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Just wondering

I don't know if I'm recalling this correctly. In the Sims 3 I believe we were able to not only see into the neighbor sims houses, but we could see them roaming about inside their house.

Is it just me or are we not able to do that in the Sims 4? I do see inside the houses, but I never see the sims in their houses.


  • MMXMMX Posts: 3,741 Member
    That's simply a perk of The Sims 3's open world mechanic. The Sims 4 drops it for performance purposes.
  • vessmevessme Posts: 479 Member
    Thank you! I miss that perk. It was cool being able to see my neighbors in their houses.
  • ChambersNChambersN Posts: 227 Member
    Or just to have them simply walk out their door as your right there and watch them ..miss that :'(
  • Huiiie_07Huiiie_07 Posts: 1,200 Member
    Huh, atleast in my TS3 game, it was never possible to watch neighbor sims inside houses. I can see when they go home or leave the house, but as soon as they get inside they disappear :|.
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  • BethanyShoneBethanyShone Posts: 310 Member
    Maybe my memory isn't so good, but I can't remember actually being able to see into just anybody's home. I thought you could just see the outside and had to knock at their door for the interior to load in? But then again, it has been a few years since I played TS3 and I could be wrong :blush:
  • plopppo2plopppo2 Posts: 3,420 Member
    It was doable in TS3 - the AI remains active.

    TS3 hides objects like TS4 does; however, you can trick the game into revealing them.

    TS3 AI is active even when your Sim is outside of a lot. TS4 does not seem to have any active AI outside of a loaded lot.

    It was particularly noticeable when a TS3 household had a toddler and did not have a crib. The toddler would keep erupting because it could not sleep.

    The best way to trigger it in TS3 was to visit a lot, then leave the lot - or get kicked out, but hang around - you can actually hear and see TS3 Sims - you can hear them even when you cannot see them. Best to pick a household with a toddler.
  • Livin in SimLivin in Sim Posts: 1,145 Member
    Right, when you went to visit a household in TS3, you could see them walking about the house through the windows. The lot was active as soon as you got on it, before you actually knocked on the door. In TS4 the door knock triggers the lot to go active.

    But I lived next door to the Frio Brothers in TS3. Jared was supposed to be a bit of a Don Lothario, haha. Sure enough, I could see Lady Sims come over to visit. He'd answer the door, and later I could hear them woohooing, minus the corny music. You couldn't see anything, tho, nor could you see his brother sitting in front of his computer playing a video game. You could hear the game noises, but there was no one at the computer when you looked through the window. You could see the furnishings, of course, and you can see them in TS4, as well.

    I also lived next door to a family with a baby, and you could hear the baby crying. They did have a crib. The baby would stop after a while.

    It really did make the town feel alive, tho, to see Sims coming and going, visitors knocking. If your Sim was sleeping and you were bored, you could even go check and see who was at the bar down the street. There never was much of anyone, just a couple stragglers. The bartender wold come out and drive off in his car when the place closed.

    Another thing I remember doing in TS3, was when I lived next door to a household that I had played, and they had a little dog. The dog would be out in the yard all the time, playing with his ball, in the snow, the rain, almost 24/7. I would get worried that his Needs were low, so I'd pop into the household to check on him. Pup was always inside and well cared for. Evidently the AI pushed him to play outside when the lot wasn't active, but because of it being inactive, his Needs didn't deplete.
  • vessmevessme Posts: 479 Member
    Oh the memories. The smallest things make a difference sometimes. I enjoy the Sims 4. There's just so many things that I do miss from the Sims 3 too though. Tear. :'(
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 16,480 Member
    I miss that, too. I also miss having notification that a family member has passed away. I moved my family over to Newcrest and had the widowed father living next door to his eldest son. I fully expected to see them about the lot. It was a bit eerie NOT seeing them. Then, since the eldest son was a Detective, I learned his father had passed when his ghost showed up at the precinct! That was just too much to bear.

    I now play on LONG. And started this family all over again in a rotation-ish style of gameplay. I also enjoy the MCCC mod and I do believe notifications occur. I'll have to see if death notices happen, too.
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  • TerraTerra Posts: 1,353 Member
    @GalacticGal - You can turn on death notices with MCCC. You can also turn on aging notices too.
  • Nik24X7Nik24X7 Posts: 7,865 Member
    edited August 2017
    Huiiie_07 wrote: »
    Huh, atleast in my TS3 game, it was never possible to watch neighbor sims inside houses. I can see when they go home or leave the house, but as soon as they get inside they disappear :|.
    Not only do they disappear, but if you use cheats, you'll discover that they just stand inside the door until they leave again the next day.

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