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The EA Community Forum Team Says Hello

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Hey everyone,

We’re the EA Community Forum team and we’re happy to say that going forward you’ll start to see more activity from us on all EA Forums.

We just wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves.

Who are we?
The EA Forum Team works on… all of EA’s game forums (yep, that was a little obvious, haha). Our team works in seven different languages (and counting). We are based in Galway, Ireland, and Austin, Texas, and come from over 10 different countries.

Are we Sims Community Managers or developers?
The short answer is - no. Everyone working directly with the studio itself is easily recognizable by having "Sim" in their forum names and titles like the SimGuru and the SimQA Team. The EA Forum Team members will have EA_ (like me EA_Mage) before their names.

We’re here to look after the Community on the Forums, to make sure the Sims forum is a safe and fun place for all Simmers!

The forum side could be anything from creating a post about a change, moderating or generally just interacting and helping you.

Some of the things we do will be behind the scenes and things we can’t share but we’ll do our best to make sure we’re interacting with you as much as we can.

We want your feedback!
We’d like your feedback about what you want to see from the Forums. Is there a section that needs to be added? One that needs to be removed?

Are there posts that you’d like to see made, or some that need to make a return?
If you do have feedback to give then make sure to head over to our Forum Feedback section and keep things constructive.

If you see us around don’t be afraid to say hi. If you want to find out more about individual team members, check out this thread.

We’re looking forward to being here.

EA_Mage aka Kristi
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