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What happened in your Freeplay game?

LyricSimsz15LyricSimsz15 Posts: 13,136 Member
edited August 2017 in The Sims FreePlay
Assuming people here still play besides me...

Anyway, my sim sister's daughter Nicole just aged into a toddler. I Put in a toddler bed in the place of her crib, and another bed for their teenage son Lucas who stays with them.

Meanwhile, for my preteen Chara and a portion of her family, i am building my second apartment.

A bit of Chara's backstory (because her life is quite sad and interesting), my simself's childhood friend (not a real person) Ruby and my simself's husband Tony (also not real lol)'s sister Kathy got married and had Chara. (interesting fact, i have had 4 couples in my game who are same gender.) When she was a toddler they divorced, and got remarried soon after she aged up. Kathy had an affair with a guy named Connor, Ruby found out, they divorced, and Kathy and Connor got married and had twins named Daniel and Julie. Ruby soon met a girl named Anastasia. The two live together as a couple with Chara and her adopted brother Nathan (adopted when Kathy and Ruby were still together) but Anastasia doesn't like Chara, and favors Nathan more. Anastasia also dated 3 other sims (While dating Ruby) so yeah, who knows what will happen with her around.

Anyways, what happened with your sims?
Just vibing...
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  • SimsILikeSimsSimsILikeSims Posts: 1,579 Member
    edited August 2017
    My Sims are still working on the Sunset Mall quest (the robot was successfully distracted), and the Teen Idol quest (working on electric guitar solos). Meanwhile, I am trying to get the last Ice Skating medal to unlock the ski lift at the winter mountain community lot (the ice skater is also an Olympian in the athletic career). I have around 20 sims in my Freeplay game, so it would take too long to list the details of all of them. My fishersims are trying to unlock more fish, my chocolatier works in the police station so rarely has time to work on his chocolates. My ice sculptor has only unlocked two ice sculptures to date out of 6 unlockable at the current skill level, and works as movie set staff. Meanwhile, everything at the movie studios has already been upgraded to level 5 or 6, and cannot be upgraded further without additional rooms being unlocked. My actor and director are both level 6, so could unlock the rooms, if I only had enough storage space for all the items required to unlock those rooms. My woodworker wants to earn the dog kennel, but the collection keeps being reset by limited time events. At least he has already earned the promotion to Fire Chief. My toddler is trying to create the last 2 fingerpaintings to complete the set. My fashion designer has finished all the sets once, but has recently been reset again by a fashion event. My Superstar musician (one of them) is trying to complete the last set of Horse Tricks.
    Meanwhile, the crafting event is or was going on, distracting at least 4 Sims from the above.
    All the DIY quests are complete, and I didn't get any of the bonus prizes for completing any of them on time. (I don't recall ANY quests that I have EVER completed on time. One of the hazards of actually having a real-life job.)
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  • EnderGamer87EnderGamer87 Posts: 243 Member
    My Sim Sally has a renovated 2 Story Mansion, and I made her the Queen of my town. Her House is right next to the castle, and has loads of Rare Items in it. She is also my Catwalk Model. My 27 sims work hard to try to complete the quests/hobby events on time. I have built my own Spa lot and Hotel lot from scratch. Just had ten sims make a lot of food to get Life Points to upgrade my Town Sign to Lvl 3 to get the Teen Mansion. I have 2 Police (a man and a Woman), 2 Actress working the Movie Studio, 2 Nurses ( man and a woman), 1 Realtor to submit my homes, and Sally the Queen works at Town Hall. I have been trying to save up for the new School. My Town has loads of houses, from very poor looking to Rich Mansions. (I am lvl 54 and I have been playing since Dec 2013)
  • SephardicSephardic Posts: 251 Member
    I just started playing today. I've been a sims 4 fan since 2016 and coming up to 2 years of playing it. So anyway I got freeplay for when I'm not on the computer and my new sim, Katelynn, is settling in very well and has made a new friend already. Her house is a tip. This new friend of hers, Mike, lives next door and I'm hoping that Katelynn will fall in love with him because to be honest Mike seems like a pretty good guy for her and seems like he'll probably be a good dad aswell.
  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 3,060 Member
    One Sim is trying to finish as much of the Christmas quest as possible - looks like she's just going to manage to finish kicking the locomotive. One is majoring for patio space, though I already know I'm going to give the actual patio to a different family. f Nathan and Saskea have room on their lot, Tajiri and Aderinola don't. Have a third Sim, my Egyptian queen look-alike Danielle, redoing a quest to read the Big Book of Stuff in a neighbor's house because I apparently messed up the first time.
    Jeremiah and Besslyn got married before they and the other 8 adults got to work raising funds for the stable. Don't think we're going to make it though, since I'm not going to be able to play much tomorrow. ::sigh:: If only I hadn't accidentally bought that window.
  • ErpeErpe Posts: 5,872 Member
    I finished the Christmas event yesterday and got the beautiful snowing back instead of all the raining. I am building the snow chalet right now.
  • VermilionSphereVermilionSphere Posts: 114 Member
    Snow Chalet ! isn't the fluffy flokati rug fabulous
  • millsmollsmillsmolls Posts: 133 Member
    Mine, well to be honest - are up to nothing. They probably are dying of starvation and peeing on the floor, I don’t play it because they take real life time to do things and it is super annoying.
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  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 3,060 Member
    No snow chalet, but finally got enough simoleons to continue with the stable quest - after time ran out. Now it looks like the Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Quest won't be finished. Don't have enough simoleons left for the number of stations I'd need for enough parts. I think I'm going to make slow progress with the film career, it's so time consuming.
  • VermilionSphereVermilionSphere Posts: 114 Member
    Magical Island "the Prince and the Pocket-Sized Princess" -- I was never able to earn the Grand Prize "Magical Wings" ( update 5.25 ) . and No , I do not want an opportunity to buy the prize or to earn it from the SimTown Market !
  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 3,060 Member
    Well with the salon quest done everyone got sent to work, then worked on their hobbies or started gardening. Got the Puppy Pal and Internet Kitten hobbies started, though that meant changing one sim's hobby. Didn't mind since I actually had two doing that hobby.
  • VermilionSphereVermilionSphere Posts: 114 Member
    "Hair Today , Gone Tomorrow" -- I required only 3,000 more Glass at the end . bummer .

