coffee house :)

  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    @Fireheart2010 Thank you very much. I'm always so excited when someone new finds my stuff.
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    I realized today that I hadn't play tested my ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Garden. For some reason there is a routing issue with the crystal ball table. The chairs are properly aligned, since when I pick up the table both chairs move with it. So I hadn't suspected there could be a problem. If you've already downloaded/installed it, all you have to do is that: edit the lot, grab the table and move it a little. Fixed.

    But I have uploaded a fixed version to my studio and updated the link in my original post here. Sorry about this, but I don't usually play test most tables, just grab them and move them to make sure the chairs are attached. Especially since this is nowhere near any obstacles. Go fig.
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    edited December 2017
    Ugh, launcher won't sign in again. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Garden is uploaded to Sim File share here.

    EDIT: Launcher behaving. Lot is available in Sims 3 Studio. link
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  • MiaSkywalkerMiaSkywalker Posts: 3,254 Member
    Jude525 wrote: »
    Ugh, launcher won't sign in again. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Garden is uploaded to Sim File share here.

    EDIT: Launcher behaving. Lot is available in Sims 3 Studio. link
    When you have a problem signing in with the launcher, delete your cache files and history from IE. Even if you don't use IE, the launcher does, and those cache files can get corrupted. (If you don't use IE at all, I would suggest also having it delete all cookies and everything else.)

    Most of the time when I have that problem, that's the fix.
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    edited December 2017
    Thanks, but actually it seems to resolve itself every time within about 24 hours. So I don't think the problem is on my side. It just gets annoying. And I don't use IE for anything. Edge occasionally, though rarely. Chrome is my primary browser and I find it needs little maintenance these days, even for EA pages. Though, we don't have ads running either. Sadly.
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    edited January 2018
    And.... Something new!!!!!!

    This cabin is actually a very old idea. When I was a kid I had trouble falling asleep most nights. So I would invent a fantasy world for myself where all sorts of things could happen, like me having my own log cabin in the woods. At age 12. Right. Anyway, I "visited" often enough that I remember it like it was a real place. Mostly. After reading a reference Saturday to a cabin build contest, my brain got a push and I plowed through the bulk of this in one night. I spent a few hours yesterday tweaking it. Mostly getting around unintended custom content, and intended custom content that I found the creator didn't want reposted in builds outside of The Sims Resource. Fair enough. (Although I loved that fireplace for this cabin.) Then, of course, the obligatory screen caps, which sometimes feel like they take longer than the build.

    A couple notes on the design. It is pretty darn close to the "original," with the big exception being the door. It is supposed to be in the kitchenette, but TS3 doesn't let me put a door where there is a platform. So, it was either move the door or lose the sunken living room. It had to be the door. In actuality the living room should be a couple steps down, but I don't feel like messing with constrained elevations to make that happen, so I took the compromise. (I realize that it would probably solve the door location issue as well, but still not interested.)

    For some reason, in my imagination, I never got hungry. So, although there was a kitchenette, there never was a table and chairs. Frankly, the mini fridge, sink and stove were added as well. I don't remember anything past some cabinets with curtains in place of doors. There are supposed to be curtains to close off the bedroom, but I've realized that they would actually keep the heat of the fire out rather than keeping any heat in, so I omitted them. I also have no idea what I did for entertainment back then, so I added a bookshelf and a radio. (I was a bit of a pyro back then, and could spend hours just staring into a fire.) Speaking of which, *sigh* no bear skin rugs available. I didn't sit on the furniture much back then either.

    OH, and no bathroom in the original. I don't suppose many people add toilet needs to their daydreams. So, an outhouse covers that. Finally, added some outdoor activities to make the lot more playable and voila, we have my....

    Dream Cabin link with CC
    Clean version, no CC link


    I'm having trouble with The Sims Studio again, so these links lead to the Sim File Share site.

