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The EA Community Forum Team - Introducing the team members

EA_MageEA_Mage Posts: 1,363 EA Community Manager
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Hello all,

Just so you have some general overview who are the members of the Community Forum Team who will be frequenting the Sims forums we thought it would be a good idea post personal introductions on top the general intro here.

I’ll kick things off…

Name: While EA_Mage is my name on forums, my real name is Kristi. :)

Originally from: Born and raised in one of the Baltic states - Estonia. Nearly 6 years ago I packed my bags, got on a plane and flew to Ireland to start working for Star Wars: The Old Republic. First as game master, but then on the Support Forums for the game. When that shifted over to EA I moved to Answers HQ and now here I am.

Games I play at the moment: I’m mostly taking a break from games at the moment (shocking I know) to spend time with my TV and bookshelf. That said there a still a few games that invite me to turn on my PC every now and then…And completely lose track of time for hours at the time – Diablo (Diablo 3 currently, but I have 2 installed as well), older Sierra games (I pick one based on my mood – it has been Zeus: Master of Olympus this week), Heroes of Might and Magic (I have 1 to 6 installed so I mostly pick randomly), SimCity. I also have few mobile games that I play – TSTO, Candy Crush, SCBI, Bejeweled Blitz, Sims Freeplay.

Favorite games of all times: I have to start with World of Warcraft here, mainly because I pretty much spent 5 years playing just WoW. I gave other games a try in that time frame, but WoW was my game for 7 days a week (4 to 6 days of raiding) from Vanilla to mid Cataclysm. I’m steering clear of Wow these days…no need to tempt myself.
Aside from that, I have a real love for strategy games – C&C: Red Alert 3, Dawn of War 1 &2, Age of Empires series, city building games like Zeus and SimCity and of course Civilization series.

Other hobbies: I watch a lot of movies and TV shows – theme wise I’m pretty much up for anything, but comic book movies hold a special place in my heart (team Iron Man for the win!).
Books/comics also take up a lot of my time and in selecting those my choices are also very varied. I’m in the middle of the DC “Injustice: God Among Us” series and just finished “Interview with a vampire” (for the 5th time).

Others have also said that I am somewhat of a collector… I have no clue where they get that idea from.

Looking forward to seeing you all around. :)
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  • EA_DavidEA_David Posts: 69 EA Community Manager
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    Name: Unsurprisingly it's David. ;)

    Originally from: I'm from Ireland too! I moved up to work for Bioware back around the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I eventually moved to the Answers HQ team. Most recently, I'll be helping out on most of the EA forums, including The Sims.

    Games I play at the moment: I'm following the trends and playing Fortnite Battle Royale as my main game right now. I'm currently in a situation where I rarely get unbroken gaming time so I like something competitive that I can abandon at any time without hurting a team. Also sometimes I get lucky and find that I'd hidden in a lucky bush and I'm one of the last survivors in a match.

    Favorite games of all times: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past comes to mind, it's one of the all-time greats and very important to me.
    More recently, I love the Dark Souls series, and Titanfall 2 never gets old.

    Other hobbies: Outside of gaming I love grabbing my bike and going for a nice spin. The countryside here is beautiful when it's not grey/windy/raining, and the beautiful sights on good days make all the rougher days work it.

    Feel free to ping me if you have any questions, including about non-Sims stuff.
  • EA_CianEA_Cian Posts: 643 EA Moderator
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    Hey folks!

    Great to meet all of you and happy to be here – you’ll be seeing my around every now and then.

    My name is Cian (“key-in”). :)

    Originally from:
    I’m technically from Ireland but spent most of my life in the US before moving back to Ireland.

    Games I play at the moment:
    I’m playing NieR Automata, PUBG, and a bunch of indie games of my Nintendo Switch. I’m also super eager to find time to play Yakuza 6 and the new God of War while also catching up on my enormous PS4 backlog.

    Favorite games of all times:
    My number one game is, without a doubt, The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening DX for Gameboy Color. Beyond that I love a mix of games such as Rez, Kingdom Hearts II, Mass Effect 2, Burnout Paradise, Sonic CD, Chrono Trigger, Shadow of the Colossus, and Final Fantasy V.

    Other Hobbies:
    I’m an avid hot cocoa drinker and love to just randomly explore cities. When not doing either of those things (or, in some cases while doing those things I love to listen to music and watch movies. I love everything from blockbuster films to horror and indie films. My musical taste is similarly varied. :)

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