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My builds - Jude525



  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    So, I was able to get the custom blueprint maker working again. This tool was created by velocitygrass over at ModTheSims. The blueprint feature is included in the game as created by EA, but is unknown to most players. It allows the user to "place" a blueprint of a complete room on their lot, including everything; walls, doors, windows, wall coverings, floors, furniture and decorations. The tool created by velocitygrass allows a user to clone their own rooms and include them in the catalog, as well as share them with other users.

    I was playing a game with a nicely established property including a fishing hole and functioning barn. The house had become too small and so I built the 50s style ranch that became my most recent project.

    Here's the thing. Once I had built it, I decided to make it a project and built it again on an empty lot for the purpose of this thread. After spending all the time to furnish and decorate it I went back to my active game and realized that I had a fairly Spartan home. But, with the exact footprint of the furnished home.

    So I used the BP tool to clone each room and place them over the existing rooms on the active house. Presto, instant makeover! A couple adjustments for doors and windows that had been moved in the final build and I was ready to go.

    Which brings me to an advantage of using the BP tool with my custom builds. If anyone ever wants to place one of my buildings on a lot they are already playing, just let me know and I will create blueprints for the entire building. It's actually a fairly simple process, and such a powerful tool.

    If anyone is interested, I will create a short tutorial on using the blueprint tool. The game comes with quite a selection of BPs, including pools and resort structures. Just let me know.

    I just wanted to put it out there.
  • EiraRoseEiraRose Posts: 203 Member
    I really love your builds! I've been looking through your exchange profile for a while! I have a quick question and I'm sorry I didn't check through for answers, but how do you feel about your builds being used in stories?
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    @EiraRose Thank you for your compliments. I'd be thrilled to see my work used in someone else's form of creation. Just give me a mention and, of course, let me know where I can see it. :D
  • EiraRoseEiraRose Posts: 203 Member
    Fantastic! I'm off to go lot shopping then! I'll absolutely let you know when I use them! Thank you so much! :heart:
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    edited October 2018
    I have decided to gather a list of my builds in one post. I wasn't able to do this in the past because I didn't know how to link to a specific post, only a page. I have placed the catalog as a spoiler in the very first post of this thread.

    The intention of this is to make it easier for old and new fans to find a build they want to download without poring through pages and pages of chatting.

    I intend to keep it updated as I post new builds. (There must be new builds. What is that old line? "Create or die." Actually, I think it is "publish or perish," but same concept.) The only thing that seems to be missing is my Cute Street project. I need to comb through the thread again and see if I can find it.
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    Okay, having discovered (and used) the "search in thread" feature, it appears that the Cute Street build was deleted due to the dreaded Aruzzo cabinet affair. I will dig out the file, make sure that it is scrubbed clean, and create a new post.

    As a reminder, the Cute Street project is my childhood home, which I currently live in (again, not still.)
  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,980 Member
    Jude525 wrote: »
    I have decided to gather a list of my builds in one post. I wasn't able to do this in the past because I didn't know how to link to a specific post, only a page.


    Click the timestamp and you get the url. :smiley:
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    edited October 2018
    Yeah, I learned this last week from someone while trying to organize another thread I'm active in. Thanks though.

    If you go to Page 1, you'll see I did a LOT of clicking tonight to get the catalog built!
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,055 Member
    It is great that you have a list of all your creations that are in the thread, linked to one post :) It will be helpful for simmers who visit your thread, to find your creations.
  • MpartMpart Posts: 115 Member
    That's awesome! I can't wait to go on a downloading spree!

    Mpart's Builds; Taking Requests (Indefinite Hiatus)
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    If anyone is interested, I just bought a copy of the 2014 Warner Brothers Godzilla and have a digital copy code I can't use. This is the prequel to Kong Skull Island and the upcoming King of Monsters.

    I bought the UK 3D combo pack because it was cheaper than the BluRay, and I have a 3D player. (My next TV will be 3D, so I take the deals where I can find them.)

    Anyway, I can't redeem the code here in the States. People used to be able to get around the restrictions with a virtual IP address, but they caught on to that trick and have locked us out somehow. Probably the country our account is registered in, rather than where we are signed in while claiming the movie.

    Also, it claims to have expired in 2017, but that doesn't always apply. I figure someone might as well take a go at it. I know I redeem "outdated" codes all the time. Especially with (Disney) Movies Anywhere. Which I don't think y'all have outside the US, yet.

    So, if anyone is interested, just let me know. I don't want anything for it.
  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,676 Member
    Okay, I know I've talked about this, I am running the GIFT OF CREATION GAME, which is a "competition" of sorts. We are back up and running!

    If you are a creator (Sims/stories/lots) then you come and draw inspiration from a group of Wish Lists to make submissions to win SimPoints.

    If you are not some one who creates, but have something you would like created for you, then please come by and submit a Wish List of your own. Whether it be a specific house, park, commercial lot, CelbriSim from TV or anything else that you've dreamt of having but can't/haven't created for yourself. Wish Listers don't win SimPoints. Your prize is the creation being made for you.

    Or, just come hang out and watch the fun. Creations are posted for anyone to download and enjoy. So, even if you didn't ask for it, you can certainly enjoy it. Thanks.
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