    This build DOES contain a couple pieces of custom content. (I'd warned you this day would come.) First is a CAStable chimney that let me use stone instead of brick to match my imagined cabin. The other, which I didn't need, but just couldn't resist, is a set of old style aluminum yard chairs with woven and strapped webbing. As promised, there is also a "clean" version available with a brick chimney and yard chairs provided by EA. Nothing wrong with either, they just don't quite suit what I was going for. Actually, as soon as I get back in game my version is also getting a campfire style firepit, a wood cutting area and some chopped wood piled on the deck.

    The CC items will self install if you download the lot containing them, but I want to give credit here to the creators and provide links:
    CAST yourself a chimney! by armiel on ModTheSims
    Vintage Lawn Chairs by gelina at

    Most of the property is dense evergreens. It was built on 5 Spruce Street in Hidden Springs and fits in nicely there, with trees already on the adjoining lots and another cabin next door. I can also see it placed on its own in any of the solitary hillside lots in many of the towns. The lot is 40x40 to allow for the woods, even though they leave a smaller playable yard. You can always clear land to expand.

    Outdoors there is one parking space, a horseshoe court, a grill, a picnic table, a picnic basket (on the table,) a rolled up tent with a couple sleeping bags and a firepit with a variety of chairs spread about.

    Here is something I need to start including, a top down shot of the floorplan:


    You enter from the porch into the living area. The kitchenette is on a platform to the left and a bedroom area is ahead on another platform.


    A picture of the living area, with the fireplace anchoring the space. The table is not part of the "original" plan, since I spent so much time on the not present bear rug.


    The simple kitchenette. A mini fridge to the left and a wood fired stove to the right. I think EA considered the stove coal burning, but coal is nasty stuff. I know there are curtained cabinets available on TSR, but I haven't downloaded them yet, so they also will be added to my own version later.


    The simple bedroom, with just a bed, a couple side tables and a trunk for a few clothes and spare blankets for those cold nights in the winter. Which it usually was in my stories. The cabin was cozier in the winter.


    Finally a few shots comparing the CC version to the clean version. The stone chimney and foundation vs the brick:



    And the old style chairs vs the EA chairs:



    More pictures can be found on my Imgur feed. link

    EDIT: Oh! I almost forgot to mention that I finally got to use the Kiddieview Window Plus and Kiddieview Window Plus Plus from the Tiny Prodigies Early Learning Center. The shutters are a great way to insulate from the cold and to protect the house between visits.
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  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    edited January 2018
    @Mpart I have been playing the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Garden in my current game and I'm very pleased with it. I have my witch, Randolph. hang out after work to socialize and get in a few extra private readings. Once I'd fixed the crystal ball glitch it played very nicely and I haven't noticed any other problems.
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,055 Member
    It was very special that you built a log cabin that reflected the fantasy cabin that was in your dreams when you were a child <3
    The design of Dream Cabin is very nice! Very nice exterior of the cabin. The outdoors areas are very nice for sims to enjoy spenfing time outdoors in the outside air. They will enjoy sitting around the fire pit chatting and keeping warm, and enjoy ccoking on the bbq and eating at the picnic table in the outdoors, They will have fun playing horseshoes. The layout and furnishing of the interior of the cabin looks very nice! It looks a warming cabin home. It is nice that there is a platformed kitchen and bedroom areas. Very nice sofa seats sitting area for sims to enjoy resting in front on fire reading a book.
    It would be a special build for you, as it brings back memories of your childhood and the fantasy world that you created in your mind. It is nice that you now have a sims game version of it that your sims can enjoy living in :)
  • MpartMpart Posts: 115 Member
    I love how absolutely cozy it is! The little details like the pattern on the couch really tie it all in together. Everything just screams "home" in it. Great work as always! I love seeing your builds. :)

    Mpart's Builds; Taking Requests (Indefinite Hiatus)
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    edited January 2018
    Thank you @rosemow and @Mpart. It is fun being inspired by some aspect of my life.