    ooh , Streetwear Hobby Event coming up
  • MrzShaeBohMrzShaeBoh Posts: 7 New Member
    Add me please. Need neighbors and i play very often. Facebook /shannon.baker.1650
  • SultanCanAliSultanCanAli Posts: 113 Member
    I lost all my 25 or 26 level progress today!
  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 3,060 Member
    I'm taking a break from cleaning up the restaurant so I can use those simoleons to build the High School. And debating whether or not to just use my SP to get past the neighbor quest. It's been stuck on "Do the triple pickle dip from a neighbor's diving board' for weeks because for some reason my divers just never get that medal. They're at level 5 I think.
  • Funpuppy_sims345Funpuppy_sims345 Posts: 139 Member
    In my game my sim just had her new baby girl so now she has 4 kids (only 2 are actually hers)
    And she just dropped her toddler daughter at her grandparents house and the preteen twins are having a sleepover at there cousins house
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 4,821 Member
    edited July 2018
    I started out only a couple of days ago, so not much noteworthy took place so far. My first and second sim were Costa and Rosa Shepard, the founders of my Shepard Legacy. Only now they are the Baum family, because I made Rosa propose. Anyway, Rosa invited the rest of my sims to live with the newlyweds to save money, so they are all one large apartment community now (Technically of course everyone still has their own house, but they are never at home).
    Earlier today Costa was swallowed by a uge fish while fishing in the park and I had to poke it to make it spit out my sim. That's something I'd love to see in Sims4, too!
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  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 842 Member
    Kind of late to this post but two of my Sims (Kelly London and Craig Nagle) got married after dating in high school. They moved out of their parents' houses and into the farmhouse I built after the Christmas quest. They are waiting to have kids after 2 upcoming events. I am thinking about seeing how many generations I can get out of this family.
  • YInkaTemilolaYInkaTemilola Posts: 2 New Member
    I've been playing the sims 4 since I was 11. So much has changed I don't even know if we had second floors when I first started playing. I played everyday. Before school, at school, on the bus from school, and at home. I made my sims plant beans overnight to get money it was a hard thing to do. I had enough money to build things back then but today I wouldn't of been able to build anything because all the stuff are so expensive. I got a cheat a long time ago like 2015.
  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 842 Member
    I now have 3 kids in the 4th generation of my longest running family. The last child is now a toddler named Carla (her older brothers now work in the Police Station). I am undecided on whether to leave her permanently a preteen or teen when she gets to the correct age (by constantly reversing her age). I am also thinking of adding more kids to my town by pairing up new adults to replace my Seniors when they pass away.
  • geraldhumphreysgeraldhumphreys Posts: 1 New Member
    I am struggling. How do i know what time it is in the game. Is it real time? Meaning if its 12am here in real life then 12am in the game? If so what country is the time based on
  • JadesimmerJadesimmer Posts: 76 Member
    I am struggling. How do i know what time it is in the game. Is it real time? Meaning if its 12am here in real life then 12am in the game? If so what country is the time based on

    It bases on your time zone.

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