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Song of the Nightingale: Eighteen, One (4/27/19)

EiraRoseEiraRose Posts: 203 Member

Quinn Flanagan had no heart - at least, that's what he told himself and anyone who inquired. Cold and calculating on his best days, this womanizer didn't ever see himself settling down for anyone or anything. After spending most of his life enslaved, the only thing that mattered to Quinn was his freedom.
That was, until he met Esmerelda.
After one whirlwind night, Quinn is left questioning everything - the biggest question being: why does he feel like he's done this before?


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Hi everyone! I'm a little nervous putting this up here... this story has been in the works for several years now. This story means everything to me and I'm really excited to get feedback on it. I have four stories total, and I'll slowly be introducing them to this forum... but I decided to put my best foot forward first and put out my most polished story. The other three stories of mine all take place in the same world as this one (though most of them are on different timelines which, in itself, is a bit of a challenge for me) and you'll probably see them referenced about in my author's notes. The most important thing to me is that everyone knows you don't need to read ALL of my stories to understand them. My goal is that each story is standalone, but the more you read, the more you learn and the more secrets you can unlock!

Anyways, this story is one of my darker storylines. I have a disclaimer and use warnings on my chapters when things step too far into the dark side. This story is my work of art (along with Where the Willow Walks - I put so much time in editing these chapters in many different editing programs), as such I try to give as much detail and realism to things where I can. Please read the disclaimer on my story if you're uncertain!
Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment if you like (or dislike) it!

Lots of love,


Preface: Author's Note
Prologue: Frozen in Time

Act One: The Lost Chapters
One: A Symbol of Freedom
Two: The Night Has Just Begun
Three: A Dangerous Game
Four: Behind the Mask
Five: Soulmates
Six: A Meeting in Chaos
Seven: A Dance in the Rain
Eight: Ezekiel's Wife
Nine: Purpose
Ten: The Secret
Eleven: An Unexpected Deal
Twelve: What's Meant to Be
Thirteen: Ditto
Fourteen: My Name is Quinn
Fifteen: Thanks For Being You
Sixteen: Taking Risks
Seventeen: Little Fish and the Conch Shell
Eighteen, One: Playing Pretend Never Lasts
Eighteen, Two: In This Life and the Next
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