    I think I only have our summer home left to complete my "inspired by life" lots. Still challenged by building it into a sloped lot, so that might be a bit. Right now I have two options on how to build the first floor into the hill, but I'm not thrilled with the compromises involved with either. Hmmm, as I type this it occurs to me that I could also build out two rental properties as apartments using either Uni or Night Life. I haven't used either of them yet. The structures themselves don't present any challenge, just separating the living spaces correctly. Hmmmmmmm
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    The summer house is coming along very nicely. Some major pieces have been sourced from the web and are making this rather unique build very accurate. I am thrilled with the progress and how little compromise I am having to make. It should be done by the end of the week.

    Also, links on the Dream Cabin have been updated. The files are now on the Sims 3 My Studio page.
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    Okay, so, finally....

    4 Alice Street or The Summer House link



    I used 14 Poker Flats Drive in Twinbrook in order to have a sloped lot on water, but the actual house is half way up the hill in a river valley of a brackish (saltwater) river called the Kickemuit. We call it "the Kicky." It is only 40 minutes from our "city" home, but it in the summer it is usually 10 degrees cooler there. And when I was a child it was very rural. It has since been greatly developed. Luckily, the hill on the opposite side of the river is now a nature reserve, so our view is guaranteed not to change.

    Next to the clothesline is a pile of bricks leftover from building the house. They sat there for many years until being used to build a shed next to the cedar tree. Also, the stone wall in front was notorious for hosting poison ivy, which I was horribly allergic to.
    Couldn't resist sharing, this is the view in the fall, from my brother Chuck's house next door. It used to be my grandparents' house, and then my aunt Lena's. We try to keep things in the family. :D

    The house was built by my dad over the course of several years as funding and time were available. The bricks are recycled, recovered from a burned down church. (true story) The inside stairs and the bathroom were not added until around the third year after it was built (before my time.) Before that they shared my grandmother's outhouse next door and you had to go outside if you wanted to go from upstairs to downstairs. (true story) A bit of a misnomer at the time, since there were no stairs yet.

    Here are the floor plan pics:


    Upstairs bedrooms and porch

    Downstairs kitchen/dining/bath/utility

    There are four bedrooms, of varying sizes, and a long, narrow porch of windows facing the river view. The interior walls of the porch were never finished and had exposed studs. I was happy to find a wall covering that resembled this

    My parents' room, in the front of the house. You'll notice that the bedrooms don't have doors, only curtains. Two reasons: doors would block the breezes and they would take up space when being opened into the room. I am one of eight children, so our definition of privacy was pretty loose at the best of times anyway. I was thrilled to find these curtained doors made by [email protected]

    My room, also in the front. The lower bunk was mine. In game you'll notice the Star Wars poster. I didn't actually have a Star Wars poster. What I did have was a newspaper clipping about the release of the original movie stapled to some cardboard with my ticket stub stapled next to it. I also had the same arrangement for The Muppet Movie. I did have a t-shirt with the same image as the poster in the game though. The single square dresser at the foot of the bed is standing in for a small, portable, steel closet that was always there. I couldn't just leave it out.

    You'll notice that little of the furniture matches. It's not even all from the same decade. It was a beach house built by hand and everything there just served its purpose.

    The girls' room. That pipe in the middle of the wall never did serve its original purpose. It was a vent pipe for a future second floor bathroom. That's also why one window is smaller. The bathroom was eventually built in the mid 80's, along with some major changes to the rest of the layout upstairs.

    This was Janet's room, then Linda's room, then Chuck's room. Basically, the eldest's room. I did eventually get it for a while. A strange L-shape layout that was impossible to get a decent photo of. It allowed for two configurations. The way it is in the game, or, if you got creative, the bed could be placed in front of the window to take advantage of the breezes. But, that required climbing in and out at the foot of the bed. That side of the L isn't wide enough for anything except the bed itself.

    The bed was a wonderful old tubular steel antique that is up in the attic now. I really would love to have it, but don't know where I'd put it, since I don't expect to ever have a second bedroom again. And I don't love it enough to forego a queen size mattress.

    A view of the hallway from the porch, with the drop down attic stairs. I thought I'd found the perfect stairs, with hinges and all, but realized when I couldn't find them in game that they were for Sims 2. Luckily I found these from [email protected] Unfortunately, the attic is not playable. I thought it was the slope of the roof, but I think it may be a problem with the stairs(ladder.) I'm not sure.

    The porch. Windows from one end to the other. The external walls unfinished. All the windows have bamboo style shades, but made from green plastic. These by [email protected]

    Mom's Necchi sewing machine (represented here by a Simger from [email protected]) was actually in its own fold-up storage that was quite clever. The sewing machine folded down into the top, which then closed over. But, also, the bench pushed into the front. So, the whole thing would end up looking like a solid block table.
    This isn't quite her model, but it's close



    First, a note. There are no wall decorations downstairs. Actually, you'll notice that there are few in the house at all. There were some needlework pieces in the bedrooms that I couldn't find decent replacements for, but that was all. It was pretty simplistic.

    The kitchen area. The cabinets didn't have doors, but instead the ubiquitous green curtains. (Also by [email protected]) Yes, they were all made of the same fabric and my mom sewed them all on the Necchi. There were open upper cabinets, but I couldn't find anything that matched properly, so I just left them out. The chrome dinette table to the right is currently in the basement here at 25 Cute Street. In game version, as well as the chrome chairs, provided by [email protected]

    The louvered glass windows were a HUGE find, with a big thank you to [email protected]

    The Fridgidaire is at least 50 years old and still running! Sadly, the vinyl covered chromed chairs did not hold up so well. They are all long gone. The two columns in the dining area were structural, and always in the way. Still are. We just learned to live around them. I was careful to play test every seat at the table, as well as the bathroom door. I suspect if too many Sims are walking around there will be routing issues, but it will be because of the crowd. And, honestly, that's what happened in real life.

    A different view. The long table was custom built for my uncle's family, which was even bigger than ours. Not sure if we bought it or it was given to us. But it had custom padding that flipped over to a green felt side for playing cards! And many nights my aunts and uncles, who all had houses in the neighborhood, would gather for games of penny ante Michigan Rummy.

    The bed in the back was really just a simple cot with a sad, thin mattress on it. We used it more as a day bed/couch. I did have that for a while in my spare room years ago. I don't know what happened to it. The white cabinet that actually stood to the left was far less substantial than this EA version and I actually pulled it down onto my sister and I when I was three and she had me in her arms. Apparently I didn't want to go to bed yet and grabbed onto it to resist being brought upstairs. She got cut by broken glass, but I was unhurt.

    The back room and bathroom. When I was young we actually had a washing machine with a manual wringer. I thought I'd found one, but, again, it was Sims 2. This time there was no Sims 3 backup plan. Because of the limitations of building into the hill I wasn't able to put an actual window in the bathroom, so I placed one there with moveobjects_on and covered it with a blind.

    Finally, the patio. Again, I used the wonderful aluminum chairs by [email protected]
    Although not seen in this picture, I'll mention now that the sandbox in the yard is not playable. I needed to include one, but the EA sandboxes were far too large. So I created this with a bit of edging and some ground paint.

    This has been a labor of love. I think that is obvious with the way this post has turned out. A big part of what has made this build authentic for me was the custom content that matched, or closely mimicked, the features of the real house. Here, I list the credits for the creators of the content included in this build: (TSR=The Sims Resource; MTS=ModTheSims)

    FloridaWindows - [email protected] - link
    VintageLawnChairs - [email protected] - link
    MZ_2TileWideTraditionalInteriorDoor - [email protected] - link - front and back door
    CurtainedCubicleDoor(Open) - [email protected] - link - all bedrooms
    luluCountryKitchenCounterWithCurtain - [email protected] - link
    CottageOfficeBlinds - [email protected] - link - porch windows
    luluSummerGardeningSetBroom - [email protected] - link - basement closet
    DOT_ClassicSmallRoundCeilingLamp - [email protected] - link - upstairs ceiling lights
    ChromeDinetteChair, ChromeDinetteTable (Shannanigan's Retro Kitchen) - [email protected] - link
    ForetJar - [email protected] - link - with EA pattern applied and EA's Feathered Table Sculpture inserted, at top of stairs on porch
    OrangeDelightTeenRoom-Bed - [email protected] - link - girls' room and downstairs sitting area
    SingleWallMountedBlind - [email protected] - link - bedroom windows
    CottageSeriesLadder - [email protected] - link - attic stairs
    CashCraft'sEstateSaleFindsSingerSewingMachine - [email protected] - link - porch
    ColorsStackedBowls, ColorsSinglePlate, ColorsButterDish, ColorsSugarAndCream, ColorsTwoMugs - (Colors Breakfast Clutter) - Wide Open [email protected] - link - kitchen surfaces
    SMEGFridge - [email protected] - link - kitchen
    50sDecoCanisterLg, 50sDecoCanisterSm - baufive - link - kitchen counter
    ButterflyCrossStitch - [email protected] - link - L bedroom
    TwoTileTheTruthDivider - [email protected] - link - girls' bedroom
    CleaningClutterVinatgeVaccum2 - [email protected] - link
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,055 Member
    The Summer House is such a very,very special build! :) It was so very nice reading your desciption of esch area and how it related to the real life home. It is very special sims house which had made with a lot of love and special memories <3
  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,980 Member
    Ooh! I very much like this thread. *Bookmarks* B)
  • funkeeferretfunkeeferret Posts: 415 Member

    @Jude525 you can sure tell this little cottage was a labor of love. So many memories you poured into this build. Great little house and cool CC to add to the finishing touches. Odd that there are no vintage washers out there for TS3. So nice of you to put in all those links. I have started adding CC to my game and must have those lawn chairs! The fruit pattern on the table is adorable also. Thanks for sharing the cottage history as well. So glad you and your sister survived the white cabinet falling on you. :)
  • AvieLeagueAvieLeague Posts: 37 Member
    Oh wow. The Summer House reminds me so much of my grandparents' house. Especially the kitchen area. That chrome table is a dead ringer for the one they had, and the tablecloth on the bigger table is really close. Really took me back. And makes me want to (re)build some places from my own past. (Including wringer washers, ha.) Thanks so much for sharing!
    Loud Voices: Sims and drama and rock and roll.
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    edited January 2018
    So, I received the ultimate compliment this weekend. I pulled up the images of the Beach House on my phone to show my great niece, a fellow Simmer, when my brother noticed. He was so impressed with the accuracy that he had me show his wife so that she could see what the house looked like back before the renovation. It was so cool.

    Thank you all for the kind words. And it's nice to see a couple new people.

    @60smusicluvr I popped over to your thread. I haven't gotten far yet, but I like what I've seen. Although I'm not adverse to CC, I do get creeped out by a lot of the shaders I see used in CAS. I'm especially spooked by some of the children I see "modeling" styles over on The Sims Resource. Give them white eyes and they are straight out of Day of the D4mned. :D I'm generally content with the results I can achieve with the game itself.
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  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    Well, it's been awfully quiet here. I've been busy actually playing my game and keeping active in other threads.

    One of those threads is the Tiny House Challenge, which is what it sounds like. I think I've mentioned it before. Building small houses on small lots with as much character as possible.

    Recently there has been some discussion of tiny worlds built specifically for these types of builds.

    So, last night, with all the talk of tiny towns, I started playing with a variant of an idea I'd seen elsewhere. On another thread about customizing rabbit holes I'd seen someone bury a standard rabbit hole and build something unique on the property above it. Since I am currently playing in Lunar Lakes, I kept driving by all those (ugly) rabbit hole pylons. Then I realized something.

    They were small. And all the same size. 9x8. After some experimenting I learned that this means I would be able to place any rabbit hole that has a Lunar Lakes variant on a lot as small as 13x15 while leaving an exterior wall with only a minimum of one floor that can be designed to suit any town aesthetic. Of course, the exterior could be larger if wanted, but that wouldn't require burying the pylon.

    Now, this technique is not new, nor my own. But, I've never seen it applied to the LL public buildings or specifically to reduce the footprint of those types of buildings without being stuck with the LL aesthetics. (EDIT: I did find some refererence to this while doing some research today.) Unfortunately, my experiments were conducted on a much larger lot. Now that I know the minimum lot size, I will replicate the process on that size as a template to build others upon. Getting the building the correct depth underground should be interesting on the smaller lot, since I accomplished this by stacking a couple layers of basements. But, since these measurements leave a two tile wide area for a set of stairs to get from street level to the actual building entrance, I may have just enough room to make this happen. If not, I may have to increase the lot size a couple squares.

    I know it is an unusual lot size, but, of course, it could be placed on any larger lot. I want to keep the template as small as possible.

    I've started researching constrainfloorelevation more, but don't see that being of any help. Not yet, at least. My goal is to be able to build on the main floor above the buried pylon. Perhaps providing a double duty lot. Build an Ambitions firehouse on top of the police department. Or a consignment shop on top of a grocery store. Hmm, I may have just hatched a solution using CFE after all, will have to test it and report back.

    Surprisingly, though it's mentioned in a couple places, I'm not finding the actual solution. I'm reaching out to a couple Simmers that I've had contact with in the past that have referenced it in other threads. Hopefully that will prove fruitful.
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    Okay, it is literally just a meter too high in the ground. When I create the new template I merely need to place it a bit lower and I will be able to build a ground floor over it. Would love to be able to use an elevator.....
  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,980 Member
    Oh, yeah. I've seen that before. A lot of people don't like how sims have to go away in a rabbit hole, so they try to make a building that would have what you would expect to be in those buildings. Certainly makes it a little more fun to play. I wish you luck on your Lunar Lakes builds. I love that world so much. It's just beautiful in my opinion, but I haven't played it because the lots are a little too unusual for me. I should check out the exchange for lots for that world 'cause I would love to play it, sometime. I look forward to seeing the pictures whenever you're ready.
  • HidehiHidehi Posts: 818 Member

    Hi @Jude525,

    I just wanted to thank you for your interest in my creations for Rflong7's 'Supernatural Island' ... that is most appreciated! :) ... you too have some fabulous looking builds in his thread and I am rather impressed!

    I'm not sure if I can be of help and the following is what you've had in mind ... but you can use a LL rabbit hole easily on a 10x15 lot by placing it in the basement with room for either stairs or an elevator. You could probably reduce the lot size even further but I found it needs to be a bit larger than 10x10.
    My example has been built on a 10x15 lot with an 8x13 basement



    Hope that is of use to you. Happy Simming! :)
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,589 Member

    I have not played in LL for a while but I have at least 12 LL houses I have saved from various creators when I came across them for when i do so i could post pics and names of creators at some point when I have time if that would help at all?


    One of my goals eventually is to have working rabbit holes and schools using mods so looking at your example above with LL underground rabbit holes would that be a method I could use to achieve that goal? however if the lot is so small would the build size above ground be as tiny or can that be larger somehow? apologies I hope I have asked the question correctly I have never attempted this before but would like to try it at some stage in the future. :)

  • HidehiHidehi Posts: 818 Member

    Hi @SPARKY1922 ,

    you can use more or less any lot size for hiding any kind of rabbit hole ...obviously the bigger the better if you need to get the normal EA buildings out of sight. This method is probably a more suitable way if you do not want CC or mods in your game.
    But you are not opposed to rugs and game mods so using those would be a better approach to achieve your goal I should think.

    Here's a link to @Nikkei_Simmer's thread over at The Sims3 General Discussion ... ... you can see what is possible if you check out @Jessa_Dakkar 's posts ... (now there is an absolutely superb builder!!! :) ) ... their last post includes a link to Zerbu's Ultimate Careers Mod.
    I haven't had the chance to check it out as I've deleted my mods folder a while ago ... but I hope that answers your question. Have fun trying it out <3 x
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